Descente Ski Jackets Review

About Descente

Descente Ski Jackets Review

Do you love winter sports, but come away with nearly frostbitten hands and cheeks so rosy you could pass for Santa Claus? Say no more; Descente has the solution for you.

The brand sells sleek jackets, pants, accessories, and more. You can wrap your family up in warm, stylish winter sportswear without anyone looking like the Michelin Man. 

With a following of over 24k on Instagram, Descente’s feed features moody pictures of their products that match the intense vibe of competition and performance that the brand is synonymous with. 

The company is also supported by many famous winter sports players, like ski racers Marco Odermatt and Carlo Janka, who value the quality and protection of the gear.

This Descente ski jackets review will skate you through all the ins and outs of the brand, provide details on some of their bestsellers, and explore how customers feel about the collection to help you decide if it’s worth checking out.

Overview of Descente

Descente Ski Jackets Review

The story of Descente begins with a love for high-quality clothing. In 1935, Takeo Ishimoto founded the label Ishimoto Shoten, which focused on menswear. 

The brand then teamed up with a professional skier, Kazuyoshi Nishimura, in 1954, who had a passion for developing skiwear. Soon enough, Descente was born out of this partnership. 

From the very beginning, the brand was all about innovation. The RWSB Jacket was the first of its kind: a windbreaker that could be folded up into a small bag for easy transportation. In only a few years the brand was producing quality gear for all winter sports and activities, including mountain climbing, skating, and cycling. 

The term ‘Descente’ means ‘downhill skiing’, which is the brand’s way of demonstrating commitment to its origins. They’ve also received awards for selling some of the best Japan-made products on the market.

Descente has a clear mission: “Fuse imagination with clever technology to always stay one step ahead of the game.” The brand believes in challenging themselves to become better and better with every release in order to take winter sports further.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the brand’s history, this Descente ski jackets review will give a rundown of some pros and cons.


  • Wide selection of winter sportswear for men, women, and children
  • Stylish designs and variety 
  • Hand-crafted with quality materials
  • Versatile and lightweight pieces 
  • Good size range
  • Products are available through many retailers 


  • Varying price points since products are not sold directly on the brand’s website
  • Relatively expensive 
Descente Ski Jackets Review

Descente sells winter sportswear for men, women, and children. The brand carries things like jackets, ski pants, hats, and gloves so you can move swiftly and comfortably when undertaking any winter sport. 

The bestsellers mentioned in this Descente ski jackets review are not currently sold through the website. The brand has partnered with retailers such as Sporting Life and Ski West, so price points may vary.

Descente Women’s Ski Jackets Review

First things first, we know that a good jacket keeps you warm. But what else makes a jacket worth buying? If it moves with you and makes you look good while doing what you love! Let’s take a look at some of the bestselling Descente women’s ski jackets to find the right one for you.

Descente Down Jacket Review

If you’re into bright colors and artistic patterns, you’ll love Descente’s Down Jacket. Designed by Kahori Maki, this coat is a work of art. It’s based on the ancient Japanese story of the Bamboo Cutter. 

You can choose between a rainbow colored bamboo leaf design on a white base or a moodier version that features dark greens, grays, and black.

This waist length jacket has multiple features, including ventilation on the underarms so you can breathe, and a detachable fur trim on the hood so you can switch things up. It even comes with a scarf with a matching design for a cohesive look.

You can find this Descente jacket on sale for $780 at Exxpozed, under the name W Hana Jacket Dark Night Kahori Maki Print

Descente Insulated Jacket Review

It’s all in the details with the Insulated Jacket. This snow white jacket is hip length and flares out at the waist for a flattering fit. The fur collar is easily detachable and there is sleeve ventilation so you don’t have to worry about overheating. There is also a fun pattern on the lining of the jacket for a cool twist.

Pair it with your favourite leggings and Descente backpack for a casual look, or match it with a simple white toque and dark gray snow pants for an evening ski trip!

This insulated jacket is available at Exxpozed for $673, under the name Descente W Ayame Jacket Super White.

Descente Down Jacket Review

If you love the puffer jacket trend but need something a little more heavy duty, the Down Coat is for you! This coat puts a twist on the trend as it is form-fitting rather than oversized, with an elasticated band at the hips so you don’t have to worry about any snow sneaking up your back.

The satiny smooth coat comes with a detachable hood and down filling so you can stay warm in those sub zero temperatures. Hop on the trends with this timeless black jacket that is built for style and function, keeping you warm while looking super cute and cozy!

If you love this jacket, you can find it at Sporting Life for $600, under the name Women’s Marion Coat.

Descente Men’s Ski Jackets Review

Heading off on a weekend trip dedicated to skiing? After you’ve packed your warmest gloves and a fondue pot, all that’s left to grab is your most durable outerwear. Now that we’ve taken a look at women’s coats, let’s see what the popular Descente men’s ski jackets collection is all about! 

Descente i2 Hybrid Down Jacket Review

Want to be a pop of color in the middle of a blizzard? Descente has you covered with the i2 Hybrid Down Jacket! This spicy red coat won’t be the only thing keeping you toasty because the down filling and lined hood are sure to keep you warm all winter long.

The feather filling ensures you aren’t carrying too much weight while you move, so you don’t have to worry about this jacket dragging you down. You’ll feel light as a feather. There is also a layer of polyester so there will be no uncomfortable jabs from a rogue feather.

You can purchase this jacket from Exxpozed under the name M S.I.O. Hybrid Down Jacket Red for $709.

Descente i4.R Insulated Jacket Swiss National Team Replica Review

Since Descente is a sponsor of Swiss skiers, it is only fitting that they would recreate a famous Swiss skiing jacket! The i4.R Insulated Jacket Swiss National Team Replica jacket comes in a stunning red shade and features patches that can be found on the original.

With great ventilation and lots of pocket options, this jacket is a bold choice for any wardrobe and a stunning ode to Descente’s history. This is the perfect addition to the closet of any pro skier or anyone who simply loves the winter Olympics. 

Wear it on your next ski trip so you can summon some power from the pros. This Descente Swiss jacket can be found at Exxpozed for $560, under the name M CSX SX DOWN JACKET, Electric Red.

Descente i1 Insulated Jacket Review

In the theme of classics, the i4 Insulated Jacket is another customer favorite. This black beauty is fitted and features multiple textures that elevate the simple look. The thinner but heavy duty material keeps you warm without any bulky or excess material getting in the way.

This jacket can fit your preferences with an adjustable hood and multiple zippers so you can move comfortably. The velcro wrist adjusters can fit around your gloves for optimal movement. 

With lots of ventilation and zipper pockets, this is the perfect Descente cycling jacket. It can be found at Gear Chase for $770!

Descente Ski Pants Review

When you’re beating your personal best, the last thing you want is snow down your butt. 

So, let’s take a look at the most popular Descente ski pants to match your jacket. 

Descente Men’s Insulated Pants Review

If you need a pair of bottoms to match your i1 Insulated Jacket, look no further than the Men’s Insulated Pants. Like the jacket, these pants are textured black and add a little something to an otherwise simple combo. There is also an elasticated ankle so you can fit them comfortably over your winter boots.

You don’t have to worry about any uncomfortable friction with the smooth crotch lining, and the waist adjuster ensures a comfortable fit without any added pressure. There’s also plenty of zipper pockets for storing any ski passes or anything else you don’t want to lose!

These Descente men’s ski pants are available at The Last Lift under the name Stock Mens Pant (Regular) 2020 for $299.

Descente Women’s Insulated Pants Review

On the hunt for ski pants that could pass as regular pants? Descente’s Women’s Insulated Pants aren’t too bulky yet provide the warmth you need. 

Despite the minimal design, these pants have great features. The adjustable waistband and lower leg zippers ensure that you’ll be comfortable for an all day ski trip. 

The elasticated ankle will also hold firmly in place over your boots. Plus, the colorful stripring down the side of the pants will also pair perfectly with your Down Jacket. 

These Descente women’s ski pants can be purchased from Exxpozed for $319, under the name W Mona Pant Black.

Descente Women’s Insulated Pants Review

The Women’s Insulated Pants have a slim fit that will fit comfortably under a longer jacket. The low rise and adjustable waist ensure a comfortable fit and breathability so you don’t get too hot.

The zipper pockets allow for lots of storage for any keys or necessities when you’re out for  a climb. You can pair these Descente athletic insulated pants with a black jacket for a pop of color, or a neon pink jacket for a fun look! 

Available in lots of bright colors, like sunflower yellow or electric red, these pants can be purchased from Sporting Life for $100, under the name Women’s Norah Pant.

Who is Descente For? 

Descente Ski Jackets Review

This Descente ski jackets review feels that the brand is a winter sport lover’s dream, but is also for anyone who travels to cold climates or lives somewhere where the temperature tends to drop below freezing. 

If you love to spend your days building snowmen with your kids, climb Mount Everest every once in a while, or have a passion for skiing, they’ve got you back. Staying toasty warm doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to have fun, so keep moving in Descente.

Comparison: Descente vs. Arc’teryx

Descente Ski Jackets Review

There are plenty of outerwear brands on the market, but of course they don’t all deliver the same quality when it comes to sports or heavy use. This Descente ski jackets review will now take a look at another brand, Arc’teryx, to see how the two companies measure up.

Both brands have been in business for many years and are on a mission to develop the best products they possibly can. They market to people who want to focus on what they’re doing rather than where they are, and proper clothing is crucial in achieving this. 

Arc’teryx offers more than jackets and a few accessories. It carries things you may need for intense mountain climbing or hikes, including boots, packs, and even avalanche airbags. While this line is still expensive, it is more affordable than Descente when it comes to finding a high-quality winter jacket.

Since both brands design their products with a focus on lasting quality and durability, they are on the sustainable side. Arc’teryx and Descente are committed to making great products and they use quality materials that are manufactured with the customer in mind.

Arc’teryx does ship products straight from their website, so if you’re looking for convenience it might be a good option. Both brands sell quality winter sportswear so you can stay bundled up while engaging in demanding workouts. 

For this Descente ski jackets review, it all comes down to which brand sounds like the best fit for you. So which do you prefer? 

Descente Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Descente Ski Jackets Review

This Descente ski jackets review had to do a lot of hunting to find testimonials about the brand and its products! We’re happy to announce that they do receive plenty of good press—across the board, customers seem happy with their purchases. 

While there is a small amount of reviews available, the fact that this brand has been tried by many pros in the business for years definitely speaks to the quality and performance of the products. 

Descente scored a 4.6/5 star rating out of 303 reviews on ReviewMeta and 3.7/5 stars out of the small pool of 3 reviewers on Trustpilot. Overall, these comments appreciate that the brand remains true to its mission and that Descente ski wear is stylish, comfortable, and easy to move around in.

In one 5/5 star review on Peter Glenn, a buyer writes about the Descente women’s ski pants: “True to size, gorgeous colour which matches the other products (such as the Layla jacket I purchased to match) in the same colour. Stylish, great fit and they have enough stretch to feel really comfortable. Belt loops so you can wear a belt. I am 5ft 9 and the regular length is perfect.”

Another 5/5 star review on Trustpilot commends the brand for its comfortability and versatility, remarking that their purchase is the “Best jacket ever! Can’t say I’ve worn it on the slopes but I have owned this jacket for years & love it.”

On the Corbetts website, one customer describes how happy they are with all of their Descente purchases, leaving a 5/5 star review:

Sometimes a brand keeps on giving. I’ve just started Descente this year – got really comfortable with a ski Jacket – then found a Canadian special ski edition from Corbetts later this year. That was also a great fit – so took a chance on this spring jacket. Love it. The blue is electric and the fit is perfect.”

This Descente ski jackets review found that most reviewers deem the jackets perfect for winter activities but also fashionable enough to wear on the regular. Having a coat that keeps you warm but allows you to freely enjoy your favorite sport is important, and the brand delivers.

Some buyers had an issue with the sizing, reporting that they were required to size up to get the right fit. Since many of the websites where you can shop Descente have good return policies, you can always exchange the item if need be. That generally seems to be the experience of many of these customers, who state that the value of the item outshines its fit. 

Is Descente Worth It?

Descente Ski Jackets Review

So, what’s the final verdict for this Descente ski jackets review? What you wear when participating in sports or living in a cold climate needs to be durable and warm. Luckily, the brand’s products last years through freezing conditions, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth with this buy.

Descente was born from a love for skiing and clothing, and it has only grown rapidly. The brand continues to release innovative designs and they’re committed to customer satisfaction. Donned by professionals, the gear may be expensive at first glance. But, it’s made from quality materials and built specifically to handle the most demanding pressures.

Descente Promotions & Discounts 

Descente Ski Jackets Review

This Descente ski jackets review found that while the brand does not sell products directly from their website, you can find some hot deals through the retailers that hold sales or holiday events!

Where to Buy Descente

Descente Ski Jackets Review

Descente doesn’t ship directly from their website, but instead partners with other sellers to distribute the products. This Descente ski jackets review found that you can shop the brand at companies like Sporting Life, Ski West, Corbetts, and lots of other brands that sell winter sports gear.


Descente Ski Jackets Review

Where is Descente made? 

The company is extremely transparent about the manufacturing process, detailing that the products are hand crafted in Japan. This Descente ski jackets review found that quality is of utmost importance to the brand, and so they ensure that the proper time and care is taken with each piece. 

Does Descente fit true to size? 

Worried that your Descente clothing won’t run true to size? Many reviews claim that the brand runs small, so sizing up may be necessary for a good fit. 

What is Descente’s Shipping Policy?

Anxious to receive your Descente Allterrain jacket? As this Descente ski jackets review has outlined, the brand does not have a shipping policy since it doesn’t ship its products! While you can look through the array of products on the website, you will have to visit another retailer to get them delivered to you. 

What is Descente’s Return Policy?

Wondering if you’ll be able to return your Descente shoes? While the website provides information on its individual products, it does not function as a sales website. 

Since you can’t purchase items from Descente, the same rule applies where you will have to deal with another retailer for returns (where you buy it is where you return it!).

Many clothing brands do offer returns or exchanges within 30 days, so just be sure to check with the retailer you choose before checkout! 

How to Contact Descente

We hope you enjoyed our Descente ski jackets review! If you have any further questions for the brand, feel free to contact them directly by filling out the contact form on their website. They will email you a response right away.

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