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Swoon Furniture Review

In the same way that fashion changes over time, your personal taste when it comes to interior decorating is likely always in flux. While you can make integral changes to your decor with smaller pieces like colored throw blankets and textured curtains, it’s the furniture that truly makes the biggest impact. 

Get ready to swoon over this brand’s designs and start building a space that’s filled with personality. Swoon follows all the best trends. Yet their designs are also timeless—playing with textures and shapes to create items that make a statement. And if you need to buy some furniture for your home, this Swoon furniture review was written just for you.

The brand has 193k followers on Instagram and 193k likes on Facebook—so many people clearly love their unique designs and elevated pieces. Swoon’s social media feeds feature spaces that are beautifully designed and decorated with their stunning items. And the images showcase different design aesthetics, from modern to minimalist to boho and more. 

The brand has also made headlines. It’s had notable mentions by popular media outlets such as Forbes, LondonLovesBusiness, and more, and has amassed a popular following because of its wide selection and affordable pricing. 

It’s already easy to see what makes this brand special, but before you add furniture to your cart, check out this Swoon furniture review. We’ll take a look at the brand’s most popular items, customer testimonials, design process, and more, to help you decide if its products deserve a place in your home.

Overview of Swoon Furniture

Swoon Furniture Review

Swoon came to fruition in 2012 with a big mission: tocreate original furniture designs at a fair price, that people can fall in love with.” The brand was co-founded by Debbie Williamson, who is now the CCO, and Brian Harrison.

The founders had a unique strategy. When launching the brand, they chose to release all limited edition styles. Once it was clear what was most loved by buyers, they would release more permanent styles. Now that’s the right way to find out what your customers are looking for!

The brand has come a long way since its first designs and has established a clear customer base. And it still offers limited edition and permanent pieces that suit all different design styles. Also, all its products are designed in-house, keeping prices low since there are no middlemen involved.

Interested in hearing more about what Swoon has to offer? Keep reading! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the brand. But before we get into all the details about the brand’s products, this Swoon furniture review will list some highlights about the company.


  • Wide range of furniture and home decor (in different design styles)
  • Original designs
  • Reasonable delivery times
  • Low prices
  • Quality materials
  • Detailed pieces and manufacturing 
  • Easy to navigate website
Swoon Furniture Review

Shopping for furniture pieces can be overwhelming. Trust us, we know the feeling of hunting for a coffee table that fits with all your other items and perfectly represents your design style all too well. 

Swoon makes things a little easier since all its pieces are so detailed and full of life. So it’s easy to find something you love, and the best way to create a beautiful home is less about trying to adhere to a specific style and more about putting together a collection of items that bring you joy. 

This brand carries everything you need to complete your space, from area rugs to textured throw pillows to mattresses and even mirrors. But, this Swoon furniture review is going to focus on the main event—the necessary items that everyone needs—the top-selling, larger pieces that will start you off on the right foot.

Swoon Furniture Review

When it comes to decorating your home, quality furniture is a must-have. From bedside tables to comfy couches, there are plenty of options to choose from to create a space that suits your taste.

To narrow down the choices and give you a glimpse into all the brand offers, this Swoon furniture review will take you through their best-selling furniture pieces.

Swoon Furniture Rattan Sideboard Raphia Acacia Review

Rattan pieces never exactly went out of style, but they have certainly become popular again in recent years. The Rattan Sideboard Raphia Acacia takes the ‘70s style and adds a twist, replacing what might normally be glass door panels with a naturally colored rattan panel.

The sideboard is ideal for stuffing your board games or extra cups and glasses away in, and you can even slip your unsightly wifi router in it because the rattan doesn’t block the Internet connection. 

Decorate the warm acacia wood with a brightly colored art print to match the mid-century design or with some pampas grass to bring out the boho feel of the rattan.

The Swoon furniture Rattan Sideboard Raphia Acacia will complete your living room or dining space for $915.

Swoon Furniture Footstools Berlin Ottoman Review

When it’s been a long day and it’s time to kick your feet up… wait… you don’t have an ottoman? Well, it might be time to purchase one so you can sit back and relax, and the Swoon furniture Footstools Berlin Ottoman is a great option.

This ottoman is rectangular in shape to complement your sofa. You could top it with a round tray and place your drinks without worrying about spillages. 

The tufted cushion and legs have a mid-century modern feel, but since it’s available in a whopping 40 different shades in velvet or soft wool material, there are plenty of options to pick from to fit your style. You can even choose between dark or light wood for the tapered legs. 

The Footstools Berlin Ottoman retails for $614.

Swoon Furniture Desk Fresco Light Brown Mango Wood Review

Working from home doesn’t mean you can’t have a cute office. In fact, it means you can have an especially cute office since you’ll be able to decorate it with pieces like the Desk Fresco Light Brown Mango Wood

Minimal in design, this desk will slip nicely into even the smallest of spaces. The lip on the back is brushed with gold to match the knobs on the drawers and will stop any pesky pencils from rolling onto the floor. You can store your important documents in one of the two drawers, and slip a matching warm mango wooden chair between the lengthy tapered legs.

Fall back in love with your office space and give your laptop a permanent home on the Swoon furniture Desk Fresco Light Brown Mango Wood which retails for $522.

Swoon Furniture Bed Kipling King Ottoman Review

Are you tired of your creaky metal bed frame? What about hitting your head off the wall in the morning when your alarm serves as a rather rude awakening? The Bed Kipling King Ottoman bed frame might be the solution to all your nighttime woes.

The headboard has modern paneling and wrap-around detailing that will keep you feeling snug as a bug, while the frame is thick, soft, and promises zero stubbed toes. The short tapered legs keep the bed low to the ground and come in a dark wood or brass option to fit with the rest of your furniture pieces.

And it comes with a bonus: you can store your winter gear and extra linens beneath the bed since the spring mechanism allows the mattress to lift easily from the frame for quick access to plenty of storage

The Swoon furniture Bed Kipling King Ottoman is available in 52 different colors and retails for $1438.

Swoon Furniture Sofa Landau Two-seater Review

Arguably, the sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a home. It’s certainly one of the most used pieces, so it should be both beautiful and comfortable. 

The Sofa Landau Two-seater is just that, with its modern shape, industrial black legs, and tufted cushions all around, as well as wide side cushions so you can stretch out and lay your head down. 

It’s made by hand, so you know that every stitch was sewn with great attention to detail. Plus the single-seat cushion is easy to maintain and creates a clean and seamless look.

The Swoon furniture Sofa Landau Two-seater is available in 60 shades, including emerald green and deep burnt orange for $1897.

Swoon Furniture Dining Chair Southwark Review

You wake up, you sit down for breakfast, you head to work, then you come home and sit back down again for dinner. Maybe you read the newspaper in the same spot or host friends on Friday evenings. Whatever it is, it’s time for a timeless upgrade to your dining area with the Dining Chair Southwark

The design of these chairs is sleek, minimalist, and modern, with a Scandinavian touch, making it easy to pair them with whichever dining table you choose. The wide seat and high backing make the chair super comfortable, while the warm acacia wood and tapered long legs elevate the design.

Complete your dining space with the Swoon furniture Dining Chair Southwark which comes in a set of two for $247.

Swoon Furniture Bedside Table Claudine Review

If you’ve been dreaming of the perfect night table, you might be able to turn your dreams into reality. The Swoon furniture Bedside Table Claudine could very well be the nightstand you’ve been looking for.

This nightstand is a traditional shape, with deep grooves, geometric legs, and two drawers for storing all your nighttime needs. Yet the deep black stained wood and shiny gold rectangular handles give it a modern touch

Made from black mango wood, the Bedside Table Claudine could add a little depth and moodiness to your space for $326.

Who Is Swoon Furniture For? 

Swoon Furniture Review

Is your home your sanctuary but it’s missing something and needs a facelift? For a touch of modernity and a lot of spice, it’s time to introduce yourself to Swoon’s furniture. If you like moody hues or airy vibes, you’ll find what you’re searching for in this store. 

Also, these pieces aren’t your basic particle board, difficult to assemble, run of the mill designs. They are intricate, detailed, handcrafted pieces that will add depth and warmth to any room. 

So if you’re ready to ditch the side chair you’ve had since college and the dingey rug you found in your parent’s basement, Swoon will help you redesign your space so that your home truly reflects you.

Swoon Furniture Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Swoon Furniture Review

Now that you’ve learned a bit about this brand’s products, it’s time to find out what customers have to say about them. This Swoon furniture review found consumer feedback on TrustPilot, Houzz, and to give us an idea of how the products are in real life.

On TrustPilot, 9954 shoppers rated the company 3.4/5 stars. One customer gave the brand a 5/5 stars rating and described everything they love about the pieces they bought in their Swoon furniture review:

I purchased five items of furniture from Swoon this Summer and just love the Swoon style! Very on trend, stylish, well made and comfortable and great value for money. Ordering was easy and delivery was quick. Service was excellent and the delivery team couldn’t have been more helpful or friendly.”

On Houzz, a customer left a 5/5 star rating for the brand after years of loving their purchase. And they finally decided it was time to come back for more. Here is their review: 

I ordered 2 sofas and various other bits of furniture from this company in 2015 and have just reordered as I was so impressed. The prices are extremely good value for furniture that is well made out of timber, not MDF. The communication was good and the delivery lead in time was a little long, but no expectation of earlier delivery was given so very honestly.”

There are plenty of customers on are very happy with their orders. One shopper left a 5/5 stars rating for the brand and they can’t help but keep going back for more:

“I have ordered from swoon several times and each experience has been great. I have found a lot of unique and stylish pieces that I love looking at everyday in my home. I love swoon and often check the website for new items! Even the return process is simple and easy.”

Most issues customers have tend to revolve around shipping, although the brand does clearly outline how long delivery should take at checkout. Despite this, their customer service team is quick to offer solutions to all customer complaints

Also, the brand thrives on consumer feedback, since its products are released permanently based on customer satisfaction. Because of this dedication to their customers, this Swoon furniture review sees only good things in this brand’s future.

One comment on TrustPilot puts it nicely: “Lovely design, good quality to match price. Delivery was slow but on time and one piece came early. Responsive customer service to check up on delivery. I was contacted numerous times after purchase to give feedback, so assume they are interested in improvement which is a sign of a good business.”

Overall, Swoon is well-loved for producing exactly what they claim to. Buyers are happy to complete their homes with their well-designed pieces and appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every item

Is Swoon Furniture Worth It?

Swoon Furniture Review

Of course, everyone has a unique taste and decor style. Some people like cool tones and sharp lines, while others like to keep things fresh and smooth. Fortunately, at Swoon, there are plenty of styles to choose from and it’s easy to merge different pieces you like to create a space that’s true to you. 

With so many glowing customer reviews, plenty of products to choose from, and meticulous, gorgeous designs, it’s easy for this Swoon furniture review to conclude that the brand is worth the buy.

This Swoon furniture review does extend one word of warning, however: since the brand itself does not offer international shipping, it can be costly to have your items shipped to a UK-based freight company and then have the items shipped overseas. But if you’re in love with a piece and this isn’t a concern for you, happy shopping!

Swoon Furniture Promotions & Discounts 

Swoon Furniture Review

Looking for a deal on your Swoon purchase? This Swoon furniture review found that you can sign up for the brand’s email list for exclusive offers. You can also shop the sale section on their website for clearance prices and the best deals!

Where To Buy Swoon Furniture 

Swoon Furniture Review

Interested in redoing your interior space with Swoon furniture? You can shop for the brand’s products directly from its website,


Swoon Furniture Review

Who designs Swoon furniture?

All Swoon’s furniture is designed by the brand’s in-house design team. The designs are inspired by urban landscapes, with clean lines, geometric shapes, and intense depth.

Where is Swoon furniture made?

Swoon’s furniture makers are carefully selected from all over the world—from the UK, Poland, India, China, and Vietnam to name a few—and they work alongside the brand’s design team. They are all held to high standards and create detailed pieces with meticulous craftsmanship.

What is Swoon furniture’s shipping policy?

At the online checkout, you can opt for doorstep or in-home delivery, and costs depend on your location. For orders outside of the UK, you can contact the brand to arrange delivery through a freight company

Items can arrive as early as 2-3 days after ordering or take up to 8-10 weeks. It depends on the item you’re ordering but delivery details will be clearly stated during checkout. Orders outside of the UK may take longer to arrive. 

As a side note, if your order contains more than one item, they may be delivered separately in order to get to you sooner.

What is Swoon furniture’s return policy?

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase(s), they can be returned within 30 days of delivery, though mattresses have a trial period of 100 days. To start the return process follow these steps:

  1. Contact the brand
  2. Enter the products you’d like to return with an explanation why
  3. Confirm all information is correct
  4. Print a label and ship the package through your nearest post office, or arrange for pick up if it’s a larger furniture piece

For international customers, be sure to contact the brand before purchasing to confirm the return policy. 

How To Contact Swoon Furniture

We hope you enjoyed our Swoon furniture review! If you have any further questions about the brand, you can contact their customer service team in two ways.

  • Phone: 020 3319 6332
  • Fill out the email form on Swoon’s website

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