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Omaha Steaks Review

About Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks Review

How long has it been since you were able to go to a formal restaurant and order a plate of juicy steak? You tried making it yourself, but something about supermarket beef just does not taste the same. What if you can order high-quality cuts straight to your dining table at home? 

Omaha Steaks is a mail-order meat company. That’s right, the company delivers quality meats right to your doorstep, saving you the grocery trip and headache of preparation. They include sets and packages, providing steaks, chicken, pork, seafood, starters and slides, and even desserts and wine

Omaha Steaks is affordable too—when you visit their website, you will find a variety of deals and offers. They have options for your meat-craving palette under any budget. 

Omaha Steaks Review

Previously shown on ABC’s The View and amassing over 400k likes on Facebook, Omaha Steaks is a popular and known brand. Not only do they post about their products, but they also have a blog where you can find an Omaha Steaks cooking chart, recipes, videos, and butcher tips. 

But how do you know if the service is for you? Don’t worry, this Omaha Steaks review will take readers through all the nitty gritty of the brand! We’ll provide commentary on some bestsellers, the brand’s shipping policies, FAQs, and much more. 

Overview of Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks Review

Omaha Steaks has a long history, handed down from generation to generation for over a century. Founded in Omaha around 1917 by a father-son duo from Latvia, the company initially began as a small-scale butcher shop. Quickly they grew, starting mail order ventures in 1953 and reaching global popularity a decade later. 

Now, Omaha Steaks is a popular and well-established meat purveyor. In the past, they primarily marketed through teleservice and mailing, but now they also use social media and mobile apps to get with the times. 

With two headquarters, three processing locations, and two distribution centers in Omaha, plus 70+ stores nationwide, Omaha Steaks sure flourished from humble beginnings. 

Omaha Steaks Review

Before we jump into this Omaha Steaks review, let’s take a look at some pros and cons. 


  • Omaha Steaks offers hundreds of options among meat cuts, meals, sides, desserts, and more 
  • Established brand with 100+ years of experience
  • Locally farmed and budget-friendly meats 
  • Great selection of red, white, and sparkling wines 
  • Rewards program for loyal customers 
  • Offers a subscription service called Box Plans, but you can also purchase a la carte 
  • Free shipping for orders above $169


  • High shipping costs and minimal purchase of four products required 
  • Wine purchases do not qualify for Express, Rush, or Saturday Rush shipping 
  • Some customers have reported declining quality 

What is so special about Omaha Steaks?

Omaha Steaks Review

Omaha Steaks takes pride in their beef, which is sourced straight from Nebraska. Since the founding family began as a butcher shop in Omaha, their products remain rooted in the heartland. As the brand states, “This is the heart of beef country, and we love to share that quality with the rest of the country.”  

The fifth-generation family owner, Bruce Simon, continues to oversee all the beef procurement, choosing each piece by hand. Consumers can trace their food back to grass-fed and grain-finished cattle. The unique flavour of Midwestern beef shines through, melting sweetly on your tongue. 

Recently, Omaha Steaks also added a signature crossbred Wagyu to their menu. The brand prepares their beef in special ways—for example, by aging it for at least 21 days, which results in a more tender steak.

After the meat is carved, it is flash-frozen to ensure that water doesn’t have time to expand, preserving the ideal flavour, tenderness, and juiciness. 

Then, each piece of steak is individually vacuum-sealed (reducing food waste, since you would only thaw what you need to cook, leaving the rest in perfect condition for your next meal). This Omaha Steaks review believes that the brand’s hundred years of experience is clear as day.  

Do Omaha Steaks come frozen?

Omaha Steaks Review

Absolutely! Your order should arrive completely frozen and in perfect condition as the meat is immediately flash-frozen after carving. Omaha Steak’s ‘Mini Deep Freeze’ packaging is made of polystyrene insulated coolers and heaps of dry ice.

These coolers are also reusable, so Omaha Steaks recommends that you use them again for picnics, visits to the beach, or storage. 

How long can Omaha Steaks stay in packaging?

Omaha Steaks Review

If you keep your Omaha Steak package in a vacuum-sealed bag, you can leave it for three months in the freezer. Make sure the meat is not thawed at room temperature! Let it defrost in the refrigerator, which would allow it to retain more of the natural juices.

Defrosting 1 inch or thicker cuts at 36–40 degrees Fahrenheit should take between 12–24 hours. If you don’t have that much time, quickly thaw steaks under cold running water while they are still in their package, and this should take between 30–40 mins. 

Make sure to only defrost how much you need! After you take the part you want, leave the rest in the sealed package. Thawed meat must be used up in 3–5 days. 

Omaha Steaks Meats Review

First, this Omaha Steaks review will start off by looking at their feature bestsellers. Not only can you purchase the food items, but you can also get more information about Omaha Steaks cooking instructions and recommended times. 

Fire up the grill! From all-beef meatballs to chicken fried steaks, this Omaha Steaks review will give you a quick rundown on their wide range of meats. 

Omaha Steaks All-Beef Meatballs Review 

All-Beef Meatballs are lightly spiced with Italian seasoning, and will have your mouth watering. Pre-cooked and ready to eat, these are perfect in any meal—you can put them in appetizers, over pasta, or in a sandwich. 

Currently, one package of 12 All-Beef Meatballs is $9, but $20 if purchased alone.  

Omaha Steaks Bistro Steaks Review 

Next, this Omaha Steaks review will examine the Bistro Steaks. Packed with a robust beef flavour and juice, this is one of the most delicate cuts of steaks you will find. It is also called the ‘petite tender’ because it looks like a smaller version of beef tenderloin, masterly trimmed with minimal exterior fat

You can even find the Omaha Steaks grill time under the brand’s preparation instructions. The base price for eight steaks is $120, but it is currently on sale for $75. This brings you to less than $10 for delicious, tender steak! 

Omaha Steaks King Cut Steaks Review 

Another delicious, but a far more luxurious product, is King Cut Steaks. You can buy the King Cut: 48 oz Ribeye on the Bone for $150 or $250 if purchased alone. There is also the King Cut: 48 oz. T-Bone Steak for $140 or $200 if purchased alone. The Omaha Steaks grilling times are also listed by each option. 

Not feeling bone? You can also buy the King Cut: 36 oz. New York Strip for $120 or $180 if purchased alone. This Omaha Steaks New York Strip steak is another fan-favourite. 

The final option is the King Cut: 72 oz. Top Sirloin for $160 or $250, a delicious and large piece of steak.  

Omaha Steaks also has The King’s Court package for $400, including all four of the mentioned steaks. This package even comes with free shipping! 

Omaha Steaks Sirloin Cap Roast Review 

Next, this Omaha Steaks review will explore the Sirloin Cap Roast. Carved with a half-inch fat cap and packed with flavour, this is a roast that will have you coming back for more. This is one of the best pieces to pull out when you’re cooking for a special someone on date night. 

Pair with a rich cabernet for an indulgent experience. The Sirloin Cap Roast is also a more affordable beef product, at $56 for a 2.25 lb roast which can serve eight people. If you buy it alone, it is $111

Omaha Steaks Brisket Burgers Review 

The Brisket Burger is made 100% from beef brisket, shaped into 6 oz burger patties with an 80/20 lean-to-fat ratio.

At $38 for eight burgers, it will provide a hearty meal for a relatively low cost. For a meal-for-one deal, it comes to $66

Omaha Steaks Chicken Fried Steaks Review 

Finally, we’ll look at the Chicken Fried Steaks. The company seasons and hand-dresses this extra-tender sirloin product in a rustic breading that gives you the flavour and comfort of home. 

Just do not thaw before eating, pop it directly into the oven or air fryer from your freezer! We’re sure you won’t have to refer to the Omaha Steaks cooking times for this one. 

At $35 for eight steaks, the Chicken Fried Steaks are less expensive than other menu items. Buying alone would cost $60

Omaha Steaks Wild Argentinian Red Shrimp Review 

The brand also provides a wide range of seafood for those who aren’t a fan of red meat. Sourced from their very own World Port Seafood, buyers can pick their favorite ocean fruits from choices such as Omaha Steaks crab, salmon, mahi-mahi, and oysters. 

One of their best-selling items is the Wild Argentinian Red Shrimp. Low in fat and rich in protein, this dish tastes like lobster but is much less expensive. Purchase one package of four servings for $20, or spend $40 if you want it all to yourself. 

Omaha Steaks Caramel Apple Tarts Review 

Omaha Steaks might sound like they only serve, well, steaks, but their menu is truly impressive! They carry a wide range of desserts too—including cheesecakes, dessert wines, chocolates, and tarts. 

This Omaha Steaks review is craving some Caramel Apple Tart, an all-American original pastry filled with fresh and crisp apple slices, slathered with rich caramel. All you need to do is pop it into the microwave or oven, straight from the freezer! 

You can buy six tartlets for $20 or $37.49 alone. 

Omaha Steaks Potatoes au Gratin Review 

Omaha Steaks Starters and Sides are another impressive menu category. Their industry knowledge is displayed in the variety of choices they offer, including charcuterie, soups and stews, specialty sides, and an entire section dedicated to potato sides

This Omaha Steaks review will focus on the Potatoes au Gratin—not your typical accompaniment to an entree, but a tasty choice nonetheless. Ideally paired with steak, this creamy shredded potato in a light breading is easily prepared in your oven as soon as you take it out of the freezer. 

The Potatoes au Gratin costs $15 for eight potatoes, while the single item base price is $24

Omaha Steaks Box Plans Review 

Finally, let’s take a look at Omaha Steaks’ Box Plans. While you can order any items you want a la cart, the total can add up quickly, especially if you are not purchasing any package deals. Fortunately, this plan allows customers to affordably stock up on meats and meals. 

You have three options to choose from: the Monthly Steak Box, Bi-Monthly Steak Box, or Quarterly Steak Box (shipped every three months). 

They all include between six to eight entire steaks per shipment, so be sure to check each box to see exactly which pieces you should expect upon delivery. 

At $130 per shipment, the Monthly Steak Box is suited for big families or incredible steak enthusiasts. The Bi-Monthly Steak Box is $150, a more ideal choice for smaller families. If you only want steak for special occasions, then the Quarterly Steak Box for $170 can be for you! 

Omaha Steaks Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Omaha Steaks Review

This Omaha Steaks review found a plethora of mixed feedback around the brand’s restaurants and online delivery service. From individual blogs to rating sites, there are definitely happy customers, but some concerns about quality as well. Let’s take a look. 

Tripadvisor reflected 2/5 stars from 66 reviews. One customer wrote about a positive comment on the brand’s prices and quality of steaks in 2018, “When travelling to Omaha you have to make a quick stop to Omaha steaks and order yourself a package. Good prices and great Steaks.” 

Another agreed in a testimonial from 2020, after the pandemic had taken over, “I anticipated a prolonged lockdown and I am so happy for my purchase. Everything I have cooked to date is perfection.”  

On the Better Business Bureau (BBB), 31 customer reviews left an average of 2.1/5 stars. Many customers noted that the quality was decreasing and the steaks were overpriced. There was one particularly scathing review, “Some 40 years ago, it was pretty good. But, it’s so bad now that I can’t see how they’ve stayed in business.” 

Omaha Steaks Review

Another echoed this sentiment, writing, “These are very small and expensive steaks. The steaks are tough and stringy!” 

Fortunately, Omaha Steaks customer service is quite attentive, earning an A+ rating by BBB. All the comments on BBB received a response from Omaha Steaks, so it seems that they consistently resolve complaints from their consumers. 

That being said, Trustpilot also reflects concerns about poor pricing and declining quality. On this website, Omaha Steaks received an ‘average’ score of 2.8/5 stars from a small pool of 31 reviews. As one buyer wrote quite recently, “Very expensive for the size and amount, looks like airplane food from the 90’s.” 

Is Omaha Steaks Worth It?

Omaha Steaks Review

Is Omaha Steaks worth the money? We found an assortment of conflicting customer feedback. While there are plenty of complaints about high-price for low-quality food, there are also loyal customers who continue to swear by the established company. 

It is a definite fact that Omaha Steaks has years and years of experience, pulling through for over 100 years. They also have a large range of items available on their website. 

For fine dining, their prices are cheaper. But, if the quality is subpar, then the steep bill is not worth it. Shipping is also exorbitant, and especially inaccessible if you live outside the continental U.S., but buyers can always keep an eye out for an Omaha Steaks sale.  

Ultimately, if you are feeling adventurous and want to indulge in steaks, then Omaha Steaks may be for you! Just make sure to double-check the fine print with costs and shipping before you order. 

Omaha Steaks Promotions & Discounts 

Omaha Steaks Review

Omaha Steaks deals are all available on their website! There are currently four main different offers:

  • Father’s Day specials
  • 50% off Omaha Steaks free shipping items and packages
  • $25 off your order of $159 or more when you join their email list
  • A TV offer of 12 free burgers ($44 value) when you purchase specific Father’s Day bundles 

Since shipping is expensive, those complimentary delivery deals are particularly nice! While there are no Omaha Steaks coupon codes at this time, there are many discounts applied right to your order at checkout. 

Where to Buy Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks Review

You can place orders directly (and apply any future Omaha Steaks promo codes) on And if you’re taking a trip through Nebraska, use the brand’s ‘store locator’ to find a restaurant near you.  


Omaha Steaks Review

Does Omaha Steaks have free shipping?

Omaha Steaks only provides delivery for orders above $169. Shipping is expensive, especially for the non-continental United States and other countries. Fortunately, there are several free shipping packages under $169, which will pop up while shopping. 

While Omaha Steaks does ship to other countries, selections are more limited. Check if you are on the right website before placing your order! 

How long do Omaha Steaks take to ship?

This Omaha Steaks review scoped out four shipping methods: Express, Rush, Saturday Rush, and Standard

Express shipping promises arrival within 2–3 business days, while Rush orders placed before 9 AM CT on weekdays will arrive in the afternoon on the next day. Saturday Rush orders placed by 9 AM CT on Friday will arrive on Saturday afternoon. 

Rush and Saturday Rush shipping options are not always available. Standard shipping would take around 3–10 business days, so you should expect your package to have abundant dry ice keeping your meat fresh and frozen. 

How is Omaha Steaks shipped?

After being packaged in Omaha Steak’s ‘Mini Deep Freeze’ made of polystyrene insulated coolers and a lot of dry ice, your order would likely be shipped from one of the two distribution locations in Omaha, Nebraska. 

According to their customer service information, your steak (or other food items) would then be sent out in a temperature-controlled truck to your local UPS facility.  

How do I return Omaha Steaks? 

While you cannot return food items, Omaha Steaks wants customers to fully enjoy their meals. You can easily request a replacement or refund online, and contact their team with any issues through phone or email to initiate the process.  

What is Omaha Steaks’ Return Policy?

You are provided with an unconditional guarantee by Omaha Steaks for your satisfaction, so just contact customer service if you face any issues with your order—and to request a refund or replacement order! This Omaha Steaks review did not find a time limit for this policy. 

Omaha Steaks does reserve the right to limit refunds and replacements, and within their own delivery capabilities, as confirmed in the order acknowledgment. 

How to Contact Omaha Steaks Customer Service

If you have any questions beyond this Omaha Steaks review, the brand is easily reachable: 

  • Toll-free number: 1-800-228-9872 
  • Customer service number: 1-800-329-6500
  • Email: [email protected] 

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