Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Review

About Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Review

Summer sun doesn’t necessarily end when the heat does. Those strong rays keep shining and blinding year-round. Costa Del Mar sees that struggle of retaining vision on the brightest of days and they offer up an easy solution through their wide range of sunglasses meant to last a lifetime.

This brand has been around for a few decades, keeping their name popular with the sizable 559k followers on Instagram. Covered by Forbes, The New York Times, Outdoor Gear Lab, and more, this brand knows how to impress when it comes to a lasting style.

This Costa Del Mar Sunglasses review is all about finding the details that have built this brand. Do they hold up in reality? And if so, are they really worth that hefty price tag? I’ll go through all the info to help you decide.

Overview of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Review

It’s safe to say that this business knows what they’re doing after being on the market for over 35 years. Born in Florida and geared towards fishermen and water sports, this brand has since grown beyond their original demographic and mission.

While I’ll happily say that this company doesn’t exclude their original target, they’ve since turned their mission to be more inclusive by cleaning up the world. It’s a big mission, I know, but stay with us on this.

This brand’s modern focus is cleaning the ocean of the plastics and garbage that pollute it. Working with a variety of partners on a number of campaigns, Costa Del Mar is prioritizing everything from beach clean-ups to their new sustainable lines.

Crafting frames from recycled fishing nets and other used plastics, this company has dedicated itself to eco-friendly production and reducing waste. 

That also means a lengthy warranty to replace specs rather than having to toss them and buy a new pair. Reduce, reuse, and recycle truly mean something to these folks.

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Review

While it sounds great in theory, how does it hold up in practice? Before diving into details in our Costa Del Mar Sunglasses review, I’ll lay out some quick highlights to really get things started:


  • Offers an extensive range of sunglasses for men and women
  • Sustainably sourced materials
  • Four warranty types available
  • Affirm payment plans available
  • Frames offered with prescription lenses as well

Swimming forward in this review to the more detailed aspects of the brand, I’m turning this ship towards the products. These glasses are all made with polarized lenses to reduce glare and UV rays, keeping eyeballs safe and healthy on the hottest of days. 

Costa Del Mar Men’s Sunglasses Review

Show up and show off in stunning Costa Del Mar Men’s Sunglasses. With a pair for every occasion (though most are pretty universal in handling whatever event comes their way) I’ve selected a few of the most popular styles to show off in this article.

Costa Del Mar Diego Sunglasses Review

With its name inspired by the sunny skies of San Diego, the Costa Del Mar Diego Sunglasses don’t come to play.

These shades are all about maximum comfort for sport. Let’s break down what that means. Comfort seems obvious enough – max shielding from the sun by reducing the change of those rays leaking in around the edges.

Flexible tips also hold the frames resting easily against the face to keep those 580 lenses upright without standard slipping down the nose.

Now for the sporty aspect. These specs are all about max performance. That means enhanced airflow through a venting system combined with a moisture-wicking coating. Sweat won’t stand a chance, no matter how hot the sun beats down.

Stay out all day with ease starting at $219 depending on whether you select lightwave glass or polycarbonate.

Costa Del Mar Fantail Pro Sunglasses Review

Whether out on the boat or hanging out at the beach, the Fantail Pro Sunglasses keep things shaded and cool.

Let’s start with the slimming appearance of this pair. Based on another model, the Fantail really focuses on a sleek frame that covers all bases. 

That means three frame color options and four colors of polarized lenses to select from. Mix and match to create that custom design to suit your needs.

In addition to their fun style, these frames know how to get the job done. Full shielding around the lenses and sides ensures no leaking light creeping through at the worst time. 

Rather than struggling with summer sweat, these frames cool things down with full venting and an adjustable nose pad to stop any slipping or sliding of the frames.

Add these to the collection for $269.

Costa Del Mar Reefton Sunglasses Review 

Show off in modern black or retro tortoise (or any of the three other color options) with the Reefton Sunglasses.

It didn’t seem right to have a Costa Del Mar Sunglasses review and not include the Reefton. Easily one of their most popular pairs for the oversized simple style, these shades get the job done with ease. 

The real winner of these shades is the lenses available in both 580 plastic and glass options to allow the buyers to select their preference of material.

With fortified padding for the nose and temples, these shades will sit securely wherever they are placed. They’re ready to show what they can do either on the face or perched on top of the head when those clouds come rolling in.

Grab a pair for the price of $179 if you choose the polarized polycarbonate option.

Costa Del Mar Women’s Sunglasses Review

Leave behind days of squinting at the sun and step into a more comfortable and sustainable future with Costa Del Mar Women’s Sunglasses.

These best sellers are known for their build and style, and they’re only a small number compared to the dozens of designs available.

Costa Del Mar Waterwomen 2 Sunglasses Review

We are born of the sea and to the sea we shall return with the Waterwomen 2 Sunglasses.

These frames are an upgrade from the first model that was actually this brand’s first attempt at a solely female line. 

The difference with this new design? Size. The Waterwomen 2 offers larger frames to battle even more of that blinding outdoor light.

With options in both polarized glass and plastic lenses, these glasses are sure to fight off those UV rays and keep eyes safe and healthy in the heat of the moment. Select from four frame colors and mix and match with the lenses to create that perfect style.

These shades are available for $189, or scale up and get the polarized version for $269.

Costa Del Mar Panga Sunglasses Review

Take one look at the copper-tone Panga Sunglasses and fall in love with a new way of looking at life.

While the frames offer five different colors, the polarized lenses are staying firm with this one in their copper appearance. The only real choice here is between glass and plastic. I’ll be honest, you can’t go wrong either way.

While the glass lenses have more weight to them, they offer a clear and unrestricted view with a scratch-resistance built in. The polycarbonate option however is lightweight and holds up better against impact.

Consider where these specs will be worn and buy accordingly for the best result. Grab a new pair of shades starting at $199.

Costa Del Mar Gannet Sunglasses Review 

I’m ending the products section of our Costa Del Mar Sunglasses review strong with the eternally stunning Gannet Sunglasses.

The Costa Del Mar Gannet Sunglasses are a whole other kind of style. Named after the sea bird, this pair is all about beauty and freedom. All four frame styles offer a mix of colors and shades rather than one standard solid color.

Representing the freedoms of the sea and the sky, much like a bird, these glasses are meant to fly high. Pair them with ocean blue polarized lenses to complete the look and rest comfortably in the light of the sun knowing the nose pads will keep things sitting comfortably throughout any activities.

Check these glasses out starting at $199.

Who Is Costa Del Mar Sunglasses For? 

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Review

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses are for the sporty water fans who live their lives outdoors. If you have eyes, the brand’s products aim to satisfy with their polarized shades that have been carefully crafted to avoid leaking any light.

I’ll be honest, even those who aren’t always at the water can benefit from this brand. Made sustainably from recycled materials, this company is one to get invested in, not simply purchased from.

Buying a pair of sunglasses from this business means a lifetime product that customers can depend on. Dedication like that definitely isn’t solely for sports.

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Review

I promised honesty in this Costa Del Mar Sunglasses review, which means I’m open to reporting the good and not-so-good aspects found by customers online.

Ok, let’s get the worst part out of the way before I really get to the good stuff. The biggest complaint I’ve seen surrounds customer service. 

The Better Business Bureau gave this brand an F for failing to respond to complaints listed over their 30+ years in business. With that being said, even with the low grading, I managed to spot several comments that countered this claim of slow service.

One Costa Del Mar Sunglasses review stated, “The warranty experience was the best I’ve ever had with any product I’ve ever had to have fixed or replaced. No hassles, easy process and quick turnaround.” 

While they may not be replying on third-party sites and external platforms, it seems clear that the brand is dedicated to their customers and helping them through the process of purchasing and warranties.

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Review

Other than those few complaints about service, this business comes off extremely well – especially regarding their designs. Not only do they look stylish, but they’ve been made to last. The durable frames are a key aspect that customers adore when it comes to Costa Del Mar Sunglasses.

The Insider review on this company claimed, “I’m thrilled with my Waterwoman’s from Costa – not just because of the look and durability, but because I know I’m supporting a company that’s significantly reducing plastic waste and moving the industry towards sustainable manufacturing.

Knowing that this business surrounds itself with a sustainable and eco-friendly goal means more to customers than any cheap pair of sunglasses ever could.

This brand not only makes a great and lasting product, but they do so while supporting the initiative of cleaning our waters and beaches for a healthier world. It’s hard not to support such a venture.

The Outdoor Gear Lab joined the crowd in their approval of this business by rating them 4.8/5 stars as “They offer everything we want in a grey lens and provide excellent on-water eye protection. Their size and shape help keep peripheral vision covered while fitting both large and small faces with ease.

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Review

Shielding and larger sizes aren’t easy to overlook when it comes to this brand. They’re all about keeping those eyes healthy and protected at any time of day. Add in the customizable options of frame and lens combinations? The battle has been won.

Aside from their stunning appearances externally, what kind of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses review would this be without taking a look at how the lenses measure up? Amazon reviews for the Reefton Rectangular Sunglasses (4.7/5 stars based on over 2,080 ratings) focus on just this.

One individual wrote, “Blown away by the clarity and the vibrant toned colours I see through the magical powerful lens” and another followed up with “insanely clear and don’t distort any colors so what you’re seeing is the true image without all the harmful rays from the sun.” 

It’s clear to see (pun very much intended) that these lenses get the job done. Great sight, shading, and protecting from scratches and sun rays, these lenses know how to satisfy the crowds.

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Review

Think this pair is alone in their high numbers? Think again. Check out these other well-rated Costa Del Mar products on Amazon:

  • Men’s Rinconcito Rectangular Sunglasses: 4.5/5 stars based on 1,210 ratings
  • Men’s Rincon Rectangular Sunglasses: 4.6/5 stars based on over 1,925 ratings
  • Men’s Fantail 580g Rectangular Sunglasses: 4.6/5 stars based on 1,125 ratings
  • Women’s Loreto Aviator Sunglasses: 4.6/5 stars based on over 1,505 ratings
  • Men’s Fantail 580p Rectangular Sunglasses: 4.7/5 stars based on over 1,985 ratings

While I have to acknowledge that some customers aren’t quite as content with their purchase, the majority of buyers have nothing but great things to say about the purchasing process and their final product.

Is Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Worth It?

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Review

While this brand isn’t for everyone, I absolutely love the durable builds, stunning styles, polarized lenses, and fun features that keep things vented and sweat-free for wearers. 

Even more, I love all the good that this brand does with their sustainability programs and clean-up initiatives. Sounds like an easy one to recommend, yes?

On the flipside, these shades are far from cheap. I will say that each pair is an investment made towards not having to buy new sunglasses. 

The warranties tend to take care of any maintenance to allow customers to thrive with their single pair for years to come. Are they worth the cost of that lasting lifespan? Definitely.

For those who can afford the cost or are able to budget and save, give them a shot – the crafting won’t disappoint.

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Promotions & Discounts 

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Review

This brand definitely loves a deal. While writing this Costa Del Mar Sunglasses review, there aren’t any running promotions, but they do have Grab Blue Friday Deals every now and then so be sure to pop by to find the weeks these promos are offered.

Where to Buy Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Review

Those looking to buy a new pair can check out For those not included in their shipping locations, this brand partners with many other companies and third-party sites. Check out some of the most popular locations below:

  • Sunglass Hut
  • LensCrafters
  • Bass Pro
  • Walmart
  • Smart Buy Glasses
  • Amazon


Who owns Costa Del Mar Sunglasses?

Costa Del Mar is actually owned by a larger corporation. Essilor is the parent company to the brand and keeps it running smoothly year-round.

Does Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Offer Warranty?

This brand comes with warranties to spare, so no worries there. They actually offer four types of warranty:

  1. Limited Lifetime
  2. Limited Two-Year
  3. Prescription Sunglass Limited
  4. Eyeglass Frame Limited Two-Year

While most of the warranties are pretty self-explanatory, each warranty offers slightly different aspects of coverage, so be sure to read up on the differences and all that fine-print goodness.

Does Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Ship Internationally?

Costa Del Mar offers limited international shipping. Currently, they only deliver to locations in the United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Canada.

What is Costa Del Mar Sunglasses’ Shipping Policy?

Find a pair of shades in this Costa Del Mar Sunglasses review that you have to have? I’m not judging. The good thing to note here is that shipping is basically free.

Let me clarify. There are two shipping services, both with their own limit on how much needs to be spent before shipping becomes free. Both limits are well under the average price of a pair of sunglasses from this brand, making shipping free for pretty much any purchase.

Delivery options are as follows:

  • Green shippingfree for orders over $50 with a goal of shipping with a carbon neutral service that will reduce emissions
  • Standard shippingfree for orders over $200

Either way, deliveries tend to take around 7 business days (depending on location). Another great part of this company? They offer free return shipping on qualifying orders, so customers have the chance to save on both shipping services (if required).

Tracking information will be sent out once items have been shipped. Keep an eye out for that package and be ready for a shady summer.

What is Costa Del Mar Sunglasses’ Return Policy?

This company keeps things as simple as possible when it comes to delivery and returns. All products may be returned within 30 days of receipt

In order to be returned, products must be in the original condition with the original packaging. That means no scratches or damage done as they need to be able to be resold.

Other than final sales items, all other products can be returned. The return process is straightforward too. All customers need to do is:

  1. Visit and fill out the online request form
  2. Print out the emailed label (give it a day or so to arrive) and put it on the box
  3. Mail the package

That’s it. Just three simple steps and the process is complete. All that’s left is to be patient while the package ships and the refund will appear in the original account within a week of receipt.

Unfortunately, exchanges aren’t available at this time. The best that can be done is a return and new order for a replacement product.

How to Contact Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Need to reach out to the big bosses after reading our Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Review? There are a few ways to get in touch with customer service:

  • Phone: 1-855-692-6782

Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm ET

Saturday – Sunday: CLOSED

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