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PuppySpot Review

Dog lovers everywhere understand that finding that perfect fit of a new puppy pal can be the hardest part of expanding the family. 

Reduce some stress and find a new furry companion with ease through PuppySpot. Matching clients with puppies of all breeds, this service works to find each pup a comfortable and happy new home.

Since their start in 2005, this company hasn’t had much in the way of media coverage. Despite that, word seems to have spread to their 73.6k followers on Instagram that this brand fits the bill when searching for a new furry friend.

Not swayed by the adorable faces of tiny pups, in this PuppySpot review, I’ll dig into the brand itself to take a look at services, reputation, and more to determine whether this brand is the one to rely on when searching for a new family member.

Overview of PuppySpot

PuppySpot Review

I want this to be an honest PuppySpot review, and that means telling the whole story. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of background to the origins of the company, but I do have access to their missions and goals in life, starting with their desire to make lives better by placing healthy puppies in happy homes.”

Born from a community of animal lovers, this brand came to the scene to help families find puppies that will only help their hearts grow. 

Working with top breeders across the US, this business puts all effort into delivering happy and healthy pups to safe, new homes where they and their owners can flourish. 

Having now placed “over 200,000 puppies into over 200,000 homes,” this business continues to expand their efforts, working towards bringing puppies to as many homes as they can.

Allowing customers to search by the breed, this brand also delivers on a Breed Match Quiz to help those new to the pet owner world find a suitable size dog that will match their lifestyle. 

Offering all customers a PuppySpot Promise, this company assures customers that the right puppy is within reach.

Brightening homes and hearts with a positive puppy pal may be their mission, but that’s not the only good that comes from this company. 

They also support non-profits like Make-A-Wish to further the happiness of children in dire times. Of course, these are just a few highlights from the brand – check out these other benefits this business offers:


  • New puppies ready for loving
  • Top-quality breeders
  • Constant health checks
  • Communication with clients regarding the growth and development of the puppy
  • Supports non-profits
  • Breed Match Quiz
PuppySpot Review

PuppySpot Puppy Breeds Review

I couldn’t really write a proper PuppySpot review without taking a moment to look at the highlight – the puppies. While there are a lot of brands to consider, I’m going with my top three favorites to feature in this article.

PuppySpot German Shepherd Dog Puppies Review

Starting with energy and fun, I had to check out the PuppySpot German Shepherd Dog Puppies.

Easily one of the most popular breeds due to their loyalty and training, these dogs are also (in my opinion) one of the most adorable. 

Originally bred for working-class homes and labors, this dog retains the energy and heart of that initial goal. What does that mean? These dogs are fans of getting out and doing things.

Whether it’s all about obedience training or simply looking for a running partner, it doesn’t take much to get this clever dog out of the house and learning. Loyal to a fault, these steady and reliable pups will remain by their owner’s side.

Depending on the age and specifications of the dog, prices can go from $2,500 to $3,500.

PuppySpot French Bulldog Puppies Review

Moving from bigger to smaller in this PuppySpot review, I’m stepping over to take a look at the French Bulldog Puppies.

The popularity of this breed has skyrocketed over the past few years as owners have come to realize the benefits of the small dog life. 

Ideal for smaller spaces and apartments, smaller dogs tend to have an energy level that matches their size. That means it doesn’t take a lot to tire these pups out before they settle in for the day.

Just because they tire faster doesn’t mean these pups aren’t playful. Happy to play around with their owner, these gentle souls are all about calm and happy times, often content to cuddle up after a long day and just relax with their human friends.

Due to their popularity and the expense of the breed itself, these puppies sit in a wide price range. I’m talking $2,600 to $19,000.

PuppySpot Goldendoodle Puppies Review 

Ending this portion of the PuppySpot review with an easy favorite, I had to throw in the Goldendoodle Puppies for their curly fur alone.

A mixed breed of golden retrievers and poodles, these pups are all about happy and open affection to everyone. One of the easiest temperaments in the game, these dogs are perfect for first-time owners due to their easy-going nature.

Always happy to spend some time running off energy outside with owners, Goldendoodles also adore the innocence of kids, making them ideal choices for families with young ones

Quick to learn, easy to train, and happy in every setting, these dogs are around to have a good time.

Start running with a new friend today for $1,900 to $4,350.

What Is PuppySpot Breeder? 

PuppySpot Review

Questions about breeding are always the most important to ask when searching for a dog. No one wants to support breeding sick and ill-treated environments like puppy mills. 

That’s why I’m happy to report in this PuppySpot review that this brand is all about healthy breeding policies.

Working with a data-driven system, PuppySpot carefully screens all breeders through a process of interviews, visits, background checks, facility checks, evaluations, and more to ensure the environment and breeders are top quality

Putting millions of dollars into the program, this brand is quick to let go of any breeders who violate the restrictions in place. Puppy safety comes first – always.

Who Is PuppySpot For? 

PuppySpot Review

Based on what I learned while researching for this PuppySpot review, I would argue that the brand is really for anyone searching to extend their family through a new furry friend. 

Simplifying the process of finding legitimate breeders that offer exactly what you’re looking for, this business delivers on a wide selection of breeds to choose from, working only with evaluated breeders who surpass all facility tests.

Reducing the stress of finding a new loved one, this business is for anyone thinking about adding a fuzzy companion to the family. Don’t know where to start? There’s a quiz to help guide the way towards that perfect new companion.

PuppySpot Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

PuppySpot Review

I couldn’t complete a PuppySpot review without considering the opinions of others. As a result, I took to the internet for a quick glance to see exactly what others think of this business venture.

The PuppySpot site itself showcases 4.6/5 stars based on over 14k ratings. These comments seem to soar with customers thrilled by the service, interactions, and their new puppy pals. 

Offering a guided purchase to customers, clients found that “The entire experience was amazing [and] The customer service agents were informative and very helpful in outlining purchasing options.

Showing only puppies available for purchase, this business is very open in letting customers know exactly how many people are showing interest in each dog to understand what competition exists for ownership. 

From the moment of purchase, customers are led through with pictures of the pup sent every two weeks until they’re grown enough to make their way to their new home. 

From there, puppies are accompanied by travel chaperones so they make it to their new owners safely with all required documents.

The records we received were all fantastic. The breeder was very efficient and provided so much great information including all of the updated shots. The driver Alex who delivered our puppy to us was great!

PuppySpot reviews on TrustPilot seem to agree with this overarching love, showing such affection in their 4/5 stars based on over 1,300 ratings. 

Ratings on this platform seem to surround the business’s communication throughout the process with customers “very pleased with how helpful Puppyspot was through out the entire process. Updating us on our new Baby’s progress and sending videos and pictures.

Of course, I do have to note that not everyone is quite as pleased with the service. The brand’s Reviewopedia rating currently sits at 2/5 stars based on over 20 ratings.

Most ratings on this site list concerns with the care, noting that some of the puppies received were ill or underweight before adjusting to their new home.

I can’t undermine the interactions these individuals have had with the company nor with their experiences in receiving the dogs themselves.

All I can really say is that while there is a portion who feel this way, others have come out with nothing but good experiences.

I was so scared to fall into that 1 or 2 star experience but Guillermo and Mikayli were amazing help with my puppyFrom the min I called to get info all the way to picking him up at the airport , puppyspot was AMAZING and always there for me with any questions or concerns I had!

I will say that most customers seem quite pleased with the process and communication methods in place. It seems to come down to individual experiences with this brand.

Is PuppySpot Legit?

PuppySpot Review

As far as I can tell based on all the research done for my PuppySpot review, this brand is legit. I do have to note some concerns surrounding reviews regarding sick puppies and communications errors, however, those individuals seem to be in the minority. 

I’m not saying that clears PuppySpot of any issues, but it’s also good to know that the majority of their customers came out pleased.

Is PuppySpot Worth It?

PuppySpot Review

Final opinion – this brand is worth it for those desperately searching for specific puppy brands. 

While I’d always recommend local breeders above all else to save stress and travel time, PuppySpot seems to do a good job of communicating the dog’s development before traveling to its new home.

Ensuring puppies are chaperoned and cared for at every step, this business seems to stand behind safe and happy dogs and homes. 

I’m saying go local first, but for those unable to find any reliable breeders in their surrounding area, PuppySpot is a good next step to finding a furry friend.

PuppySpot Promotions & Discounts 

PuppySpot Review

PuppySpot isn’t known for offering promotions or discounts due to the nature of their business.

Where to Buy PuppySpot

PuppySpot Review

All puppies can be found listed on with personality profiles and pictures.


PuppySpot Review

Who owns PuppySpot?

PuppySpot is owned and operated by Claire Komorowski.

What is PuppySpot’s Shipping Policy?

It seems odd to word this section as shipping, but the dogs need to arrive at their new home in some manner. The good news here – all deliveries are made with a travel companion by the fur baby’s side.

There are four methods to get new family members home and each one comes with its own costs:

  1. Pick Up in St Louis – meet the new pup at the central facility in St Louis and drive it home for $399. All owners will meet the team in person, pick up their puppy’s health certificate, and get a travel carrier to make the journey home easier for everyone
  2. Pick Up Near Home – this method sees puppies taking their first journey via air travel to the pickup location nearest your home. For $799 owners receive a travel carrier, a health certificate, and airport delivery
  3. Home Delivery – bring a new buddy home with the assistance of a PuppySpot trusted partner. This travel companion will get puppies home safely as fast as possible for $899.
  4. Puppy Chaperone – by far the most responsive of all options, this selection sees a travel companion for the new pup throughout the whole journey. Seated next to them in the plane, bus, or train, the chaperone will directly hand over the puppy and make owners aware of any travel troubles along the way for $1,499.

What is PuppySpot’s Return Policy?

Similar to shipping, I must note in this PuppySpot review that the idea of returning a puppy isn’t a great one. However, I do understand that sometimes homes and pups aren’t the fit we hope they are.

In the case of allergies, landlord restrictions, or adjustment problems, PuppySpot will agree to rehome the pet with no refund or credit returned. All travel costs will be covered by the customer to ensure the puppy reaches its new home safely.

Contact this company directly if any of the following applies:

  • There are issues in the home
  • The puppy is having difficulty adjusting
  • The routine isn’t setting in

While these aren’t elements that will get customers a refund, this company is happy to step in with suggestions on ways to help your new friend adjust to their surroundings.

How to Contact PuppySpot

Speaking of contact, I wanted to include some information in this PuppySpot review just in case. For any questions or concerns, reach out to the business through the following methods of contact:

  • Phone: (888) 671-0518

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