10 Best Faucet Brands

Searching For The Best Faucet Brands

When planning on setting up that dream home, we tend to give focus to the larger pieces – flooring, appliances, countertops, the big-budget items. 

While we’re not here to downplay the importance of those items, we do want to stop for a moment and shine a spotlight on the often-overlooked faucet. Let’s be serious, the best faucet brands provide a taste of accent, set a tone, and do important work in the day-to-day.

Serving up necessary tasks in the kitchen and bathroom, the faucet plays a role in cleaning the rest of the home and keeping things looking spotless at all times. 

As the engine behind every meal (please tell us you wash those vegetables before cooking), the faucet should never be a last-minute decision. Take time to plan it out and really consider the best faucet brands before buying. 

For those with no idea of where to start, we’re listing our top ten businesses that balance form and function in each beautiful faucet.

10 Best Faucet Brands

1. Kohler

Best Faucet Brands

We’re starting off this list of the best faucet brands with Kohler. This lasting name has existed since 1873, and if that alone doesn’t convince buyers that they’re worth trusting, we’re sure utter passion for the industry will win over some hearts.

Working endlessly to enhance the lives of customers and their homes, Kohler puts all attention into design and innovation to craft stronger, better pieces every year. 

Supporting charitable organizations, Kohler also dedicates their work to bringing water to the world. That means finding ways to provide clean water for relief locations like Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria believing that clean water shouldn’t be a privilege, it’s a right.

As for products themselves, customers should settle in when shopping as the list of faucet styles appears to be endless

Shop by type, hole mounting, finish, and more to find the perfect fit. Depending on the design, prices for a standard kitchen faucet can range anywhere from $350 to $950.


  • Wide range of installation products for bathroom, kitchen, and lighting
  • Water conservation efforts
  • Faucet Lifetime Warranty available

2. Delta Faucets

Best Faucet Brands

Delta understands that life can get hectic, messy, and a little rough at times. That’s why this brand has centered themselves around a lasting quality that can withstand the worst

From cooking with kids to cleaning up after an unexpected party, these faucets are ready to take on the challenge.

This brand wants their products to experience life alongside customers. As a result, all design work is done with a human-first approach to understand the impact that sinks and faucets can make every day. 

Innovative techniques in taps, fixtures, and overall aesthetic combine to craft pieces that manage the roughest work while still looking elegant and luxurious throughout it all.

Offering lines of standard bathroom and kitchen faucets alongside their specialty styles, there’s a lot to explore with this brand. Listing touch-sensitive, pull-down, single-hand, and more, there’s a style for just about every space with this company. 

With prices starting as low as $110, there seems to be a design and price for every patron all the way up to their exclusive $1,100 designs.


  • Expansive selection of faucets, sinks, and bathroom installations
  • Live blog with DIY projects, helpful hints, and more
  • Outlet store for lower prices

3. Moen

Best Faucet Brands

Interested in matching the fluidity of water, Moen strikes up their business to match the notion of change through their constant innovative efforts. 

Born from a man’s exhaustion with dual-taps resulting in burnt hands and boiling water, founder Al Moen determined there was a better way and in 1947, secured that new method through his single-hand faucet

We have to feature Moen on this list of the best faucet brands for that innovation alone. Now popular in the industry, this once-unheard-of notion made waves throughout the world. 

Despite the success, Moen didn’t let that stop them and went on to craft cartridges impervious to corrosion, filtering faucets, brass finishes, and more. It’s safe to say Moen has yet to slow their creativity, letting new ideas build their brand’s relevance every year.

Dedicated to water conservation and efficiency, this brand uses the latest technology to forge Smart, hands-free, and power-controlled faucets. While this brand doesn’t sell their products directly, a quick search online shows an incredible range of options from $100 to $500.


  • Wide stock in kitchen and bathroom installations
  • Dedication to water-efficiency
  • Comprehensive installation guides on all products and repairs

4. Grohe

Best Faucet Brands

Taking a trip to Germany, Grohe has worked from Dusseldorf for years, basing themselves around technology, sustainability, and lasting production

Working through high standards for themselves, this brand understands how important water is to everyday life and aims to continue pushing their passion through to the products they create. 

Seeing water as more than just a resource, Grohe treats this element with complete respect, understanding that it underpins every action we make in the world.

The beauty of this brand comes from their sustainable efforts in all endeavors. This means water-efficient faucets, flushing systems, showers, and more to conserve and protect the “pure joy of water” in all areas.

Offering customers a wide selection of choices in their faucet design, this brand wants to celebrate the beauty of water through a stunning display at every sink. 

From single handle to touch, their range of faucets from $200 to $1,200 extends beyond a simple fixture and into that of respect for the work each installation produces.


  • Range of fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens
  • Sustainable efforts underline all work
  • Online inspirations for customer designs

5. American Standard

Best Faucet Brands

Another old-timer on this list of the best faucet brands, American Standard really did set the standard when they came to the market in 1875

Of course, originally it was known as Standard Sanitary Manufacturing, which later merged with the American Radiator Company to come together in one succinct vision of American Standard.

Priding themselves on their lasting quality, this company works tirelessly to upgrade previous designs into new, sustainable styles to match others on the market. 

Aiming to make life healthier through both personal and eco-friendly standards, this business continues to take on new customers each day, making themselves a name found in “three out of five homes in America” among countless others worldwide.

Managing to maintain lower prices despite the top-quality offered to customers, American Standard seems to come through with reasonable costs for all. We’re talking a nice $150 to $550 range on kitchen faucets – what gets better than that?


  • Selection of kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • No-touch tech available for all products
  • DIY and How-to’s available for all customers

6. Pfister

Best Faucet Brands

We’re willing to bet that most people have seen a Pfister faucet in place over the years. This brand has made waves with their innovative techniques in the industry, being the first faucet certified by EPA WaterSense for their powerful approach to water conservation and efficiency.

Separating volume from flow, Pfister makes it possible to manage consistent and reasonable amounts of water through green and eco-friendly systems. Utilizing a customer-first design mentality, this brand puts conservation first and style second.

Making sure products work to save money and water, they also recognize how important the right look can be to any location, and put forth innovative approaches to style to ensure faucets are practically perfect in every way.

Professional-grade quality in every piece promises that no matter the look, every faucet offers the same consistent build. Whether buying a two-handle faucet for $70 or aiming for a filtered, pull-down system for $1,000, Pfister keeps the construction strong and the prices low.


  • Wide selection of kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Low and reasonable prices
  • Design blogs available for inspiration

7. Pacific Bay

Best Faucet Brands

There’s not a lot of information on the history, goals, and work of Pacific Bay. This company comes to us with mysterious energy, leaving the emphasis solely on the work they produce rather than the history behind them. 

We have to appreciate a company having so much faith in the quality of their work.

Without much to say about the brand itself, we’re focusing heavily on products with this one. Offering a wide collection of kitchen, bath, bar, and utility products, this business wants to get the hardcore hardware jobs done with ease. No stress, just satisfaction with this company.

We do have to say that when it comes to cost, there’s no real comparison. Pacific Bay keeps things cheap and easy, offering a selection of products from $25 to $230. That’s nothing compared to some of the costs we’ve seen in the industry so far.


  • Wide range of installation products for bathrooms, kitchens, bars, and more
  • Incredibly low costs
  • Payment plans available with Google Pay, Klarna, Amazon Pay, and more

8. Luxier

Best Faucet Brands

Another brand without many scrutinizable details behind their story, Luxier joins this list of the best faucet brands for their product quality alone. 

Keeping things simple, their site appears pretty barebones. Not here to impress with their history or manufacturing methods, Luxier places all attention on their products and reputation.

Their product listing is quite limited, focusing solely on bathroom and kitchen fixtures and specializing in faucets and sinks. Though accessories for both rooms are available, their real money comes from their installations.

Despite the slim inventory and options, this brand still impresses with prices. Keeping costs low, their kitchen faucets sit around the $50 to $150 range, trying to simplify the selection and installation process. 

One easy payment here doesn’t even begin to equate to a quarter of the cost of sinks from other locations.


  • Selection of bathroom and kitchen fixtures and accessories
  • Installation guides accessible online
  • Lifetime warranty on kitchen faucets

9. WEWE Faucet

Best Faucet Brands

We all have to acknowledge the worst part about buying any fixture is the installation. Tools, instructions, and too many parts make it a nightmare to get things slotted into place without professional help. 

WEWE saw that struggle and, in turn, produced products specifically made for consumer comprehension.

Coming from a background in sanitary ware, the CEO of WEWE saw that the biggest concern customers had surrounded installation time. That’s why their products all target that notion through simple-stepped production. 

All faucets can be put in place and running within 30 minutes with no tools, professional involvement, or swearing at instructions.

Due to the simple nature of these faucets, things don’t get too fancy with this one. Despite the lack of smart tech and hands-free designs, these stylish faucets do manage to keep costs down. From $70 to $115, it doesn’t take much time, money, or effort to get things in place.


  • Specialized line of kitchen faucets and accessories
  • Crafted for any DIY beginner to assemble within 30 minutes
  • Incredibly low costs

10. Kraus

Best Faucet Brands

Understanding the impact of a good faucet, Kraus believes in the power of design and innovation to assist everyone in daily routines. 

Joining the market in 2007, this New-York-based company seeks to transform lives by striking that dream balance between substance and style. Highlighting quality, creativity, and design as their trifecta in the mission statement, Kraus puts the customers first in all actions.

Aiming for efficiency and hygiene in every aspect of their work, this company uses the best materials and methods to ensure clean and environmentally friendly products with a lasting quality that customers can depend on

Every component receives complete attention to fulfill the promise of the top quality that customers deserve.

Basing their whole business around faucets and sinks, this brand takes no prisoners when it comes to their specialties. Offering filters, sensors, bridges, and more, these faucets exist to impress with their $100 to $500 price range.


  • Focused inventory of sinks and faucets for kitchen and bathroom
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on all faucets
  • Care and maintenance tips online

How to Shop for the Best Faucet 

Best Faucet Brands

We’ve listed out the best faucet brands available, but that doesn’t mean selection will be an easy task. It’s about more than the name and cost in the end, but that can be difficult to remember in the madness of a shopping spree. 

That’s why we’re happy to provide a few categories to consider when looking for that next faucet.


Everyone wants a brand they can depend on – that’s part of the reason we made a top ten list in the first place. 

A bit of research, either online or in person with those around you, can give a nice glimpse into the reputation of a brand. 

Check for credibility, sourcing, lifespan, warranty, everything and anything that will make a difference to the lasting lifespan of the faucet. No one wants to shop for a new one after only a few years of use.


Half the battle of finding a good faucet comes with the finish. Aim for something that matches the hardware and tones of the surrounding space – we’re talking towel bars, countertop, wall color – it all makes a difference in completing the look.

As for finishes themselves, be aware of what different materials can do and their lifespan. Here are just a few examples to consider:

  • Chrome – one of the most popular choices for the sturdy composition and easy cleaning
  • Nickel – offering a soothing, dull shine, these pieces look amazing but can be difficult to clean as they tend to show off fingerprints and smudges
  • Bronzestunning brown tones that tend to be coated to save cash. Great for the wallet, but this surface coating can be prone to chipping and scratching more than other metals

Arc Height 

A lot of arc height comes down to the preferred look. Some love a high-arc appearance for an elegant, elongated look while others prefer to keep it simple with a low arc to just get the job done. One thing to keep in mind here is the environment

Take note of any hanging shelves, the number of sink basins, the reach – all of these can play into how height will affect use.

Mounting configuration

Turning more to the technical side of things, it’s important to note the mounting configuration before making a purchase. 

Most mounting configurations contain three holes with a spot for the spout and two for the taps. While this is standard in most kitchens and bathrooms, the option for changing up routine is still available.

Many single-tap faucets will include a cover plate for extra holes – if not, consider installing a soap dispenser in place. 

Generally, four-hole faucets exist in a kitchen or utility space and aren’t typically seen in the home. The kitchen and bathroom will usually see one to three holes with covering options depending on the need of the individual and style they select.


A personal (yet important) consideration to always have in mind is the cost. No one wants to spend money they don’t have, but it’s good to remember that even though we don’t have to go broke on buying a faucet, it’s usually good to avoid going too cheap. 

Generally, a good kitchen faucet will start at around $100 with bath faucets coming in a bit cheaper with a $65 minimum.

Don’t go crazy into the thousands (unless you want to and can afford it), but don’t cheap out on the choice either. Going too cheap can lead to a replacement in a few years rather than a lasting selection that will go with the house when it’s one day sold.

What is The Most Popular Faucet Finish?

Finding the right finish can come down to personal taste, however, there are some selections more common than others. Traditionally, faucets and fixtures come in four popular materials, each with solid pros behind them:

1.     Chrome – by far the most popular choice on the market. Durable, versatile, and easy to match with a number of tones and styles, this one keeps things easy and quite cheap

2.     Nickel – we noted some concerns about cleaning earlier, but the fact is that nickel is a great option for those who enjoy the brushed and matte look of the material. Highly resistant, this durable piece maintains finish for a lengthy lifespan without requiring much maintenance

3.     Copper – who doesn’t love the shining appearance of bright copper against the countertops? Bold and beautiful, the best part about copper comes with its aging. The older and more worn it gets, the more incredible the look becomes.

4.     Stainless steel – we can’t write an article on the best faucet brands and not include stainless steel as a material option. Affordable, durable, and clean in appearance, sometimes the classics just can’t be beat

What Are The Parts of a Faucet Called? 

We know that plumbing and faucets can be a bit overwhelming to install and select (that’s why we’re writing this best faucet brands review in the first place). 

While things look simple from above, once dissected, the world appears a bit more stressful. Luckily, most faucets come with a solid set of instructions on assembly.

We’ll be honest, there are a lot of pieces in place with this one. We could list everything, but that would be quite a few bullet points to note. Instead, we’ll give a brief overview of some of the bigger parts in play:

  • Aerator – end of the spout, this piece separates the water flow into multiple streams
  • Spout – easily recognizable, the spout transports water from the body to the sink
  • Handle – sometimes referred to as the tap, this opens and closes the valve to release water through to the spout
  • Valve – put in place to control flow speed and temperature
  • Body – a mixture of the hot and cold water before heading to the spout
  • Mount – keeps the faucet attached to the base location (typically wall or counter)

Those are just the core components, but there’s a lot more than goes into each step on installation. Luckily, instructions exist.

How Do You Stop a Dripping Faucet Temporarily? 

There can be a number of reasons for dripping faucets and some of them get quite complex. That said, many come down to the handle or the washer. The best first step is to turn off the water to get in and look around.

Cracks in washers tend to be simple to spot, so take a quick look. These breaks can be fixed up with a bit of epoxy or plumber’s putty. Just a small amount can seal things up and get water flowing properly. Adjusting the handle can also make a difference to redirect flow for a quick fix.

Glue, putty, and gum are all standards for a temporary fix, but the most important part is remembering to turn off the water before attempting any fix. No one wants to face a wild water source.

Final Thoughts

Best Faucet Brands

Wrapping up this best faucet brands review, we have a few key points to keep in mind:

  • When shopping, always outline expectations rather than going in blind
  • Set a price range and stick to it
  • Research brands prior to purchasing
  • Take time to read up on the installation complexity – some faucets are a bit trickier than others
  • Be confident in knowing the size, height, and mounting requirements for the location in question

Basically, it all comes down to being prepared. Don’t go in unaware, just take some time, really consider all options, and know what to expect before buying. After that, it all comes down to personal preference.

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