Kane 11 Socks Review

About Kane 11 

Kane 11 socks is a made in the USA company that promises to fix the biggest problem with socks: that sock sizes don’t make any sense! Kane 11 makes socks with high quality, natural yarns made to the highest environmental standards. They only sell online through their own store but accept all majors form of payment.

This Kane 11 socks review will go over what makes the brand different from generic shoe stuffers you’re used to, and why you deserve a decent-fitting sock!

Overview of Kane 11

Ever wonder why shoes come in all these different sizes (1, 2, 3, etc.) but socks come in small, medium, and large? How many times have you bought socks that fit in the heel but are too tight in the toes? Kane 11 has socks in 11 sizes for men and 7 sizes for women, one sock size for each shoe size. 

Their secret is in understanding all the different ways to measure a foot:

  1. Toe to Heel Length
  2. Toe Box
  3. Foot Circumference
  4. Heel Pocket
  5. Sock Height
  6. Leg Circumference
  7. Diameter
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Kane 11 has assembled a crack team of engineers, textile experts, and factory partners to make the highest quality socks and keep prices affordable.


  • By sticking to shoe sizes, Kane 11 makes it easy to find a sock that fits your foot the way you’re expecting it to
  • High quality materials mean no more holes after only a week’s worth of wear and tear
  • A generous return policy means you can get exactly what you want


  • You can only buy them online through their online store; not very convenient if you’re a brick-and-mortar shopper
  • Color profile is pretty limited; you won’t see any wacky patterns or fun co lours, especially in the men’s collection 
  • All socks have some kind of pattern or logo on them
  • These socks ain’t cheap: the least costly pair is $10.50

Men’s Kane 11 Socks Review 

Kane 11 men’s socks come in sizes 7 to 11 and have a variety of different styles, from ankle socks all the way to over the calf, and even ski/snowboard styles made with Merino wool. The prices are dependent on how much wool was used in their construction so, naturally, the teeny little ankle socks will be a lot cheaper than the big Merino wool snowboard socks. 

Kane 11 Socks Review 2
Juno Merino Wool Socks

No-show Laylo socks will run you $10.50 a pair, formal dress socks $21.50 per pair, and the ski/snowboard socks are $25.50 per pair. The average price appears to be around the $19/$20 range. You can also buy packs of 4 or 8 in each style at a discount. A pack of 8 Harry ankle socks will run you $112.20, almost $20 cheaper than buying 8 pairs individually.

Kane 11 Socks Review 3
Harry Ankle Socks

I like that the men’s socks come in simple, refined colors like black, grey, and navy blue. I’m not a fan of loud patterns and bright colors in my socks — they should complement an outfit, not distract from one. I especially like that the Merino wool socks have a subtle pattern running up the calf, with only a strip of darker color at the top. Very classy!

If you are looking for socks with a bit more pizazz, check out our review of Soxy Socks — they have all the crazy cool sock designs you’ll need, with the same great manufacturing standards as Kane.

Women’s Kane 11 Socks Review 

Kane 11’s women’s socks have similar features to their men’s line, though they have quite a bit more variety in color and pattern options. Each sock type is priced based on how much wool was used in its construction, so your no-show Laylo socks are going to run you $10.50, while the larger Treeline are $25.50 a pair. Each Kane 11 sock is made from the same blend of materials: mostly Merino wool, with some nylon, a bit of spandex for stretchiness. 

Kane 11 Socks Review 4
Treeline Merino Wool Socks

I like that the sportier socks in this line, like the Madison, have strategic mesh panels on the top for breathability and to keep your feet fresh throughout the day (Or, at least, as fresh as possible!) The Meadow, another sport sock, has reinforced heel and toe construction to keep up with you when you’re working out. 

Kane 11 Socks Review 5
Madison Ankle Socks

The women’s socks can also be ordered in solo pairs, or in packs of 4 and 8 at a discount. While the women’s socks do have more color variety than the men’s, they are still quite simple aesthetically. If you’re looking for bolder options, you should head over to our review of Soxy Socks.

Kane 11 Socks: Bestsellers 

The best selling Kane 11 socks are the men’s Sebring dress socks, which sits around the mid calf and is made of Merino wool. The Sebring comes in tons of different solid colors, but my favorite is definitely the Loden which looks like an almost-grey forest green. The Sebring, like all Kane 11’s socks, is purchasable as a pair or in packs of 4 and 8.

Kane 11 Socks Review 6
Sebring Dress Socks in Loden

For a less formal, sportier option, the Harry ankle sock is a popular choice. These have the ventilating mesh panels up top to help your feet breathe, and an extra layer of cushioning on the heel and toe for durability and comfort. I’m not wild about the pattern on the Harry but the whole point is that the sock is barely visible when worn with a shoe so this isn’t a deal breaker by any means.

Sock Sizes 

Here’s the best thing about Kane 11: they reject the super weird standard that socks are sized based on arbitrary sizes like small, medium, large, etc. Instead, Kane 11 uses 7 different measurements to make socks that fit every part of your foot just right, all based on a number you already know–your shoe size. 

They have 11 different sizes for men and 7 for women. They suggest that you size up one size if you wear a wide shoe, but otherwise it should be pretty easy to find a size that works for you. As they say on their website, they want to take the confusion out of buying socks!

Kane 11 Socks Review: What Do Customers Think?

Customer ratings for Kane 11 socks is overwhelmingly positive, with many customers expressing they didn’t realize there was anything wrong with the socks they were used to–until they tried Kane 11. Both men and women say they fit perfectly, and lots of reviews mention they can’t believe it took this long for someone to make socks that fit properly.

Some customers do report that the over the calf socks don’t stay up as well as they’d like and could sit higher on the calf. The deputy editor of The Strategist writes, “I never thought I needed socks in exactly my size, but I guess I do.” Many customer reviews do mention that Kane 11 socks are a bit pricier than the average, but then those same reviews almost always say how worth it the extra cost is.

Kane 11 Socks Promotions & Discounts 

Kane 11 gives you a 20% discount off your first order with them.


Where to Buy Kane 11 Socks  

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of Kane 11 socks is that they can only be purchased directly from their website, This is an advantage if you’re already sold on the brand, but it makes taking a risk on an unknown product a bit of a, well, risk. While they will ship anywhere in the US and its territories, they do not accept international orders.

Shipping Policy

Kane 11 only ships within the United States and territories. Orders are shipped within 24-48 hours, except on holidays. They will ship to PO Boxes but only if the USPS is able to deliver to the final destination. That means that only the standard shipping option can be selected if shipping to a PO Box, not the expedited or express options. 

Orders placed before 11am will ship that day. Domestic shipping can take up to 7 days depending on the destination, though this is likely much less in major urban centers. They provide order tracking on their website under My Order and they will also email you a tracking number.

Here’s a breakdown of their shipping options:

Shipping NameDelivery timeCourierCost
Standard / Free5-7 Business DaysDHL USPSFree
USPS Priority2-4 Business DaysUSPS$8.50
Expedited2 Business Days*UPS 2nd Day Air$25
Express1 Business Day*UPS Overnight (by 3pm EST)$30
Alaska and Hawaii7-10 Business DaysUSPS$15
US Territories and APO7-10 Business DaysUSPS$15

Return Policy

Kane 11’s return policy is quite generous. Items purchased within 90 days, and not marked “final sale” or considered to be promotional items, are eligible for a full refund, with shipping paid by Kane 11.

Kane 11 has an interesting return policy specifically for their Laylo “no show” socks. According to their website, the Laylo sock is guaranteed not to stay up and not slip down the foot while being worn. If you find that your Laylo sock is falling when you wear them, you can send a clear video to Kane 11 showing you putting the socks on, putting on a shoe that matches the size of the sock, walking around for a bit, and then removing the shoe and showing that the sock has fallen. 

If the video is accepted by Kane 11, they will send you “double your money back”: a refund for the purchase price of the sock, as well as a check for the additional refund. This is a pretty sweet guarantee for a problem that could be very annoying!

Contact Kane 11 Socks 

You can email Kane 11 directly at [email protected] or fill out a form on their website with your name, email, phone number, and a message. They also have a live chat option, accessible by a little chat bubble button, on their website that is available Monday to Friday, 11am to 3pm MST.

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I was a bit surprised that the ad states the men sizes: 7 thru 11. My shoe size is 12.5. I would have thought the men’s sizes would run a few sizes larger.

Your review states that men’s sizes are from 7 to 11. I checked Kane’s web site and found a much larger selection of sizes. I submitted a comment about the sock sizes. My comment was based on your review alone. After checking Kane’s site, I was too quick in forming my opinion. This is a good example of what can happen when not doing a more thorough investigation/research on a product. I therefore change and withdrawal my earlier comment on Kane 11’s sock sizes.

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