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Knickey Organic Cotton Underwear Review

Knickey is an e-commerce brand that specializes in organic underwear for women.

By producing garments that are devoid of harsh chemicals, the company is committed to practicing an ecocentric approach. Their collection features a wide range of styles, including thongs, briefs, bikinis, and hipsters.

Described as “a cheeky new underwear brand with a mission by Forbes Magazine, Knickey has gained a cult following on Instagram with over 23k followers and counting. They have also been featured by several online publications, such as Vogue, The Cut, and Entrepreneur.

This Knickey underwear review will take an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their cheeky undies are worth the buy.

Overview of Knickey 

Knickey Organic Cotton Underwear Review

The people behind Knickey see a problem with the current over-production of clothing and believe that the industry can do so much better.

While sustainably-made clothing brands have exploded in the past few years, Knickey founders Cayla O’Connell Davis and Lauren Sagadore wanted to focus on the missing piece: underwear.

In 2013, Davis and Sagadore launched Knickey. The duo is passionate about full transparency, and so the brand is open when it comes to detailing its manufacturing and sourcing process. 

While other brands may use terms like “eco-friendly” just to push sales, Knickey assures that with their products “you can be confident that you’re minimizing your environmental impact without hours of research. We do our homework so you don’t have to.

The company uses certified organic cotton for all of its styles. Additionally, their material is devoid of pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals.

Knickey ensures that their fabric blend does not disrupt the vaginal biome, and won’t lead to any future infections or reproductive diseases.

With their headquarters located in the bustling metropolis of New York City, Knickey continues to be a force within the slow fashion movement.

The brand’s eco-friendly and fair-trade business practices have resulted in well-deserved recognition. They are frequently praised alongside other sustainable brands in Glossy, Nylon, New York Magazine, and other notable media outlets.

Before we get into this Knickey review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons.

Knickey Organic Cotton Underwear Review


  • Variety of cuts and styles of high-quality underwear to choose from
  • Products are environmentally friendly and ethically made
  • Free of harmful substances, such as nickel and lead
  • Some styles have a wide size range from XXS to XXXL
  • Knickey recycling program: send an old pair of underwear for recycling, then receive a free pair with your next order of Knickey organic underwear
  • Subscription programs and discount prices offered 
  • First Pair Guarantee, try multiple underwear styles and return for free if they are not for you
  • Free shipping on orders $60+ 


  • Limited customer reviews on their products

For those on a quest to become a sustainable shopper, perhaps it’s time to add environmentally friendly undergarments to your closet. This brand offers a wide selection of undies cut in different styles, from cheeky Knickey lowrise thongs to casual high-rise briefs.

If you don’t know what style you’re looking for, this Knickey organic cotton underwear review will cover all of the basics for a good look at what the brand has to offer. Let’s take a look at their bestsellers

Knickey High-Rise Brief Review 

We’re currently amid a high-rise fever. From pants, skirts, and swimwear, it’s apparent that this fashion trend is here to stay. Take the trend with Knickey’s High-Rise Brief.

Snug in fit, these Knickey organic cotton panties feature a French-cut leg opening and an elastic waistband.

Designed to be breathable, this material wicks away moisture to prevent bacteria from multiplying. This Knickey organic cotton underwear review thinks this is more than enough reason to give this brand a look. 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about any harmful materials near your most delicate body part. These Knickey organic panties are manufactured without any harsh chemicals like bleach or formaldehyde.

This style is designed to sit comfortably above your hips. To wash, make sure your water is cold. Then, they can be thrown in the dryer or hung to dry.

This $13 High-Rise Brief is always available in their 6 signature colors, including Midnight Moon and Beach Bum. Plus, they currently offer a limited release in three more vibrant shades.

Knickey Low-Rise Bikini Review

Reminiscent of your favorite summer swimsuit set, the Low-Rise Bikini offers the same amount of cheeky coverage but with the added benefit of being comfy all day long under your powerhouse work outfit.

This classic style hugs the widest parts of your hips and stays put thanks to the elastic waistband. It also features a self-end hem around the leg holes for maximum comfort and stretch.

This Knickey lowrise bikini is made out of 95% certified organic cotton with 5% elastane for flexibility. The material is gentle on the skin to prevent chafing and overall discomfort.

With 6 permanent and 3 limited release colors to choose from, you can get the Low-Rise Bikini for $13.

Knickey Low-Rise Thong Review

Trying to get that perfect belfie? Knickey’s Low-Rise Thong ensures that your behind looks seamless and unbunched when wearing your favorite skinny jeans or tight yoga pants.

Cut to sit low on the waist, its t-shaped seams prevent digging at the hips. Plus, these organic cotton thongs are free from harsh chemicals that affect your vaginal biome. This means no chlorine, bleach, formaldehyde, or other dangerous substances.

This style comes in its 6 signature shades and 1 limited release color. Go ahead and get that Instagram praise with the Low-Rise Thong for $13.

Knickey Mid-Rise Brief Review 

If you aren’t a fan of high or low-waisted panties, the Mid-Rise Brief may be an easy introduction to this brand. Styled to fully cover your behind, this cut sits comfortably at the middle of your hips.

Plus, it features an elasticated waistband and leg opening for secure placement, so there won’t be any annoying slippage mishaps.

This Mid-Rise Brief is dyed in its 6 signature colors, in addition to the limited edition Bell Bottom Blue. We think this design is perfect for that dreaded time of the month, as its cut promises coverage and support.

For an essential that’ll last in your undies drawer for a long time, purchase these Knickey Mid Rise Briefs for $13 a pair.

Knickey Mid-Rise Hipster Review 

Just because the word ‘hipster’ is involved doesn’t mean that it’s pretentious. The Mid-Rise Hipster briefs offer comfortability and flexibility in their design, much like those coffee house flannels and slouchy beanies.

Meant to sit in the middle of the hip, these Knickey organic women’s underwear features a self end hem and an elastic waistband for security and support.

With 6 permanent and 1 limited release color, these Knickey Mid Rise Hipster undies give a lot of choices.

You can grab a pair of the Mid-Rise Hipster knickers for only $13, which is akin to a pricey cup of coffee at your local hipster cafe.

Knickey Starter Sets Review

For those that can’t decide on just one pair of Knickey organic cotton underwear women’s undies, why not buy it all? The Starter Sets offers one of each style:

  • 1x Low-Rise Thong
  • 1x Low-Rise Bikini
  • 1x Mid-Rise Hipster
  • 1x Mid-Rise Brief
  • 1x High-Rise Brief

All made out of certified organic cotton, these knickers are dressed to impress. According to the product description, “there’s a fit for everybody. Round, Flat, Apple, Pear, Bubble, Perky, Or Twerky – they’ve got you[r butt] covered.”

The Starter Sets are available in over 7 different colors, with one collection that contains various hues. Whether you pick the Core Assorted, Midnight Moon, or Beach Bum collection, each one costs $60.

This Knickey organic cotton underwear review found that availability is currently limited, and some colors only have a few sizes left. We hope they restock these essentials soon!

Knickey 10 Pairs, 2 Times a Year Review

Did you know that underwear has an expiry date? Experts say that we should be replacing underwear every 6-12 months for the safest and most comfortable results.

Luckily, this brand thought of that. This Knickey organic cotton underwear review found out that with the brand’s subscription plan, 10 Pairs, 2 Times a Year theres a way to keep your underwear selection fresh, new, and, of course, pretty!

As the name suggests, Knickey will send 10 new pairs of their underwear every 6 months when you sign up for this subscription. Simply complete a 4-step questionnaire, approve your picks before they are shipped, and then wait for new panties!

Unfortunately, this service is currently unavailable. But, the 10 Pairs, 2 Times a Year subscription normally comes to $116.

Knickey Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Knickey Organic Cotton Underwear Review

This Knickey organic cotton underwear review found limited customer reviews online. Because of this, we may not be able to paint a well-rounded depiction of the brand’s credibility.

On their website, there are over 2k reviews, and every underwear style has an average of 5/5-stars. Buyers love the comfortable-to-wear material, flattering fits, and available color options. Take these glowing testimonials:

On the High-Rise Brief: SO COMFY! I will never buy my underwear from anyone else. I love the high-cut leg, and the high waist is so flattering! Having underwear that fits is a total game-changer, especially if you’re curvy, or if your body is changing.”

On the Low-Rise Thong: “I’m super picky about thongs. I love that these are 95% cotton, they don’t ride up or slide down, and they fit true to size without being too restrictive or tight. I’m quickly replacing all my thongs with these!

In our research, we didn’t find many independent reviews on other online sources. Some blogs, including Plush Society and My Subscription Addiction, have rated this brand favorably.

For example, the owner of My Subscription Addictionfell in love with their sustainability promise, their supply chain ethics, and their materials—and their transparency about all of it.”

Refinery29 also gives Knickey two thumbs up concerning the safety of their panties on your vaginal biome. In their article, Cotton Undies To Keep Your Vagina Feeling Fresh the blog outlines the “highest-rated cotton underthings for you, your wardrobe, and of course, your vagina.”

This complements the brand in its use of materials, no doubt. But, Refinery29 also ranked two of the brand’s best-selling styles under some flattering categories:

  • The High Rise Brief: Best “Sexy” High Waist Style
  • The Mid-Rise Hipster: The Most Wedge-Proof

Now, to the harsh side of the brand’s customer feedback. On the company’s website, negative Knickey reviews are few and far between.

Some testimonials state that the High-Rise Briefs ride up and the Low-Rise Thongs need more material in the front. Note: these statements are extremely rare. Most people seem extremely satisfied with this brand.

Additionally, some customers report that they love their Knickey briefs, not to be mistaken as Nikki briefs, but find that they run large: “They are super comfy however I wish I could size down. I’m usually an XS but this runs big! Consider making XXS please.

We love that the brand listens to negative feedback. They have since expanded their size range! Make sure you check out their size chart to discover the right fit for you.

Is Knickey Worth It?

Knickey Organic Cotton Underwear Review

For eco-friendly and ethically-made undies, this Knickey organic cotton underwear review encourages you to check them out. But, we do recommend having a bit of buyer’s skepticism because of the lack of veritable customer reviews.

What makes Knickey stand out from its competitors is its transparency. Their website provides very detailed information on where they source their materials, how they manufacture their fabric, and what steps they take to help the environment.

The transparency in the brand’s sustainability policy is especially helpful for consumers that want to have a more positive impact on the environment, as all of their garments are made with certified organic cotton.

We also love that the brand provides a recycling program. If you live in the US, send the used panties to Knickey. They’ll break down the textiles to create new fibers. Plus, you get a free pair of Knickeys when participating!

Their eco-conscious practices even extend to their packaging because Knickey sources its boxes through suppliers that ensure a small ecological footprint.

Though you can get more affordable underwear from other brands, Knickey’s sustainability and fair-trade practices aren’t matched by those same brands. For that reason, $13 for one pair seems extremely reasonable.

As the brand expands, we hope more customers provide their honest thoughts on the brand. But, Knickey does offer a First Pair Guarantee for each style, though: try them risk-free, and then exchange or return them if you are unsatisfied.

So, is Knickey worth it? Based on all we have learned from this brand, we think they are definitely worth the buy.

Knickey Promotions & Discounts 

Knickey Organic Cotton Underwear Review

This Knickey organic cotton underwear review didn’t come across a Knickey discount code or promotions.

But, don’t forget about their recycling program, where they provide a free pair of undies for sending them your used ones.

Currently, the brand is in the works of developing a subscription box to help save buyers money. For updates on upcoming deals and sales, follow their social media pages.

Where to Buy Knickey

Knickey Organic Cotton Underwear Review

You can buy this underwear exclusively at Unfortunately, they are not available to purchase on other retail stores, such as Amazon or Walmart.


Knickey Organic Cotton Underwear Review

What Sizes Does Knickey Offer?

Knickey’s size range varies and is dependent on which products you are interested in.

For example, the Low-Rise Bikini is available in sizes XXS to XL, while other cuts, such as the Mid-Rise Brief, are offered up to XXXL.

According to its website, Knickey is actively working on increasing its size range to ensure that everyone feels included.

What is Knickey’s Shipping Policy?

The Knickey free shipping policy applies if your order totals $60 or more. Anything under this amount is charged a flat fee of $4.

The company uses USPS Standard First Class Mail and USPS Priority Mail as their available shipping options. Orders usually take 3 to 7 days to arrive.

Customers are given a tracking number via a confirmation email to monitor their package. Knickey offers international shipping to many countries, and a full list is available on their website.

For international destinations, shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.

What is Knickey’s Return Policy?

If you’re unsatisfied with your new undies, return them within 30 days of purchase for a refund.

Knickey has a First Pair Guarantee policy: “you can try one pair of each unique style and size from your first order and return your first pairs as needed.”

If you ordered duplicate pairs of the same style and size, additional pairs must be unopened and unworn to qualify for a return.

Knickey will cover the cost for the return shipping costs for exchanges and store credit. If you want a refund, return shipping costs $4. Customers can initiate this process by visiting

How to Contact Knickey

If you have any questions after reading this Knickey organic cotton underwear review, you can contact the company through:

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