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Your Fuzzy Review

It’s 1 am, the streets are dark, the neighborhood is all asleep, and the dog starts throwing up. The immediate reaction? Panic. At least that’s what it was prior to Your Fuzzy entering the scene. Providing medical treatments, 24/7 Vet access, consultations, and more, this business is all about providing solutions at any time of day.

Despite being covered by Globe News Wire, CNBC, Business Wire, and Veterinary Practice News, this brand has yet to really explode. They currently have 12.5k followers on Instagram paving the way for their crowd of fans and supporters.

We’re going to dive in on this Your Fuzzy review to determine just how these services and products hold up against the challenges of reality. From products to subscriptions to customer service, we’re checking it all out in one easy article.

Overview of Your Fuzzy

Your Fuzzy Review

Founded out of necessity in 2015, owners Eric Palm and Zubin Bhettay brought Your Fuzzy into the market to counter a need that every pet owner has encountered at least once. 

After spending $2,500 and 7 hours at an emergency vet, Zubin was left frustrated to learn that his pet’s ailment could have been treated at home. As a result, he paired with Eric Palm to ensure that other pet owners had an alternative resource to check before wasting time and money on a stressful situation.

While their business offers subscriptions to medical treatments, hygiene care, and other pet-related products, the bigger winner for this brand is their 24/7 Live Chats with professional veterinarians. No matter the issue, these vets can assess the situation for a solution, assuring owners whether home treatment is fine or medical care is required.

Make pet care more personal than the generic bi-annual check-up. Through this easy app and subscription method, health stays at a top priority for pets year-round. Need something more to sell you on the brand? We’ve got you covered:


  • 24/7 chat service for pet owners in emergencies
  • Video consultations with professionals
  • Subscription service
  • Affordable payments
  • Access to endless articles and advice
Your Fuzzy Review

Sounds good, right? There’s only one way to know for sure and that’s to move this Your Fuzzy review into the products and services that have made the business so popular. While all products are available for a one-time purchase, any subscription will save the buyer 10% in cost.

Your Fuzzy 24/7 Vet Chat Review

This best-selling service is what the brand was built upon – easy 24/7 Vet Chat with professionals. Saving emergency medical money as well as the hours spent in ER with that ailing pet, this service is all about ease of access and quality service.

Offering the first month free, this monthly subscription provides users an open link to professional veterinarians who are able to chat at any time. Through opening the line of communication with clients, these professionals will prompt information to diagnose the issue at hand and offer up advice on treatments, plans, and how serious the concern seems to be.

Able to suggest further articles and advice on the topic, this service not only offers an answer to a plaguing problem but also furthers education on the topic. Not only is this app here to help the immediate issue, but workers aid owners in their overall knowledge on how to recognize symptoms for future concerns.

This service is available for a monthly cost of $25 or an annual fee of $100.

Your Fuzzy Insurance Review

We all know that pet costs can really raise the bar in terms of expenses. Enter the Your Fuzzy Insurance onto the scene.

Using the swift responses of the 24/7 Vet Support, reduced visits in person will add up in the bank. Coverage can be purchased per pet to reimburse up to 80% of costs in terms of pet care. While there is a payment limit, the short of it is this insurance knows how to help owners save on costs, giving them back up to $500/year on pet insurance.

Go online to get a quote – it only takes seconds to fill in the basic info for the pet being covered and a calculation will be provided in an instant.

Your Fuzzy Dogs Review

Who let the Your Fuzzy Dogs out? Whether let out to run wild or contained into whatever space the owners can afford, our pups deserve the luxury of easy and affordable treatments to keep them happy and healthy at all times. These popular products only begin to scratch the surface when it comes to aiding our dogs’ desires.

Your Fuzzy Dogs Meds to Keep Fleas Away Review

Let’s face the facts – one of the worst experiences that accompanies pet ownership is those annoying fleas that love to pop up at the worst times (which is all times in our opinion). Take to the offensive with Your Fuzzy Dogs Meds to Keep Fleas Away and fight the battle before it’s even begun.

Available in monthly subscriptions or as a one-off purchase, this treatment works with the dogs to make them inhospitable for annoying creatures trying to find a feast. With different sets available for three weight ranges, this product essentially works for any pup over 5lbs. 

Recommended monthly for full coverage, this product is quick to take and saves time and stress in the long run.

A one-time purchase of this product is available for $13.

Your Fuzzy Dogs Calming & Relaxation Chews Review

Does your dog get wound up by the smallest sound or sight? Sometimes we all need to take a chill pill and really relax. In this case, that pill would be the Your Fuzzy Dogs Calming & Relaxation Chews.

These chews are a simple solution to the bigger issue of anxiety. Available for small, medium, and large dogs (look at the weight ranges to determine which selection to buy), these chews are an easy way to maintain a peaceful rest for both pet and owner. 

Reducing stress, anxiety, and promoting calming composure, these are great to pack on any vacation or car trip.

One bag is available for $15.

Your Fuzzy Cats Review

Moving over to check out the Your Fuzzy Cats portion of this site, we’re shifting focus first and foremost on our favorite felines. While we love the (usually) chill attitude they offer up, it’s important to be ready with these best-sellers in case of emergency – even if only to provide a bit of relief.

Your Fuzzy Cats Itch Relief Spray Review

We’ll be honest, this one isn’t solely for cats, but we’re putting it in the category anyway. The Your Fuzzy Cats Itch Relief Spray is a healing entity we simply had to throw in somewhere on this list.

Everyone knows how annoying dry and cracked skin can be. Who said that’s a strictly human phenomenon? Help a cat (or dog) out with their own dry and itchy skin through a moisturizing spray to provide relief to those trouble spots. 

Aiding both dry skin and allergies (pets can have allergies too!) this spray gets the job done with a quick application process to offer endless benefits.

One bottle of this bad boy is $10.

Your Fuzzy Cats Bell Rock Growers Pet Greens Self Grow Garden Wheatgrass Kit Review

Forget grazing the grasses of the outdoor world and create a peaceful inner garden for the cat to explore with the Cats Bell Rock Growers Pet Greens Self Grow Garden Wheatgrass Kit (what a name).

Rather than have the indoor plants destroyed by curious paws, give the furry companion their own greens to play around with. Aware of the natural inclination to explore via taste, this kit offers nutrient-rich grasses packed full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber

Great for any pet’s digestion, this kit keeps things fun for the furry friend and healthy enough for the pet parent’s approval.

Start off that green garden for $4.

Who Is Your Fuzzy For? 

Your Fuzzy Review

When it comes to this brand (and this Your Fuzzy review), the subject is all animals all the time. Specifically, cats and dogs

While they don’t have segments of products for other pets at the moment, they offer a lot of coverage for our feline friends and puppy pals.

Let’s be honest here, this one probably isn’t for the child pet owners, but those who are old enough with full responsibility for the pet (or joint custody) will likely appreciate having a professional in their pocket when it comes to those burning questions.

How Does Your Fuzzy Work? 

Your Fuzzy Review

This Your Fuzzy review has discovered there are two sides to dissect when it comes to this business: products and services. Products are pretty straightforward with a variety of hygiene treatments, medical treatments, and more than can be bought for one-time use or a monthly subscription (with monthly or annual costs available).

In terms of services, the biggest seller with this brand is their 24/7 Live Vet service that connects users with a professional at any time for advice, medical concerns, or just confirmation on how serious a situation is. This service comes with a free month-long trial before payments begin.

Your Fuzzy Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Your Fuzzy Review

You’re intrigued by the product, by the process even, but not quite sold on the purchase, right? Or is that us? Luckily, we turned to the internet to find some Your Fuzzy reviews from verified customers and see just how this brand stacks up in real life.

At a first glance, reviews for this brand seem to be pretty solid. While there are some mixed ratings when it comes to the app, the majority of products, services, and customer service seem to be quite content with what’s being brought to the table.

Starting at the top of the pile (i.e. the platform Your Fuzzy uses themselves) Trustpilot keeps this brand sitting at 4.7/5 stars based on 95 ratings. Customer comments range from praising the prices to customer service to 24/7 connection.

Fuzzy has helped my cats live a flea free life. Reasonable prices and excellent customer service!!

In addition to their online service, the subscription aspect comes in handy to those who aim to get their pets started on a regular routine treatment. 

One Your Fuzzy review stated, “Fuzzy has been a lifesaver and a great place for all my pets’ needs. Very affordable and worthwhile subscriptions with a large range of products to choose from that’s good for my cat and my dog.

Simple subscription processes at affordable prices are ideal for pet owners who already spend high amounts on care, food, and hygiene for their companions.

If you contact them, they assist with not only getting you what you need, but also be very knowledgeable about the products, and even let you know about better subscription opportunities to help you save. All around positive here. Thank you Fuzzy!

In addition to their line of helpful products offered regularly to customers, this brand knows how important quick and caring service can be to users of their app and live services. The Apple Store alone rates the Fuzzy Pet Health app 3.8/5 stars based on over 555 ratings.

The winner for this app comes through customer service and quick communication. Customers love that “If you message them, they respond extremely quickly! I think the longest wait for a response was 5 minutes!! It’s basically having a knowledgeable, professional vet in your pocket!

Not only does the service cover live conversations and consultations with professionals, but they offer education on what’s occurring and steps to prevent continuing or further ailments.

They have helpful articles by Doctors themselves and you can chat with their team with any questions. They don’t charge to chat with them either which is one of my number one reasons why I love this app so much.

Their quick service garnered them not only positive reviews but also an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. While there isn’t a distinct Your Fuzzy review found through this platform, their quick customer service and open communication speak for themselves in garnering such a high rating.

I was amazed at how quickly I was able to talk to a professional and they were able to give me enough information and potential symptoms/warning signs to monitor. Online veterinarian assistance is always available when I need it. They are super kind and I feel like they actually care about my pup instead of always pushing “Take them to the vet” for anything.

Though there are some reviews via the app that aren’t quite as positive, the majority of individuals are thrilled with the level of personal service that’s available to them at any time of day or night. 

Saving money on emergency vet visits while offering easy subscriptions for routine health, this brand knows how to ease the struggle that owning a pet can lead to.

Is Your Fuzzy Worth It?

Your Fuzzy Review

We’ll be honest, we have to say that this brand appears to be worthwhile. From everything we’ve seen in this Your Fuzzy review, the company is very open with customers regarding services, helpful articles, communication, and more. 

The 24/7 vet availability alone is worth a subscription to save on stressful situations after walk-in hours.

While they aren’t incredibly open regarding shipping information (more on that later), it’s helpful to know that subscriptions can be paused or canceled at any time should the customer change their mind.

A range of products and services with great customer ratings, what more could be asked for when it comes to this kind of business?

Your Fuzzy Promotions & Discounts 

Your Fuzzy Review

We searched the website and all across the internet but we couldn’t come up with a current Your Fuzzy promo code. That’s not to say this brand never hosts any sales, but at the time of writing this article, we were unable to find any online offers.

Where to Buy Your Fuzzy

Your Fuzzy Review

When it comes to purchasing power, this Your Fuzzy review wasn’t able to find many alternatives.

As most of their products and services are subscription-based, this business doesn’t have many retail partners to list. The best place available to buy would be the brand site or the Fuzzy 24/7 Vet Care app.


Your Fuzzy Review

Who owns Your Fuzzy?

Your Fuzzy is owned and operated by founder Zubin Bhettay. Bhettay launched the business with Eric Palm and has worked as CEO since their 2015 founding.

Does Your Fuzzy ship internationally?

Unfortunately, this brand only services the United States for the time being, but those across the US will be happy to know that they have that level of service available to them.

What is Your Fuzzy’s Privacy Policy?

This Your Fuzzy review has learned that the brand takes privacy seriously. While working with live vets does require information being shared with professionals to ensure quality treatment, this brand keeps things close to the chest when it comes to personal info to promise privacy for all users.

What is Your Fuzzy’s Shipping Policy?

When it comes to their shipping policy, Your Fuzzy isn’t too open regarding the costs, timing, or practices. In fact, the company seems to only offer that all shipping aspects are determined by the carrier and all other information is out of their hands.

We will say that shipping times are calculated at checkout alongside costs, so for anyone interested in checking out prices, head over to the cart and start the process for an accurate reading of what the costs and timelines will be.

All orders shipped out do provide tracking information with the carrier. Info will be sent out once the package heads out, providing a link for customers to follow as their order makes its way home.

As for subscriptions, payments can be made monthly for $25 or an annual fee of $100 can be paid (ultimately saving the customer $16 on the purchase).

What is Your Fuzzy’s Return Policy?

We’re sorry to say it in this Your Fuzzy review, but returns aren’t an option when it comes to this service. Due to the nature of the medicine and treatments being shipped, any product sold cannot be returned for a refund.

We will say that those who are working with a subscription are able to edit, pause, or cancel the subscription at any time. While pausing and editing are both incredibly easy as well, we have to highlight the simplicity of cancellation and the three options customers are provided for going about it.

When it’s time to cancel, customers can:

  1. Log onto your profile and select Cancel under the Manage Subscriptions page
  2. Complete an Online Contact Form with intent to Cancel
  3. Use the online chat service to notify a worker of your request to cancel

Once canceled, customers will no longer be able to access products, 24/7 chat, video consults, or any of the other benefits offered to subscribed members.

For customers who are truly dissatisfied with service or delivery, get in touch via email or send a message online with a detailed account of the reasoning. It’s not guaranteed, but there’s a possibility for credit or replacements to be offered.

How to Contact Your Fuzzy

This brand is all about open communication with customers. From their 24/7 Vets on Call to customer service, this company knows how to keep an open line between them and their users. ‘

Due to this, we had to include the full list in this Your Fuzzy review to show off just how many ways there are to reach out:

  • Address: 1355 Market St #488
                    San Francisco, CA 94103
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (844) 649-8095
  • Online contact form
  • Online messenger

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