Threadsy Review

About Threadsy

Threadsy Review

What do we all go crazy for? Good sales prices. And luckily, Threadsy offers the prices we love all year round. This new business covers clothing and accessories at wholesale prices, meaning none of that bolstered commercial cost gets in the way of purchases.

This company is new to the market, only launching in 2021. That said, since setting off on their business venture, this brand has already gained 4.4k followers on Instagram.

This Threadsy review will be first up to bat when it comes to examining this company. Checking out product lines, prices, reviews, and more, we’re here to help decide whether this brand is worth the buy.

Overview of Threadsy

Threadsy Review

Entering the wonderful world of ecommerce in 2021, Threadsy came in with the goal of selling the best brands’ blank apparel. With high quality fabrics and durable designs, popular brand names become affordable through this wholesale method.

Putting the customer first in all they do, this company prides itself on quick customer service and shipping. Providing artists, designers, or just those shopping for plain shirts a reasonable and satisfying way to find that blank canvas they’ve dreamt of, this company was made with both individuals and businesses in mind.

Pair those plain tops with some colorful jackets or get creative with the shirt itself. Show off a passion for fashion with easy transactions and affordable materials. Get to work – tag the company once the design is done. They love to see what all customers can come up with!

Let’s look outside of the company history and into some of the key points to consider before buying from this brand.


  • Wide range of plain clothing and accessories covering a variety of brand names
  • Incredibly low prices
  • Fast & free shipping on orders over $50
  • Free returns for 30 days
  • Accessible and readable website
  • Great customer service
Threadsy Review

This Threadsy review is now moving into the exciting world of products. These wholesale products tend to come much cheaper than their in-store comparisons, but don’t let that sway you. Look at the style, brand names, and sizes before being seduced by discounts and deals.

Almost all products come in a selection of colors, typically from sizes Small to 5XL.

Threadsy Gildan Review

Only looking at a couple of select brands in this Threadsy review, we’re starting off with some of Gildan’s finest pieces available on this site. Heavy materials with that ultra soft touch, it’s easy to see why this brand is a best seller, especially once you consider the 45% renewable energy used in their manufacturing process.

Threadsy Gildan Adult Heavy Blend™ 50/50 Hooded Sweatshirt Review

Doesn’t matter who you are – we can all appreciate the true comfort of a baggy hoodie. Especially one as cozy as the Gildan Adult Heavy Blend™ 50/50 Hooded Sweatshirt.

This cotton and polyester blend was made for pure comfort. Over 40 colors mean customers can select their style to comfortably wear during any cooler weather. A double-lined hood protects individuals from cool wind with a drawcord easily accessible to tighten the lining of the material.

Including the required hoodie pocket that we all adore, this comfortable sweatshirt keeps this cozy no matter the weather.

Starting prices for this hoodie are $12.

Threadsy Gildan Adult Ultra Cotton® T-Shirt Review

Who doesn’t need a plain t-shirt in this day and age? The Gildan Adult Ultra Cotton® T-Shirt is the perfect additional piece to any closet.

Easy to accessorize, the 40+ color options of this style speak to just how necessary plain shirts are in everyday wardrobes. Fashioned with sustainably grown cotton, this soft shirt works with every season. Unisex in design, these shirts are perfect to slip under a jacket or button down to dress up the look.

These shirts start at the low price of $2. You read that right. Only $2.

Threadsy Gildan Adult Heavy Blend™ Adult Open-Bottom Sweatpants with Pockets Review

If the Covid pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that leisure wear is necessary to every household. The Gildan Adult Heavy Blend™ Adult Open-Bottom Sweatpants with Pockets are the answer we’re looking for when it comes to home comfort.

Crafted in four colors, this cotton and polyester blend stays neutral to easily work with any top. Held up with a combination of elastic waistband and drawstring, these pants can be tightened to withstand the fastest jog or be expanded for the largest holiday dinner. A tapered style slims the legs while leaving the bottoms open for a relaxed fit.

These sweatpants start at $11.

Threadsy Bella+Canvas Review

Moving our Threadsy review to the last brand being covered in this article, we’ve chosen Bella+Canvas for the limelight. This cool, comfortable, and casual style is well-loved by all. No wonder they’re so popular on this site.

Threadsy Bella + Canvas Unisex Triblend V-Neck T-Shirt Review

Go for a more fitted style with the Bella + Canvas Unisex Tri-blend V-Neck T-Shirt.

Choose from 28 different colors of this triblend design. You read that right – these shirts are made from polyester, cotton, and rayon for a soft and stretchy feel that fits each body with ease. Sizing works for all, so don’t let the male model on the page halt any orders, these shirts are crafted for all sizes and shapes.

These fitted tops begin at $8.

Threadsy Bella + Canvas Ladies’ Cropped Fleece Crew Review 

Looking solely to the ladies for this style, the Bella + Canvas Ladies’ Cropped Fleece Crew covers that Fall fashion we all aim for once the leaves start changing color.

Cotton and poly fleece blend together to make this soft and sustainably manufactured sweatshirt. Select from the 6 color options in this style and show off the dropped shoulder fit. The colder months just became a bit cooler in style when introduced to these favorited fashions.

Starting off a bit higher than normal for the fashions on this website, these fleece crews begin at $24.

Threadsy Bella + Canvas Unisex Sponge Fleece Pullover DTM Hoodie Review

We’re moving our Threadsy review back into unisex fashion to end the products portion of this article. The Bella + Canvas Unisex Sponge Fleece Pullover DTM Hoodie answers the call for warmth, style, and above all else, fair prices.

Warm up the hands in the easily accessible pouch pockets of this cotton and poly fleece blend. While you’re at it, show off all of those favorite styles by selecting one of 12 color options for this design. Cuffs and the bottom trim of this hoodie are ribbed with elastics to keep all comfort contained while battling those winter winds.

The best part of this hoodie? The wide cut for the neck. Who wants to be restricted and struggle to get their head through the top when it can simply fall over you, wrapping up the body like a warm hug.

These hoodies are more of a retailer than wholesaler price, however they still save on the big bucks of some brands. These pieces start at a cost of $19, working up depending on sizing and colors chosen at checkout.

Who Is Threadsy For? 

Threadsy Review

Threadsy’s wholesale setup is great for businesses and individuals. These cheap bulk prices mean customers get durable clothing for less. Have a growing teenager? A $2 shirt they’ll outgrow in a few months doesn’t seem as bad as the $15-$30 spent elsewhere on a similar style.

Great for those who are looking to save, this brand provides trustworthy items with quick shipping, so as long as customers are fine with a lack of graphic designs on their shirts, they’ll be good to go.

Best part of this brand is that they partner with a variety of well-known names like Champion, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, and more. Buy the brand name without paying the wild costs.

How Does Threadsy Work? 

Threadsy Review

Ever buy wholesale before? For those who haven’t, it’s an easy way to save money and receive great quality products.

Each item price is way cheaper than market price with a variety of sizes available. The number of available shirts in each size are listed below and customers simply type in how many of the products they wish to order. Bulk sales get bulk savings with a raising percentage off for each spending limit hit.

For those wanting to order big, there’s a bulk order button that lays out all the sizes and colors in one easy chart. Simply fill in the amount needed in each desired size and style, then click submit.

The best part of these wholesale styles? They come blank, so individuals can press on their own designs or simply keep that simple fashion that works so well with so many outfits.

Threadsy Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Threadsy Review

As a new business, this Threadsy review has to come out right away and say there aren’t a lot of external reviews to pull for this brand. Trustpilot, SiteJabber, even the Better Business Bureau have yet to pick up on this brand’s services and products.

Checking out their own site for the comments we’re looking for, the Threadsy review page has 5-stars based on over 165 ratings. It may not seem like a lot compared to other rating numbers seen online, but for a new business that’s a decent number of satisfied customers.

Reading over the pages of reviews, it’s clear to see that customers are satisfied with the products offered by this company as many have posted “Great product” in regard to their orders.

Shipping speed and service is another big one to check out when it comes to reviews. One customer praised the company’s services and products for their quality: “Quick shipping! Loved every item bought. Will be sticking with this company for my t-shirt and other needs. The best comment I can give outside of great price and shipping speed is value. These are very well made items! Thank you!

The only complaint seen on this site merely states their desire for an easier route to the Return Center, but the customer mentions once it was found the process ran smoothly. Ease of access for orders is key to this company with their business built around online sales.

Providing “Fast and efficient service. Great quality of fabric” is the ultimate goal for this new company, so it’s nice to see this Threadsy review (among others) reflect that their values are coming through.

Outside of Threadsy’s own site, no reviews for this company can be found. It’s slightly concerning that the only reviews available are five-star and found on the brand’s own site, but as the company is so new to the market, it’s understandable why selection is so limited.

Is Threadsy Worth It?

Threadsy Review

Based on what we’ve seen of the company and customer comments, this Threadsy review can safely say this brand is worth the buy. Offering quality fabrics, quick shipping, and solid customer service, this brand seems to understand how to successfully run an online business. We’re happy to mark this as one to check out.

Threadsy Promotions & Discounts 

Threadsy Review

Looking for the latest promotions and discounts? Then head over to Threadsy’s deal page to see what they have in store.

Where to Buy Threadsy 

Threadsy Review

Looking for Threadsy threads? These items are exclusively available on the brand website,


Threadsy Review

When was Threadsy founded?   

Threadsy is new to the market! It was only founded in 2021.

Where is Threadsy located?  

Threadsy is a US company. Their headquarters are currently located in Austin, Texas, however all items are shipped from Chicago, Illinois.

Does Threadsy sell to individuals or businesses only?  

Threadsy is for anyone who wants it. Individuals and businesses are free to shop with this brand.

Does Threadsy customize clothing?  

Threadsy leaves all decorating up to the customer. They’re supporting artists and decorators– they supply the canvas and customers can do whatever they wish to make it their own. Get creative with it.

Do I need an account to shop with Threadsy?  

While it is recommended to make an account for easier future transactions, it’s not necessary to sign up. Any purchase can be done as a guest and information will simply be emailed to the provided address.

Does Threadsy ship internationally?  

Currently, Threadsy only ships within the US. US territories are not included in this area, but Alaska and Hawaii are safe to buy from these guys with no extra fees.

What is Threadsy’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping costs can make or break a sale. Luckily, Threadsy offers a flat rate for both services so no one has to question just how much they’ll be spending on that delivery fee. The services available are:

  • Standard Shipping
    • Flat rate of $8.95
    • Free for orders over $50
    • Typically arrives in 3-5 business days
  • Expedited Shipping
    • Pricing depends on the order
    • Typically arrives in 1-3 business days

Shipping times are roughly provided, however times will depend on location. A more accurate timeline will be provided at checkout once the zip code has been entered. In case it wasn’t obvious from mentioning zip code, this company currently only ships within the US.

Once orders are prepared and sent out, an email will arrive with a tracking number to follow the package along its journey. Just keep an eye out and be prepared for when that purchase arrives.

What is Threadsy’s Return Policy?

For those disappointed with an order or simply decided a little too late that it was an impulse buy, Threadsy accepts returns within 30-days from the delivery date. That gives one month to feel out the purchase before shipping it off for that money back.

Ready for the return process? Here we go:

1.    Head to the Return Center online

2.    For those with an account, log in. Those without an account input the order number included in the confirmation email

3.    Fill in the required information and further instructions will be sent your way

4.    Package the item with the invoice and provided label

5.    Ship it off and wait it out

Any washed items cannot be returned, so think carefully before placing that order. This brand covers return shipping costs, but original shipping prices won’t be included in the refund.

How to Contact Threadsy

We need to wrap up our Threadsy review, and what better way than to leave behind all that contact info needed for further questions or concerns. The company doesn’t offer a phone number for contact, but they do have two online ways to reach out:

  • Live Chat
  • Online contact form

Send a quick message either way and someone will be in touch with answers in no time.

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