Owala Water Bottle Review

About Owala 

Owala Water Bottle Review

Want to know one of the easiest ways to get into a new healthy habit? Make it as accessible as possible. This goes for staying hydrated too—it becomes more enjoyable when you have a cute bottle on your desk or on your treadmill. 

Meet your daily water intake goals with Owala’s bright collection of water bottles and accessories. With its engaging presence on social media, the brand has accumulated 99.1K Instagram followers and nearly 28K Facebook likes. 

Owned by Trove Brands, Owala was launched just three years ago in 2020. Their focus seems to be on designs that compel consumers to take their water bottles everywhere without it being a burden. 

The company offers colorful products in a few different designs and has collaborated with Star Wars, FRIENDS, and the San Diego Zoo. Even your furry friends can hydrate themselves with the Pet Bowl

In this Owala water bottle review, I will tell you about the brand’s best-selling products, share customer feedback, shipping and returns policies, and other details. Keep reading to find out if it’s worth the buy.  

Before we get started, let’s go over some brand highlights you might like to know: 


  • Wide range of water bottles and accessories 
  • User-friendly designs 
  • Always releasing new colors 
  • Interactive and friendly brand 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • 30-day returns 

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Owala Water Bottle Review

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Owala Bottles Review

Owala has conveniently organized their catalog by design. They have six categories under Bottles: FreeSip, Flip, Kids’ Flip, Friends, Star Wars, and San Diego Zoo. Under accessories, you can find a bottle brush, bottle boot, Pet Bowl, and fun stickers. For this Owala water bottle review, I’ll explore their top-selling bottles down below.   

Owala FreeSip Review

What comes in six colors, five sizes, and two materials? The Owala FreeSip bottle. Available in stainless steel or tritan, the design of its spout and body is sleek, innovative, and makes it easier to drink more water while on the go. 

You can find it in colors that are discreet and classic, such as gray and white, or slightly more eccentric combinations like lavender and orange (their ‘boardwalk’ option). The brand offers these options so that your water bottle can easily fit your personality and lifestyle without sticking out like a sore thumb. 

It costs $38 for a single purchase, but you can also bundle and save. 

What customers are saying about the Owala Free Sip water bottle: “The bottles survived a four foot drop onto a tile floor. Not a mark or dent occurred. They handle a dishwasher without fading…The reason I purchased it was because I was interested in the 24 hour cool, a small amount of ice and the water is still cold the next morning. The flip top lid doesn’t leak.” 

Owala FreeSip – Star Wars Edition Review

Do you love Baby Yoda so much you just want to embrace him all day long? Or do you dream of ruling over your workplace like Darth Vader? With its FreeSip snout, triple layer insulation, and five colors, the FreeSip – Star Wars Edition bottle will bring some fandom fun into your life. 

The best part is that the designs aren’t over the top—the references are quite minimal. For example, you’ll instantly know the Stormtrooper bottle from its blue, black, and white colors. But if you did want to make your love for the franchise more apparent, you can slap on the cute Star Wars stickers that come with it!  

The FreeSip – Star Wars bottle costs $35

What customers are saying: “This bottle is worth every penny! It has all you need. Wide mouth can easily put large chunks of ice in! A sip and gulp! And a handle! Also the Star Wars is subtle which I appreciate.” 

Owala FreeSip – FRIENDS Edition Review

So no one told you that Owala carries FreeSip – FRIENDS Edition water bottles? Well, your love life might be DOA but at least getting enough water won’t be a problem! It comes in the same FreeSip design that is triple-insulated, leak-proof, and has a push-button lid. 

So, are you a Rachel or a Monica? The Rachel water bottle has a white body with a lavender, mint, yellow, and coral lid. Monica has the same colors on the lid with white instead of lavender, and a lavender body which is a perfect homage to the character’s iconic apartment walls. 

The FreeSip – FRIENDS Edition bottle comes to $35 too. 

What customers are saying: “We have 4 Owala water bottles and they are the best. They fit in my car’s holder and Keep my water cold all day. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great insulated bottle.” 

Owala FreeSip – San Diego Zoo Edition Review

The FreeSip – San Diego Zoo Edition water bottle not only looks sick, but supports a great cause. $5 from every purchase of this product goes to the San Diego Wildlife Alliance, which fosters wildlife conservation. It is available in a 24oz design and three colors: snake, leopard, and tiger. Which fierce animal are you looking to embody today?  

A single purchase of the FreeSip – San Diego Zoo Edition costs $35

What customers are saying: “I added an owala bottle with a boot to my Christmas list and have been carrying mine around everywhere. I love it. So while I felt very strongly I didn’t need another water bottle, I did! I just needed the right bottle for me and this is it. I highly recommend getting one.”

Owala Flip Review

The Owala Flip water bottle is very similar to the FreeSip design, with a few key differences. For one, it has a one-handed flip straw on the lid! It is also slightly less expensive on the price side. Coming in stainless steel or tritan, four sizes, and six different color combinations, this durable bottle is the perfect sidekick for a busy bee. 

The Flip model costs $22

What customers are saying: “I bought this for a friend of mine who uses a walker to get around. She kept having spills as her previous water bottle would tip over and leak everywhere. She said that this bottle is the best water bottle she has ever had! She can toss it in the compartment in her walker and there are no leaks! Completely satisfied with this!”

Owala Kids’ Flip Review

The Owala Kids’ Flip is a mini version of the previous product. It comes in five vibrant colors and has all the same features—just in a shorter body for tiny hands! The Kids’ Flip comes to $20 at checkout. 

What customers are saying: So far my kids are really enjoying their new water bottles. They like the colors and love that they keep their water cold. They were very surprised to find their ice was kept overnight. Great bottle for a great price.

Who Is Owala For? 

Owala Water Bottle Review

Owala is for anyone who’s looking to combat dehydration and/ or wants a cute accessory. These products would also make great gifts for colleagues, workout buddies, or family members who don’t drink enough water (I know someone came to your mind right away). 

Owala Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Owala Water Bottle Review

So, we’ve arrived at the part of this article where I’m going to look at Owala water bottle reviews to get a complete sense of the brand! Luckily, there are thousands of testimonials online. 

On, one customer gives the Owala FreeSip 5/5 stars and writes, “I love my water bottle and can’t say enough about how well the cap is designed! I can pour water into my mouth without everything coming out and hitting me in the face, or I can drink through the straw that is inside the bottle (you have to see it to believe it) which works fantastic. I only use water in my Owala bottle and am drinking so much more water on a daily basis because of it.” 

The same bottle received a rating of 4.8/5 stars from 230 opinions on Amazon. A happy buyer shared, “The free sip function is so fantastic and the bottle has such a nice feel in general. The colors and materials are even better than I’d hoped.” 

Lastly on Walmart, the Kids’ Flip rated 4.4/ 5 stars from 1,718 reviews. This testimonial echoes the sentiments of many others: “I love these cups. I’m literally addicted. I have had an obsession with finding the right water bottle for years and never felt satisfied. Well now I can’t stop buying these. I love the free sip spout.” 

Overall, it seems that there are plenty of positive Owala water bottle reviews for the company’s products across third party retailer websites. Some people complained about leakage and the lids being a little hard to clean, but thankfully the brand offers its own bottle cleaner that is worth considering. Additionally, customer service seems to be on top of addressing any grievances. 

Is Owala Legit?

Owala Water Bottle Review

While doing my research for this Owala water bottle review, I didn’t come across any major red flags. There are hundreds of pleased customers and the brand is owned by Trove Brands, which is a reputable business. So, it appears that Owala is indeed legitimate

Is Owala Worth It?

Owala Water Bottle Review

To wrap up this Owala water bottle review, I can confidently say that the brand is worth checking out. There are plenty of color combinations and designs of water bottles that you can browse through, or even just stock up on some much-needed accessories such as an effective bottle brush. 

How To Choose The Best Water Bottle

Owala Water Bottle Review

This one is easy. First, you’ll have to decide whether you’re in need of a new Owala water bottle or already have one but want some accessories. The brand offers a bottle brush, bottle holder, stickers, and a pet bowl if you’re in need of a replacement for any of these items. 

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to snagging a new bottle, then simply follow these steps: 

  1. If you’re a fan of FRIENDS, Star Wars, or want to support the San Diego Zoo, then the choice is easy! 
  2. If you want a regular bottle, weigh your options between the FreeSip or Flip design based on the differences I outlined earlier in this Owala water bottle review (color differences, price, size, lid design). 
  3. If you go with the Flip design, choose whether you’re looking for an adult or kid-sized bottle. 
  4. Don’t forget to check out the Color Drop tab for upcoming releases if you’ve got a color combo in mind that isn’t available yet! 

Owala Water Bottle Promotions & Discounts 

Owala Water Bottle Review

The prices on Owala’s products might seem a bit high, but luckily you can bundle and save if you’re buying a water bottle for yourself and a friend. 

And have you heard about the secret Owala water bottle birthday game? You’ll need to follow them on social media to keep in the loop. It’s essentially an annual scavenger hunt that is announced a couple hours before it launches, and you can search around the website for the “🎁” icon to uncover an Owala free water bottle

Where to Buy Owala 

Owala Water Bottle Review

Did something in this Owala water bottle review catch your attention? You can find the entire collection at and select products at the following retailers: 

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • London Drugs 
  • Sportchek
  • Target
  • Sam’s Club 
  • And more! 


Who owns Owala?

Trove Brands owns Owala, as well as BlenderBottle, Avana, and Whiskware. The company’s patented products can be found in over 90 countries and on their websites. 

Where Does Owala Ship To?

At the time of writing this Owala water bottle review, the brand only ships within the United States and Canada. As mentioned earlier, their products are also available at partner retailers so you can pick them up in person. 

What is Owala Warranty Policy?

Owala offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty with proof of purchase from an authorized retailer. You’ll have to create an account on the website to file a claim. Essentially, the brand will replace any product that is defective or damaged due to an error on their part. 

This includes workmanship or material issues, but does not include normal wear and tear, accidental drops/ scratches/ chipped paint, etc. or improper use of the products. 

What is Owala Shipping Policy?

Can’t wait to get your Owala water bottle in the mail? It appears that shipping is pretty speedy—you should receive your item within 1-5 business days after it is sent out from the point of dispatch. The brand delivers within the US and Canada

In alignment with their fulfillment guarantee, they should be able to send your products out as soon as possible, through DHL or USPS, and send a confirmation email

What is Owala Returns Policy?

Owala’s returns policy is straightforward. You can send back any items that are unopened and unused within 30 days of the original purchase date. The brand will cover any shipping costs if an error was made on their part. Then, you should receive your refund within 10 business days. 

From the return portal, you’ll be able to generate a shipping label and fill out any required details for the return—like your order number and zip/ postal code. Make sure you package the item securely and then drop it off at a local post office. 

Some details you should know: 

  • Stickers and labels need to be intact 
  • The brand does not process exchange requests 
  • If the product is used, it will not be returned to you 

How to Contact Owala 

I hope you enjoyed this Owala water bottle review! If you want to get in touch with the brand, here are a few ways to do so: 

  • Fill out the customer service form on their website
  • Call: (801) 939-2332 or (844) 942-1337 (Toll Free) 
  • Send snail mail: Trove Brands, LLC. 250 S. 850 E, Lehi, UT 84043

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