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Wacaco Review

Are you a lover of espresso or a connoisseur of creative cremas? Do you enjoy the art of making your morning coffee by hand? Are you having trouble enjoying an espresso outside of your house that stands up to the quality of your machine at home? 

If you can say yes to any of these questions, you might just be interested in this Wacaco review.

Wacaco is a brand that produces handheld espresso makers and accessories – from bean grinders to pressure gauges – to help espresso drinkers around the world enjoy their favorite beverage wherever and whenever they want.

The brand also has easy-to-follow how-to videos so anyone can brew like a barista.

Wacaco has gotten quite a bit of attention over the years, gaining 55.5k Instagram followers and nearly 62k followers on Facebook.

They’ve also been featured by a variety of news outlets, including National Geographic, Outside, Forbes, Men’s Journal, Backpacker, techradar, and C Net.

So, is this brand really the answer to all your on-the-go espresso needs? That is what I intend to find out in my Wacaco review by looking at their history, best-selling products, policies, and customer feedback. Let’s get brewing!

Overview of Wacaco

Wacaco Review

Sometimes a good espresso is a hard thing to find. That’s what inspired Wacaco founder Hugo Cailleton to start on his journey to develop the first Minipresso – a small, lightweight espresso maker that puts all the power of a professional espresso machine in your hands.

Even before Wacaco became a reality, Cailleton was already a part of the espresso manufacturing industry and had a good taste for his product.

When a business trip brought him to a hotel that offered espressos he found lacking, he began thinking about how he could brew his own quality espresso when abroad.

He tried other hand-sized espresso makers brands, but he found the quality of the coffee they made wasn’t worth their price. 

So, in 2012, Cailleton – who has an industrial design background – decided to try his hand at making his own tiny espresso maker that could make great-tasting coffee and quality crema at a fair price. 

Roughly 20 months, 10 prototypes, and many cups of espresso later, Cailleton – along with the friends and coffee experts that helped him in the testing phase – completed the first Minipresso.

Their device was not only making coffee comparable to home machines but was also much more durable than other handheld espresso makers.

With his personal vision transformed into a real product, Cailleton founded Wacaco in 2013 to sell his creation to people across the globe.

Hugo set up Wacaco’s headquarters in Kowloon, China, and has since been continuing to expand the brand’s line of coffee crafting products while shrinking and compressing the original product design for even greater portability, in machines like the Nanopresso and Picopresso.

Now that we know more about the brand’s history, let’s check out the highlights of my Wacaco review:


Wacaco Review
  • Portable handheld espresso makers with simple step-by-step instructions
  • Additional accessories to give you more control over how your cup is made
  • Products available for brewing fresh coffee grounds and coffee capsules
  • Ships internationally
  • Warranties available
  • 30-day return policy

Wacaco has an ever-expanding catalog of accessories and coffee makers for other styles of coffee, making a great cup of any style of coffee available to people on the go. I’ll focus on the brand’s flagship espresso maker and its three best-selling versions.

Wacaco Review

My Wacaco review will take a closer look at the Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Machine, Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine, and the Picopresso Portable Espresso Machine.

Whether you’re looking for quality, portability, love the satisfaction of making a great crema by hand, or even find yourself without electricity to turn on your coffee machine, these Wacaco products provide it all. 

Wacaco Minipresso Gr Portable Espresso Machine Review

Whether you’re all the way out in the great outdoors or just prefer your own beans to the ones you find brewing at a travel destination, this product will allow you to be able to cook up a quality crema with the power of your own two hands – no electrical power required.

Say hello to the Minipresso Gr Portable Espresso Machine.

This handy tool is a mere 6.89 x 2.75 x 2.36 inches in size and only weighs 0.8 pounds. With its 70 ml water tank capacity, 8-gram ground capacity, and 116 psi of pressure, this little marvel can produce 50 ml of espresso in minutes.

Making your own perfect shot from anywhere with the Minipresso is easy. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Prepare ground coffee beans of choice
  2. Boil your water
  3. Remove the Minipresso’s filter basket and fill it using the included scoop
  4. Use the bottom of the scoop to lightly tamp the grounds
  5. Place the basket back in the filter and fill the water tank with hot water
  6. Twist the piston pump out of its travel position and pump to build pressure
  7. Continue pumping to dispense your espresso from the bottom

You’ll know it’s all out and your espresso is ready to go once the pump loses pressure.

You can use a variety of different beans with this machine if you like experimenting with flavor.

This Minipresso Gr Portable Espresso Machine set includes the Minipresso, a scoop, a step-by-step instruction manual, and a built-in cup – perfect for occasions where you don’t have anything to drink from on hand – all for $55.

Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine Review

You can get away with using just a bit of pressure when making some espressos, but others might need a bit more oomph.

If you like fine grounds and need more power behind your pumps than the Minipresso can offer, then the Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine is a good choice.

This Wired Recommends “Best portable espresso maker of 2020” winner sits a bit shorter and wider than the Minipresso, with dimensions of 6.14 x 2.8 x 2.44 inches and weighs a little less than its predecessor at just 0.74 pounds

But don’t let the smaller size fool you. The Nanopresso actually has the same 8 g ground capacity, a larger 80 ml water capacity, and an impressive 261 psi piston pressure – double that of the Minipresso for incredible extraction.

And, despite the increased power output, the piston is actually a bit easier to pump on this model, so there’s no need to worry about hand cramps.

The Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine comes with the machine itself, instructions, a coffee scoop, and a brush to make cleaning out the fine grounds this machine is designed for even easier.

You’ll also find a warranty card and a couple of brand stickers included with your package.

Pick up the Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine for $70.

Wacaco Picopresso Portable Espresso Machine Review 

Some people may want a Wacaco espresso maker for the size, convenience, and simplicity of espresso on the go. Others, however, may prefer to take their time and enjoy the process of hand-crafting their beverage. 

If you fall into the latter category, the Picopresso Portable Espresso Machine is the toolkit you need to whip up a well-made double espresso anytime, anywhere.

This one is by far the most compact of the three products I’ve looked at in my Wacaco review. At 4.17 x 3.07 x 2.8 inches, the Picopresso is roughly the size of your typical coffee mug

Similar to the Nanopresso, it weighs only 0.77 pounds, has a water capacity of 80 ml, and can be pumped up to 261psi.

However, the Picopresso can make even more espresso, with a standard-sized coffee ground capacity of 18 g.

The process for using the Picopresso is basically the same as Wacaco’s other machines  – fill the filter with tamped grounds, pour water in the tank, and pump out the espresso – but it’s equipped with more tools to address the finer details of the brewing process. 

The Picopresso comes with a distribution tool, included to help break up any clumping in the grounds left over from the initial grind, along with a scoop and tamper to measure and pack the grounds into the funnel piece of the double filter. 

Speaking of the double filter, the Picopresso’s filter is exposed, so you can see your coffee being poured straight from the filter basket. 

The Picopresso Portable Espresso Machine also comes with a brush for cleaning, a warranty card, and a Wacaco sticker, all in a zippered carrying case, for $130

Who Is Wacaco For? 

Wacaco Review

One look at the brand’s YouTube channel and you’ll see that Wacaco is a favorite of travelers who prefer their own brew wherever they go.

As long as you have hot water and your incredibly portable machine, you can use any bean and make an ideal shot of espresso or two, regardless of your accommodations. 

Wacaco’s devices are also incredibly popular with campers and hikers who need to pack light and prepare sustenance without the use of electricity.

Beyond that, espresso drinkers in the prepper community would find this product ideal for when electrical power may be scarce. 

But, you don’t have to be on the road to appreciate and use Wacaco’s products. They’re perfect for taking to work and using at home, especially if counter space is scarce. 

All of Wacaco’s handheld espresso makers can be a fun and meditative way to enjoy your coffee break and get connected to the process.

The Picopresso, in particular, is also perfect for those who enjoy the process of creating the perfect espresso themselves; it might even be used as a good training tool for those looking to work in a cafe.

Wacaco Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Wacaco Review

The customer feedback I found while researching for this Wacaco review was generally very positive. 

Wacaco hosts reviews from customers on their own site. Many reviews I found had positive things to say about their espresso makers, with the ability to brew coffee like a barista being a major draw, especially for reviewers of Picopresso

One customer’s Wacaco review says: “As a former barista, the Picopresso provides a full barista experience like no other portable machines can do. Requiring a bit of care with dosage, grind size and tamping, the Pico will reward you with that creamy golden espresso that even your local café would envy!” 

Their official site also has customers’ star ratings for their best-sellers. Here’s what I found for my Wacaco review:

  • Minipresso Gr – 4.8/5 stars based on 231 reviews
  • Nanopresso – 4.8/5 stars based on 940 reviews
  • Picopresso – 4.6/5 stars based on 308 reviews

Many customers also seem to enjoy the convenience and portability of items like the Minipresso.

On Amazon, where some of the brand’s products are sold, one Wacaco review said their Minipresso, “is easy to use and convenient. Very compact and lightweight. Makes for a good travel accessory.” 

I also checked out Amazon’s star ratings for Wacaco’s best-sellers:

  • Minipresso Gr – 4.4/5 stars based on 3,575 reviews
  • Nanopresso – 4.5/5 stars based on 1,796 reviews
  • Picopresso – 4.5/5 stars based on 100 reviews

The longevity of the brand’s products and the quality of espresso are also frequently mentioned in Wacaco reviews. 

212 reviewers on Facebook gave Wacaco an overall 4.2 out of 5 stars, with a Nanopresso reviewer saying, “at home it can compete against good manual Italian espresso machines. Taste is rich, creamy and the crema is outstanding. I’m using it intensively abroad and at home since 4 years without any malfunction.

With all of that in mind, it really does seem like caffeine connoisseurs of all varieties have developed a fondness for Wacaco and their portable devices.

Is Wacaco Legit?

Wacaco Review

I would say this brand is indeed legit

There are Wacaco reviews from a variety of vendors outside of the brand’s website, and they have a lot of feedback on Facebook and Amazon mentioning successful purchases without any significant red flags.

Several major news outlets have reported on the brand and their Nanopresso even won a credible award from Wired in 2020.

I also found several Reddit threads where Wacaco users compare the brand to other respected espresso makers and are keeping their eyes on new and upcoming products from the brand.

Is Wacaco Worth It?

Wacaco Review

I can safely say that this brand is certainly worth it. Their espresso makers are light, compact, durable, simple to use, and very portable.

Travelers, campers, and anyone frequently on the go can easily make use of a Wacaco machine to replicate the convenience and great flavor of the high-quality coffee they normally enjoy.

All Wacaco espresso machines require are ground beans, boiling water, and a little muscle power, and they can produce an espresso that some say can rival the pricey machines one might keep at home for such purposes. 

There is also the freedom they provide to users who prefer to make their beverages by hand, or those who like to experiment with the process, or even folks who have particular preferences that a machine wouldn’t necessarily be able to accommodate. 

Wacaco machines may be a bit pricey for some, but given what you get – their value, quality, and ability to deliver a high-end coffee experience any time, anywhere – it’s clear that Wacaco’s espresso makers are a worthwhile purchase.

Wacaco Promotions & Discounts 

Wacaco Review

You can get the latest news about Wacaco and any deals or new products they might have coming down the pipeline by signing up for the email newsletter. This brand is known to do giveaways of special edition versions of certain products.

Where to Buy Wacaco

Wacaco Review

You can buy these and other Wacaco products through the brand’s website. A selection of their products is also sold on their Facebook and Amazon stores, as well as through retailers like Walmart, Williams Sonoma, and Nordstorm. 

Note, however, that anything bought from a third-party site should be bought with caution, as Wacaco has warned on their site about counterfeits on the market. 


Wacaco Review

Who owns Wacaco?

Wacaco remains owned by founder Hugo Cailleton.

What Pods are compatible with Wacaco?

Both the Minipresso Ns and the Nanopresso with NS adaptor can utilize Nespresso Original capsules.

It is also strongly advised that users do not use instant coffee with any of the Wacaco products.

What is the difference between Wacaco Nanopresso and Minipresso?

The Nanopresso is smaller and lighter than the Minipresso. It has a larger water tank – making it capable of producing more espresso – and unlike the Minipresso, it can switch between grounds and capsule easily.

It can also reach higher pressures with its piston pump and has a variety of accessories that can be used in tandem with it.

Does Wacaco ship internationally?

Yes, it does. Wacaco ships to most countries around the world.

What is Wacaco’s Shipping Policy?

Once your order is placed, shipping times and fees will depend on the destination and several other factors. To find out your exact shipping charge, place your items in your cart and proceed to checkout.

Any customs charges will need to be paid by the buyer. If those fees are not paid, the order will be returned to Wacaco, and further return shipping charges incurred by the brand will be deducted from the refund they’ll issue you for the order.

What is Wacaco’s Return Policy?

Wacaco employs a 30-day return policy. If you wish to return an unused item in its original condition and packaging, or you have received a unit that has been damaged due to a manufacturer defect, you must contact customer service for shipping instructions and be able to show proof of purchase.

In the case of a refund for an unused product, the refund will be charged to your original payment method after it is approved upon inspection.

Inform the company of any damages or missing packaging. Any item being returned past the 30-day policy will result in deductions from your refund.

All return shipping costs must be covered by the customer. Only full-price items can be returned.

You may also register your Wacaco item for its particular warranty. Just note that warranties only apply to real Wacaco products purchased from authorized dealers and are applicable only to the initial buyer.

How to Contact Wacaco

Wacaco Review

If you want to get in touch with the brand’s customer service team with your questions after reading this Wacaco review, you can reach out through the website’s live chat or one of two emails:

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