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eBags Review

Travelers, gather ‘round for this one – we’re going into the beauty of eBags. Providing safe and secure luggage, bags, tags, and more, this business is all about catering to the wandering soul to ensure the trip of our dreams.

This company isn’t new to the market, and they’ve already found their fair following through their 51.5k followers on Instagram. 

Featured in The New York Times, Insider, Forbes, and more, this business has made it their mission to help world wanderers find their way to each location with a secure set of storage by their side.

In this eBags review, we won’t play around. We’re here to break down the brand into history, products, pricing, ratings, and more to determine whether this is a business worth buying from.

Overview of eBags

eBags Review

Founded by Jon Nordmark and Peter Cobb in 1998, eBags served the public with comfortable, casual, and classic pieces to relieve the stress associated with travel. 

What are the biggest worries? Lack of space, flimsy packing, confusing construction, and of course, low phone batteries while on the go. That’s why eBags’ focus from day one has been on fusing form and function. 

Adjusting to the times, the original concern surrounded durable pieces with plenty of space, but that’s since been transformed into creating minimalistic appearances that hold more than we could ever imagine.

Working with their customers to design the latest products, this business is all about communication and service

That means reviews, emails, calls, and other feedback are taken carefully under consideration, and ideas are put into motion to continue bringing the latest technological improvements into the industry.

Our eBags review team has to admit that there are quite a few pros connected to this brand. Take a glance at some highlights that really help them stand out in the crowd:


  • Offers a wide inventory of bags, luggage, backpacks, and accessories
  • Constant sales
  • Quality products
  • Reasonable prices
  • Financing options available through PayPal
eBags Review

This eBags review team understands that there’s a lot of ground to cover with this business. 

While we do want to give some attention to the bags (as they’re literally in the name), we have to acknowledge that there’s a wide range of products available in their inventory. The solution? Give a quick taste of each.

We’re going to take a look at the best-sellers from this brand to really highlight what this brand has to offer.

eBags Backpacks Review

Starting strong with the eBags Backpacks, we’re focusing on the popular products that have made daily travel a breeze. 

Perfect for quick carry-ons or for running to class or work when the time is cutting close – these bags keep all necessities within reach without sacrificing space.

eBags Mother Lode Travel Backpack Review

We’re not taking it easy when it comes to the Mother Lode Travel Backpack.

This bag is not here to mess around. It’s all about storage for that perfect hike, weekend away, or super busy day that has you zooming from one activity to the next. 

Pockets and zippers appear everywhere in this piece and each pouch has its own function. Don’t worry about overstuffing it either as the sides buckle up to keep things compressed or unbuckle for a slight extension.

The beauty of this product comes from the inside. Packing like a suitcase, it offers compartments for clothing, shoes, and laundry, to keep things organized and within reach. Pack it like luggage and toss it over the shoulder to avoid unnecessary baggage fees.

Durable and convenient, this design goes for $120.

eBags Pro Slim Laptop Backpack Review

Ready for a backpack that goes beyond standard measures? Forget common styles and stand out with the Pro Slim Laptop Backpack.

The real winning point for this one comes down to size. Slim is literally in the name, so it’s no surprise to see the sleek width of this style. However, what is surprising is the amount that this bag can hold. 

Almost as if it’s enchanted, the storage space never quite seems to end with this one which makes us happy campers, students, and workers.

Promising padded pockets and mesh backing for the ultimate comfort, it’s easy to throw in any tech that may be needed on the go. 

Add the sternum strap for additional back support or take it easy by using the pass-through sleeve to secure it to a luggage handle for a smooth ride.

Handle everything with ease for $100.

eBags Products Review

We know that this is more of a general title, but we’re leaning more towards eBags luggage for this one. 

Swirling suitcases, heightened handles, and comfortable compartments that hold more than they should – there’s something magical about eBags products and we’re here to shine that spotlight on these featured items for just that reason.

eBags Mother Lode 21″ Carry-On Rolling Duffel Review

Folks, we’ve hit the motherlode with this one. And by that we mean literally as the eBags Mother Lode 21” Carry-On Rolling Duffel is a beast of a bag.

A hard shell and a soft interior combine to make this popular piece. We’ll admit, storage is everything with this one. Packing away more than we thought possible, this duffel is ideal for weekends away that happen to extend into a week-long trip (you deserve the break).

Featuring a front pocket for easy access to items on top, it’s quick to reach in for a sweater, book, or passport while at the airport without opening up and messing with the overall organization. 

Of course, that’s not the only pocket with this piece. They’re pretty much littered everywhere to provide ample space and sorted storage.

Keep things quick and easy for $170.

eBags Fortis Pro 22″ USB Carry-On Spinner Review

Slide on into a new way to travel with the Fortis Pro 22” USB Carry-On Spinner.

It can be hard to find that perfect fit for any trip, so we really wanted to highlight good options for this one. 

Finding the right suitcase comes down to versatility – how does it hold up in a number of situations? Luckily, the Fortis Pro is large enough to handle any circumstance, and that’s before adding in the extension.

This bag is all about style and grace. Gliding through the airport on the spinner wheels, this bag contains compression pockets and a separating fold to keep dirty and clean clothes in place. 

Long layover? That’s no issue with the built-in USB charger to keep phones at the ready for the latest flight updates.

Roll away at the ready for $160.

eBags Handbags Review

We couldn’t be looking into the best sellers from this brand without giving a moment’s attention to eBags Handbags

Great for a weekend away while still carrying a steady load, these highlighted products are all about convenience and ease.

eBags Belcourt Weekender Review

Heading out for a weekend? Lighten the stressful load of knowing what to pack with the assistance of some eBag luggage designed for the occasion – specifically, the Belcourt Weekender.

This bag is everything we could ask for on a weekend excursion. Aside from the standard pocket for spare clothing, this product somehow manages to fit more than we could ever dream inside the seams. 

We’re talking about the hidden-bottom-compartment-for-those-quick-access-clothes kind of space.

Aside from a super-secret compartment, this bag has pockets to spare. From slip pockets to pen sleeves to an accessories pouch, there’s room to spare and pack away all essentials for a quick two-day trip. 

Throw it over the shoulder or tote it via the side straps; no matter how it’s carried, this one will be packed and ready to go on the trip of a lifetime.

Prepare with endless pockets for $120.

eBags Packing Cubes Review

Maybe our favorites from this business, the eBags Packing Cubes really take the cake for organization. 

While there are endless options on sizes and quantity, we’re keeping things nice and simple in this review by focusing on one selection to highlight features that expand across the board into all other packing cubes on the market.

eBags Classic Slim 3Pc Packing Cubes Review

We’re capping off this portion of the article with the master of organization – the Classic Slim 3Pc Packing Cubes.

Let’s be honest, bags get to be a mess in no time at all. Once the shirts, pants, and underwear have been stuffed into every possible corner, there’s no space remaining for those last-minute items. 

Keep control of the situation via the divide and conquer method with individual cubes to store items in an organized manner.

All three cubes feature mesh tops to easily identify what’s hidden within each pouch for quick access. 

Simply grab the handle of the pouch needed, unzip the side using the durable corded pull, and grab what’s needed before throwing the secure piece back amongst the others. 

Heavily made with reinforced fabrics, these packing cubes remain light, easy, and above all else organized in the inevitable chaos of travel.

Grab a set of three for $25.  

Who Is eBags For? 

eBags Review

We’d love to say this one is solely for the travelers, but the fact is this brand really works for everyone. Just about anyone who travels will love the luggage, bags, and accessories prepared to make a trip as simple and stress-free as possible. 

Those who aren’t as big on wandering the world can still appreciate the bolstering backpacks and weekend duffels that perfectly suit the working and academic lifestyles that sometimes require a sturdy bag to get from point A to point B.

eBags Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

eBags Review

We wanted this eBags review to be its best and in order to do that, we needed the assistance of the online world. For this, we took a glance into the realm of internet ratings to determine just how this brand holds up in practice.

The first glance didn’t prove to be the most confident one as TrustPilot has this site at 1.2/5 stars based on over 430 ratings. 

We do have to note that there were still positive ratings in which customers commented on it being an “Awesome bag for those who travel often. It has tons of compartments for separating all the different characters items you may carry,” however not all were quite so confident.

Most of the positive ratings revolved around quality and function while negative reviews seemed centered around customer service and shipping. Many complaints suggested a switch in service due to the takeover by Samsonite in recent years. 

However, despite any issues in that regard, customers for the most part seem impressed by the products themselves.

Though not as high in the numbers, we have to admire Influenster for their 4.7/5-star status based on over 65 ratings. Customers here focus entirely on the products with little attention to the service itself.

We have to say, every eBag review spotted on this site seems more than content with the purchase made.

The eBags brand has been my go to for traveling/office needs for several years. I currently own several packing cubes as well as the eBags Slim Professional Backpack. The design of the bag is truly unique in that they have created a space for basically any item you’d like to carry.

The beauty of this brand comes from putting function first. That means outside of sleek appearances, every product is all about storage, usage, and durability. Plus, we admire that “The prices can’t be beat for the quality and selection they have on their site.

What we’re really coming to find is that form and function are everything to this brand and the customer experiences seem to reflect that. Reasonable costs, durable designs, and ample room for packing and organization all make this brand one to watch. 

In fact, Amazon customers seem to have found a way to avoid the issues with service, going straight for the products themselves.

The eBags Pro Slim Jr Laptop Backpack currently holds 4.6/5 stars based on 960 ratings.

This bag seems to be incredibly loved by the public. Its sleek appearance with ample storage only increases the adoration found in each eBags review we’ve read. Offering “a neat and professional look, [this bag] forces you to minimize what you carry.

Despite its limited space due to sizing, it still manages to cover a mother lode of supplies. Containing “a lower hard compartment for power supply and cables, [it also] has several independent areas for notebook, iPad and books as well as another fully separated area that can be fully exposed for wallet, pens, and small items, all with zippers.” 

Keeping customers stocked and ready to go, this bag doesn’t sacrifice style or substance and actually offers up more than most others on the market.

Of course, this isn’t the only eBags product to get a shining spotlight on Amazon. Other popular products are:

  • eBags Classic 2pc Shoe Sleeve: 4.6/5 stars based on 195 ratings
  • eBags Classic 6pc Packing Cubes: 4.8/5 stars based on over 200 ratings
  • eBags Classic 4pc Packing Cubes: 4.7/5 stars based on over 595 ratings
  • eBags Classic Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit: 4.6/5 stars based on 1,040 ratings
  • eBags Mother Lode 21 Inches Carry-On Rolling Duffel: 4.6/5 stars based on over 350 ratings

We know that not everything about this brand is perfect, but when it comes to products things seem to be pretty good. Durable materials, quality pockets, extra space for storage, and reasonable costs all seem to impress.

Is eBags Legit?

eBags Review

According to the research we did for our eBags review, this brand seems to be legit. The only concerns we’ve found come from the service, not quality. It seems as though this brand understands how to make a product last.

There have been no reported claims of counterfeits or cheap material, so we’re happy to call this one the real deal.

Is eBags Worth It?

eBags Review

For the purpose of this eBags review, we’re going to go ahead and say that the brand is worth giving a shot. While there have been complaints regarding customer service and shipping, the products themselves seem to be working well for those who have purchased. 

It appears as though customers are receiving durable bags for reasonable costs – what more can we ask for?

Our suggestion? Save time and money by ordering through a retail partner. This will escape the issues with direct customer service and shipping as another company will be handling the details. Find a business you can trust and order in a new favorite product.

eBags Promotions & Discounts 

eBags Review

We searched high and low for an eBags coupon code and found not one, but two for customer savings:

  • 15% off for newsletter registration
  • 20% off best-sellers with code LUCKY20

Where to Buy eBags

eBags Review

After an intense search online, we stumbled across a few locations for easy purchases in this eBags review. While the best place for inventory comes from, other possible retailers include:

  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Walmart
  • Amazon


eBags Review

Who owns eBags?

Our eBags review team has discovered that the brand is owned and operated by Samsonite.

Does eBags ship internationally?

At the time of writing this eBags review, the brand does not offer international shipping. They hope to expand to offer this service in the future.

What is eBags’ Shipping Policy?

We know that looking at shipping info can be a lot, so we wanted to keep things nice and easy by just throwing out the most important facts on the three shipping speeds available:

  • Standard shipping
    • 2 to 6 business days
    • $5 flat rate
    • Free on orders over $99
  • Expedited shipping
    • 2 to 3 business days
    • $19 flat rate
  • Priority
    • 1 business day
    • $40 flat rate

All packages come with tracking numbers to allow customers to follow the expected route and travel time.

What is eBags’ Return Policy?

We’ll say it now – returns seem to be a bit of a pain with this brand. During our eBags review, we looked into the process and the return fee of $15 alone doesn’t really sit well with us. 

With that being said, customers have 30 days from the shipping date to make their decision regarding a return for a full refund.

The process itself is quick and easy:

  1. Head over to the Return Center online
  2. Request a return using the customer information like the order number, address, and product name
  3. Print out the pre-paid label
  4. Package with return authorization paperwork inside and ship it off

The return fee will be deducted from the overall refund, so be aware of the amount expected upon return. All items returned must be new and unused with tags attached and intact in order to receive the full amount.

How to Contact eBags

Have any lingering questions in the back of your mind after finishing this eBags review? Luckily, this brand has a few ways to reach out from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm EST:

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