Judy Emergency Kit Review

About Judy Emergency Kit

Judy Emergency Kit Review

It’s been a rough few years. I don’t just mean the pandemic; the number of natural disasters in the past ten years alone has shown population after population that the worst occurs without warning. 

That’s why Judy Emergency Kits came onto the scene. Offering prepared kits that cover food, water, warmth, safety, power, tools, and first aid, these bundles and kits are only the start of the preventative measures that this company wants to put in place.

Despite only being on the market for two years, it didn’t take long for this business to find the spotlight. 

With 61.8k followers on their Instagram, this brand has already been highlighted by Forbes, DuJour, Insider, People, The New York Times, and a number of other media outlets for their passion, goals, and measures in place to assure the best for the public.

I do love a brand whose mission puts others first, but my Judy Emergency Kit review won’t be swayed by just that. I’m here to look at products, prices, ratings, services, and more to determine whether this brand is one to buy.

Overview of Judy Emergency Kit

Judy Emergency Kit Review

I’ll be honest, Judy Emergency Kits hit the market at just the right time. Founders Simon Huck and Joshua Udashkin brought it to the public in January 2020, just months before the Covid pandemic would strike globally.

Inspired by the chaos of previous wildfires, tsunamis, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, the duo understood there was a need for preparation in the world.

Each kit and bundle is carefully packaged by experts with over 10 years of experience working in natural disaster relief. 

Coming into the industry with firsthand knowledge about what necessities help in a time of crisis, these kits are designed to relieve the burden and stress of being prepared in times of chaos.

The fascinating part about this brand comes from their mission. It’s not about selling preparedness kits – it’s about educating the public. 

Judy Emergency Kit Review

The company could care less about the profits made; all this brand wants is for the public to understand that a kit won’t save lives and that plans have to be in place. 

Offering free natural disaster plans online, Judy works to provide the public with a starting place to figure out how to plan for worst-case scenarios.

I’ll admit, there’s more to this company than their products. Let’s take a quick look at highlights before diving into the details of the brand themselves.


  • Selection of preparedness kits for emergency situations
  • Affirm payment plans available
  • Free natural disaster plans online
  • Partnered with Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation
  • Waterproof and puncture-proof kits

Judy Emergency Kit Review

Judy Emergency Kit Review

This brand really seems to have a product or bundle for everything. It’s easy to be prepared with this company standing behind you. 

Rather than go through everything, I picked their most popular products and packages to show off as just a taste of what this business has to offer.

Judy Power Review

Judy Power Revie
Judy Power

Power up the home in an instant with Judy Power.

Generators and power stations are always a good thing to keep close, but more often than not we find issues with them. Either they’re too big, too loud, or too much effort to maintain. Luckily, Judy understood all of those issues and brought forth a solution for the ages.

This bright orange battery contains 1,000W of pure power in one simple station. Small, but mighty, this piece is easy to port around with its sturdy handle fitted to the top of the station. 

Featuring an LED light, AC ports, USB ports, a cigarette lighter port, charging ports, and more, this one will stand strong in any power outage to keep things running smoothly.

Set the stage for a powerful day for $995.

Judy The Protector Review

Judy The Protector Review
Judy The Protector

Prepare for the worst by readying the family with the best from The Protector.

Forget the struggle and stress of packing a bag and have all of the essentials perfectly packed in one place. This bright orange bag stands out amongst the rest, always alerting individuals of its presence. 

Standing tall with wheels and a handle to be rolled out at the ready, this bag also comes with side straps for those who just want to lug and go.

Ideal for a family of six, this pack contains eight sections – two food, two water, safety, warmth, tools, and first aid. That means everything essential is covered for up to three days in a family household, allowing parents to rest easy knowing that the worst will be handled.

Stock up for $395.

Judy The Safe Review 

Judy The Safe Review
Judy The Safe

Keep things contained and managed with The Safe.

Designed for a family of four, this safe (i.e., bright orange bin with lid) contains six cartridges that cover all concerns for up to 72 hours

Why choose a bright orange bin for this one? The answer is easy – it’s waterproof, puncture-proof, and simple to store. This one can sit in the basement or closet with no issue, ready to confront whatever life throws at it.

Let’s consider the contents for a minute – each Safe comes with a single container for food, water, safety, warmth, tools, and first aid

Great general titles, but what do those entail? From protein bars and water to multi-tools, hand warmers, wet wipes, and more, this bin secures safety for every possibility.

Feel secure in the worst situations for $295.

Judy The Mover Max Review

Judy The Mover Max Review
Judy The Mover Max

Sometimes we have to acknowledge that we won’t have the luxury of pulling something out of the closet. There are natural disasters that require quick movements and response times. That’s why The Mover Max exists.

Created to be easy on the go, these cartridges store swiftly in one comfortable bag to wear when needed. 

Not only does this large and light bag contain three kits that provide over 50 essential items, but the piece itself was made for comfort and support. That means padded backing and straps as well as a waist belt to reduce any strain for the user’s back.

Featuring a handle at the top for carrying, it’s simple to drag this bag along any ride. Waterproof and puncture-proof, this sturdy piece reinforces safety, letting a family of four ride out almost anything for three days. 

Throw on that hand-crank radio, crack open some water, wash up with wet wipes, and serve up the protein bars while waiting for the worst to pass.

This condensed kit is currently available for $195.

Judy The Pepper System Review

Judy The Pepper System Review
Judy The Pepper System

Forget the protection of pepper spray, The Pepper System is the real winner when it comes to being ready for the worst.

This bundle takes two of the best preparedness kits and puts them all in one nice package. Covering a total of ten people for a three-day span, this single purchase combines The Safe and The Mover Max into a single purchase. All the cartridges, only one delivery.

I also love this duo because it really covers all bases. For events in which motion is necessary, it’s easy to toss on The Mover Max to make it out and still be secure in having rations and supplies at the ready. 

Events with more time to move allow for that much more stock at the ready. There’s no losing with this one.

Unfortunately, this bundle is currently sold out and the prices aren’t available. Sorry, folks.

Judy The Pro System Review

Judy The Pro System Review
Judy The Pro System

Does anyone here think that The Pepper System is as good as it gets? Step aside because The Pro System doesn’t come to play around.

This bundle takes the beauty of The Pepper System and adds one more element – power. 

In addition to The Mover Max and The Safe, which keep families of ten stocked for three days, this bundle also takes into account the possibility of a power outage and the need for electricity.

Including Judy Power, customers are covered for every event. Not only does this quietly generate power for phones, laptops, and everything else, its handle makes it simple to carry with an LED light to lead the way. 

Perfectly portable to guide anyone through the dark, this element was the missing piece we all needed in place.

At the time of writing this Judy Emergency Kit review, this bundle is sold out and prices aren’t available.

Who Is Judy Emergency Kit For? 

Judy Emergency Kit Review

I’ll be honest, I don’t think anyone can really go wrong with having a Judy Emergency Kit. This brand is about equal security. 

I understand that those who live in areas hit with more frequent natural disasters may be at higher risk and more likely to have emergency plans in place, but it’s a good idea for everyone to have plans in place.

While some natural disasters can be more frequent in distinct areas, that doesn’t mean nothing will happen in other locations. 

Tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, forest fires, they can all hit at any moment and if recent years have shown anything it’s that we all need to be prepared for the worst circumstances.

Judy Emergency Kit Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Judy Emergency Kit Review

I couldn’t write a complete Judy Emergency Kit review without understanding how customers feel about the service and products. 

Just because something looks good online doesn’t mean it holds up in reality. That’s why I did a quick search online to find the internet’s honest opinion.

Checking first into the brand’s own site, I was impressed to find 5/5 stars based on over 200 ratings. Reviewing both the general business as well as specific products, customers seem quite amazed by what this company brings to the market. 

The verdict seems to be that they are “professional and quality brand” leaving customers “very impressed.

The kits they deliver follow through on quality in materials and packaging. Keeping the whole purchase “compact and thorough,” they understand the true purpose of their products and make all pieces manageable to store and carry without sacrificing on necessary parts of the puzzle.

This kit provides all the basics needed for initial use in an emergency situation. Great for strategic placement in multiple places. If you don’t want to build your own kit, this is the way to go.

Judy Emergency Kit Review

Outside of the brand site (which doesn’t have many negative reviews at all), customers on Amazon seem to echo the appreciation for the products this company delivers. 

While the supply is far more limited on this platform, the JUDY The Mover Max still holds 4.6/5 stars based on 65 ratings. These customers appreciate the simplicity of the purchase that provides an organized solution to any emergencies.

“I just got my Mover Max today and went through all the products. I must admit, I’m shocked by how many things come inside and the quality. I’ve had 5+ emergency survival kits over the last decade and they usually come with dollar store quality products.

I have to acknowledge that these products aren’t exactly cheap. That said, to provide a well-packaged product that covers food, water, safety, warmth, tools, and first aid all in portable containers means paying a bit extra to avoid gathering all individual pieces yourself. 

Saving work and stress, this business wants customers to rest easy knowing that they have a safety plan in place should the worst occur.

Judy Emergency Kit Review

I think one Judy Emergency Kit review said it best: “Is this the cheapest product out there? No. But this was a very easy way to get this done and crossed off my list in case of an emergency. With increasing wildfires, I also liked that this came as a backpack.

The Mover Max isn’t alone in its love online. While it is the most popular product from this brand found on Amazon, other well-received pieces are as follows:

  • JUDY The Safe Emergency Bin: 4.5/5 stars based on over 35 ratings
  • JUDY Power: 5/5 stars based on 1 rating

I understand that it can be tricky to trust something with limited ratings online. Everyone wants a well-reviewed brand to depend on. Thankfully, their feature coverage in an endless list of media sources speaks well for them. 

They’ve also found a decent crowd on Reddit with customers there stating “This is awesome. Definitely a little on the pricey side, but for those who don’t have time or the knowledge/resources to piece together their own kit, this seems like a perfect option!

Simplifying the scare of natural disasters into a more organized and prepared occurrence, this brand is here to reduce stress and stay positive in the toughest of times.

Is Judy Emergency Kit Worth It?

Judy Emergency Kit Review

In our opinion, any Judy Emergency Kit is well worth the purchase. Having peace of mind with the security of tools, warmth, safety, first aid, food, and water covered for a family is priceless in our humble opinion. 

There are an endless number of things that can happen in life, so it’s best to be prepared for the unplanned and have a counter operation ready to go.

Offering customers not only supplies but also free downloads for natural disaster plans, this business does their best to keep everyone safe, no matter the circumstances. It may be a bit pricey, but what are sanity and security really worth in the end?

Judy Emergency Kit Promotions & Discounts 

Judy Emergency Kit Review

The trickiest part about promotions always comes down to timing. This company keeps things moving with constant deals, but at the time of writing this Judy Emergency Kit review, there are two discounts available:

  • 10% off when you register for their newsletter
  • 15% off deal for buyers

Where to Buy Judy Emergency Kit

Judy Emergency Kit Review

I did my research for this Judy Emergency Kit review and I have to say that this brand is quite limited in their sales. Primarily sold through their brand site at, products and bundles are also available through Amazon.


Judy Emergency Kit Review

Who owns Judy?

Currently, this business is owned by founders Simon Huck and Joshua Udashkin.

How long do Judy Emergency Kits last?

While writing this Judy Emergency Kit review, I’ve learned that most kits offer supplies for three days. I do have to note that food and water are said to provide for one full day, so the company suggests pairing these sources with pantry food and water to lengthen the lifespan of the kit.

Does Judy ship internationally?

While this brand did previously ship throughout North America, at the time of writing this article, they only ship to the contiguous US states.  

What is Judy’s Shipping Policy?

I wanted this Judy Emergency Kit review to be as thorough as the kits themselves, so that meant taking a look into their shipping policy. It really all comes down to a few quick points:

  • Continental US shipping only
  • Typically 5 to 7 business days
  • Tracking available
  • Shipping is calculated based on location
  • Expedited shipping is available for a higher price

There’s really not a lot to know other than the essentials – Judy is all about those necessary pieces, so I’m keeping this article the same way. 

I do have to note that shipping previously went to Canada and the remaining states, but Covid has paused that service. Keep an eye out for its resumption.

What is Judy’s Return Policy?

Sometimes a purchase doesn’t quite sit right after the money’s been spent. That’s perfectly fine. We’ve all had a bout of buyer’s remorse. That’s why the good, old return policy exists.

The company offers all customers a 14-day return policy. Anyone dissatisfied will receive a full refund so long as products are shipped back within 30-days from the return submission.

The process itself is incredibly simple:

  1.  Send an email to Judy’s customer service team with the reason for return, order number, and address
  2. They’ll send over a return label
  3. Package the item up, apply the new label, and send it off

All purchases aside from gift cards are available for returns, but I do have to note that anything in poor condition will be charged a 15% restocking fee. Keep purchases looking prime for a full refund within 5 to 10 business days.

How to Contact Judy

Intrigued by anything that’s been discussed in this Judy Emergency Kit review? Contact the company for more information on whatever plagues your soul via any of these three methods of contact:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Text: JUDY to +1 (833) 243-6380 for the latest updates
  • Fill out their Online Contact Form

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