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Smol Review

The madness of shopping can easily overwhelm us—in both mental tolls and prices. Why not save some stress with a steady and supportive subscription service designed to stock up on those ever-important cleaning supplies? 

Smol delivers household cleaners at an arranged subscription schedule to ensure homeowners can avoid additional items on their to-do lists.

This business has been on the market since 2018 and started small with their locations. Originally working only in the UK, they’ve since expanded in Europe and now have over 113k followers with featured articles in The Guardian, Good Housekeeping, Financial Times, and many other UK media outlets.

While the idea sounds great in theory, how well does it hold up in practice? This Smol review is all about finding those accurate details regarding the service and its products. From customer comments to their expanding inventory, we’re here to determine whether this subscription is worth a shot.

Overview of Smol

Smol Review

Since 2018, Smol has put their best foot forward by doing their part to make the world a better place. Focusing on eco-friendly materials and practices, this company puts all effort into great prices, no-stress subscriptions, and products that not only work well but do so while leaving a minimal footprint on the world around us.

Straightforward and honest, this brand is all about open communication with customers on the entire process. Laying it all on the line they advertise everything about their manufacturing, ingredients, and services to retain complete trust from their customers.

While the subscription service allows for hassle-free buying, the big seller is the green production. All packaging is plastic-free and either compostable or recyclable. Anything that can’t be recycled is repurposed into other products and packaging to reduce waste.

Cruelty-free and affordable, this brand sounds pretty good from the beginning, but how do they measure up in reality? We’ve got a few salient points to keep in mind before buying:


  • Offers a subscription delivery service for household cleaners to reduce waste and stress
  • Incredibly affordable compared to other household cleaners
  • Subscriptions can easily be rescheduled for quicker or slower service 
  • Cruelty-free
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Free shipping
  • Accessible online management of accounts

Sounds good so far, right? Time to take a deeper look into products in this Smol review. As this brand is a ‘smol’ business, we’ll be taking a look at most of their individual products.

There are bundles available to start customers off with a good understanding of what all is offered and how each product operates. For those with their eyes on a few product possibilities, check out the Starter Kit to get a bit of everything.

Smol Review

Everyone can appreciate a clean space—whether it’s a room, surface, or even just clothes. Rather than struggling with those impossibly large and pricey packages at the store, this brand offers small-batch solutions to a scheduled dilemma. 

We’re choosing to highlight the best of the best in this Smol review to give a proper overview of the popular products this business offers.

Smol Laundry Pods Review

Smol Laundry Review
Smol Laundry

Keep those favored items of clothing clean at all times with a scheduled delivery of the Smol Laundry Pods.

Right off the bat, it’s easy to see why this product is well-loved. Compact enough for delivery by mail, these 24 packs arrive in recyclable packaging with a featured child lock. In fact, some customers have stated the child lock doubles as an adult lock at times due to the security it offers.

Offering biological and non-biological options, these laundry pods promise a concentration of laundry detergent that parallels any others on the market. Small, yet mighty, these pods are ready to handle the toughest of grass stains at a moment’s notice.

Start up a subscription of the 24 pack for about $6.

Smol Dishwash Pods Review

Smol Dishwash Review
Smol Dishwash

Get a load running to scrub those pots clean with the easy Smol Dishwash Pods.

Small and powerful, these pods are ready to handle the worst with ease. Arriving in a package of 30 pods per subscription period, these tiny weapons will fight the worst stains for that clean and sparkling finish. 

Smaller than the average dishwashing pods, these pieces fit several rows into one eco-friendly package to reduce shipping and waste.

Subscribe and pay $7 for a pack of 30.

Smol Fabcon Review

Smol Fabcon Review
Smol Fabcon

We treat our hair to beautiful conditioning, so why not offer the same to the clothes we’re wearing out every day? The Smol Fabcon comes in strong with a great packaging and product.

Fun fact—fabric conditioners usually utilize animal fat to get clothes to the soft texture we all love. Smol offers a new solution to that through their cruelty-free take on a standard product. 

Containing no animal fat and all of the intense cleaning and softening elements we yearn for, this product focuses on reaching that ultimate solution without any sacrifice.

The best part about this product is the packaging. The conditioner comes in two recycled bottles and to get more of the product you (may) love, simply send the bottle back in the mail and they’ll happily refill it to reduce that additional waste. 

Each subscription begins with two bottles, serving up about 6 months of product in a single purchase.

Grab two bottles for $14 to clean your way to softer clothing.

Smol Sprays Review

Smol Sprays Review
Smol Sprays

Change up the cleaning routine with the simple addition of the Smol Sprays.

We have to be honest, this one is more expensive compared to others on the list, but that’s due to the reusable aspect that comes into play. 

The first purchase provides customers with three color-coded recycled bottles in addition to the cleaning tablets. Once these bottles have been purchased, any additional subscriptions simply send more tablets to stock up for future cleaning sessions.

These bottles and tablets cover more than one area. With cleaners for multi-purpose, bathrooms, and glass/mirrors, the majority of the house surfaces are covered in one easy bundle. 

No worries about mixing up the product as each tablet gently colors the solution (but doesn’t stain anything it’s sprayed on!) to ensure no mix-ups when it comes to what to use.

The starter kit costs $14 with additional tablets in the following subscriptions costing $8 for 6 tablets.

Smol Bundle Review 

Smol Bundle Review
Smol Bundle

For the indecisive individual, this brand planned ahead. Rather than struggling with what products to try first, the Smol Bundle contains some of each product to sample exactly how the products work in your daily life before beginning a standard subscription.

Featuring both the biological and non-biological laundry pods, dishwash pods, spray bottles and tablets, and fabcon, this bundle offers up a bit of everything. Take the time to test each product and how effective it actually is before purchasing a regularly scheduled order.

Reduce shipping and packaging by making one order rather than multiple individual selections. The bundle option saves on gas, packaging, and ultimately money and time as it makes the whole trial process simple and hassle-free. 

Everything in one place for one cost—what could be better?

Start things off with the Starter Kit for $34.

Smol Sanitizer Review 

Smol Sanitizer Review
Smol Sanitizer

If Covid-19 has taught us all one thing, it’s that cleanliness is more important than ever. Keep surfaces sanitized with the Smol Sanitizer.

This product keeps things natural through the use of plant-based alcohol serving as the foundation to the sanitizer. Killing 99.9% of germs with an additional aloe element to help soften the skin, this sanitizer is all about keeping hands clean and cared for.

Making things accessible, this purchase comes with two bottles—one for travel and a larger size that serves to refill the smaller bottle. When the supply runs low in the larger item, simply send it back for a refill or, if you’re done with it, recycle it to reduce waste. Additional small-sized dispensers are available for order in addition to the refills.

Set up those sanitizers for $21.

Who is Smol For? 

Smol Review

To those looking to keep households clean while reducing waste and their carbon footprint, this brand offers a safe and simple solution. In addition to their eco-friendly focus, the subscription service of this business makes things easy for any homeowner as products just arrive when needed with an easily adjustable schedule online to plan ahead for each product.

Clearly, this brand isn’t one that will drive the kids crazy, but to anyone with their own living space, a subscription service for cleaners can make a big difference. 

Remove the hassle and the bulky weighted containers lugged home from the store and take advantage of the sleek and recyclable packaging of these light and effective products.

Is Smol Sustainable? 

Smol Review

If it hasn’t already been made clear in this Smol review, this brand is all about sustainability. Since their launch four years ago, this brand has already saved over 300 tonnes of plastic and more than 1000 tonnes of chemicals.

Through recyclable and biodegradable packaging, this brand has serviced the environment with simple solutions to the overwhelming waste created in this world. 

The huge and heavy household cleaners available in stores have no place with these condensed, eco-friendly, cruelty-free versions on the market.

Incorporating reusable bottles that are refilled and shipped back upon request, Smol has gone one step further by ensuring each bottle used is 100% recycled plastic

Their laundry pods are plastic-free in capsules and packaging. Even with the high concentrations in their minimized pods, this brand has also broken-down chemical use to reduce the number of harsh ingredients in each tablet.

In addition to their products, the company itself has made headway on reducing their carbon footprint and improving water conservation through the production process. It’s safe to say that Smol has taken the whole sustainability concept seriously.

Smol Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Smol Review

It wouldn’t be an honest Smol review if we didn’t consult the dedicated and loyal customers who keep this business running. We can say as much as we want about these products, but it’s always eye-opening to read responses from those who have brought the brand into their daily routine.

Smol itself is incredibly well-rated. Currently, the brand has 4.8/5 stars from over 4,375 online ratings. Let’s zoom in a bit? Largely these ratings come from customers who adore the eco-friendly focus on products and practices:

Smol is a brand that I stand behind. It’s eco-friendly, reliable and my clothes have never smelt so good, not to mention it’s super affordable in a busy household.

Their mission of sustainability and ethical manufacturing really speaks to customers. Paired with the focus on green living is the incredibly affordable prices. It’s truly rare to find eco-friendly products with low and manageable prices that won’t break the bank.

One five-star Smol review states, “I’ve been using Smol products for around 2 years now and I love them. They are reasonably priced, so convenient and best of all, cruelty free and kinder to the planet.

It’s a simple fact—customers want to support the environment, but high prices will hold back that effort. People really look for simple solutions that won’t heavily alter their daily routine or spending habits. Enter an easy subscription for an affordable price that also helps the planet. It’s a no-brainer.

Even outside of Smol’s own site, customers are in love with the products this brand offers. On Amazon, hundreds of customers are enthralled with the available pods and tablets that make their lives easier.

The Smol Dishwash Tablets currently have 4.4/5 stars based on over 260 ratings. These customers “can’t believe how efficient this product is. They are easy to store being tiny so space saving.

Sizing also comes into play as many of the pods and tablets available replace large plastic containers that are heavy to carry and difficult to store. 

Available in a simple slip package (with child locks for safety), these products are hassle-free all around. Small and effective, it’s hard not to root for this company.

Noting how all of these elements come into play, one Smol review commented, “I was always using expensive branded ones but wanted to try environmentally friendly tablets. I am actually positively surprised. They clean as good as the branded ones. No smell in the dishwasher. Zero waste too. All packaging gets recycled. I’ll be getting them again.

The Dishwash Tablets aren’t alone in raking in good reviews. Check out these other well-rated Smol products on Amazon:

  • Smol Biological Laundry Capsules: 4.3/5 stars based on over 165 ratings
  • Smol Non-Biological Laundry Capsules: 4.4/5 stars based on 205 ratings

Still not convinced? Maybe the 4.6/5 stars based on over 2,925 ratings on Trustpilot will help the effort. The ratings really speak for themselves as customers can’t get enough of these products and their services:

Excellent results – everything is clean and fresh. Easy to order/subscribe. Easy to change delivery dates if you need to. Stuff just turns up through your letterbox when you need it. Minimal packaging. All recyclable. All in all, it’s really good and hassle free.

While there are thousands of reviews online for the brand, it really comes down to the same four key elements:

  1. Sustainable products and packaging
  2. Easy subscriptions
  3. Condensed storage
  4. Low prices

That’s all we ever really need when it comes to cleaning supplies, right?

Is Smol Worth It?

Smol Review

It may seem somewhat obvious, but this Smol review is happily recommending this brand as one to buy. Customers seem to be satisfied with the products and their effectiveness when it comes to cleaning. 

Low costs to save big, packaging made to fade into the world we all came from, and ethical practices all mean that this brand is easily worth the subscription.

Smol Promotions & Discounts 

Smol Review

At the time of writing this Smol review, there are no running promotions. As the brand is a subscription-based service, they don’t seem to offer many discounts and deals to customers outside of their already low prices.

Where to Buy Smol 

Smol Review

As they’re a subscription-based service, Smol isn’t sold in many other places outside of Some products are available on Amazon.


Smol Review

Who owns Smol?

Smol is owned by co-founders Paula Quazi and Nick Green. The duo launched the subscription service back in 2018.

Where is Smol based?

Smol is a UK-based business. The company has begun to expand into Europe, but their headquarters remain in the UK.

Does Smol offer samples?

Once customers register with Smol, they’re able to receive a free trial pack. This package includes a selection of laundry or dishwash tablets. Customers have two weeks for trial before the subscription service launches and charges will be sent.

What is Smol’s Shipping Policy?

Want to try out a sample, order a starter kit, or just dive right into a subscription? (There really are a lot of options in this Smol review, aren’t there?) The process is incredibly quick and easy to manage—much like every other aspect of this business!

The biggest thing to note here is that delivery is free. There are no additional costs, just the fee of the product or subscription itself. The majority of subscription items are designed to fit mailboxes, but larger bottles will be sent via courier to ensure their safe arrival.

The one catch here—Smol has limited shipping locations. Currently, this brand serves the following countries and regions:

  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • The UK (including the Highlands & Islands, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, and the Channel Islands)

No other locations are available as of right now, but some products can be found on Amazon for those looking to buy from outside of Smol’s service range.

What is Smol’s Return Policy?

The thing about subscription services is that it tends to come down to cancellations more than returns. With that being said, this brand does offer a money-back guarantee for customers who aren’t satisfied with the product they try. 

Just email customer service about the return request and they’ll help process any return shipping and refunds.

For those who have subscribed but are looking to end it, all subscriptions can be canceled in customer accounts. The Details section online offers a quick process to cut all ties and be done with that regularly scheduled programming.

How to Contact Smol

Smol Review 1

You’ve reached the end of this Smol review—congratulations! In return, we’re providing the easiest place to get in touch with any additional questions. 

Smol keeps it hassle-free, only operating through their email: [email protected]. Reach out with any questions and they’ll be sure to get back as soon as possible.

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