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Komily Review

Sometimes we just get tired of our old and worn wardrobe. Why be limited by tired old clothes and pricy new stores when we can get the best of both worlds with Komily. This budget brand is all about new and fascinating fashions at low costs for women.

A smaller name in the industry, Komily hasn’t really made waves with the media yet. In fact, they only have around 5k followers on Instagram. However, they aren’t letting this slow their build as their wide inventory only invites more shoppers to their virtual doors.

In this Komily review, I’ll take a look at the unknown to really expose the worlds offered. Checking out products, prices, ratings, and more, I’m here to help you determine whether this is one budget brand to shop at.

Overview of Komily

Komily Review

I’ll be the first in line to note that there’s not a lot of information to be found on Komily. I can’t really tell you their origin story, founder, or struggle to make it in the market. I can, however, take note of the mission that they list online.

This brand is all about self-expression. Offering an extremely wide range of styles and selections, this business wants to provide something for every individual style to help people become confident in themselves through what they wear. 

Clothing is key to showcasing personality, so lose the fear and take advantage of such a range of clothes that allows for diverse expression in quality clothing.

Communicating not only through their inventory, but also through their stellar customer service, this brand keeps their clients in mind at every stage. 

It’s all about directing users to the best experience to provide a lasting memory of shopping and a solid place to go back to when next in need of a new look.

Promoting diversity isn’t the only benefit to come from this brand. In fact, I came across a few other highlights that I felt were important to show off prior to taking a more detailed look at the brand.


  • Wide range of clothing for diverse crowds
  • Several ways to save on their website
  • Low prices and unique designs
  • International shipping
  • Positive reviews on customer service
  • Easy returns

Komily Clothing Review

I can hardly write a Komily review without taking a glance at the clothes that have built the brand. Taking a quick look at some of their featured items, I’m highlighting some top women’s wear in this section.

Komily Floral Ruffled Hollow Out Tie Elastic Waist Mini Dress Review

Komily Floral Ruffled Hollow Out Tie Elastic Waist Mini Dress Review
Komily Floral Ruffled Hollow Out Tie Elastic Waist Mini Dress

Welcome the warming days of spring and summer with the Floral Ruffled Hollow Out Tie Elastic Waist Mini Dress.

Despite the long name, the dress itself is actually quite short. Falling mid-thigh, this piece is ready for the cool summer breeze of a beach day. 

Allowing your tummy to peek out, the hollow part of this piece comes from a layered opening just below the bra line for a sliver of stomach exposure to feel the wind and add some style.

The light polyester material of this spaghetti strap piece keeps things comfortable on every hot day. 

Add in the white base of the dress and dark pink floral patterns and the heat won’t be sticking around on beach days. Perfect for summer parties, casual strolls, and days you just want to enjoy the sun, this one balances the beauty of casual and semi-formal.

Start off summer styles with this piece of Komily clothing for $18.

Komily Gradient Sleeveless Mini Dress Review

Komily Gradient Sleeveless Mini Dress Review
Komily Gradient Sleeveless Mini Dress

Another mini that makes a maximal statement in appearance, the Gradient Sleeveless Mini Dress brings a nice balance between evening and daywear.

The best part about this piece comes from its simplicity. There’s no wild stitching or ruffles – it’s just straight, sleeveless polyester that hangs loosely and lets the breeze flow. No heat or tightness, just good times.

Of course, I can’t say it’s a boring one – the excitement comes from color here. 

Featuring a gradient from top to bottom with a transition from royal blue to purple and ending with a stunning deep red, this one is for those who love a pop of color without going too bright or bold.

Go for the gradient for $16.

Komily Lace Floral Hollow Out Adjustable Spaghetti Strap Bra Black Review 

Komily Lace Floral Hollow Out Adjustable Spaghetti Strap Bra Black Review 
Komily Lace Floral Hollow Out Adjustable Spaghetti Strap Bra Black

Don’t be bored with an average bra – have some fun with the Lace Floral Hollow Out Adjustable Spaghetti Strap Bra.

Available in both black and red, this piece is ready to bring a bit of fashion to the world of underwear. Lacy and detailed, the beauty of this product comes from the material and its layers. Almost see-through in appearance, the design maintains dignity through its subtle coverage of more vulnerable areas.

Easy to adjust for those wearing it, this bra also offers diverse sizing from small through to 3XL. Check the helpful sizing chart to understand each fitting and move up in the world by adding an underlayer of confidence to everyday wear.

At the time of writing this Komily review, this piece is down to $8 from its regular $15 pricetag.

Komily Criss-Cross Color Block Bikini Set Review 

Komily Criss-Cross Color Block Bikini Set Review
Komily Criss-Cross Color Block Bikini Set

Summertime is coming fast and there’s no better way to prepare than shopping for the Criss-Cross Color Block Bikini Set.

Safe to say that this one dove deep in its design. Swimming in a collection of colors, the core style of this piece comes from its color blocking. 

Featuring turquoise, pink, and purple in the design, all three combine to create one stunning retro piece that anyone would be proud to showcase at the pool.

Crossing over not only in color but also in fashion, the namesake of this piece comes from its top. 

The layered fabric of pink and turquoise crosses over from chest to back, making X mark the spot and giving just a glimpse of the area between each strip of fabric. Not enough to flash the world, but just a quick tease of something for a bit of fun.

Start swimming confidently for $18.

Who Is Komily For? 

Komily Review

I’ll admit that this brand does appear more targeted towards women than other crowds, however, they do tend to offer something for everyone. 

Featuring styles for women, this clothing brand is for budgeters who are looking to expand their wardrobe without emptying their wallet. A good compromise of cash for clothing styles, there’s something for everyone at this location.

Komily Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Komily Review

In this Komily review I promise nothing but honesty always and that means taking a good look into public opinion. First glance tells me things are a bit more complex than expected.

I need to clarify that there actually aren’t a lot of online ratings for this brand, but the ones that do exist are quite mixed. That can be both a good and bad thing. 

It’s great to see a mix as it shows that Komily isn’t controlling all ratings coming out to make themselves only look good. Starting with TrustPilot and their 3.6/5 stars based on over 215 ratings, these customers seem to adore the variety offered online. Buyers love the range of products for women in such expansive styles.

One Komily review even stated that “Komily is a delightful site that I enjoy shopping on frequently. It’s got such a wide variety of clothing and accessories, and the prices are very affordable.

Their low prices are both a draw and a concern. Many question the validity of the brand due to such low costs, however, it’s also a big factor in attracting the public. 

Komily Review

I will say that the lower ratings revolving around service and shipping haven’t swayed away all customers as some have persisted and had wonderful experiences.

Ok honestly I was a little bit sus because I had seen a few sketchy reviews n stuff about this website but it was the complete opposite the dress came perfectly ( the size was a bit big though) and the shipping was super fast and cheap.

The Komily review section on SiteJabber echoes similar notions with 3.9/5 stars based on over 35 ratings. 

Customers on here seem happy with the quality of products with some starting on the journey due to the assistance of others: “Got a couple shirts as gifts. Love them. Just placed an order. Super excited. Can’t wait to see what there fall line looks like.

I will say that while there are complaints regarding shipping and customer service, that doesn’t reflect all experiences. 

One Komily review even confronted the concern by commenting “When I did contact customer service, I was met with extreme politeness. They were understanding, helpful and their response time was early next day.

It’s really hard to say with this one due to such mixed results. Some Komily reviews seem to have wonderful experiences while others are far less impressed. It’s tough to tell.

Is Komily Legit?

Komily Review

As far as this Komily review can tell, this brand is legit. However, I will say that there are a few red flags. The lack of owner information and ratings has us a bit concerned as it’s always ideal to have a name to approach with concerns for a business. 

Their low prices also straddle the line of being both wonderful while causing a bit of hesitation. Overall, I’m saying they’re good, but these facts are best to keep in mind.

Is Komily Worth It?

Komily Review

In my opinion, this one is a bit of a mixed bag. The brand has some wonderful selections that I’m going to conclude this Komily review by encouraging you to take a look at their truly unique alongside great prices and international shipping

My best suggestion is a trial run – go for something with a low cost and make a single-purchase order to test the waters.

Komily Promotions & Discounts 

Komily Review

At the time of this Komily review, I discovered a few constant deals to take advantage of:

  • 10% off when subscribed to the newsletter
  • 15% off for students
  • 15% off on orders over $49 with the code SPR22

Where to Buy Komily

Komily Review

As far as I can tell with all the research I’ve done for this Komily review, the brand site is the best (and only) place to buy. Head over to for the full supply.


Komily Review

Who owns Komily?

Despite our research, we were unable to find a single owner for this brand. The information is unknown.

Does Komily ship internationally?

Komily proudly ships internationally. Take advantage of the global sales and have things shipped directly no matter where you are in the world.

What is Komily’s Shipping Policy?

Komily keeps things pretty simple by only offering Standard shipping at this time. This shipping service is available internationally, but for US residents, it means:

  • 7 to 15 days
  • Costs depend on the weight
  • Free shipping on orders over $99

This brand didn’t offer up much information on tracking or duties, so keep an eye on costs at checkout for a full amount and any follow-up emails regarding tracking options.

What is Komily’s Return Policy?

Something not quite as envisioned? That’s no problem as this brand happily offers returns. Unfortunately, they aren’t quite clear on their timeline, listing no specific dates for returns. They do however list the process as:

  1. Head online to My Order
  2. Click to apply for a refund or return by citing the reason and including a picture
  3. Once processed, information regarding the return address will be sent to the attached email
  4. Package, ship, and wait for the money to make its way back

Should the money not appear in the original account within two weeks, contact customer service for an update and more information.

How to Contact Komily

Speaking of customer service, this Komily review had to throw in some info to get in touch. There are a few easy ways to reach out:

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