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Mephisto Review

Stepping with confidence means more than owning an outfit. The comfort of one’s footwear can make a huge difference to attitude, behavior, and even appearance. Stop sucking it up with stylish, but hazardous shoes and instead cavort casually with the ever-comfortable Mephisto shoes.

This brand has been in the business. With more than 50 years of experience to their name, it’s somewhat surprising to learn that they’ve only got about 5k followers on Instagram and limited features in Forbes. Call them a hidden gem because while they may not have seen much coverage, they’ve definitely seen customer satisfaction.

Exposing the secret world of the brand, in this Mephisto review we will dive into all the details on why this name needs to see the light of day. From products to ratings to materials and more, we’re going deep into whether this brand is worth buying.

Overview of Mephisto

Mephisto Review

Mephisto follows a family-first mentality. Formed in 1965 by Martin Michaeli, this business has remained in the family and private sector ever since, maintaining all values of the original conception. Michaeli went into business with one dream: creating the world’s best shoes.

While the goal may be a bit ambitious, Michaeli let life guide him in starting up the business in France to create the first moccasin to lead the Mephisto march into a world of designs, comfort, and customer satisfaction

Within the first few years of production, the brand had made their way into German, Austrian, Belgian, and Swiss markets, later spreading across the rest of Europe.

Michaeli’s creations took on a life of their own and the manufacturing methods used actually became patented in 1973 to ensure others couldn’t steal this worldwide success. 

Award winner of the Oscar de l’Exportation two times over, the PLUS Award in 2001, and Best Footwear of France three times over, this name has stood out for their creative solutions in finding both form and function for every lasting pair of shoes.

Now in business for over 50 years, this brand operates over 800 shops worldwide with shipping to over 60 countries. 

Continuing their exploration towards the perfect shoe, ingenuity never stops with the most recent creation being their Soft-Air technology now incorporated in all shoes for a lighter and durable tread.

With a long history behind them, it’s easy to give this brand the benefit of the doubt. They do seem to know what they’re doing. But more than that, we have a few additional highlights to throw into the ring for consideration in this Mephisto review:


  • Offers a wide range of men’s and women’s footwear
  • Incredibly positive customer reviews
  • Premium materials
  • Lasting designs
  • Air-Soft technology for lightweight shoes
Mephisto Review

For our Mephisto review we want to show off the best of the business, which means taking a look at products. Since footwear is their whole living, it was a little hard to narrow down the selections. 

Working with some of the favored names in both men’s and women’s categories, we’ve selected a few top options to give a glimpse into what the world of Mephisto has to offer.

Mephisto Women’s Shoes Review

The Mephisto women’s shoes section really does cover it all. That’s why we’ve taken a bit of everything and put it all in one article. Selecting one of the best sellers from each category, we highlight some of the most classic pieces Mephisto offers in women’s footwear.

Mephisto Sabatina Shoes Review

Who says black has to be dull? Add some shine to each step with the Mephisto Sabatina Shoes.

Forget a matte finish, these Mephisto shoes are all about that glimmering reflection. Prime patent leather catches the light from every angle, highlighting the subtle indentations of the animal print pattern across the material. 

Fun textures feature heavily throughout this design, perfectly complementing the rest of the outfit without stealing the whole show. And those who aren’t as big on shiny black can turn to the brown suede version that just cries comfort and rustic home.

Don’t be swayed by appearance alone – there’s more to these shoes than their good looks. Lined with soft leather to take on the arches and patterns of individual feet, this material also eliminates odors from the inside

Featuring a removable footbed for those who have their own insoles, this shoe is all about attaining maximum comfort for everyone who wears it.

Don’t hold back from the sultry Sabatina – they’re available on sale for $218, down from $279.

Mephisto Issa GT Boots Review

Conquer the snow one step at a time with the Mephisto Issa GT Boots.

Bold, black, and beautiful, these Mephisto boots are more than ready to handle the chaos of winter weather. Sitting at calf-level, these boots zip up to cover any access to snow, leaving pants dry and legs warm during any cold and windy walk. 

Dark as the night, the color pairs well with any coat, keeping style cute without sacrificing function.

Using a thick textile as the base for the outer layer of the boot, the material wraps the leg in a warm blanket, keeping things toasty at all times. 

With that being said, this boot understands the term foot sweat and counteracts any attempts through a GORE-TEX lining to retain airflow and breathing room. Keeping feet covered and comfortable, these boots know how to get the job done.

Stand tall with a pair of these boots for $367.

Mephisto Pamela Sandals Review

Everyone loves a comfortable summer sandal that’s ready to conquer every terrain the season delivers. Stand steady and embrace the sunshine with the Mephisto Pamela Sandals.

Straps are everything in this design. Why stick with just one or two when these Mephisto sandals use straps not only functionally, but also aesthetically. 

Woven across the tops like a hive, these hexagonally-patterned sandal straps leave just enough skin poking out to see the sun without leaving the whole foot exposed.

Material is everything in this design. Battling every summer weather, the rubber soles keep things fresh and water-proof in the worst of weather. Add in the leather interior and exterior to a strong foundation with a lasting life (when treated well), and these sandals are ready to handle the worst. 

All that’s left is to open that loop, slip them on, and work that wedge look from every angle.

Grab a pair for those summer days (and nights) for $218.

Mephisto Men’s Shoes Review

We’re trying to hit all the subcategories for the Mephisto Men’s Shoes section in this one. From boots to shoes to sandals, there are so many options available it’s impossible to choose. 

That’s why we’re sticking with the most popular options to highlight in this review. Bold, comfortable, and always classic in appearance, these styles are the ones to beat.

Mephisto Kerry GT Boots Review

Whether entering the working world or looking for a business casual shoe that won’t kill the feet, the Mephisto Kerry GT Boots know how to handle every situation.

These boots seem to be the ideal chameleon shoe. Matching every outfit in their simple matte black design, the real detailing for this style comes from the stitching. Close and tight stitches piece together the soft and sturdy leather making up the overall look. 

Weather-resistant due to their leather finish, these ankle boots won’t suffer from a jaunt in the rain on the commute to the office.

The soft GORE-TEX interior prevents odor build-up and fits the shape of the foot over time. Give it a few weeks of wear and these boots will be tailored specifically to you. Slip on the supple leather boots and that perfect fit really will feel like a dream come true.

Settle up and step into a better pair of boots for $333.

Mephisto Korey Shoes Review

A classic brown shoe can go a long way, which is why the Mephisto Korey Shoes never truly go out of style.

A truly traditional design, these dress shoes make their stand for every occasion. Great for business, business casual, or even just a shoe to slip on for an outing, this style keeps things simple, fashionable, and functional. 

Burnt brown in color with some subtle stitching for a bit of fun along the sides, nothing about these shoes steals the attention, making them a great piece to compliment any style.

Rubber soles prevent slipping, with solid traction on any wet ground. Softened leather cocoons the foot, both inside and out. The inner material provides a quality footbed that adjusts to the shape of the foot over time. 

Take out that inner lining for any orthotics or stick with the stunning original material for a firm yet comfortable feel – either way, it’ll be a satisfying walk, strut, or stroll.

Take control of the space and style with the Korey shoes for $279.

Mephisto Clayton Sandals Review

The perfect summer sandals don’t just exist for women. Men can comfortably lounge in the summer sun with the Clayton Sandals.

Available in either black or brown, these thick-strap sandals are all about ease and comfort. Let’s start with the design – it’s just a simple two-strap. There are no buckles or loops, just two straps over the foot to keep things in place. Easy to slide on or kick off at any time.

Turning to the material, these sandals don’t come to play. Strapped with full-grain leather, the quality of this footwear remains top tier. Even the footbed comes crafted from soft, malleable leather that molds to the food over constant use. 

Fitting arches, divots, pressure distribution, and more, these sandals walk lighter than air with a comforting cushion along the way.

Lounge in the lightweight luxury of the Clayton Sandals for $211.

Who Is Mephisto For? 

Mephisto Review

People typically need to walk places, yes? Enter the need for a good, solid pair of shoes. Whether living in beach weather, rainy forests, or snowy winter wonderlands, this brand has a pair to conquer every season.

While they veer away from a children’s section, Mephisto has a well-stocked selection for both men’s and women’s sizes. From boots to shoes to sandals and more, there seems to be a style for every occasion from this brand. 

We’ll be the first to admit that they aren’t exactly cheap, but the top-quality material seems to be well worth the cost of a pair of shoes that will last years of use.

Mephisto Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mephisto Review

As with any article, we wanted to ensure that this Mephisto review is not just all talk. Following up with verified buyer ratings, we turned to the internet and surprisingly found little but satisfaction. A quick first glance shows top numbers and repeat buyers all more than content with the purchases they’ve made.

We didn’t know whether to start with the Better Business Bureau’s A+ grading or TrustPilot’s 4.5/5 stars based on over 1,065 ratings. So, we’re going with both because why not? Either way, there’s nothing but good things shining through these platforms.

Customers seem to be in love with the quality that this brand offers. More so than the wide selection even. The materials used for each piece seem to withstand constant use, time, and weather, leaving a lasting impression on buyers for their “like new” appearance after lengthy amounts of time. 

One individual stated they were “coming into my third summer they still look brand new, both uppers and bottoms. Comfortable and stylish. Very pleased.

Even customers who detest that breaking in period seem to be happy with each step. Comfort doesn’t take long to settle in with these shoes. In fact, the utter comfortable footbeds and fit pop up often on Zappos where this brand holds 4.4/5 stars based on over 140 ratings.

This is an excellent shoe. Solid, comfortable, and reasonably light.

Working with their new Soft-Air technology, this brand assures lightweight rubber soles on each shoe. Thick heels for a good tread combined with softened leather interior and exterior mean these shoes are made to last. 

Strong in stitching and piecing, customers believe “These are about the most comfortable walking shoes made today. They are very well made, have a strong stable sole, and thick, strong leather. Treated, they can last a lifetime.

Lifetime use pops up a lot in reviews surrounding this brand. Compared often to the quality and feel of Birkenstocks, Mephisto sandals especially seem to be highlighted for their strength and molding abilities to perfectly fit each person. 

On Amazon, the Mephisto Women’s Helen Thong Sandals are a best-seller for that reason alone. 

Sitting at 4.6/5 stars based on over 2,100 ratings, these sandals seem to steal the show for not only this Mephisto review but also the thousands of buyers who truly love the look and feel of the design.

These are not clunky or loose at all on my feet and while there definitely is a break in period for the insole molding to your foot (just like with Birkenstocks), overall, walking is very comfortable, and I can feel the enhanced shock absorbing technology Mephisto uses while pounding the pavement.

The one thing we do have to note here is the price. Some comment on the high costs for these products as they all exist in the hundreds. That said, as many have noted, these shoes tend to be a lifetime investment. 

In fact, one Mephisto review noted that “they are pricey, but last a long, long time and if the inner sole wears out, Mephisto will replace the inner sole for a price. They are extremely comfortable with arch support.

These sandals aren’t alone in being a fan favorite. Check out these other popular Mephisto products on Amazon:

  • Mephisto Men’s Match Walking Shoe: 4.5/5 stars based on 460 ratings
  • Mephisto Women’s Hannel Sandals: 4.6/5 stars based on over 260 ratings
  • Mephisto Men’s Sam Sandal: 4.4/5 stars based on over 160 ratings
  • Mephisto Men’s Hurrikan Moccasin: 4.2/5 stars based on over 150 ratings
  • Mephisto Women’s Sneaker: 4.3/5 stars based on over 90 ratings

Really, we think the Best Walking Shoe Review sums it up when they say these shoes are “Elegant, well-made, and always in style, Mephisto walking shoes are designed specifically with comfort in mind.

Is Mephisto Worth It?

Mephisto Review

So, what is our final verdict for this Mephisto review? Well worth it. Undoubtedly. We know the cost can be a bit steep, but these definitely function as more of an investment than a casual purchase. 

Noted by numerous customers as lasting years of use (with good care), it’s easy to make these ones work for a good decade if treated well.

The premium material definitely stands out both as a reason for the higher cost and a reason for the purchase. Despite thick leather being used, these shoes never feel stiff. 

Instead, they take on the shape of the foot, molding to be a perfect fit, and withstanding wet weather along the way. These are in no way a casual purchase, but for those who can afford a steeper cost, it’s well worth it to grab a lasting pair.

Mephisto Promotions & Discounts 

Mephisto Review

At the time of writing this Mephisto review, no promotions are currently being run. We’ve checked for any group or career discounts, but it seems that Mephisto tends to stick to standard pricing aside from seasonal sales.

Where to Buy Mephisto

Mephisto Review

While writing this Mephisto review, we discovered there are a number of ways to get to these products. While the largest selection exists on the brand site at, they work with a number of third-party and partner retailers online and in-store. 

Honestly, there are so many options available that we had to limit our listing to just a few of the most popular names that offer this brand:

  • Zappos
  • Nordstrom
  • The Walking Company
  • Macy’s
  • DSW
  • Amazon


Mephisto Review

Who owns Mephisto?

Mephisto is a privately owned company. The founder, Martin Michaeli, and his family own and operate the brand to this day.

Does Mephisto ship internationally?

Mephisto offers limited international shipping. All available countries have their own pages listed at the bottom, so select a home country and ship away.

What is Mephisto’s Shipping Policy?

Mephisto definitely keeps things straightforward with their shipping methods. We found that there are three services available and each one comes with a separate flat rate:

  • Standard – $8
  • 3-Day – $10
  • 2-Day – $15 

They do note online that orders meeting the minimum spending limit will receive free shipping on standard delivery orders. The only issue with that – they don’t clearly list that limit anywhere online. The promise of free shipping is great, but it seems we can’t really speak to the follow-through.

International shipping does exist, but it requires being on the independent Mephisto sites. There is a limited selection of countries available to ship to including the UK, USA, Germany, France, and more. 

Keep in mind that stores exist in over 60 countries, so while the online stock may not be available, it’s possible that a store exists somewhere in the vicinity for easy access.

What is Mephisto’s Return Policy?

Ready to start a return? We’re hoping not, but just in case, we’ve grabbed all the important info required to get the job done. The most important fact to know – returns have a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Returning with Mephisto is easier than ever as the brand removes all online steps from the equation. In order to submit a return, it’s just three moves:

  1. Repackage the product in original packaging
  2. Fill out the shipping address with the “Ship From” address from the original label
  3. Track the package and email customer service the info alongside the expected arrival date

Those who are returning a defective or incorrect order can use the return shipping label provided with the initial order. All others have to pay their own shipping fees for the return process.

Customers will be emailed once products have been received, notifying them of the incoming refund. Give it about 10 business days for the refund to make its way into the original account and then it’ll all be good to go.

How to Contact Mephisto

Have any questions that this Mephisto review didn’t cover? Or questions we brought up but didn’t answer? (Sorry if the answer is yes!)

Either way, it’s incredibly easy to get a quick response as this company has customer service working around the clock to get those solutions and responses back as soon as possible. To get in touch, simply:

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