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TravisMathew Review

TravisMathew is all about balancing form and function with their extensive line of men’s wear suiting the lifestyles of sports, work, and leisure. Covering a variety of attire, this brand is all about upping appearance at all times as first impressions really do matter at any time of day.

Leaning towards the athletic lifestyle, TravisMathew is endorsed by a number of pros in golf, baseball, football, surfing, and other outdoorsy activities. With 197k followers on their Instagram, it’s safe to say TravisMathew has made their name stand out amongst the crowd.

This TravisMathew review is all about setting the facts straight. From product details and pricing to shipping and rewards, we’re here to lay it all out to help determine if this brand is worth investing in.

Overview of TravisMathew

TravisMathew Review

On the market since 2007, TravisMathew was quick to claim their style as an homage to Southern California. Focusing on lifestyle as their branding, comfort became key to their products, with aesthetics matching up as an additional thought to keep form and function in balance. 

This company wants customers to be confident in their appearance while feeling relaxed in the material.

Central to their business is the choice of material. TravisMathew is all about the California vibe of keeping things light, airy, and relaxed. Big in the sports and entertainment world, this company keeps things casual with their leisurewear for year-round cozy clothes.

Who doesn’t love a clothing company focused on quality materials? Just one pro to add to the growing tally in our TravisMathew review highlight list:


  • Offers a wide range of fashionable men’s lifestyle attire
  • Lightweight and durable clothing
  • Positive ratings and reviews online
  • Available at many retailers
  • Free shipping for TravisMathew members

Turning our TravisMathew review towards apparel, we’re moving into the products (the part we’re all here for. No shame in admitting it). To ensure a good fit on the products being purchased, be sure to use the Fit Finder, a program that calculates the best sizing for customers based on height and weight. 

While not everyone loves typing that info in, this program is designed to find the best sizing for optimum comfort. It’s worth a shot, right?

TravisMathew Shorts Review

We’re kicking this product review off with a summer staple – TravisMathew shorts. Light, comfortable, and cool enough to wear around town, these best-selling shorts are popular with the crowds for a reason.

TravisMathew Starnes Shorts Review

TravisMathew Starnes Shorts Review
TravisMathew Starnes Shorts

Whether heading out to the driving range or kicking it back at a BBQ, the Starnes Shorts fit the brief.

Ever have that threatening feeling of moving too much in tight pants, or is that just us? These shorts laugh in the face of that fear through a micro-ripstop construction. This means every dance move, lunge, run for the bus, or yoga pose can be done with ease knowing these shorts have been designed to maintain their (and your) integrity at all times.

In addition to their design, the lightweight materials of these shorts are nothing to be scoffed at. Available in four colors, these standard shorts offer all the comfort anyone could need through their stretch fabric and waistband

Fill up on nachos, hot dogs, chips, burgers, or whatever else is available, and be confident in these casual (yet still classy) shorts.

Grab a pair in four understated colors for $85.

TravisMathew Beck Shorts Review

TravisMathew Beck Shorts Review
TravisMathew Beck Shorts

Searching for more casual and less class? Look no further than the Beck Shorts.

These TravisMathew shorts come in seven different colors, so be aware that it’s available to stock up for a week’s supply while keeping things fresh in design. Available in a standard cut, these lightweight shorts are all about keeping things cool during the summer heat. 

Whether chilling at the beach or walking the boardwalk, these quick-dry and wrinkle-resistant shorts get the job done in any environment.

Find a pair (of this TravisMathew review team’s personal favorite) in your size for $85.

TravisMathew Polos Review

Stick with business casual on or off the golf course with any of the TravisMathew Polos on the market. These shirts keep things light, comfortable, and a little classier than any standard t-shirt would. 

With a variety to choose from, we’ve chosen to showcase our favorite designs to cover all four seasons.

TravisMathew Heater Long Sleeve Polo Review

TravisMathew Heater Long Sleeve Polo Review
TravisMathew Heater Long Sleeve Polo

Just because the warmer weather stops doesn’t mean the stunning polo fashion has to. The TravisMathew Heater Long Sleeve Polo solves the heating issue with comfort and ease.

First thing’s first: just because it’s a long sleeve doesn’t mean this shirt causes overheating. Still lightweight in its design, this polo is all about breathing, movement, stretching, and of course, looking great. 

Featuring subtle chest stripes in all of the five color options, this relaxed fit hangs perfectly for a slimming look that keeps comfort as key.

Highlighting the material (again), we need to talk about the features available with this shirt. Not only is it light to wear, but the fabric includes spandex and cotton in the blend to make it stretchy and quick drying. Not too shabby for one shirt, right?

Add this to the closet in one of five neutral colors for $105.

TravisMathew Nip In The Air Polo Review

TravisMathew Nip In The Air Polo Review
TravisMathew Nip In The Air Polo

Who said polos have to be solid colors? The Nip In The Air Polo is all about delivering a subtle style to attire without going overboard.

Delivering on two camo options, this casual polo is fit for any day out or at home. We all have to admit it, there’s something about the polo shirt that just screams business casual, and that comes through clearly with this simple three-button shirt with its rounded collar

Making comfort the key ingredient in this design, this shirt achieves more than simply looking good.

The cotton and polyester blend features added stretch and wrinkle-resistance that any man can appreciate. Quick to wash and dry, this is an easy look for any time of day that pairs well with a pair of shorts (for more everyday vibes) or pants (for that slightly elevated attire).

Grab a sleek TravisMathew Polo for $95.

TravisMathew Shirts Review

For those aiming for a clean-cut and comfortable style, TravisMathew Shirts are the place to look. We’ve picked the most popular style to show off in this article (though we may be biased), but there are plenty of options available online.  

TravisMathew Hefe Shirt Review 

TravisMathew Hefe Shirt Review
TravisMathew Hefe Shirt

Prep for those Fall and Winter vibes with the Hefe Shirt from TravisMathew.

The real star of this show is the material. Soft, smooth, and incredibly cozy, this flannel is a warm hug every time it’s worn. Solid colors keep things easy on the eyes, so no worries about catching all the attention with bold patterns. It’s all about that slimming style.

Pairing well with everything from jeans to business slacks, these shirts fit every event. Despite the thick flannel fabrics, these shirts maintain a lightweight appearance, lifting up the look of anyone who wears them. Any one of the seven colors available will make for a great night out.

Add the Hefe Shirt to your cart in one of five standard colors for $125.

TravisMathew Hats Review

Whether avoiding rain or shine, TravisMathew Hats comes in handy for blocking out those skies. We’re focusing on one bestselling style to round off this section of the article.

TravisMathew The Patch Hat Review 

TravisMathew The Patch Hat Review
TravisMathew The Patch Hat

Hit the beach, the golf course, the park, or any other location, knowing that the TravisMathew The Patch Hat will keep things covered.

Sticking to subtle, the four-color options for this hat keep things nice and simple making it easy to pair with any outfit. Featuring a standard brand patch front and center on the of the cap (would it even be a TravisMathew review without a logo somewhere?), this mesh-back adjustable cap is a style that suits, or at least fits, just about everyone. 

Cool, aerated, and quick to dry, this hat is one for the masses, loved by all who appreciate showing off a good logo.

This hat is available for $30.

Who Is TravisMathew For? 

TravisMathew Review

Those aiming for a wardrobe to match their lifestyle of business casual can be comforted by the fabulous fashion that is TravisMathew. Focusing on men’s wear, this brand is all about and for men looking for great attire that’s also comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Suiting every occasion, this company is all about letting good times roll wherever you are.

Granted, many styles are meant for adult men, so this one isn’t typically for the kids and teens, but every other age fits the brief when it comes to matching lifestyle and looks.

TravisMathew Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

TravisMathew Review

To really round this TravisMathew review out, we turned to the best rating system available for the real story – the internet. Focusing on the experience of buyers from this brand, we managed to unfold the reality of how this company holds up under purchase and time.

The best place for easy reviews is the brand site itself. While there isn’t a TravisMathew review page, each product features its own listed ratings from buyers. One of their most popular products, the Beck Shorts, currently has 4.8/5 stars based on over 340 ratings.

Hundreds of customers (not just Beck buyers) are more than satisfied with the quality of material and design work. Fabric is a big selling point for this brand with their lightweight and stretch material being a huge part of their popularity on the market.

Easily the highest quality golf shorts I have ever bought.

Fitting around the waist with a relaxed fall to the knees, these shorts are “These are the most comfortable shorts I’ve ever had. I love the four-way stretch material.” 

Customers can’t get enough of the fit and feel of the materials that this brand works with. Lasting for several years with ease, these designs were made to withstand time and use.

TravisMathew customers aren’t the only ones to praise this brand. Amazon reviews for the company come in just as strong as those on their own site. The TravisMathew B-Bahamas Golf Cap currently has 4.8/5 stars based on 525 ratings alone.

Aside from their shorts and shirts, this brand has also made it a point to include hats and other attire for a full lifestyle wardrobe. 

One five-star TravisMathew review for this product stated, “I love the fit, it’s snug but not too tight and it does have a good amount of stretch without looking bunched up.

Featuring adjustable and flexible fits, this business is all about combining comfort with classic styles. Easy colors, subtle palettes, and soothing fabrics soft enough to calm any soul, TravisMathew knows how to work for their customers.

The B-Bahamas Golf Cap isn’t alone in its high ratings either. Don’t take our word for it, though, here are some other well-rated products on Amazon:

  • TravisMathew Men’s The Zinna Polo: 4.7/5 stars based on over 145 ratings
  • TravisMathew Presidential Suite: 4.8/5 stars based on over 115 ratings
  • TravisMathew Men’s Beck Shorts: 4.7/5 stars based on over 75 ratings
  • TravisMathew Sully Snapback Hat: 4.6/5 stars based on over 40 ratings

Alongside typical rating and sales sites, this business has also featured on Business Insider and The Adult Man for their carefully crafted pieces, resulting in a 4/5 star rating. While these were written by individuals rather than groups, this brand still comes out looking fresh in the comments made by these sources.

Both sites are quick to note the stretch and fit of the fabric made to flatter the figure. Slightly tighter around the arms for a slimming effect, these articles praised TravisMathew for the easy and satisfying look derived from their products.

Paired up with other products or with other brands, it’s easy to create a fashion to be proud of with the lovely layers that this company offers to customers.

Is TravisMathew Worth It?

TravisMathew Review

Drumroll please! What are the final thoughts in this TravisMathew review? Our featured brand is definitely a worthy investment

The fit and fabric are all rated extremely well, so customers who have purchased pieces all come out more than satisfied with their products. The designs keep things simple and easy for customers to customize their look according to the environment they’re in.

We will say this brand is not for those on a budget. These products are quite expensive when compared to similar styles on the market, so be sure to plan accordingly before buying. 

For those who can make the purchase without sacrificing other important buys (like rent and food), these products seem to last quite some time and are worth the cost.

TravisMathew Promotions & Discounts 

TravisMathew Review

Looking for a decent deal? The best place to find one with this brand comes in the form of their rewards program, TM Rewards. Free registration with options to move up in rank, these members receive:

  • Earn free products
  • Redeem points
  • Free shipping
  • Free to join

For those just looking for a basic deal, register an email to receive a 15% discount on the next purchase. Other than that, there are no other promotions running at the time of writing this TravisMathew review.

Where to Buy TravisMathew

TravisMathew Review

Ready to buy? There are a number of locations available with this brand. Aside from physical stores and the brand site at, there are a number of retail partners and third-party sites that offer products from this company:

  • Sport Chek
  • Sporting Life
  • Golf Town
  • Beyond the Green
  • Nordstrom
  • Dicks Sporting Goods
  • Amazon


TravisMathew Review

Who owns TravisMathew?

TravisMathew is owned and operated by Callaway Golf Company. The brand has been operating since 2007.

Does TravisMathew ship internationally?

Currently, TravisMathew does not ship internationally. The only countries available are the US and Canada.

What is TravisMathew’s Shipping Policy?

This brand keeps things nice and easy when it comes to ordering online. There are three shipping services available to the US:

  • UPS Ground
    • 2 to 7 business days
    • $10
  • 2-Day Shipping
    • 2 business days
    • $20
  • UPS Overnight
    • Next business day
    • $30

All shipping is free for TM Rewards members of any level, so register for free and start receiving those benefits. This brand doesn’t ship on holidays or weekends, so expect packages to be delivered throughout the workweek and keep an eye on the tracking number that will be sent out upon delivery for a better idea of when to expect those new favorite items.

What is TravisMathew’s Return Policy?

Sizing not quite right? Or was the product found in this TravisMathew review not as great in reality as the picture online suggested? Feel free to send it back as any online purchase can be returned within 30 days from the delivery date.

Items being returned must be in new condition with the original tags still attached. That means as soon as an item arrives, leave all tags and stickers on, give it a quick try, and then make the decision if it works for you.

To make an online return, customers must:

  1. Head to the online Return Portal
  2. Follow the instructions, ready to fill in any required information regarding the purchase
  3. A label will be sent to customers containing the return address
  4. Package, re-label, and ship it out

Sales items are not eligible for a return, so keep that in mind when shopping for discounts.

How to Contact TravisMathew

TravisMathew Review

Need to get in touch with the brand post-TravisMathew-review reading? There are a few simple ways to reach out.

  • Phone: 1-877-969-1952
  • Live Chat: Monday – Friday: 9 am – 5 pm PST
  • In-Person: 15202 Graham St, Huntington Beach, CA 92649
  • Email: [email protected]

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