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Divan Base Review

The beauty of a bedroom comes with its own set of complications. The perfect bed may appear nice, but they often take up space that could be put to use in other ways. Luckily, Divan Base understands the dilemma and comes through with their own solution. 

Providing customers mattresses, headboards, and most importantly beds with endless storage included in the base, this business is all about making the most of a single space.

I’ll admit, this brand isn’t extremely well-known in the online world. They haven’t really been featured in any press and their Instagram only holds around 500 followers

Despite that, they’re making a name for themselves in quality and service to really find the loyal customers that will carry them forward.

In this Divan Base review, I’ll uncover all of the details. From products and pricing to services and shipping, we’re here to find it all to ultimately determine whether this brand is worth buying.

Overview of Divan Base

Divan Base Review

Much like the Fast and Furious franchise, this brand is all about family. They came to center stage with over ten years of experience in the bed industry, benefiting customers with low costs and high quality.

Offering customers premium service through 2-Man Delivery, all purchases receive free Room of Choice delivery, making the process a breeze. No stress and sweat of trying to get beds into the right space – just stand back and let the professionals get the job done.

Boasting top reviews from customers, Divan Base proudly showcases their high ratings online. While they may not have tens of thousands of customers to their name, those who stand behind them are loyal due to the quality of service received.

Of course, there’s more to this brand than their products and delivery service. In fact, I came across a few highlights that I just had to showcase in this article:


  • Wide range of Divan bases, mattresses, sets, and more
  • Free shipping
  • Free delivery to room of choice
  • Family-run business
  • Constant sales
  • Free fabric samples

Divan Base Bedroom Review

This brand is all about building up the bed. From base to mattress to headboard and more, this business wants the best for their customers. That’s why I’ve chosen to feature bits and pieces of everything – from bases to beds to full sets. There’s something for everyone here.

Divan Base Grandeur Platform Top Bed Base Review

Slot some extra storage into the room with the Grandeur Platform Top Bed Base.

This Divan Bed Base keeps things nice and simple. Placing the mattress to rest on top of the base without any confining boards around the edges, this clean-cut image perfectly suits any space with the 35 available fabric swatches to select from. 

Order free samples to match the space, then go big with the bed base itself. In addition to the simple setup with the mattress, the beauty of this one comes from its customization. Customers can select from a total of 6 bed sizes to start the process. 

From there, options of two and four drawers are offered, letting the buyer build the bed of their dreams. Save some space with style once this one is in place.

At the time of writing this Divan Base review, this set is on sale with starting prices of $375 (regularly $715).

Divan Base Grandeur Luxury End Lift Ottoman Bed Base Review

We all know that beds take up a large amount of floor and storage space – why not take advantage of the full length with the Grandeur Luxury End Lift Ottoman Bed Base?

While other Divan Base products tend to offer storage below through simple drawers surrounding the side, this model does things a little differently. Lifting from the bottom, this base allows for storage below the entirety of the bed in all 6 sizes. 

Taking advantage of the length, this model offers over 4 times the space other models deliver.

Making this one easy access, the top lifts with the support of four gas lift pistons, supporting up to 75kg. This means mattresses, pillows, and blankets don’t have to be shoved aside to access what’s underneath. 

Lift with ease, grab what’s needed, and let it gently fall shut, locking away the stored pieces until next time.

Select one of 35 colors and get to work with this one for a starting cost of $325 (regular $715).

Divan Base Apollo Jubilee 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress Review 

A proper bed base needs a solid mattress to rest on top. That’s why I decided to showcase the popular Apollo Jubilee 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress in this Divan Base review .

As evident in its name, this mattress doesn’t come to play with its 1,000 springs distributed below the surface for even and unyielding support of the sleeper in question. 

Firm enough to support joints and pressure points, this product maintains the body’s natural alignment while sleeping to prevent further damage in life. Of course, the health benefits are only just the start of this model.

The Apollo Jubilee mattress balances health and comfort with its medium firmness, leaving the soft padding to caress the body as it rests. Sleep on a 26cm cloud every night with no fear in support and construction. 

Durable, dreamy, and finished in a Belgian Damask fabric, this soothing mattress is ready to face the worst tosses and turns one can throw.

As with all other products, prices for this mattress depend on sizing. Costs start around $210 (regularly $470), and can get up to $585 (regularly $1,290).

Divan Base Shire Azalea Memory Foam Shallow Mattress Review

Sometimes we just want a soft and supportive surface to collapse on and rest – enter the Shire Azalea Memory Foam Shallow Mattress.

We know that it’s called “shallow”, but the 15cm depth speaks to a bit more than the average cot. 

Crafted from soothing memory foam that contours to the body throughout the night to support all pressure points and joints, this mattress understands the human body and just how to keep things in place without pain. 

The top layer of memory foam allows the shape of the body respite from any aches through a bed of bliss.

Of course, pure memory foam wouldn’t offer the support we all need. That’s why this mattress doubles up with a block of dense foam below the top surface to provide a stronger solution made to last. 

Maintaining the lightweight we expect of memory foam, the higher density portion lines the base, covering all four corners to ensure sound sleepers no matter the spot.

Starting costs for this one sit around $235 (regularly $440).

Divan Base Apollo Signature Regent Strutted Headboard Review

Sometimes we want a bit more than a basic bed base. That’s where the Apollo Signature Regent Strutted Headboard comes in.

I couldn’t complete the products portion of this Divan Base review without truly examining all aspects of what makes a bed. 

While a headboard isn’t a requirement for everyone, there’s something comforting in having a space to lounge against while talking or reading before turning in for the night. 

Providing the bed a steady sense of support, headboards tend to complete the look of a uniform, stylish design that doubles in use.

I’ll admit that most bed bases tend to come with a headboard already in place. However, for those who chose otherwise, this product perfectly aligns with other Divan bed bases to slot into place via wooden strut legs

Just ensure to order the correct sizing to match and then select from 6 fabric swatches to either match or complement the existing colors of the bed base to finish off the look.

Due to its smaller sizing, this one starts off around $80 (regular $155).

Divan Base Apollo Nike Ortho Support Comfort Sprung Bed Review

I wanted to end on a big and beautiful note in this Divan Base review, so I decided that the Apollo Nike Ortho Support Comfort Sprung Bed would be the one to bring it home.

There are a lot of pieces to break down with this one as it’s a larger collection to create a complete set for the bedroom. Starting with the mattress, it’s important to note the stunning quality of the 25cm available in this Nike Ortho mattress. 

In addition to the coil springs throughout the piece to hold form and support the sleeper, this one also comes with rod edges to maintain the shape of the mattress over years of use.

Stepping away from the sleeping surface itself, I need to give a moment of recognition to the remainder of this set through the base and headboard. 

A lot of this set comes down to customization with the buyer able to select not only size but also the number and orientation of drawers as well as whether they’d like a headboard. Build the bed according to the space and needs, taking pleasure in paying for a personalized piece.

Costs really can change with this one depending on what configuration is purchased, but the base price sits around $325 (regularly $685).

Who Is Divan Base For? 

Divan Base Review

Divan Base is a brand for customers who want to make the best of the space they’ve been given. These popular beds tend to pop up throughout the UK and offer customers a balance of sound sleeping and successful storage. 

Available in all bed sizes, it’s easy to customize these pieces to fit the space as needed – all it takes is a bit of time and money.

I’d say there’s no real age limit to these beds. Whether set up for a child’s room or taking advantage of a King-size space, there are no limitations to who can use this storage space.

Divan Base Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Divan Base Review

I’m impressed by what I spotted online, but that doesn’t always mean the reality is quite as nice to look at. That’s why I’ll take this research to the public perception to see just how well things align. 

I do have to note that the ratings for this one aren’t exactly widespread. There’s a higher chance of biased numbers due to the smaller client base, so keep that in mind while reading.

This brand happily works alongside TrustPilot to monitor their ratings, taking great pride in their 4.8/5 stars based on over 4,200 ratings. 

Of course, it makes sense that they’d be satisfied with these numbers as customers seem to have only good things to say about the business on this platform.

Commonly spotted amongst the ratings are notations of excellent service, quick delivery, and solid quality. The beauty of this brand really comes from their connection to customers

Ensuring a fast and effective delivery service, they also offer free room of choice, meaning customers don’t have to worry about getting the bed set up a floor or two to set up.

Divan Base Review

Whole experience was brilliant, good communication, timelines as agreed, smooth, polite & professional delivery & assembly of the beds and finally to top it all quality beds.

Providing customers with the option to have beds set up and packaging removed, this brand tries to make the process of setting up a sleeping area as painless as possible. That means quick service, and “a quality bed…at a very reasonable price.

The products themselves don’t have huge numbers online as most customers seem to flock to TrustPilot for their ratings. 

That said, I was able to pull a few products from the brand site itself, starting with the Grandeur Reinforced Platform Top Divan Bed Base with 5/5 stars based on over 15 ratings.

Quality seems to be the key to this company winning over customers. Offering a base that is “so sturdy” with material [that] is beautiful” makes it easy to find a design and style to match décor in any sleeping space. 

Through their “First class customer service” this brand wants to ensure customers have access to products that are “very sturdy and great looking and very good value for money.” They seem to follow through on all promises with this product.

Divan Base Review

I can’t ignore some of their other top selections, with numbers just as high due to customer love:

  • Grandeur Luxury Side Lift Ottoman Divan Bed Base: 5/5 stars based on over 15 ratings
  • Low Divan Bed Base on Chrome Glides: 4.9/5 stars based on over 15 ratings
  • Grandeur Platform Top Divan Bed Base: 4.4/5 stars based on 15 ratings
  • Grandeur Luxury End Lift Ottoman Divan Bed Base: 4.9/5 stars based on over 10 ratings

I wanted to search for a Divan Base review or two outside of the brand’s own ratings, but the only location I could come up with held very low customer response. sits at 3/5 stars based on 4 ratings with two customers adoring the “Excellent customer service and product” and the other two complaining about the quality and return service. 

I can’t really speak to those who have had issues with this brand as there aren’t many comments listed with complaints. 

What I can say is that this brand seems to offer their customers a quality build based on the idea that storage and sleeping don’t have to be exclusive spaces. Quick delivery, low costs, and customizable styles – you can’t really ask for much more.  

Is Divan Base Legit?

Divan Base Review

As far as I can tell after doing my research for this Divan Base review, this brand is legit. I didn’t find many ratings to suggest anything sketchy surrounding the business. While there were some customer complaints, none of them really hit any red flags for us, so I’m calling this one safe.

Is Divan Base Worth It?

Divan Base Review

For customers based in the UK, I’d happily recommend the brand. Supplying customers with customizable sizing and storage options, this brand seems to really hit the mark on structure and quality for their products.

I also adore their service options. Free shipping and room of choice delivery is always a winner. Throw in options for installation and package removal and I’m sold. 

Keeping the customer-first mentality seems to have ensured this business maintains quality work in all aspects of what they do. I’m happy to give this brand two thumbs up.

Divan Base Promotions & Discounts 

Divan Base Review

At the time of writing this Divan Base review, the business is offering a store-wide double discount sale. Use code DDTODAY to receive 20% off all products.

Where to Buy Divan Base

Divan Base Review

This brand keeps things direct by supplying only through their site at


Divan Base Review

Who owns Divan Base?

Here’s the thing – for this Divan Base review I searched far and wide for some names but came up short on actually finding the owners. I can tell you that this is a family-run business on a small scale that I’m happy to support.

Does Divan Base ship internationally?

Currently, this brand only notes shipping within the UK and to Ireland.

What is Divan Base’s Shipping Policy?

This brand is all about simplicity in all aspects and that includes shipping. The best news to hear? All purchases come with free delivery to Room of Choice. That means no struggling to carry things through doors and upstairs – two lovely men will do all the heavy lifting for you.

All deliveries are typically done within 3 to 10 business days of ordering, though some areas can have a longer wait time. All deliveries will be booked ahead of time to allow customers an ETA for their products.

Upgrades for delivery service are available for purchase with different costs depending on the service requested. Options include:

  1. Removal of packaging
  2. Bed Build and Installation
  3. Bed Build, Installation, and Packaging Removal

This brand also offers removal services for existing products including:

  1. Mattress removal and recycling
  2. Divan Base removal and recycling
  3. Divan Bed Set removal and recycling

Select the service prior to check out (as an independent product) and pay for it at the same time. Less stress, more service, better sleep.

What is Divan Base’s Return Policy?

No worries if things don’t work out – we all have to plan for the worst and hope for the best. The worst with Divan Base comes secured through a 14-day return policy. Customers can return unopened, packaged mattresses with ease. 

Just contact customer service and a pick-up time will be arranged. They’ll grab the items, haul them out, and a refund will head back to the original account within two weeks.

Returns do require a fee of $40 for the first item and $15 for every product that follows.

How to Contact Divan Base

Have any lingering questions after reading this Divan Base review? Need to make a return? Customer service representatives work from Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm UK time.

During those hours, feel free to reach out through the following methods of contact:

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