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Smartwool Review

Smartwool uses Merino Wool to create performance clothing for men, women and children. Merino Wool has a positive effect on the environment, it breathes, breaks down naturally, helps regulate body temperature and has anti-odor properties.

Smartwool sells clothing that supports active people while also having a positive impact through environmental, social and economic sustainability. That’s a package deal! This Smartwool Clothing Review will provide an in-depth look at the brand and its products to guide your purchase decision. 

Overview of Smartwool

Smartwool Review

Smartwool was founded in 1994 by New England ski instructors Peter and Patty Duke in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The mission of Smartwool is to help people get outside and to protect the resources of the environment. They believe that making sustainable clothing is an essential contribution to leaving the beauty and resources of the environment for future generations. 

You might wonder how Smartwool makes their impact so conscientiously? Well, the evaluation of sustainable sourcing starts on the ground level with product development and supply chain. 

Smartwool is made up of high achievers with limitless standards and they want the best and most humane treatment for sheep and wool growers. Smartwool partners with farmers to encourage them to minimize their environmental impact. They also partner with advocacy organizations that share the same values. 

Smartwool Review

Smartwool takes the small things into consideration because they add up. Some ways they have capitalized on the impact of minor changes is to take garment scraps from their Merino 250 base layers, turning them into insulation for their Smartloft products. They also use recycled wool fibre in some of their fleece products, giving the environment a break without compromising performance. We learned in our Smartwool clothing review that sustainability is at the heart of all of their practices, which makes their processes meticulous and their product well-thought out. It’s a chain that impacts everyone positively. \

To sum up this Smartwool Clothing Review, we’ll take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the brand: 

Smartwool Review


  • Merino wool is a natural fibre
  • Smartwool products regulate temperature
  • They have anti-odour properties
  • The products are breathable
  • They break down naturally
  • Smartwool has a positive impact on sustainability 
  • Garment options for many seasons and sports
  • Quality materials
  • Technical assets


  • Some customers said that the product was not as high quality as it was ten or more years ago

Smartwool Socks Review 

There is an extensive variety of Smartwool socks available: 

Sock TypeTarget GroupCost
Smartwool PhD SocksMen and Women$16.95-49.95
Smartwool Compression SocksMen and Women$34.95-35.95
Smartwool Hiking SocksMen, Women and Kids$11.95-29.95
Smartwool No Show SocksMen and Women$13.95-18.95
Smartwool Ski SocksMen, Women and Kids$16.95-35.95
Smartwool Running SocksMen and Women$16.95-25.95
Smartwool Dress SocksMen and Women$14.95-23.95

Smartwool Socks Women

Smartwool Ski Socks

We know from our Smartwool clothing review that If you’re a skier, then you’re no stranger to Smartwool socks. For $23.95 the Women’s PhD Ski Ultra Light Rhythm of Time Print Socks are customized to a women’s-specific fit tailored to a narrower heel and slimmer fit, with an inspiring mountain design by professional skier Chris Benchetler. 

Oh and be sure to check out our best socks for men guide. You don’t wan’t to miss it.

What brings you to the slopes is passion but what keeps you there until 4 PM are good quality socks. These over the calf socks are made of Indestructawool technology which gives them added durability. Breathability is essential to the longevity of your ski boot, your comfort and temperature regulation. With Body-mapped mesh zones for added breathability and a virtually seamless toe for enhanced comfort, you’ll be able to focus on your turns, not your clothing. 

Smartwool Socks Men

Hunting and Fishing Socks

Long days on the trails are not a match for chafing, sweaty, or cold feet. The Men’s PhD Hunting Medium Crew Socks for $26.95 are an excellent fit for a Fall hunt. Merino wool has itch and stink-free benefits and these socks have body-mapped mesh zones for added breathability. You’ll be thankful they do when you put those toes into your new sleeping bag at night!

You can walk comfortably with the virtually seamless toe for enhanced comfort and the achilles strap provides extra protection and warmth on rocky trails or during crisp early mornings. The crew height fits with any boot height. 

Smartwool Base Layer Review

Smartwool Base Layer Mens

Men’s Merino 250 Base Layer ¼ Zip

The Merino 250 is built to keep up with your pace offering both warmth and breathability from 100% Merino wool during your outdoor adventures for $105. The next-to skin comfort is complimented by a slim fit and flatlock seam construction designed to minimize chafing. You have flexibility to increase your breathability once the muscles warm up while hiking or skiing in colder conditions with the ¼ zip technology. 

Men’s Merino 250 Base Layer Bottom 

Are you looking for a slim fit and mid rise pant to equip you for comfort on the coldest days—the Merino 250 has got you covered for $100. You can slip out of your gear easily to join the crowd at Apres ski with the Merino-covered elastic waistband and traditional fly design. Sweat-wicking, warm and breathable, the 100% Merino wool material will have you spoiled on the chairlift. 

Smartwool Base Layer Womens

Women’s Merino 150 Base Layer Colorblock Short Sleeve 

The Merino 150 Base Layer is perfect for cycling or running in warmer weather and you can trust that your skin is protected with UPF 20+ that naturally protects against the sun’s rays. Next-to-skin comfort is essential to feeling your best when you workout; the lightweight, breathable soft fabric wicks sweat away from the body keeping your comfortable during high intensity exercise. This technical piece is also bright and fashionable with a slim fit and side seams that wrap onto the front for an enhanced fit for $80.  

Women’s Intraknit Merino 200 Bottom 

High performance is important but you can do without the bulk! Intraknit Merino sport yarn combines the power of Merino with the durability and fast dry times of polyester. At the most intense part of your workout, you’ll be unaffected by overheating due to the mesh ventilation seamlessly knit into gender-specific zones. For $120, you can dress in deep marlin and sangria; you’ll be a glimmer of stylish colour in the distance as your trailmates try to keep up. 

Smartwool Outerwear Review

Smartwool Hat for Women

Merino 150 Beanie

Smartwool Review

The Smartwool Beanie comes in one size and black for $25. The Merino Beanie is designed with clean seams so that the no-bulk fit allows you to wear it in all seasons, conditions and sports. The breathable garment will wick sweat away from the body and performs well in varying temperatures. It has UPF 20+ to protect against the sun’s rays, so your head is cozy and sun-safe! 

Smartwool Hat for Men

Cozy Cabin Hat

In four earthy tones with a one-size fit for $32, the Cozy Cabin Hat gives the kind of comfort, with double layer heavy knit construction, that might have you wearing your hat indoors. It has an interior headband for extra warmth and comfort. 

Smartwool Gloves for Women

Merino Sport Fleece Training Glove

Training with cross-country ski poles that don’t have grip is miserable, blister inducing and all-too common. The Merino Sport Fleece Training Gloves make the difference for $45 with soft-brushed Merino next to skin and silicone grippers on the palm and fingers. Your hands will be warm, with the wind-resistant panels- regardless of what the weather brings and you will master that wrist flick in no time with silicon support. There’s one other feature which will attract all technical ski geeks—the gloves have reflective elements for visibility in low-light conditions. 

Smartwool Gloves for Men

Ridgeway Gloves

The Ridgeway Gloves are inspired by traditional work gloves and will complement any ski or boarding wear. The Smartwool liner gloves are available in buck or black for $80 the glove has exceptional durability for all your boldest mountain adventures. Designed for warmth and comfort, the smartwool glove liners are made from a merino fabric and thumb and index finger are reinforced double layer material. Made of 100% leather with a lining constructed of 70% Merino wool and 30% nylon, the glove is optimal for Spring skiing. 

Smart Wool Jacket for Women

Women’s Merino Sport Ultra Light Hoodie

The problem of packing light but heavy duty layers has plagued outdoor lovers for eons. Smartwool has their answer in the Women’s Merino Sport Ultra Light hoodie, which is available for $130. The Super-light recycled nylon outer shell fabric has Smartwool’s DWR coating, the hoodie has wind and weather protection. Smartwool jackets have women’s-specific mesh ventilation zones which give you breathability and comfort. 

The Merino wool packs into the right hand pocket for easy storage, barely taking up any room at all! The hoodie has secure hand pockets with zippers and the main body is made of 100% recycled nylon. If you’re hiking late at night with the dog, don’t sweat it! The hoodie has reflectivity for visibility in low-light conditions. 

Smart Wool Jacket for Men

Men’s Smartloft 120 Jacket

The Men’s Smartloft 120 Jacket is available in eye-catching colours that will make you visible to your fellow hikers and runners for $200. You’ve heard the old saying ‘business in the front, party in the back;’ this jacket knows how to play two parts with breathability in the back and performance in the front. 

You can workout hard in this jacket; the insulation is lined in Merino for comfort, sweat management and odour control—so give it your all and have no regrets! The next to skin comfort will make you feel supported by comfortable, stretchy knit fabric. If you like to pack light but carry everything on your person, we won’t judge. The 2 zip hand pockets and 1 zip chest pocket with a media cord outlet, as well as two internal dump pockets make it easy to fit in well, everything. 

It’s always a good idea to pack for the unknown; slip a Smartwool balaclava and a Smartwool neck gaiter into your pack. On blustery days, the balaclava covers the parts of your face left exposed by the hat and gaiter. The Smartwool balaclava offers comfortable face protection with good peripheral vision for $40. The Merino 250 neck gaiter costs $30 and will keep your neck warm and dry with its 100% Merino wool construction. 

More Smartwool Clothing 

Women’s Smartwool ClothingCostMen’s Smartwool ClothingCost
Dacono Sweater$100Ripple Ridge Crew Sweater$90
Seamless Bikini$34Merino 150 Print Boxer Brief$48
Merino 250 Base Layer Bottom$100Merino 250 Base Layer Bottom $100
Merino 150 Base Layer Long Sleeve$85Merino 250 Base Layer Crew$100
Merino 250 Base Layer ½ Zip Hoodie$95Merino Sport 150 Hoodie$100
Merino 150 Baselayer Bottom $85N/AN/A
Merino Sport Fleece Wind Tight $140N/AN/A

For ultimate comfort, breathability and durability, pack your little one with Smartwool as well. On the slope, your child can dress in the Kids’ Merino 250 Base Layer Zip T for $65 and Kids’ Merino 250 Base Layer Bottoms for $60. They can transition to play time after skiing in the Kids’ Merino 250 Base Layer Pattern Crew fior $60 or the Kids’ Merino 250 Base Layer Crew for $60. You’ll have the relief of knowing that your child is in breathable, warm, sweat-wicking fabrics and it doesn’t hurt that those Merino socks are odor-resistant! 

Is Smartwool Clothing Good?

Smartwool Review

Our Smartwool clothing review emphasized that customers felt that Smartwool clothing defined comfort. They said that they were the best socks they owned. Some loved everything about Smartwool. Those who transitioned to Smartwool, for one reason or another, were wholly converted. Smartwool products kept wearers dry and warm. Some customers found the products pricey but they said that they were worth it for the material, durability and feel. 

As in every bunch, there were some negative reviews about Smartwool as well. Some individuals had travelled the world for ten or more years in their Smartwool socks and when they bought a new pair, it just wasn’t up to snuff. 

Despite the nay-sayers, Smartwool comes out on top as a quality brand that carefully sources their materials and develops technical, performance gear for outdoor lovers. Smartwool can accompany outdoor adventurers in all weather, helping them to comfortably meet their goals with products that take care of the details and the unknowns. While products are not inexpensive, they are well crafted and mindfully designed for athletic pursuits. 

Smartwool Promotions & Discounts 

Smartwool Review

We learned from our Smartwool clothing review that there are web specials with up to 60% off, free 3 day shipping on all orders over $49 and you can choose your hat on orders over $125. Check back to their website regularly for updates. 

Where to Buy Smartwool

Smartwool Review

In our Smartwool Clothing Review, we learned that there are many locations where you can purchase Smartwool products:

Check for a Smartwool sale at any of these locations and watch out for Smartwool Black Friday! Socks make excellent stocking stuffers! 


Smartwool Size Chart

Men’s Smartwool Apparel Size Chart
High Hip36”-38”39-41”42”-44”45”-48”49”-51”
Arm Length31”-32”32”-33”33”-34”34”-35”35”-36”
Women’s Smartwool Apparel Size Chart
High Hip31”-32”33”-34”35”-36”37”-38”39”-40”41”-44”45”-49”
Arm Length27”-28”28”-29”29”-30”30”-31”31”-32”31”-33”31”-33”
Kid’s Smartwool Apparel Size Chart
Weight42-49 lbs49-59 lbs59-75 lbs75-89 lbs75-89 lbs
Men’s Smartwool Sock Size Chart
Men’s Shoe Size3-5.56-8.59-11.512-14.5
Euro Shoe Size34-3738-4142-4546-49
UK Shoe Size2-4.55-7.58-10.511-13.5
Women’s Smartwool Sock Size Chart
U.S. Women’s Shoe Size4-6.57-9.510-12.5N/A
Euro Shoe Size34-3738-4142-4546-49
UK Shoe Size2-4.55-7.58-10.511-13.5
Calf Circumference (longest part of the calf(11”-14.5”12.5”-16.5”14.5”-18”16”-23”
Kid’s Smartwool Sock Size Chart
U.S. Shoe Size6-8.59-11.512-2.53-6
Euro Shoe Size22-2526-2829-3233-36
UK Shoe Size5-7.58-10.511-13.51-4.5

How to Wash Smartwool Socks & Clothing

Yes, you heard us, you can wear your merino wool socks for days without being put in the stinky category. If this seems impossible to you, stay with us: Merino wool fibres absorb odor-causing bacteria. Essentially this means that they don’t grow or reproduce in the sock, or shirt. The result—less cycles in the washing machine. 

It’s easy to wash merino wool socks. When you do wash, follow these simple steps to keep your clothes in good condition.

  1. Turn socks and garments inside out
  2. Don’t use hot water, it can shrink your garments. Machine wash in warm or cool water on the gentle cycle
  3. Use mild soap. Stay away from bleach or fabric softener which ruin the fibres of the Merino wool. 
  4. Air drying is the best and safest method, plus it has a good environmental impact. Lay your clothes flat, to keep their shape. 
  5. Jackets and vests which are (durable water repellent) will benefit from occasional cleaning to remove dirt and oil stains, however over-washing can reduce the efficacy of the DWR treatment. 

Smartwool Shipping Policy

RatesType of ShippingTimeline
$5.95Ground5-7 Business Days
$103-Day3 Business Days
$152-Day2 Business Days
$30OvernightNext Day 
  • Overnight, 2-Day & 3-Day Orders must be placed by 3:30 PM EST (12:30 PM PST) Monday – Friday 
  • Overnight, 2-Day & 3-Day Order delivery are not eligible for P.O. boxes
  • Smartwool does not ship overnight, on weekends or holidays
  • Free 3-Day shipping on all orders over $49

Smartwool Return Policy

Our Smartwool clothing review emphasized the 100% satisfaction guarantee with the Smartwool warranty.

  • For Store Returns: return the unworn item(s) to the store where you made the original purchase for refund or exchange
  • For Online Returns: Return the unworn item(s) within 45 days of the order to receive a complete refund. 
  • Smartwool includes a free shipping return label with your purchase
  • Return items in their original packaging
  • Include the original packing slip
  • If you are missing the original packing slip, include your name, mailing address, email address and order number
  • Refunds may take up to three weeks to process
  • Exchanges are not available

Ship Smartwool Returns to:

Smartwool Returns

Timberland Distro Center

50 Service Lane

Danville, KY 40422

Contact Smartwool

Our Smartwool Clothing Review confirmed our suspicions; Smartwool is happy to help. Contact them at: 

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