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Cloverlane Review

We can all admit it – no one sleeps quite as soundly as they’d like. Used to waking up tired or in pain, many of us don’t take the time to research solutions. 

Luckily, Cloverlane came into the picture with their beautiful bedding and bathroom supplies to have us resting easy and cleaning up well.

This brand isn’t nearly as known as some names in the industry. In fact, they only have 3.8k followers to their name on Instagram. 

Despite that, they have found coverage from Expert Reviews and Sleep Foundation, hopefully leading to a bit more featuring for this brand in the future.

We’re starting this journey alongside those other sources to determine just what this company has to offer. In this Cloverlane review, we will look into highlights, products, prices, ratings, and more to determine whether this business is one to buy from.

Overview of Cloverlane

Cloverlane Review

Dating back to 2016, the parent company of Cloverlane, Resident, set out to conquer the sleeping industry. 

Aiming for comfort and quality at affordable costs, they threw themselves into crafting Nectar, a luxury mattress brand that offered customers incredible support at low costs.

From that creation came Cloverlane, the best accompaniment Nectar could ask for. A good mattress only goes so far, but the materials used every day that surround us in our sleep need to be high quality to really reach that dead sleep we all yearn for. 

That’s why Cloverlane sticks with the best.

Focused on three core elements (premium material, anti-microbial technology, and OEKO-TEX certification), this brand puts their best foot forward every time. 

Aiming for clean materials and manufacturing, this company puts their heart into every piece they make. Customers are everything to Cloverlane, so it’s no surprise that they want to provide the best.

Of course, their customer dedication is only one highlight for this brand. We stumbled across quite a few benefits to consider before buying:


  • Wide range of bedding and bath supplies
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • Payment plans
  • 365-day trial on all products

Cloverlane Bedroom Review

We’re calling this a bedroom review, but we’re sneaking a few bath items in as well – an ensuite counts as part of the bedroom, right? 

These popular products have made their way as the best-sellers from this brand, so we’re taking some time to walk through why each has stood out amongst the crowd.

Cloverlane Sateen Essential Bundle Review

Cloverlane Sateen Essential Bundle Review
Cloverlane Sateen Essential Bundle

Looking for the prime bundle to save money, time, and really get things covered? The Sateen Essential Bundle does all of that and more.

Crafted from their ever-soft sateen, which includes a 600-thread count, this fabric is all about a cooling and soothing sleep. 

Providing customers with both fitted and flat sheets, this one also includes a pillowcase, duvet cover, and sham cover to really complete the look in white, gray, or mist blue. The whole bed will be looking clean-cut and comfortable in one go.

Softening with each wash, this material doesn’t disappoint, letting customers sink into a cloud of cooling fabric. Don’t worry about things getting too soft and slipping around as each element has its own security. 

From button and envelope closures to cover ties, the details have been worked out with this one to assure a stress-free night.

At the time of writing this Cloverlane review, this bundle is cutting costs. That means customers can grab the whole set for $223 rather than its regular $248 price.  

Cloverlane Percale Pillowcase Set Review

Cloverlane Percale Pillowcase Set Review
Cloverlane Percale Pillowcase Set

We’ve checked out sheets, but what bed is complete without those puffy and cloudlike pillows? Giving them the attention they deserve, we had to use this Cloverlane review to take a look at the Percale Pillowcase Set.

Most of us have a standard set of pillows we’re attached to (and those who don’t should read on for a great suggestion), but that’s only the first step to a night of soothing sleep. 

The ideal pillowcase needs to fit the user with features to spare. We’re talking smooth, soft cotton that offers not only anti-microbial protection, but also cooling temperatures to put the mind at ease.

Rest easy with this set of two cases knowing that no matter how much a sleeper tosses and turns, this fabric isn’t going anywhere. 

Secured to the pillow using an envelope technique, there’s no slipping and sliding with this one, promising a safe and secure closure that won’t move until it’s time for a wash. Quick to clean and softening with each wash, these cases are a great step to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Get two cases in one purchase for $39.

Cloverlane Sateen Duvet Cover Set Review

Cloverlane Sateen Duvet Cover Set Review
Cloverlane Sateen Duvet Cover Set

Cuddle up under the covers with the tranquil Sateen Duvet Cover Set resting atop you on the coldest nights.

We’ve given attention to Cloverlane sheets and pillows, but now it’s the duvet’s time to shine. While this set doesn’t come with the insert itself, the bundle does offer casing for not only the duvet, but an additional sham to unify the bedding in a solid color and material. 

Available in white, gray, and mist blue, select the palette that best suits the bedroom and settle in for a good night’s sleep.

Select from six sizes to best fit the bed in question and rest easy knowing how simple it will be to wash those sheets from now on. Getting softer with each wash, this buttery smooth material will feel like a dream against the skin during the night. 

So, settle in, relax, and breathe easy knowing that this duvet set has you covered for $129.

Cloverlane Serenity Sleep Memory Foam Pillow Review

Cloverlane Serenity Sleep Memory Foam Pillow Review
Cloverlane Serenity Sleep Memory Foam Pillow

We could hardly write a Cloverlane review without taking a look at their most popular product, the Serenity Sleep Memory Foam Pillow.

Here’s the thing, we all love a good pillow, but it often seems like living out Goldilocks to find one. This one’s too hard, this one’s too soft, but where’s the one that’s just right? 

While we know it won’t work for everyone, it does seem like the Serenity Sleep Pillow has worked as the perfect fit for a lot of customers.

As stated in the name, this one is all memory foam to provide that ideal support for the neck during slumber. Covered by a cooling and anti-microbial liner, this pillow is ready to deal with the worst, and that includes body pain. 

Just take a minute to scroll through endless reviews on this pillow solving neck, back, and nerve pain while sleeping. Sometimes all it takes is the right support to get through the day (or night) and it seems like the Serenity Sleep offers that support and more.

Sleep better and longer for $75.

Cloverlane Plush Essential Towel Bundle Review

Cloverlane Plush Essential Towel Bundle Review
Cloverlane Plush Essential Towel Bundle

Whether getting out of the shower, washing hands, or just cleaning up in a nightly routine, the perfect towel works wonders for the skin. That’s why we’re fans of the Cloverlane Plush Essential Towel Bundle.

We love this one for two reasons – quantity and quality. Let’s go for quantity first. As stated in the name, this set comes as a bundle, saving money and time on finding all the towels for the job. 

Including two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths, homeowners will be good for any guest appearance with a clean and comforting set of plush towels at the ready.

As for quality, we only have to say two words: 100% cotton. Well, we’ll say a little more than that. Incredibly soft material makes up these towels that are ready to envelop and soothe the skin after pretty much anything. 

Infused with prime technology to resist mildew and odor build-up, these towels will stay clean and fresh much longer than we ever seem to.

At the time of writing this Cloverlane review, this bundle is down to $105 (regularly $117).  

Cloverlane Waffle Robe Review

Cloverlane Waffle Robe Review
Cloverlane Waffle Robe

After a warm and soothing shower, there’s nothing quite like wrapping up in a robe and relaxing before jumping into pajamas. All that’s needed is that soft and supple Cloverlane Waffle Robe to reach the premium state of comfort.

We know the debate – plush versus waffle. What really makes the ideal robe? We have to admit, it does tend to come down to preference. 

While plush robes are great for that encompassing blanket of warmth, we’re giving this one to the waffle robe for its texture and features of the pattern.

So, what does a waffle weave do? Aside from providing a fun texture to the fabric, this pattern actually softens the material, making it incredibly comfortable both inside and out. 

Lightening the material in weight, this cut also comes through in quick drying times meaning no one will be walking around in soaked material during that post-shower haze.

Robe up and relax for $95.

Who Is Cloverlane For? 

Cloverlane Review

Anyone in need of a good night’s sleep can benefit from Cloverlane. This brand wants to provide a cool and comfortable sleeping environment for all and that means covering all bed and sheet sizes to get the job done. 

Whether sleeping in a twin size or living the life of luxury with a California King, there’s something to be added to the bed for a longer, restful sleep.

Cloverlane Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cloverlane Review

Settling into this Cloverlane review, we wanted to ensure readers that we’re taking this one seriously. That means looking beyond our personal opinions and research to consider a wider audience in the form of online ratings.

Right away, we have to say that online reviews are pretty slim for this brand. They don’t have incredibly wide coverage yet, so take what we note here with a grain of salt as, though people seem to love the brand, we don’t have thousands of ratings to back that up.

Despite the lower volume of reviews, we have to say that the brand still came out really well. In fact, their most popular product, the Serenity Sleep Memory Foam Pillow has 5/5 stars based on 595 ratings. 

Easily the highest numbers seen from this brand, this pillow seems to stand out amongst the rest due to one key element: health.

Memory foam pillows aren’t a new thing in the market, but we’d be fools not to mention the number of comments for this product that surrounded better health. 

Supporting the neck at an optimum angle, customers have noted that “These pillows offer great support to the head and spine, plus allow me to fall asleep faster.

Let’s be serious, many of us don’t take sleeping as seriously as we should for personal posture and health. That’s why it’s important to check out the number of posts for this pillow that surround the improvement of both. 

One Cloverlane review even stated, “Before using this pillow I had nerve pain shoot down my leg whenever I rolled over in the bed. This pillow stopped that! It feels completely good right now. I LOVE this pillow!

Of course, we can’t say that this pillow will work wonders for everyone, but it is great to note how many people it’s already helped. 

And, while other products don’t have quite as high numbers, there are still great ratings amongst other products on this site. Check out just a few other top-rated items available:

  • All-Seasons Down Alternative Comforter: 4.9/5 stars based on over 230 ratings
  • Sateen Essential Bundle: 4.9/5 stars based on 10 ratings
  • Sateen Sheet Set: 4.9/5 stars based on over 15 ratings
  • Percale Sheet Set: 5/5 stars based on over 10 ratings

Outside of the brand’s own site, it’s a bit more difficult to track down reviews for this brand. In fact, most reports seem to come from other blogs and businesses as Cloverlane doesn’t seem to have a huge online presence. 

Despite that, their coverage in Expert Reviews did seem quite impressed by what the company offered.

In noting that “The range of sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases come in a choice of fabrics: 100% organic cotton percale, sateen or washed linen,” the reviewer went on to discuss the material’s softening with each wash, an element that we personally adore.

The real winner for online reviews on this one goes to Sleep Foundation for their comprehensive coverage of what all this brand provides customers. 

Highlighting their reasonable prices, quality fabric, and easy care as three core reasons that make this one worth checking out, this review (while star-less) seems more than impressed by all Cloverlane brings to the table.

The range of products that this company brings to the field makes it simple to shop for a bit of everything needed for the bedroom and bathroom: “Some shoppers seek high-quality bedding while others prioritize sheets with affordable price-points. The Cloverlane Sateen Sheet Set checks both boxes.

Promising quality fabrics that only get better with age, it’s simple to see why this brand has become a favorite for customers. 

Cooling, calming, and cheaper than others on the market, this one checks pretty much all of the boxes we have in mind while shopping for sleeping products.

Is Cloverlane Legit?

Cloverlane Review

As far as we can tell after researching for this Cloverlane review, this on is legit. The only slight concern we have is the lack of customer ratings online, but that’s not a huge worry.

Some brands just don’t gain a lot of traction online and seem to operate more through word-of-mouth marketing methods.

Is Cloverlane Worth It?

Cloverlane Review

We’re giving this business the green light. From what we’ve found online, though smaller in stature, this brand offers up quality products at a reasonable cost considering the materials in use. 

Soft, supple, and supportive, these products seem to assist pretty much everyone in their sleeping habits.

We’d argue that everyone could use a good night’s sleep before facing the madness of the world the next morning. 

With the help of Cloverlane’s pillows and sheet sets, there’s nothing we’d look forward to more than slipping into cooling and comfortable bedding after a long day.

Cloverlane Promotions & Discounts 

Cloverlane Review

At the time of writing this Cloverlane review, we managed to spot a few promotions in play. Here are the top savings we tracked down:

  • Promo SPRING CLEAN for a Buy One, Get One 50% Off deal
  • Variety of product sales from 10% to 15% off

Where to Buy Cloverlane

Cloverlane Review

Sorry to say it, but this company is quite limited in purchase options. Right now, the brand is only available through their personal site at Talk about exclusive.


Cloverlane Review

Who owns Cloverlane?

Cloverlane is owned and operated by Resident Home LLC. They exist in the same family as Nectar, Dreamcloud, and Awara.

Does Cloverlane ship internationally?

At the time of writing this Cloverlane review, this brand only ships domestically. Register for their newsletter to stay updated on any additional locations in the coming years.

What is Cloverlane’s Shipping Policy?

Find something worth trying? Start the shipping process to get it to its new home ASAP. We’ve found all the best shipping info to help that process along:

  • Ground shipping is free
  • Fees may apply for Alaska and Hawaii
  • All orders are shipped within two days
  • Delivery times are calculated based on location

Working at their best, this brand does all they can to get orders en route and delivered as soon as possible.

What is Cloverlane’s Return Policy?

Something not quite as comfortable as planned? There’s no shame in sending things back for that full refund. The process actually doesn’t take much work at all:

  1. Contact customer service about intent to return
  2. Send a photo, the reason for return, order number, and address
  3. They’ll respond with further instructions including a free shipping label
  4. Repackage and send it off, then wait for that refund to kick in

The best part about this brand might actually be their returns. Customers have 365 days from purchase to make a return. While they ask that returned products be clean, there’s no shame in having used them – actually, testing products first is encouraged

These items are designed to get better with each wash, so ship those soft sheets and take pride in knowing that all returns are directed to local (to you) charities in need.

How to Contact Cloverlane

Those in need of quick customer support can take advantage of the company email at [email protected]. Send out a message and someone will reach out as soon as possible. 

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