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Helly Hansen Review

Whether a fan of winter sports or someone just looking to survive the freezing season, the need for proper clothing never truly leaves us. That’s why businesses like Helly Hansen come into play. 

This popular brand dates back further than many on the market, but that doesn’t stop them from providing fashionable and functional winter attire for men and women.

This popular company has 224k followers on their main Instagram page alone. We didn’t even start to look into all of the offshoot pages for different locations. 

It’s clear that they don’t really need help finding the spotlight either as the name has appeared in Gear Lab, T3, Blister Review, All Outdoors Guide, and many more publications.

Despite being well-known in the industry, this Helly Hansen review team is doing our own research. We’ll be checking out ratings, services, products, and more, all in the hope of determining whether this is a brand to buy.

Overview of Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen Review

In order to really take a look at this brand, we need to go way back. We’re talking 1877 when this whole company found momentum through Captain Helly Hansen and his wife jumping into business for weatherproofed clothes. In that age, this meant old-fashioned oilskin outfits to fight off the rain and snow of the stormy seas.

From that first idea, the brand extended into a world of outdoor gear from camping to sailing to general rain gear to help citizens stay dry. 

Always trying to stay at the top of the field, this brand name appears quite a bit throughout fashion history, making their name for weatherproofing, use of plastic, and more. 

They were one of the first companies to adopt plastic for rain gear, offering a transparent piece to keep dry without hiding an outfit.

Their Lifa Layer came into play in the 1960s, working with thermal materials and technologies to conquer that warmth and breathable formula still in use today. 

These materials and clothes have made appearances time and time again from worldwide competitions to the Olympics themselves. In fact, this brand sits as the #1 apparel brand for Ski Professionals.

Constantly pushing themselves, Helly Hansen has refused to submit to mediocrity, and continues to move forward. But their dedication isn’t the only good part about them – we’ve found a few more business highlights we simply had to share:


Helly Hansen Review
  • Extensive line of men’s and women’s winter wear
  • Get a free day of skiing at one of 50 locations with the purchase of a ski jacket or pant
  • Membership and discount program for military, first responders, and healthcare professionals
  • Sizing chart online to find a perfect fit
  • Free returns

Turning into a more specific area, we’re checking out the products that have popularized the business. From jackets and pants to full-on jumpsuits to conquer the slipperiest of slopes, this one has it all.

Helly Hansen Women’s Clothing Review

Starting off in the Helly Hansen Women’s Clothing category, we’re selecting the best of the best. From top-tier jackets to the pants we all dream of on cold winter evenings, these featured items are best-sellers for a reason.

Helly Hansen Svalbard Down Jacket Review

We’re starting this section of the Helly Hansen review off with one of their most popular pieces – the Svalbard Down Jacket.

This one is all about retaining heat. We know that most understand from the term “down,” but for those that don’t, this material’s heavenly cushioning keeps things nice and toasty in the worst winters. 

All “down jacket” means is the use of feathers to regulate heat – clearly, the birds have the right idea here, so why wouldn’t we want our own option to bring to the party?

The best part about this one is the eco-friendly measures in place. Working primarily with recycled polyester in the lining, all three colors of this jacket are responsibly sourced and chemical-free. It’s only the good stuff here. 

Just warmth, style, and wind resistance in these parts. Aim for the skies for $300.

Helly Hansen Powderqueen 3.0 Jacket Review

Start up that speed-demon look with the cool and cunning Powderqueen 3.0 Jacket. Freedom is everything when it comes to being a powder queen. What do we mean by that? 

We’re talking not only freedom of movement from the two-way stretch fabric, but also freedom from chemicals in the design. That’s right, this one is all eco-friendly in design for a brighter future spent amongst the snow.

Not only are the chemicals gone from this one, but the need to apply protective sprays is too. There’s no need to annually get coverage as these jackets offer all the water and wind-proofing a piece could ever need. 

Added vents keep the air flowing to avoid sweat patches building up throughout the day, making this one perfect for conquering that picturesque ski queen look.

Grab this one for the closet for $450.

Helly Hansen Lifa Merino Midweight Pants Review 

We couldn’t complete this article without taking a glance at some of the Helly Hansen pants that have built this brand. That’s why the Lifa Merino Midweight Pants have to be highlighted.

Warm enough to battle any cold, these high-performance pants are all about creating an insulated environment. How do they forge that ideal sensation? Layering.

Working in a two-layer format, Helly Hansen uses one layer of merino wool for the base before adding in a segment of their own Lifa technology. These fibers are used to keep things light and fitted without sacrificing insulation. 

They also combine moisture management properties with top airflow to prevent sweat and stickiness due to heat. This way it’s all the warmth and satisfaction with none of the overheating.

At the time of writing this Helly Hansen review, these pants are on for $60 (down from $100).

Helly Hansen Men’s Clothing Review

We need to take a look at the Helly Hansen Men’s Clothing in this one – it would only be fair. 

We’re limiting ourselves to three products to match our last category look, so we’re sticking with the most popular pieces currently on the market to show off just what fashion and function look like to this brand.

Helly Hansen Garibaldi 2.0 Jacket Review

We couldn’t complete this article without considering the Garibaldi 2.0 Jacket with all the facts, figures, and features in its folds.

This jacket leaves fashion aside for a moment to focus primarily on function. 

We’ll admit, it’s still a cool one to look at in both Gray and Sweet Lime colors, but that’s not the central importance of this piece. Instead, the endless pockets and helmet-hood get lost in the beauty of the material itself.

Using insulated material as the foundation of the jacket, this shell number retains heat despite being lightweight in nature. Warm (but vented to avoid overheating), this jacket even comes from eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturing practices to really make it stand out as the best. 

When it comes to finding the perfect Helly Hansen jacket, this one may be near the top of the list.

Dive into the depth of the winter sport world for $450.

Helly Hansen Odin 9 Worlds 2.0 Jacket Review

The Odin 9 Worlds 2.0 Jacket is an easy winner in this Helly Hansen review – an award-winner, that is.

Known for being high-performance, these shells are all about protection. Understanding that speed of wind and velocity are two chilling factors in a day spent riding the ski lift, the Odin 9 Worlds tackles those shivers through its waterproof and windproof material. 

Despite blocking out the worst of winds, this jacket still allows for proper airflow, venting the piece for breathability to avoid those sweat stain build-ups.

The trickiest thing about winter wear is finding the perfect fit. Some run hot while others run too cold. That’s why all four colors of this selection function as a shell. This one is all about layering to fit body temperature, weather, and terrain. 

Add or remove under layers as you please to find that ideal balance.

Grab one for the ages for $450.

Helly Hansen ULLR Chugach Infinity Powder Suit Review

Why bother balancing that perfect jacket and pants combo when you can be on the slopes with a seamless appearance in the ULLR Chugach Infinity Powder Suit.

It’s all for one and one for all with this one – we’re talking a body suit meant to conquer the snow and slush of any hill and weather. 

This product was made for advanced skiers, from the water and windproof material to the breathable vents placed throughout the piece. In fact, it’s a technological first – no reapplication is needed to retain that stunning weather repellent quality.

In addition to the sleek external features, this suit didn’t come to play with their storage factors. Featuring six pockets across the piece, there’s easy space to keep all the necessities within arm’s reach. 

Plus, we have to consider the helmet-hood that’s ready to block out the wind on those chilling runs down the slope.

Available in orange and black, this piece is currently on sale for $600 (down from $1,000).

Who Is Helly Hansen For? 

Helly Hansen Review

We’ll say that this brand is for a colder crowd. They’re big into winter sports, so any skier will be pleased with the final product from this brand. 

Each piece of attire covers a range of features for warmth, ease of access, flexibility, and more. They understand that being warm shouldn’t cost motion.

We do want to say that the men’s and women’s wear from Helly Hansen doesn’t just have to be used for winter sport. Anyone existing in colder climates will be happy to buy from this brand due to insulation and breathability alone. Trust us, they have this range covered.

Helly Hansen Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Helly Hansen Review

We couldn’t complete our Helly Hansen review without considering the opinions of the public. That’s why we turned to the internet for ratings, reviews, and personal experiences to get a bigger picture of what this brand brings to the table.

The first glance from their own site shows that customers are quite satisfied. In fact, one customer stated that “Helly Hansen’s global web page is very well organized, easy to use and provides a lot of helpful tools like excellent size guides.

A top-tier website is a great first step to a good connection with customers, sales, and service. The only way to really improve upon that? Quality products in the inventory.

It seems that customers continue to be impressed with this brand’s products. Offering a wide range of men’s and women’s attire for the world of winter, these popular pieces retain their best-selling status due to looks and features that make them perfect for the slopes. 

The Men’s Crew Midlayer Sailing Jacket is a great example with its 4.8/5 stars based on over 1,520 ratings.

What makes this jacket so popular? Well, customers adore the warming insulation of the coat and its weather-proof wearing. 

Wind, rain, snow, or storm, this jacket can handle it all. In fact, one Helly Hansen review noted, “This is the second time I’ve bought this jacket and it is absolutely fantastic. Windproof Waterproof Warm and great mid layer too. Looks good on shore.

Comfortable, warming, water-resistant, and offering a good fit (due to those helpful sizing charts online), there’s no losing with this one. And this is really just the start to their stock. We narrowed down just a few other popular products from this brand:

  • Alpha 3.0 Jacket: 4.8/5 stars based on 600+ ratings
  • W Alphelia Lifaloft Jacket: 4.9/5 stars based on over 200 ratings
  • Men’s Odin 9 Worlds 2.0 Outdoor Shell Jacket: 4.8/5 stars based on nearly 250 ratings
  • Men’s Odin Huginn Softshell Pants: 4.6/5 stars based on over 150 ratings
  • Sogn Cargo Pants: 4.7/5 stars based on over 165 ratings
  • Women’s Odin Stretch Hooded Insulator Jacket: 4.8/5 stars based on 115 ratings

Looking to outside sources, we turned to the ever-reliable TrustPilot to find their own 3.1/5 stars based on over 175 ratings. While not as high as the numbers seen on Helly Hansen’s own site, we do have to say that this site’s mixed bag seems full of contrasting opinions. 

While some argue that quality and customer service are non-existent, others stand by that both elements of this business are top tier.

Had a zipper fail on a pair of HH bibs. I sent a message to HH and within one day they gave me a store credit to purchase replacements. Excellent customer service. Helly Hansen is a company that stands behind their products.

Numerous customers report incredible interactions with customer service one products just within the limits (or just over the limits) of their warranty. Each account has easy and free replacements sent to the customers with smooth transitions throughout the process. 

It seems like this brand stands by their products and quality, offering to step in at the slightest suggestion that something isn’t quite right.

Even GearLab agrees with the assessment of quality products, giving this brand 8.8/10 stars

In their review of one of Helly Hansen’s ski jackets, they take note of how “The jacket is amazingly soft and stretchy, both inside and out, earning top marks for comfort. The ski-specific features on this jacket also set it apart from the competition, with plenty of pockets and other conveniences that make life easy on the slopes.

Always looking to improve quality, function, and form, this brand never rests. They’re constantly looking to improve their products and services for the best customer experience.

Is Helly Hansen Legit?

Helly Hansen Review

Absolutely, they are. This brand appears legitimate in all locations. While there are some on TrustPilot users who haven’t been thrilled with the business, the majority of customers seem thrilled with the service and products they’ve encountered over the years. 

We’re not noting any red flags for this one.

Is Helly Hansen Worth It?

Helly Hansen Review

To conclude this Helly Hansen review, we’re claiming that this brand is worth it. Providing quality winter sportswear for customers, this business has managed to balance insulation, breathability, and weatherproofing all in stretchy and flexible fits. 

They may not be the cheapest on the market with some of their coats costing well into the hundreds, but they also aren’t the most expensive in the game.

Mid-range in price, top of the line in quality and service – this brand isn’t one to miss.

Helly Hansen Promotions & Discounts 

Helly Hansen Review

Despite our best efforts, we weren’t able to find any current promotions on the site. 

We will say that Military, First Responder, and Healthcare professionals have memberships available to them to receive hefty discounts on orders. Anyone in those career paths should register to take advantage of real savings.

It’s also worth it to look into Helly Hansen Outlet sales for top deals and discounts. They pop up from time to time, so keep an eye out.

Where to Buy Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen Review

While writing this Helly Hansen review, we discovered that the winter sports brand appears in quite a few places online. While their full stock is accessible through their own site at, they’re also available at the following locations:

  • REI
  • Nordstrom
  • Boston Seaport
  • Back Country
  • Amazon


Helly Hansen Review

Who owns Helly Hansen?

Helly Hansen is actually owned by a Canadian company. The brand’s parent organization is none other than Canadian Tire.

Does Helly Hansen ship internationally?

Absolutely, they do. Helly Hansen has different international sites depending on the country, so be sure to select your personal country for delivery.

What is Helly Hansen’s Shipping Policy?

We know that shipping can cause some people stress – that’s why we took it upon ourselves to identify the key information about this brand’s delivery process. We’ll keep it nice and short:

  • Standard shipping comes in at a $10 flat rate
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Tracking service via UPS

We’ll admit, it’s not a lot of info, but part of that comes from the removal of expedited shipping. The second speed was removed due to Covid and the business warns that while expected delivery times are calculated a checkout, some shipments may arrive later due to the pandemic.

What is Helly Hansen’s Return Policy?

We’ll admit that not all products come out of the highest quality. That’s fine from time to time when the shoe (or snowsuit) doesn’t fit quite right. 

It’s all about the return policy at that point and we’re happy to note that Helly Hansen has a pretty good one.

At the time of this Helly Hansen review, this brand offers a 90-day return policy. This process is free to customers for returns and exchanges. All it takes is a few simple steps:

  1. Log into Returnado through email
  2. Follow the email sent with the log-in info
  3. Select products for return
  4. Follow guided steps, repackage, and ship

So long as customers choose to use the provided shipping label, the process for returns is free. All that’s left is to package and drop it off at a post office. That’s not too hard, right?

How to Contact Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen Review

Have some questions after reading through this Helly Hansen review? That’s no issue. We’ve narrowed down two easy ways to reach out to the company themselves for clear and concise answers:

  • Phone: 1 866-435-5902
  • Fill out their Online Contact Form

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