Cuddle and Kind Dolls Review

About Cuddle and Kind Dolls

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Review

Cuddle and Kind Dolls are adorable soft toys made for toddlers and young children. These endearing animals are created in Peru and Nepal by women artisans using a traditional approach to doll making. 

Each Cuddle and Kind doll is loomed, knit, crocheted, and embroidered by hand, in sustainable and fair working conditions. They come in a wide range of designs, from classic teddy bears to fabulous flamingos and charming reindeer.

Cuddle and Kind Dolls feature special decorative elements such as little outfits or flower crowns, and every doll has a cute smiley face, too.

Made out of natural cotton and non-toxic materials, these dolls are sweet, soft stuffies for your child for imaginative play or bedtime. Each sustainably-made doll also comes with a gesture of kindness – for every purchase, Cuddle and Kind provides a child with 10 nutritious meals.

Our Cuddle and Kind Dolls review will look at this brand’s best-selling dolls, break down their buying information, and check out their customer feedback so you can decide if a Cuddle and Kind Doll is right for your little one.  

Keep reading to learn more about this unique toymaker.

Overview of Cuddle and Kind Dolls

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Review

Cuddle and Kind Dolls was established in 2015 by entrepreneurs Jennifer and Derek Woodgate. This philanthropic couple was on a mission to provide as many meals to children in need as possible, and wanted to find a financially sustainable way to accomplish their goal and keep the giving going.  

Jennifer and Derek explain that their company helps people in two ways. First, Cuddle and Kind Dolls provide a stable income and good working conditions to the artisans in Peru and Nepal who craft their dolls. 

Secondly, Jennifer and Derek promise customers that for each doll that they sell, they give 10 meals to children in need through partnerships with reputable organizations tackling hunger and food insecurity around the world. 

Since they founded their company over 6 years ago, Cuddle and Kind has provided kids with over 22 million meals!

This company’s dolls have a distinct whimsical woodland aesthetic. With their pastel palette, knit patterns, and crocheted details, these dolls have an innocent, old-fashioned look. Every Cuddle and Kind Doll also has a name and a backstory that kids can include in their play if they want to.

Let’s begin our Cuddle and Kind Dolls review by looking at some highlights of buying from this growing brand! 


Cuddle and Kind Dolls Review
  • Handcrafted animal dolls with tons of cute, classic charm
  • Dolls are made from natural cotton
  • Made by women artisans in Peru and Nepal in fair trade conditions
  • Endearing product with a wide range of designs to choose from
  • Also sells an animal-oriented line of art prints
  • Each purchase helps provide at least 10 meals to kids in need
  • Dolls are well-reviewed by customers 
  • Rewards program to get 10% back on purchases

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Review

To get to know more about this lovely brand’s products, our Cuddle and Kind Dolls review will cover all of this brand’s best-selling dolls! From fawns to bunnies, this brand has so many sweet creatures to thrill the young and young at heart. 

Let’s kick off our Cuddle and Kind review with their incredibly popular Charlotte the Dog doll.

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Charlotte The Dog Review

Charlotte the Dog is a beautiful, soft doll with a sweet puppy face. This refined doll has a white cotton body and comes with a light pink dress. 

Her white, floppy ears hang down on either side of her face, which has black stitching for her eyes, nose and mouth.

This doll has other lovely detailing. She has pink paw pads and cheeks, along with a pale brown blaze on her face, giving her dimension and the look of a slightly upturned nose. 

Charlotte the Dog also has a flower crown crocheted onto her head, which features pink and peach flowers and small green leaves.

Like all Cuddle and Kind products, Charlotte has a birthday, a favorite quote, and a short story that lets your little one in on her sunshine-y personality. 

You can buy Charlotte the Dog doll for $75 for a 13-inch doll or $101 for a 20-inch doll.

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Hannah The Bunny Ivory Review

Hannah the Bunny is a delightful cream-coloured doll with long floppy ears and a daisy flower crown. This sweet bunny has a white blaze on her face and two embroidered whiskers on each pale pink cheek.

Like all Cuddle and Kind Dolls, Hannah the Bunny has a rounded-w smile. She also has white paw pads and an attached white dress – a fluffy white that suits her dreamer backstory. 

Her crocheted scalloped collar gives her a sophisticated and old-fashioned look. She also has a white daisy flower crown, which gives her another feminine touch and a contrasting a pop of yellow and green.

You can buy Hannah the Bunny in ivory for $109 for a 20-inch doll or $83 for a 13-inch doll.

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Violet The Fawn Review 

It’s all in the details with Violet the Fawn. This light brown doll has tiny deer ears with pink interiors and two symmetrical knit antlers on the top of her head. Like a real fawn, Violet the Fawn has small white markings on her head.

Violet the Fawn wears a light pink onesie with a ruffle around her waist and two ruffled straps wrapping around the back. 

Violet is described as playful, active, and free-spirited. Kids will love her long limbs which can be easily manipulated so she can sit, frolic, or wave her arms. 

You can find Violet the Fawn for $101 for a 20-inch doll, or $75 for a 13-inch doll.

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Penelope The Flamingo Review

Penelope the Flamingo has a sense of humour! This soft pink doll is funny looking in the best way possible. 

As with all Cuddle and Kind Dolls, Penelope the Flamingo is hand knit and crocheted by artisans, and with so many tiny, intricate details, you can tell just by looking at her. 

This bird doll has a light pink knit body and extra-fluffy cotton wings stitched to her sides. While Penelope the Flamingo does not have a smile, but does have a big beak with a lot of personality. 

Think of Penelope as Cuddle and Kind’s Miss Piggy – she’s outrageous, fabulous, and full of confidence. She has mischievous embroidered black eyes, a sweet white and pink flower crown, and a bright pink blush on her cheeks!

And of course, she’s a great dancer. Penelope has white ballet shoes on, and her creators didn’t forget about her delightful little tail.

You can pick up Penelope the Flamingo for $109 for a 20-inch doll and $83 for a 13-inch doll.

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Sebastian The Lamb Review

Sebastian the Lamb is fit for a royal! This white doll has a knitted yellow crown affixed to his head, a wink at classic children’s story The Little Prince

The top of Sebastian’s head has a rolling, bobble-stitch crochet pattern that mimics the effect of real lambs wool. His ears are small and floppy, and have a pink knit lining.

This soft little sheep wears light blue suspender shorts, with two crocheted buttons to boot. He also has a heart-shaped black nose and a little smile, a gentle friend who loves a silly joke.

Like all Cuddle and Kind Dolls, Sebastian the Lamb is hand-knit and crocheted from natural cotton yarn. 

You can bring him home for $101 for a 20-inch doll or $75 for a 13-inch doll.

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Eloise The Elephant Review 

Eloise the Elephant is a soft grey toy that would look beautiful in any nursery or kids room. She has a classic elephant look, with a grey body and large, flappy ears, and wears a pink onesie!

This doll has white paw pads, a curved knit trunk, dark smiling eyes, and pink cheeks. Eloise is described as a supportive, reliable companion, who wants to dream big and will never forget a good friend.

Like other Cuddle and Kind products, this doll won the Oppenheim Best Toy Award for six years in a row! It is also certified by experts to be safe for newborns, babies, toddler, and children.

You can purchase Eloise the Elephant for $109 for a 20-inch doll or $83 for a 13-inch doll.

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Daisy The Kitten Review 

This doll was made for the young cat lover in your life! Daisy the Kitten has a light grey knit body and a small white blaze running from forehead to the tip of its nose. 

Cuddle and Kind’s wide-eyed, curious cat, Daisy has the brand’s distinct smile stitched in black thread, and a little pink nose and embroidered whiskers, too.

Our Cuddle and Kind Dolls review found that Daisy the Kitten has the same precise detailing you would expect of a Cuddle and Kind Doll. She comes wearing a light pink knit onesie with little shoulder ties and tiny daisies all over it. This sweet animal doll also has white paw pads, small triangular ears, and a little tail. 

You can buy this handmade cat doll for $109 for a 20-inch doll or $83 for a 13-inch doll.

Who Is Cuddle and Kind Dolls For? 

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Review

Cuddle and Kind Dolls are made for young children who love imaginative play. Little ones who love animals and nature will appreciate that they can choose from so many different styles. 

Their sweet dolls come in many colourful options, from unicorns to flamingos to deer, making it easy for your budding Jane Goodall to find a companion version of their favorite creature. And because these toys are so soft, they’re perfect as a nighttime teddy

Cuddle and Kind Dolls are made to be gifted to kids up to about age 10, but their affectionate look and positive contribution makes these stuffed animals a winning buy for any age. 

All of the Cuddle and Kind Dolls have a cute, traditional look that will remind parents of their own treasured childhood toys, and the good they do with each purchase makes them a wonderful choice for anyone who wants their gift to give back. 

While toddlers and children will enjoy playing with the Cuddle and Kind Dolls, these handcrafted toys would also make a beautiful decorative piece for a nursery shelf or rocking chair. New parents may also like to use Cuddle and Kind’s animal friends as adorable accessories for baby photos.

Is Cuddle and Kind Dolls Sustainable? 

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Review

Cuddle and Kind Dolls are certainly not fast fashion – they are hand-made by skilled artisans and use natural fibres – and the brand practices both environmental and social sustainability. 

Cuddle and Kind’s business model is intended to give back with every purchase, with their products being used to provide meals, sustainable working conditions, and fair income. Their commitment to traditional making also allows for artisan skills to be appreciated, compensated, and carried on. 

SImilarly, their commitment to providing good nutrition to kids allows children, their families, and their communities an opportunity to thrive. And because they partner with charities like, you know your purchase is being put toward a reputable program that makes a concrete impact.  

When it comes to their environmental sustainability, Cuddle and Kind Dolls aren’t certified organic and do use some synthetic blends, so some may recognize that the brand has some growing to do when it comes to their materials. 

However, Cuddle and Kind do make their products with natural cotton, which they use for their knit and crocheted exteriors. They also have polyester filling inside, to give the dolls their soft, plush feel. Their production environments are also gentle on the environment, and all of their products are made from non-toxic materials

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Review

Since launching in 2015 Cuddle and Kind Dolls have made well over a million sales. With their unique product line and charity-driven approach, it’s easy to see why they have become so popular – and our Cuddle and Kind Dolls review found that they have the glowing customer feedback to back it up.

On their official website, Cuddle and Kind shows reviews from verified buyers. Many customers praise this brand for the level of artistic detail they put into each doll. 

One customer, who purchased Hannah the Bunny, writes in her Cuddle and Kind review that her doll is, “so precious and well-crafted! I love all the detailing put into her.

Another Hannah fan complimented the dolls’ “lovely soft fabrics.”

Cuddle and Kind buyers also note that these dolls are of high quality and are clearly made by skilled craftspeople

One shopper, who bought Penelope the Flamingo, comments in her Cuddle and Kind Dolls review, “This is such a well-made doll.” 

Another verified buyer writes, “I feel great about the quality of the product and I love that it is ethically sourced.”

On the website TrustPilot, Cuddle and Kind have a 3.1 out of 5-star rating. While some reviewers note that the brand has struggled to keep up with the extreme demand for their product – understandable for a brand whose products aren’t mass-produced – other buyers noted that their customer service is responsive and helped them solve any issues

One TrustPilot shopper, who loved her purchase, writes in her Cuddle and Kind Dolls review, “Shipping can take a bit of time, but it seems to be because they’re becoming so popular…It’s worth the wait!

Cuddle and Kind Dolls is also recognized on the National Parenting Product Awards website, which reviewed the company when they won the 2018 National Parenting Product Award

This association appreciated that Cuddle and Kind’s product is not only “an adorable doll, but it is also ethically produced and hand-knit.” 

The National Parenting Product committee explains that the brand earned the award because evaluators saw that kids loved to play imaginatively with their dolls, and use them for comfort when they were upset.

Ultimately, our Cuddle and Kind Dolls review found that they are a popular new company that has been well-received by parenting experts and everyday customers. Most customers have very positive things to say about their design, quality, and feel, and are excited to buy from this brand again

Is Cuddle and Kind Dolls Worth It?

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Review

This Cuddle and Kind Dolls review has covered the many qualities that set this toy brand apart. So, are they worth your money?

Cuddle and Kind Dolls aren’t exactly a bargain bin item. But, our review finds that they can justify their cost for a few very good reasons:

  1. They are fair trade items made by well-paid artisans in Peru and Nepal
  2. The dolls are hand-made with quality materials like natural cotton
  3. Each product includes a donation of 10 meals to a child in need
  4. Their dolls are incredibly detailed and well-designed
  5. All dolls certified safe and non-toxic for infants and children

This brand has had an enthusiastic reception from experts and individual customers, too. People note that these dolls are a premium-priced product, but most customers feel they are worth it for their great quality, cute and detailed design, and charitable impact

Perhaps most importantly, Cuddle and Kind Dolls are loved by the most important customer of all – kids! 

Winners of the National Parenting Product Award and the Oppenheimer Best Toy Award, these dolls are providing priceless companionship, comfort, and endless hours of imagination-driven play to millions of kids

All things considered, our Cuddle and Kind Dolls review can confidently say that these cuddly, kindhearted dolls are worth a purchase.

Cuddle and Kind Dolls & Discounts 

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Review

Cuddle and Kind Dolls offers 10% off to new customers who subscribe to their website. You can also join their “Kind Rewards” program for free. 

By becoming a member, you will be able to earn 5-10% back from your purchases and will be invited to customer appreciation and rewards events.

You’ll also be able to collect “Kind Rewards” dollars that function like a Cuddle and Kind coupon: you can use them towards buying another doll, or to donate more meals!

Where to Buy Cuddle and Kind Dolls

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Review

You can buy the full line of Cuddle and Kind Dolls on their website.


Cuddle and Kind Dolls Review

Who owns Cuddle and Kind Dolls?

Our Cuddle and Kind Dolls review learned that this brand is owned by philanthropists and entrepreneurs Jennifer and Derek Woodgate.

Does Cuddle and Kind Dolls ship internationally?

Yes, Cuddle and Kind Dolls offers shipping to Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and most other international destinations. 

Confirmation of the brand’s ability to ship to your destination will appear at checkout and you can always contact the company to ask directly.

What is Cuddle and Kind Dolls’ Shipping Policy?

Cuddle and Kind Dolls ships internationally using standard shipping. If you live in Canada or the US and spend over $85, Cuddle and Kind Dolls will ship your package for free

If you live internationally, Cuddle and Kind Dolls will charge you a flat rate of $25 for shipping.

Expedited shipping is also available for residents of the continental US and Canada and costs $25. If you choose standard shipping, you can expect to receive your purchase within 4-7 days, while expedited parcels will arrive within 2-3 days. 

What is Cuddle and Kind Dolls’ Return Policy?

Cuddle and Kind Dolls has a 100% Happiness Guarantee for their customers. This means that you can return your Cuddle and Kind Doll for any reason. 

They also guarantee their dolls’ quality and will replace any doll that has a related issue at any time after its purchase, no matter how much it has been used.

To start the returns process, just email the company at

How to Contact Cuddle and Kind Dolls

Cuddle and Kind Dolls Review

Our Cuddle and Kind Dolls review found that you can contact the company in four ways:

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Text: 1 855 788 0393
  3. Phone: 1 855 781 8778
  4. Live chat – just click the logo at the bottom right of their site

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