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Looking for a retailer that sells all the modern and contemporary clothes you need to fill up your closet? Bardot is your brand! On their site, you’ll find the best dresses for a girls’ night out, pants and blouses for your first day in a new office, or a flowy skirt and knit halter top for your next trip to the desert. Bardot has all the womenswear you could need in one place

Bardot has a solid 305k followers on Instagram. Their feed showcases their cool and sleek designs, which are worn by many confident women. If you’ve checked out their feed and like what you see, keep reading this Bardot clothing review to find out more about the brand.

In this Bardot clothing review, we will walk you through all there is to know about the brand and its products, customer ratings, promo codes, and more to help you decide if their clothing is what’s missing from your closet!

Overview of Bardot

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While Bardot started out small, it always had big goals. In 1996, founder Carol Skoufis sold all of her own clothes with the intention of creating the best possible pair of jeans. Since then, the brand has expanded to an international scale and carries a selection of clothing made with women in mind. 

This Australian-owned brand seeks to enable its “customers to be their ‘best selves’ through garments which are intrinsically comfortable.” It’s all about looking effortlessly chic and feeling good with this brand. It designs apparel that’s made to be worn daily so that you can both look good and feel great all the time.

Ultimately, they make clothes that are designed to enhance women’s confidence. But, at the same time, this brand has strong corporate values and an eco-friendly mission. This is why they also make ethical and sustainable fashion. So not only can women be confident in themselves, but they can be confident in the brand that supplies the clothing they wear.

Now that we’ve looked at the brand’s backstory in this Bardot clothing review, let’s take a glance at a list of highlights about the company.

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  • Wide range of trendy women’s clothing, including all kinds of tops and bottoms as well as all the accessories you could need
  • Free shipping on orders over $150 in Australia; flat-rate shipping on all other orders
  • International shipping
  • High quality, sustainable pieces 
  • Timeless and on-trend styles

Bardot carries lots of women’s clothing options, all of which are designed with the wearer in mind. Their pieces are specifically made so that you can easily put together outfits that look elevated and chic. 

Yet, this apparel brand is about way more than just beautiful clothes, since they have strong values they strive to uphold. And their admirable commitment to sustainability only makes their clothing all the more appealing. 

Next up in this Bardot clothing review, we’ll go into an in-depth review of some of the brand’s best-selling pieces, so that you can see what all the fuss is about.

Bardot Dresses Review

Hello slinky, shaping, easy-to-move-in dress! Bardot’s top-selling dresses are easy to slip into for any event—whether it’s a day out on the town or an evening hitting the clubs.

Bardot Cindy Mini Sun Dress Review

The perfect summer dress has a place in every woman’s closet, and the Bardot Cindy Mini Sun Dress surely has a place in yours!

It’s all in the details with this mini dress. It features a ruffle-cap sleeve, a tie keyhole detail, and a sweetheart neckline. The A-line shape is flowy, so be sure to pair it with some bike shorts to avoid pulling a Marilyn Monroe! The creamy white dress is decorated with a dainty yellow floral pattern that just screams cottage core. 

With this dress, you are the accessory. All you really need is to let your hair down, put a flower in your hair, and frolic barefoot in a field and you’ll look exactly like a fairy. 

You can also throw it on for a picnic on the beach or for a romantic, warm summer day picking strawberries in your favorite sun hat, wearing a cute pair of white sneakers to protect your feet from the jagged vines. 

This dainty floral dress retails for about $37 (down from $87).

Bardot Alexa Dress Review

What’s better than a classic deep V-neck mini dress? The Bardot Alexa Dress has that deep V-neck and so much more. 

The asymmetrical button detailing that draws the eye towards the waist, and sheer lacey balloon long sleeves that offset the bare skin on your legs and chest, prove that even the smallest things have a big impact. The flowery lace bodice and ruching around the waist will cinch you in in all the right places, while the skirt has a slight flare to create a flawless silhouette.

Pair this dress with some bright white leather boots for an outfit that pops at a big event or wear some slim, strappy black heels to let the dress do all the talking (trust us, it speaks for itself). The cobalt blue is sure to be the loudest color in your wardrobe, so pull it out every time you want all eyes on you.

In this mini dress, you’ll be the talk of every event. Purchase it for about $67 (down from $132).

Bardot Trina Slip Dress Review

Slip dresses aren’t just for wearing beneath other dresses anymore—the smooth, silky, flowy fabric is a stunning dress itself. The Bardot Tina Slip Dress is no exception, but the cowl neck and mermaid shape set it apart from other vertical designs.

A bottle of champagne won’t be the only thing that pops at the party. The glossy sheen of this warm-toned creamy dress is sure to shimmer in even the darkest light and stand out amongst the crowd. The low back of this maxi dress cascades down, flowing more naturally than water for the perfect fit on everybody.

Sometimes less is more, which rings true with this simply stunning dress. You can add this dress to your closet for $94 (down from $117).

Bardot Tops Review

Truly ‘top’ your outfit off with one of the most popular Bardot tops. With flowing fabrics and trending details, these shirts are sure to find themselves at the forefront of your wardrobe.

Bardot Demi Ruched Top Review

A black long-sleeve shirt is a timeless piece, but the Bardot Demi Ruched Top kicks things up a notch. This fitted tee is waist length so it will sit comfortably at the hem of your pants without any extra fabric bunching up.

The scoop neck combined with the hook-and-eye clips running down the center of the shirt take a simple design and turn it into something you can wear on a night out, while the ruching at the front adds visual interest. Pair it with your fave ripped jeans for a casual look or with some smooth pleather pants for an elevated style.

This tee is available in slate blue or midnight black and retails for around $26 (down from $51).

Bardot Leopard Blouse Review

The Bardot Leopard Blouse is a versatile, fashionable top. This shirt can be worn all day and all night long. Wearing it, you can easily transition between your daytime activities, from work to a dinner date, so you don’t have to worry about your next wardrobe change.

Ivory in color, this top is made from sheer and opaque mixed fabrics. The puff sleeves and tight cuffs are nicely contrasted by the deep V-neck and optional tie detailing. The waistline is highlighted with pleated fabric that flares out at the hips.

Pair it with some business casual brown pants and matching boots to elongate your legs and flow seamlessly with the blouse. Add this unique piece to your closet for about $62 (down from $88).

Bardot Mika Linen Top Review

Wrap tops are easy to wear and even easier to style! The Bardot Mika Linen Top is a wrap top that ties at the waistline in the back. So you can tighten the ties however you like, which will adjust the V-neck to your preferred depth. The top also features elbow-length balloon sleeves and, while it’s simple in design, it looks quite complex. 

Wear it to brunch with some matching pink linen trousers and square-toed pink sandals for a monochrome look, or pair it with some blue jeans and white kitten heels for an elevated yet casual outfit. 

This soft, pink, romantic top is available for $55 (down from $110).

Bardot Jumpsuits Review

If you want an outfit that’s truly slip-on and go, a jumpsuit is exactly what you’re looking for. These best-selling one-pieces are sure to make a mark in your closet, and the only problem you’ll have is that they’re so easy to wear that you’ll want to wear one every day.

Bardot The Denim Zip Up Romper Review

Utility-style jumpsuits have become more and more popular in recent years. The Bardot The Denim Zip Up Romper turns what could be a frumpy look into a fashionable, sleek piece with rolled-up shorts at the bottom. 

This cream-colored one-piece has a collar, pockets, and belt that are signatures of the traditional utility one piece. The belt allows for the perfect cinched waist while the pockets are practical and great for storing necessities. 

Pair it with your favorite sneakers to play into the casual-yet-chic look, or take things up a notch with some patent leather ivory ankle boots and some shiny gold jewelry. This trendy romper retails for $55 (down from $110).

Bardot Cindy Slip Backless Romper Review

The concept of the ‘little black dress’ is made easier with the Bardot Cindy Slip Backless Romper. With shorts instead of a skirt, but a cowl neck that resembles a classic slip dress, this romper is the best of both worlds. It brings together the classy dress style with the more casual, functional romper.

The skinny straps and cowl neck flatter the collarbone, while the cinched-in waist and flared shorts create an hourglass shape. The open back and strappy criss-cross detail give the romper a more glamorous look, but you can also wear it casually. 

Slip it on over a bikini and head to a sunset dinner or pair it with some bold jewelry, a leather jacket, and some clunky heels to offset the dainty look of the romper. This one-piece is available in classic shades of black and ivory and retails for about $51 (down from $103).

Bardot Meribel Jumpsuit Review

Casual meets sophistication with the Bardot Meribel Jumpsuit. This sleeveless jumpsuit is sleek and modern with its structured bodice and V-neck. The wide legs flatter the fitted top half, and the canvas material is cool and classic.

Wrap a belt around the waist to pull it all together and pair it with some pointed-black heels to elongate your legs. Top this jumper off with a blazer and you have the perfect look for work. This stunning one-piece retails for $88 (down from $110).

Who Is Bardot For? 

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Since Bardot has rebranded itself in recent years, it has become all about selling easy and comfortable attire. These pieces are both trendy and timeless. Plus, with all their pieces made from silky fabrics, soft linens, and their oversized leather trench coats that are sure to last for ages, busy millennials are definitely the main consumer of this brand’s items. 

Many apparel brands these days focus on three things: fast fashion, low-quality clothing, and trends that disappear as fast as they appear. But what do these three things have in common? Bold and empowered women tend to avoid brands like this, and choose brands that offer good quality, practical items instead. 

Bardot sells easy-to-style pieces so that you can focus on other things without stressing out about your next ‘fit, or wondering if it came from a reliable source and will last. If you buy clothes from Bardot, you can rest assured that they’ll become staple wardrobe pieces and be in your closet for a long time.

And that’s why this brand will appeal to women looking to build up their wardrobes with classic styles, instead of cycling through different trends season after season.

Comparison: Bardot vs. Meshki

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You can feel as good as you look in a brand that’s all for supporting women. Brands like Bardot and Meshiki make it clear that good clothes don’t have to belong to trends that come and go.

Like Bardot, Meshiki markets to women who exude confidence and want clothing that showcases that. Meshiki is a much more recent brand though; they’ve been around for less than a decade. Meshiki has an impressive 2.1 million following on Instagram, which shows us how popular they are, and demonstrates the importance of empowering women through fashion. 

With a selection of womenswear that sets trends rather than follows them, both brands are all about affordable fashion for the modern woman. Meshiki, however, doesn’t have the same sustainable mission that Bardot does, and isn’t entirely transparent about where it sources its materials or manufactures its pieces.

Though Meshiki is also based in Australia, their international shipping is quite affordable in comparison to Bardot’s, with fees between $10 and $20. Plus, international shipping is free for orders over $130.

If you’re looking for affordable and trendy fast fashion that’s backed by hundreds of glowing reviews, then Meshiki is a great option for you. 

Bardot, on the other hand, knows that the best-quality fashion comes from sustainable sources. But that doesn’t mean the clothing has to be expensive, so you can find some new pieces for your wardrobe that you know will last at prices that won’t break the bank. 

Bardot Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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Despite looking high and low and searching through the Internet, we found very few customer ratings and comments to include in this Bardot clothing review. Overall, however, shoppers are happy with the quality of the brand’s products and their customer service.

Most of the reviewers focus on how the pieces make them feel. One customer left a 5/5 star review on the Bardot Gemma Dress on Zappos, and they described feeling ‘stunning’ in the dress: 

My husband bought me this dress in the orchid color for a golf invitational dinner party. I’ve never been called “stunning” so many times in my life. It does fit a little strange. I am 5’7 and 123 lbs. and usually I wear a size 4 (small). For the perfect fit, I would have needed this in a medium through the waist and small in the top, but I ended up wearing the small. I felt a bit like a stuffed sausage because of the tightness through the thighs and butt, but again, never have I gotten so many compliments, so it was a win.”

Other reviewers love how affordable and well-made the pieces are, so they know their new clothes will last through the test of time. 

While there’s only one rating on TrustPilot, it is 5/5 stars. And the customer wrote that Bardot is their “absolute favourite clothing brand! [They] recently purchased another item from Bardot and am always very impressed with the quality for the price [they] pay!”

On An Indigo Day, one shopper discussed their love for the brand and how they keep returning for more. Here is their glowing review:

There’s a few things I love about this Australian based brand after buying and trying things on. The items fit pretty well! The fabric is nice and it’s a pretty good quality. Plus, the price point is pretty solid too. Many of the items I was adding to my cart were under $100.”

One 5/5 star reviewer on Product Rating documented how excited they are about their purchase: “I got them today and I am sooo happy with them. Fabric and finish are high quality. I got some really timeless pieces. Everything matches the website and online sizing notes were so helpful. I can’t wait to go out and wear my new wardrobe. Still my favorite brand!!!”

While it’s clear that the pieces are high quality and easy to wear, the brand’s customer service is also well-loved. Another 5/5 star review on Product Rating wrote that “Customer service is great, clothing is great, the online store is easy to navigate and clothing looks fantastic. All is great. Definitely a thumbs up.”

A lot of the negative reviews were left by customers that were confused about the brand’s return policy or sizing, but this review will fill you in on that coming up!

One thing is for sure: the brand is exceptional in all it does—from its sustainable sourcing and manufacturing practices to its quality, long-lasting pieces, and wonderful customer service.

Is Bardot Clothing Worth It?

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With their wide selection of timeless, affordable, and versatile pieces, we’re going to conclude this Bardot clothing review by stating that the label is worth the buy! While there are few customer reviews, the majority of them focus on how great quality the pieces are, while the negative ones really just surround some confusion about the brand’s policies. 

Quality and sustainability are two very important things in the world of fashion in this day and age, and Bardot marries these ideals seamlessly. Their styles are simultaneously sweet and simple as well as intricately detailed, and the amount of thought that goes into designing each piece is clear.

Bardot Promotions & Discounts 

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While writing this Bardot clothing review, we found that the brand has plenty of great deals for all customers, new and old! Here’s a breakdown of all their best promos and sales:

  • Get $20 off your first order by signing up for their email list
  • Become a member and receive 10% off every purchase
  • Shop the sale section for up to 70% off and deals under $30

Where to Buy Bardot Clothing 

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There are plenty of places to shop for this brand’s clothing! You can find their apparel online at Or you can shop for their clothes on Amazon and ASOS. If you prefer to feel the soft fabrics against your skin and try things on, you can shop at department stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Hudson’s Bay.


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Who designs Bardot clothing?  

Wondering who creates these wonderful pieces? Bardot clothing is designed by Gorana, who works closely with the founder, Carol Skoufis. 

Where is Bardot clothing made?  

This Bardot clothing review found that the brand is committed to sustainably sourcing their materials. All of their core denim pieces are made in Australia using Australian fabrics, which supports local communities.

Is Bardot good quality?  

The brand can be commended for making quality, long-lasting apparel, as well as their great ‘fits. Bardot’s textiles are locally sourced and made, ensuring that they’re manufactured with the highest quality standards and materials. 

Is Bardot sizing small? 

Quite a few reviews detail that the brand’s items run a size smaller. Also, since Australian sizing is different from sizing in the US, be sure to check the size chart to ensure you’re getting an item that will fit how you want it to! 

Does Bardot ship internationally? 

Bardot ships to over 60 countries but, unfortunately, the buyer is responsible for duties and taxes. Next in this Bardot clothing review, we will cover more details on the shipping policy!

What is Bardot’s Shipping Policy?

Bardot ships within Australia for a flat rate of $10, and offers free shipping on orders over $150 (you can also choose express shipping at checkout if you can’t wait for your package!). Orders should arrive within 7-10 business days.

Bardot also offers international shipping, but it’s super fast and tracked through DHL, so you should receive your order within only 2-5 business days! Depending on your location, orders ship for a flat rate of $27 to $86.

What is Bardot’s Return Policy?

If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund or store credit, but exchanges are only possible within Australia. Unfortunately, sale items are not eligible for return. The return process is simple, and we’ve outlined all the deets in this Bardot clothing review.

  1. Email [email protected] to start the process, detailing all your product info and the reason for your return
  2. Package your item(s) that are in new condition with tags attached into a shipping box or bag
  3. Attach a return label to the box or bag and ship it through your nearest post office

How to Contact Bardot 

Bardot Clothing Review 20

We hope you enjoyed our Bardot clothing review! If you have any further questions about the brand and its products, you can contact their customer service team in three ways. 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live chat function on their site 
  • Submit a ‘help request’ through the website

The brand’s customer service department operates between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm AEST, Monday through Thursday and 9:00 am – 4:00 pm AEST on Fridays.

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