Norse Interiors Review

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Norse Interiors Review

We’ll all admit it – sometimes those classic IKEA looks get a bit dull in comparison to the wild and whimsical looks of modern furniture. But, the prices can’t be beat. 

That’s why we turn to Norse Interiors for the best of both worlds. Working from existing IKEA designs, this brand puts a new face on classic models to create modern, fun, and customizable appearances for the timeless budget brand we all love.

On the market for just under five years, this business has done well in making their name stand out. 

With over 43.3k followers on their Instagram, their real stardom has come from the press. Featured in Apartment Therapy, Architectural Digest, Forbes, House and Garden, and more, this company name seems to pop up time and time again, impressing reviewers, editors, and basically everyone else with their unique approach to furniture and design.

Breaking down the business by history, products, practice, and more, this Norse Interiors review will suss out whether this is one service worth spending on.

Overview of Norse Interiors

Norse Interiors Review

When founder Lotta Lundaas made her move from Sweden to the US, her passion for design followed. Coming from a family of carpentry and crafting, her love for style naturally slotted into her life, stemming from a childhood full of building, design, and delicate work.

Upon moving, Lundaas found herself frustrated with the same styles in every big store. Aiming for unique and customizable options, she decided to stick with a Scandinavian standard (IKEA) and go from there. 

Working alongside artisans she encountered in America, Lundaas found herself making her way in a niche market to really customize the world of interior design in affordable and manageable ways.

Reducing pressure while increasing choice, Norse Interiors was born from the desire to design. 

Understanding that not everyone has the elements accessible to them to create that ideal image, this brand is all about providing the selections to customers to craft pieces that suit their individual spaces rather than cookie-cutter looks that work for anyone. 

Allowing old IKEA pieces to take on a new appearance, this sustainable notion keeps the old looking new and saves on the waste of outdated furniture.

Alongside this personalized and sustainable selection, Norse Interiors seems to have a lot going for them. Check out just a few of the highlights we came across in researching this brand:


Norse Interiors Review
  • Custom finishing for select IKEA products
  • ShopPay payment plans available
  • Rewards cards with deals for members
  • Annual partnerships with One Tree Planted
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quick delivery times

Norse Interiors Review

This brand is still getting its footing, so they’re currently only working with a selection of IKEA models in their customization. 

Despite that, we still had to narrow down the options on what to include in this Norse Interiors review. We decided to go with our personal favorites for storage, cabinets, and drawers that really make a house into a home.

Norse Interiors Walnut Double Doors Review

In search of some extra storage for the home? Add some space in style with the Walnut Double Doors.

Fitting onto the Besta storage cabinet perfectly, this piece is all about adding some rustic beauty to the home. Once the cabinet has been purchased, come to Norse Interiors to spruce things up with a natural touch. 

Start by selecting the size, either 15” or 25” high, and work from there.

Customers can determine just how big they want to go, choosing either the doors or the whole frame to wrap in gorgeous walnut panels. All-natural in material, this durable wood really brings a space together in a soothing, rugged aesthetic. 

Don’t stop with just new doors and siding, but complete the look by shopping from a selection of knobs and legs to finish off the look as imagined.

Prices depend on selections here but can range from $280 to $770 depending on the size and panels chosen.

Norse Interiors White Oak Triple Doors (L) Review

Go big with IKEA’s Besta and really explore the storage space this piece can offer. Install not only a product that works well but also one that looks great with the White Oak Triple Doors in place.

Expanding beyond the standards of the normal Besta, this triple door design stretches alongside any lengthy wall for added shelving and storage space. But this post isn’t about substance, it’s about style, and there’s something about white oak that we can’t help but love.

Light, but rich in tone, the stunning finish of white oak translates to almost any space. Available in just doors or a range of paneling to cover sides and top, this timeless piece will brighten any space no matter the intensity of the selection. 

Pair it with some dark legs for a nice contrast or stick to the bright, white option to keep that lighter theme in place.

At the time of writing this Norse Interiors review, prices for this piece range from $390 to $910.

Norse Interiors Sektion Top Panel Review 

Enhance any kitchen space with the beauty of the Sektion Top Panel.

We’ll put it out there, the Sektion cabinets are great additions to any kitchen. Hanging firmly with plenty of storage space for dishes, mugs, food, or anything else needed, these are a wonderful start to organizing the space. 

The next step is matching the tone set by the rest of the room. Available in two-door and four-door options, the selections present with this one make it possible to match almost any décor.

While we can’t say the options for this one are endless, we can say that the over 10 color choices make it easier to match the space. Whether going for one of the woods or sticking with neutral paint (or the DIY paint base), these toppers come prepared for kitchen life. 

That means each finish is smooth, fresh, and quick to clean or wipe down when the mess inevitably builds in that room.

Prices for this one depend on size and material, so costs can range from $100 to $220.

Norse Interiors Cane Doors Review

Since this Norse Interiors review mentioned the Sektion once before, we may as well expand to look at the Cane Doors before moving on completely.

Fitting to the Sektion wall cabinet frame, the beauty of this one comes from stunning cane panels on the doors to brighten the space and add a natural feel. 

The cane is non-negotiable for this one, with the real customization coming from the rest of the frame. Working with the framing of the front, top, and sides, customers can select just how much they want to cover with this two-door or four-door cabinet.

Colors are where we can really get creative with this one. Of course, a nice white lace frame is available for those who want that clean-cut look, but we’d highly recommend checking out the other 7 finish options ranging from lighter to darker tones. 

Featuring deep blues, greens, and even a light silver, there’s a lot to explore with this one before committing.

Select the size and style that works best for the space with prices sitting between $460 and $1,280.

Norse Interiors Eleanor Drawer Front Review

Lighten up the load by containing some chaos and looking good with the Eleanor Drawer Front.

This Norse Interiors review is always a big fan of adding drawers to any space. An easy solution to maintaining the mess, things can get tidied in no time and stored for a later deep clean (or they can go in organized, but we don’t hold high expectations). 

With the four drawers available in the Eleanor, there’s room to spare – but that’s not the best part about this selection.

Who else is bored by the plain drawers in rooms? Maybe that’s just us. Either way, that plain patterning is gone with the stunning geometric style lining the front pieces of this drawer. 

Inspired by 19th-century designs, customers can select from five colors for the front pattern, contrasting or complementing them with three options for sides and top. We promise that this will be one to stun all the visitors.

This piece keeps pricing easy with all options going for $70.

Norse Interiors Joan Nightstand Fronts Review

We all need a bit of style in the bedroom to break up the monotony of daily routines. That’s why the Joan Nightstand Front feels like the perfect pop of something special.

As the ideal sizing for a bedside table, this nightstand is all about extra storage for those last-minute things we need beside us at night. 

Holding lamps, glasses, books, alarms, and more, the tabletop gives way to two spare drawers to hold whatever may be needed in the night. 

Held tightly by the two front knobs for easy access, customers can select from a variety of colors to suit the stand to make sure each piece matches a cohesive vision.

Before focusing on just the knobs, we have to take a look at the rest. Patterned in a stunning, yet simple 19th-century lace design, these front panels are all about adding a bit of elegance to a standard space. 

Select from five colors to make that style pop, moving from lighter tones of white and sand into darker black-brown shades that reflect the light for a more subtle patterning.

 From there, customers can choose to match or contrast the front with the three shades available for the sides and top.

Make a personal mark on the bedroom with this customized nightstand for $140.

Who Is Norse Interiors For? 

Norse Interiors Review

We know that IKEA furniture isn’t for everyone, but the brand does tend to make its way into the homes of those with a more limited budget. 

Often regarded for their lower costs and steady designs, Norse Interiors adds to that clientele by modernizing the appearance through new finishes and patterns. 

Perfect for new homeowners, students, or those moving out and furnishing on their own for the first time, Norse Interior takes budget living and gives it a fresh coat of paint for a new and fun look.

How Does Norse Interiors Work? 

Norse Interiors Review

It sounds like a difficult concept, right? Or maybe that was just our confusion upon first looking at this brand. For those who may need a helping hand, our Norse Interiors review is here to help by breaking down the process into three simple steps.

  1. Buy the frame – each cabinet, dresser, or nightstand comes from IKEA directly, so start the shopping venture there with the Besta, Sektion, or Malm series products
  2. Fit the components – this is the fun customization step. Select front, side, and top designs and colors to match the space and finish things off with unique legs and knobs to really tie everything together
  3. (Avengers) Assemble – once everything has been delivered, assemble that IKEA piece as instructed and follow the guides to attach doors, fronts, and sides from Norse Interiors to complete the look

Everything isn’t as complicated as it seems. In fact, this whole journey barely takes longer than building the IKEA frame itself. 

The only difference is customers will walk away with a bit more variety and fun rather than just the simplistic original designs. It’s all about more fun, not more work.

Norse Interiors Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Norse Interiors Review

We wouldn’t feel right about writing this Norse Interiors review without doing a bit of fact-checking. Alongside doing a deep dive into the brand’s own page, we felt the best way to get the real story would be by taking a look at customer ratings online. 

We have to preface this by saying that there actually aren’t a crazy amount of customer posts online, so we can’t take these numbers and words as being completely unbiased, however, they are a good first step into knowing how the brand holds up.

Starting with the company’s own site, the reviews lining their personal pages seem to be quite strong. This brand currently holds 5/5 stars based on over 280 ratings, with customers adoring the purchases they’ve made. 

Citing not only wonderful styles but also quick service, it seems as though this business puts the customers first in all that they do with some citing that “the quality and the customer service are unmatched.

Incredibly simple to install with their detailed instructions, the real joy from this one comes from every element of their service. From quick delivery to assistance in the setup and selection, this brand seems to support customers through every step.

100% impressed by the quality, craftsmanship, weight, style, and color. I gasped when I opened the box – that’s how amazing these legs are. Highly recommend!!

Of course, we did need to venture outside of the brand’s own site – this is where numbers thin out a bit. Despite the lower amount of customer comments, individuals still seem more than satisfied with the quality that this brand puts forth.

In fact, Google Reviews has 4.7/5 stars based on over 10 ratings for this business.

Loving products for being “durable, aesthetic, pretty and affordable,” there’s a lot that this company brings to the table. 

With frequent comments on the quick and effective customer service, it seems as though their consultations and instructions leave no question unanswered.

One of the more favorable Norse Interiors reviews stated they “really love the products from Norse. They walked me through the design process and it was really easy to work with these people from design through installation. The free consultation was definitely well worth the time and the product was really nice quality when it showed up.

Featuring “beautiful quality and amazing service” this brand really seems to understand what customers crave from furnishing companies and they’re more than happy to deliver. 

The customer service team seems to really seal the deal for most clients, a belief echoed in the two ratings on Houzz with 3.5/5 stars.

Noting that “Their team is so kind and considerate [and it feels like] I’m always interacting with a real person who actually cares about my needs as a customer,” this Norse Interiors review went on to state that “everything shipped quickly, and came exactly as described. Their products are well made, and add so much style to our home.

While there have been a few complaints against delivery, we have to say that most of what we saw was incredibly positive regarding good pricing, quality, and service

They may not have ratings in the hundreds, however, it’s safe to say that the customers who have posted online seem to adore this brand and all they offer.

Is Norse Interiors Legit?

Norse Interiors Review

While we didn’t find a lot of customer coverage for this brand, they’ve been a name in the press for years now. We didn’t really find any complaints surrounding the business or their service – in fact, we found a lot of love for this name. In our opinion, this one is the real deal.

Is Norse Interiors Worth It?

Norse Interiors Review

In the opinion of this Norse Interiors review, we believe that this brand is well worth the purchase. While these products aren’t necessities in life, there’s nothing wrong with spending a bit of money on aesthetics every now and then to really warm up the space. 

Pairing perfectly with IKEA furniture to modernize the beauty of decently-priced products, Norse Interiors elevates the appearance of discount storage to a new level.

Customizable in every aspect, customers really get to control the appearance of their purchases. Offering a variety of colors, patterns, and even hardware, it’s easier than ever to decorate the space as desired. Overall, we’d say we’re pretty big fans of this one.

Norse Interiors Promotions & Discounts 

Norse Interiors Review

We searched high and low for a Norse Interiors discount code, but the most we came up with was their newsletter deal of registering your email and receiving 5% off the next order. We do want to note that this brand does offer a rewards program, earning one point for every dollar spent. It’s no cost to join, so start saving and earning right away.

Where to Buy Norse Interiors

Norse Interiors Review

Due to the customization of their work, this brand doesn’t partner with other retailers or locations. All purchases and orders can be made directly from with the units themselves purchased first from IKEA.


Norse Interiors Review

Who owns Norse Interiors?

Norse Interiors is owned by its original founder, Lotta Lundaas.

Does Norse Interiors ship internationally?

At the time of writing this Norse Interiors review, the brand doesn’t ship internationally. Their products are only available in Canada and the US.

What is Norse Interiors’ Shipping Policy?

We’ll be honest, there wasn’t a lot to gain when searching up shipping policies for our review. That’s not because they keep things close to the belt, but actually due to most of the information being (like the company) customizable. 

Here are all the relevant deets:

  • Ships with UPS Ground shipping
  • Takes 1-5 business days to arrive
  • Calculates cost by size, weight, and location
  • Provides free shipping on orders over $200

That’s really all of the info they provide and, we’ll be honest, it’s all customers really need to know. All prices will be calculated at checkout, so take a look at the numbers before confirming that order, and all will be good.

What is Norse Interiors’ Return Policy?

Due to this brand being primarily customizable, returns aren’t really in their nature. Orders can be altered within 24 hours of submitting the initial purchase, however, beyond that things can’t really be adjusted.

Due to everything being ordered specially, all pieces are considered final sale. The only things that can be returned are the legs and hardware which require a $15 restocking fee and shipping fee within 30 days of receiving the order. Other than that, purchases are final.

How to Contact Norse Interiors

Norse Interiors Review

Have some questions for the company? Don’t be shy – just reach out to customer service. They’ve got two ways to get in touch:

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