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About Spark Grills

Spark Grills Review

There are two types of people in this world: those who believe grilling is only for the summer, and those who know how to tie their shoes.

Spark Grills makes simple and effective grills that you’ll want to use year-round. Esquire, Forbes, and Daytime on NBC have all lauded the brand, with the former calling it “The Grill For People Who Are Intimidated By Grilling.

This Spark Grills review will shed some light on how the company earned nearly 10k followers on Instagram, along with what sets them apart from other grilling companies and what their customers think, so that you can be sure you’ve got the best surface to cook your meat.

Overview of Spark Grills

Spark Grills Review

Ben West, the absolute madman, founded Spark Grills in 2016 in Boulder, Colorado.

The company broke industry molds early into their lifespan by releasing one of the first enamel-coated grills. That’s not their only distinguishing trait, their grills are a cinch to clean because you can load and unload the Spark Grills Briq, whooshing away debris in an instant.

There’s more to love about Spark Grills beyond the grills themselves. The brand works alongside CookClean Ghana Limited to provide a more efficient cooking instrument for underprivileged Ghanaians.

Their solution is a locally-made cooktop, the CookMate. It uses less charcoal than traditional Ghanaian wood firepits and is ethically sourced. The company redirects some of their profits towards this campaign, lessening charcoal usage and helping the environment. 

While that’s quite the heartwarming effort, warm doesn’t cut it on a grill. We need heat, and the hottest part of this Spark Grills review – the pros and cons – is about to begin:


  • Offers high-quality and delightful looking grills
  • Products are made in the United States
  • Features blog posts about product maintenance, recipe ideas, and grilling techniques
  • One of the only enamel-coated grills
  • Easy cleaning process
  • Spark Grills app for extra connectivity
  • Free shipping within the United States
  • Financing options available with Affirm


  • Only ships to addresses in the continental United States
Spark Grills Review

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of this Spark Grills review sizzling, cooking off the fat, and starting to blacken. That means it’s time to crank up the heat as we cover the grills, Briqs, and accessories the brand offers.

Spark Grills Grills Review

This section of our Spark Grills review will cover the best-selling grills the company has for sale. They come with an easy-to-use temperature control knob that can allow you to set the grill’s temperature anywhere from 250° to 900°F.

Spark Grills Spark One Review

The Spark Grills Spark One can deliver a smoky, rustic flavor without a chimney or igniter fluid. That’s what we like to call independence.

The product’s steel kettle is double-walled and enamel-coated, a rarity in the field. What’s even rarer is that you can pair the grill with the Spark Grills app to receive alerts when your grill is at temperature and to control the temperature through Bluetooth.

We’re not done yet. The Spark Spark One is easy to clean because of the removable Briqs, and it comes in four different colors; black, cream, sage, and slate.

Also, the grill brings along with it three charcoal Briqs and a 15-foot power cord. Although the product is currently sold out, you can pre-order a black Spark Grills Spark One for $899.

Spark Grills Spark One Premium Bundle Review

This bundle is an entire decade’s worth of Christmas gifts packed together. The Spark Grills Spark One Premium Bundle includes a Spark One Grill, a cutting board, 2 stainless steel temperature probes, a 15-foot power cord, a grill cover, a pizza pack, and the most vital accessory for any home grill master, an apron.

Oh, this Spark Grills review should mention it also comes with 8 Briqs. That’s enough Briqs to build a wall.

Grab everything you’ll ever need for grilling for $1,199.

Spark Grills Briqs Review

This section of our Spark Grills review will cover the brand’s best-selling Briqs. They are the company’s proprietary charcoal that you can ignite without the aid of lighter fluid. 

Spark Grills Low & Slow Review

Grilling is pretty similar to limbo if you think about it. Consider the Spark Low & Slow grilling Briqs: they, much like limboing, aim to be as low and as slow as possible so that your backside doesn’t end up in the sand.

This 5 pack of Briqs can infuse your meats, potatoes, and gizzards with a smoky flavor reminiscent of bonfire cookouts with your dad. You know the ones. Late at night, just you and your old man, chewing tobacco and dreaming up all the ways you’re gonna change the world.

You’ll have ample time to remember those paternal bonding experiences since these Briqs are made for long cooking times. The Spark Grills Low & Slow Briqs are for the dishes you want to simmer to draw out every ounce of flavor.

They can provide 6-8 hours of consistent temperature, more than enough time for you to roast any seductive aromas out of your meats and veggies.

Collect your own 5 pack for $50.

Spark Grills Variety Pack Review

If you’re a rookie griller, or you’re just so overcome with indecision due to Spark Grills’ impressive Briq selection, then look into the company’s variety pack. 

The Spark Grills Variety Pack offers 4 different company products:

  • 2 Spark Grills Everyday Briqs
  • 1 Spark Grills Quick Briqs
  • 1 Spark Grills High Heat Briq
  • 1 Spark Grills Low & Slow Briq System

Each Briq serves a different purpose. The Everyday Briqs aim to do… well, everything. They’re useful for all sorts of grilling, lasting up to an hour and a half at temperatures between 500 and 700°F.

The Spark Grills Quick Briqs heats up fast and can cook even faster. It can sustain temperatures between 450 and 600°F for 45 minutes at a time.

As Alfred Pennyworth said to Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight, some men just want to watch the world burn. The Spark Grills High Heat Briq must be for them, as it can maintain a 900°F grilling surface temperature for 30 to 45 minutes.

The Spark Grills Low & Slow Briq System rounds out this variety pack. It lasts the longest out of any of the Briqs, capable of sustaining a 350°F temperature for up to 8 hours.

A 5 pack will run you $40.

Spark Grills Accessories Review

Much like how Iron Man is only a genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist without his suit, a cook is only a culinary magician without a wand if they lack the proper tools. 

The best-selling accessories we’ll cover in this Spark Grills review can turn you into the Tony Starks of home pizza making.

Spark Grills Pizza Pack Review

Man’s greatest fantasy is to relinquish the need for pizza delivery because they can concoct a superior product at home. The Spark Grills Pizza Pack looks to provide you with the means to that end. 

This grill is designed to cook Neapolitan-style pizza, hopefully helping you prepare pizzas that are not only better than take-out but more traditional as well. Imagining all the thick mozzarella globs melted into a garlic-infused tomato sauce with a fresh basil garnish has our lips smacking already. 

Fire up your own Spark pizza for $120.

Spark Grills Grill Cover Review

Like a construction worker needs a hardhat and an NFL player needs a helmet, we always need to protect our most vital organs. You’ll be protecting yours with the Spark Grills Grill Cover.

The cover wraps around the grill instead of draping over it, coiling around the hearth so that it won’t blow away during a storm. The cover’s vents allow moisture to pass through, which should stop mold build-up and save your grill from trapping stale air.

Protect yourself and your loved ones – i.e. your Spark Grills Spark One Grill – by grabbing this grill cover for $60.

Who Is Spark Grills For? 

Spark Grills Review

Spark Grills are for anyone with even a passing interest in grilling. They’re ideal for beginning cooks because of the intuitive temperature control system and forgiving charcoal Briqs.

They’re even more beginner-friendly because they operate without lighter fuel, so that’s one less variable you’ll need to consider before you invite your co-workers over for a long weekend divorcee barbeque bash.

Are Spark Grills Heavy-Duty Or Lightweight? 

Spark Grills Review

Judging by the Spark Grills Spark One, most of the brand’s grills are heavy-duty. That product weighs 105 lbs., which puts it at the heavier of the grill spectrum according to this Spark Grills review’s research. 

Spark Grills Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Spark Grills Review

A company’s website is an ideal location for honest customer testimonials because there’s nothing people love to do more than complain. Yet, this Spark Grills review found only positive feedback, based on the company-wide 5/5 star rating based on over 95 customer reviews. 

Each review tells us a bit about what consumers adored about their purchases. 

This customer was thankful for the Spark Grills Spark One’s ease of use: “I was always intimidated by grilling and never had any real interest in owning a grill but the Spark grill has changed my life. It is so easy to use and precision temp control is incredible. It’s allowed me to get more creative with my cooking. I love the connectivity with my phone too.

Another customer highlighted the product’s versatility: “This grill is like taking all your grills and putting them together. You can make pizzas, steaks, burgers, veggies, etc. This is the best grill I have ever owned.

Others swooned over the simple set-up procedure and the company’s good customer service. 

This 5/5 star review tells us a bit about both, saying, “Been easy to put together and use with all the video help. Prepackaged charcoal is a big plus. The biggest impression was Fourth of July weekend, with company coming over and slow cooking my first side of ribs – someone at Spark interrupted their holiday to give me advice on my ribs!”

And we can’t ignore how many customers loved how stress-free cooking became after purchasing a Spark Grill. They claimed it was so simple even a monkey could sear a steak. 

This next review wasn’t written by a monkey, but it does shed more light on the Spark Grills Spark One: “If you love to grill but you want it to be simple, clean, easy, and idiot-proof, this is the grill you must have. I received mine a year ago and use it almost every night to cook everything but my breakfast cereal.

That’s just what Spark Grills customers said on the company’s website. Facebook brought its own fair share of informative consumer reports.

Folks like this happy customer loved speaking about everything they grilled on their Spark Grills grills: “Our first smoked brisket (at home) on our Spark Grill. Turned out pretty good!  Already have some recipe tweaks in mind for next time. This bad-boy turned out restaurant quality.

Even vegans are getting in on the grilling action, evidenced by this glowing review: “[The Spark Grills Spark One Grill] takes the fuss out with their technology (hello, friendly app!) AND with functionality: a grilling surface with thin slots = bring on the veggies!” 

On occasion, it’s necessary to turn to the professionals. While we are professionals ourselves, we realize the scope of our abilities. That’s why this Spark Grills review wants to mention what expert griller Derrick Riches has to say. 

He weighed in on the Spark Smart Charcoal Grill, giving it an overall 85/100 score. He mentioned that the grill’s convenience, wide temperature range, and temperature control were all amazing, only lamenting that the grill is only usable with company-exclusive fuel. 

Read how he highlights what the company does to distinguish their products. “The Spark has a fan to stoke the fire, building up heat and a fan to cool the grill, holding down the heat. There are probes for monitoring temperature. It also connects to a smart device via Bluetooth so you can monitor and adjust the grill remotely.”

That’s a good shout all around. It seems that even under the intense heat of scrutiny, the brand holds up splendidly.

Is Spark Grills Worth It?

Spark Grills Review

This Spark Grills review knows the only fear holding back most would-be grillers is clean-up, because for as much fun as backyard barbecues can be, there’s nothing worse than having to scrape years of charcoal residue off of your grill.

That’s why we believe Spark Grills are worth the purchase. The precise temperature control and simple assembly are two other feathers in the company’s cap, as if they needed any more.

Spark Grills Promotions & Discounts 

Spark Grills Review

As we highlighted in the pros and cons section, Spark Grills provides free shipping to anywhere within the continental United States. 

Where to Buy Spark Grills 

Spark Grills Review

At the moment the only place this Spark Grills review found that the company sold their products was through their website, sparkgrills.com.


Where is the Grill made?

Spark Grills are made in the home of the Denver Sound, South Park, Jack Kerouac. Yes, we’re talking about good ol’ Colorado.

How to clean Spark Grills Grill?

The best way to uphold your Spark Grill’s cleanliness is by covering it when you’re not using it.

The company recommends cleaning the grills once every month. Their cleaning process couldn’t be simpler; the fact that we can recount it in this tiny Spark Grills review fragment should prove that.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Decide you will be an adult today and clean your grill
  2. Detach the Spark Grills Briq pan, grates, and heat spreader
  3. Toss out any residual ash
  4. Rub down the drip tray and kettle using soap and water
  5. Show the grill’s exterior some love by wiping it down
  6. Wash and rinse the ignitor and grates
  7. Pat yourself on the back for completing your monthly cleaning ritual

You can clean the ignitor using vinegar and a straw. Coat the ignitor in a thin vinegar layer. We’re talking just enough to remove any holdover from the prior grilling sessions. Then remove the vinegar with a drinking straw. You should clean the ignitor after every 5 times you use the grill.

Does Spark Grills offers Warranty?

Is the sky blue? Before you get pedantic and mention grey skies during stormy weather, let this Spark Grills review inform you that the company does have a 3-year warranty that covers any unintentional bumps and bruises owing to poor company craftsmanship.

The company’s website says that even if an error occurs after the warranty ends, you can still reach out to them for help. 

What is Spark Grills’ Shipping Policy?

And on the seventh day, the Lord said “Let there be free shipping on all of the brand’s products!” Or maybe that’s just what this Spark Grills review says. What’s even better than that is that the company will cover the shipping costs on returns as well.

We have to wipe the tears from our eyes as we inform you that the brand only ships to states in the continental USA. Expect shipping to take 12 to 16 weeks.

What is Spark Grills’ Return Policy?

You can return your grill up to 100 days after purchase because of the company’s 100-day, risk-free policy. You shouldn’t feel ashamed if your grilled veggies end up as mushed baby food due to a product defect, just return the grill in exchange for either a different grill or a full refund.

How to Contact Spark Grills

Spark Grills hosts a few different customer service lines where you can reach them. 

  • Call or text the company at 720-713-7526 
  • Email Spark Grills at [email protected]
  • Speak directly with a live team member through the site’s chat function

Any Spark Grills employee would be ecstatic to answer your questions between the hours of 11:00 am to 7:00 pm MST from Monday to Friday, or 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, then 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm MST on the weekend.

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