Roaman’s Clothing Review

About Roaman’s Clothing

Roamans Clothing Review

Stop stressing about pulled fabric, tight buttons, and finding that right fit. Roaman’s Clothing is here to help plus-size icons find their feminine fit.

Working with a range from lingerie to business to the every day, this brand is all about providing limitless fashion to a crowd that’s too often pushed aside on the design front.

I’ll admit, this brand isn’t incredibly popular online. They haven’t really been featured many places in the media, but their 16.2k followers seem to adore them, so I believe it’s time to give them the spotlight for a few minutes so they can show the world what they have to offer.

In this Roaman’s Clothing review I will check out products, prices, ratings, and more to determine whether this brand deserves more attention and business from the plus-size public.

Overview of Roaman’s Clothing

Roamans Clothing Review

A quick search of this brand doesn’t show too much regarding company history. We know that they’ve been owned by FullBeauty Brands since 1982, but other than that, this company doesn’t offer much about the past. They prefer to focus on the present and future of their brand.

This business is all about feminine fashion designed for beauty, confidence, and individuality. People shouldn’t be limited in their wardrobes due to their size and shape. Everyone deserves functional fits that compliment the natural figure to show off pride in who they are. 

That’s why this company is dedicated to staying up to date with the latest trends, details, patterns, and prints. It’s all available with the click of a button.

Identifying quality as one of their core values, Roaman’s Clothing takes note of the importance of good material and how decent fabric can really change one’s appearance and mindset. 

Roamans Clothing Review

Why dress in cheap clothes when you can dress in the best and let that transfer over to feeling the best? All sizes deserve to feel good – that’s why petite, tall, narrow, and wide builds can all find a safe space here to explore to their heart’s content.

A spectrum of sizing isn’t the only thing this brand brings to the table. They’ve got a load of other highlights to their name to consider too.


  • Offers feminine clothing in a range of sizes that focuses on plus sizes
  • Top-quality materials
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Made to fit sizes
  • Sizing chart easily accessible
  • International shipping

Roaman’s Clothing Review

Roamans Clothing Review

There are so many options with Roaman’s Clothing, it’s impossible to know where to start. I wanted to give a good overview of what they’ve got in supply, so I’m taking a look at some of their best-selling pieces to show off in this review. 

Just keep in mind, these plus-size styles are only the tip of the iceberg and there’s so much more to uncover.

Roaman’s Ruffle Blouse Review

Ruffle some feathers by dressing up a look with the Roaman’s Ruffle Blouse. The style shines through on this garment, making the textured look the star of the show. 

Highlighted especially on the sleeves with clear poly fabric and black bundling sporadically across the arm, the ruffles give a flowing appearance to the whole piece. It may sound confusing when described, but I promise there’s nothing puzzling about this polka dot piece.

Paired perfectly with a black underlayer to really emphasize the white dots decorated across the clear poly layer, there’s nothing this blouse can’t do. Wear it with some jeans to dress down, or add a skirt and heels to conquer any business meeting. The possibilities are practically endless.

Add this blouse to the closet for $70.

Roaman’s Foil-Print Legging Review

Those looking to make a scene in any room should turn to the Roaman’s Foil-Print Leggings.

That’s right, foil. The shimmering silver of these leggings steals every show as they grab light with each step. 

Decorated with a swirling pattern of silvers and blacks, these leggings are ready to take on any environment, easily dressed up or down according to the top and shoes selected for the day.

The vibrant foil material pairs well with the utter comfort of Roaman’s Essential Stretch Leggings. Crafted from a cotton/spandex blend, these machine-safe leggings will never grow old as the soft material provides lasting comfort throughout the day. 

The snug elastic waistband holds things in place, complementing the body’s natural curves in the best way possible.

At the time of writing this Roaman’s Clothing review, these leggings are on sale for $25 (regularly $50).

Roaman’s Velour Swing Drape Dress Review 

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing, and the Roaman’s Velour Swing Drape Dress delivers on all of the steps.

This classic style is all about the sway with its flattering, knee-length design. Holding tight with a boat neckline and three-quarter sleeves, this complimentary style gives way to the fierce flow of the skirt, letting things sway in the breeze. 

Crafted in a luxe velour, texture really is everything here. Nothing too fancy, but just enough to stand out in a crowd, this soft and comfortable material makes a big difference when searching for a dance partner.

We can’t discuss this style without bringing color into it. They really went bold and beautiful with this raving red number. Everyone needs a little black dress, but honestly, a red piece should be added to the list too as the color really pops. 

Throw a jacket or cardigan overtop or pair it with some heels if you really want to play with contrast, but honestly, this one stands firmly on its own and I have nothing but respect for the confidence it delivers.

Hit the streets with confidence for $65.

Roaman’s Rhinestone-Studded Bomber Jacket Review

Let’s not pretend that jackets don’t add to a whole look in one swoop. Throw on a bit of attitude with the Roaman’s Rhinestone-Studded Bomber Jacket.

Working with a clean-cut faux leather style, this black bomber jacket sets the whole scene when added to any outfit. We all know that a leather jacket really does seem to be essential to wardrobes these days as they tend to go with anything. 

Add it to dress up or dress down and the whole thing will look great.

Of course, Roaman’s does stand out in their slight addition – the rhinestones. They don’t go crazy with the colors, keeping things a simple silver to contrast the deep black of the fabric, but the little shine is just enough to stand out. 

Lightening the load of a standard bomber, this element adds a bit of fun and personality to a classic style. There’s nothing wrong with showing up with some rhinestone studs.

Grab this jacket soon while it’s on sale for $100 rather than its regular $180 cost.

Roaman’s Velvet Belted Blazer Review

There’s really something about blazers that hits differently, so why not go wild with the Roaman’s Velvet Belted Blazer and make it a whole mood.

First of all – this piece really is a vibe for color alone. Working with a deep emerald green, this jacket pairs incredibly well with neutral tones. Stick it over a white top with black dress pants? It’s a stunner. 

Add in the almost glow that the softened velvet provides in the light and this one will be a constant winner. Plus it’s great to touch. Who doesn’t love velvet on the skin?

The shawl collar directs attention of this piece to the figure itself, highlighting curves further with the buttons and belt to tighten or loosen as needed. In fact, those who aren’t belt fans can just take it off as the piece removes with ease. 

The final puzzle piece slotted into place with this one comes in the gleaming form of pearls that move up from the cuff just for a touch of décor. It’s elegance, beauty, grace, and just fun fashion all in one.

Go green for $50 now before the return of the regular $140 price.

Roaman’s Crochet High Neck One Piece Swimsuit Review

Start prepping for that summer sun with the Roaman’s Crochet High Neck One Piece Swimsuit.

Teasing just the right amount of skin with the sultry and sweet crocheted mesh of this suit, this high neck style offers a glimpse into the beauty of the body’s curves. Swimming in a deep wine shade, this suit maintains all modesty while still providing the best bits. 

I’m talking detailed weaving that directs all attention to the figure, providing confidence in every step.

Whether lounging in the sun, swimming in the sea, or sitting poolside, we all deserve a comfortable suit that makes us feel good. Don’t let size stop that from happening. Instead, tie up that cross-back closure, feel assured by the Tummy Control’s protection, and get ready to steal the show.

At the time of writing this Roaman’s Clothing review, this suit is on sale for $106 instead of its regular $118.

Who Is Roaman’s Clothing For? 

Roamans Clothing Review

Plus-size queensRoaman’s has been designed for you. This brand is all about range in sizing for every look. From casual and comfy to dressed for success, this brand wants women to feel confident at all times. 

No more struggling to find that complementary size and shape, but instead, revel in using the size chart provided to find the exact measurements that work for your body and take advantage of the wide range of clothing available in that size.

It’s all about being comfortable in our bodies with this one. Larger sizes deserve those same sexy, feminine fashions as everyone else. Take pride in appearance and let fashion sense rather than the size see the purchase through for a change.

Roaman’s Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Roamans Clothing Review

For a complete picture of the brand’s offerings and customer service, I wanted to include some real buyer feedback in this Roaman’s Clothing review.  

The higher numbers come in quite positively from the company’s own site and various product pages through Amazon and Walmart, but rating platforms seem to sit on the opposite end of the spectrum (albeit guided by lower numbers in response). But I’ll get into things in more detail below.

Right off the bat, this brand’s own site seems to have the support of thousands. While they don’t have a site-wide reviews page, their individual product pages seem to step forth as a guiding force behind this brand. 

Customers are in love with these products, their material, fit, and feel.

One of their most popular pieces, the Hooded Fleece Robe, currently has 4.5/5 stars based on over 8,170 ratings. These thousands of customers adore the utter comfort supplied by this product. In fact, one Roaman’s Clothing review noted that “this robe is everything you’d hope it would be — soft, warm, cozy.

Quality doesn’t seem to be a concern surrounding these clothes. Many customers comment that the “Sleeves and robe length is just right, weight is perfect, not too light and not too heavy,” emphasizing the ideal execution of the material and designs. 

Roamans Clothing Review

Add in the reviews claiming that this piece washes and dries well without color bleeding or shrinking and I’m pretty sold on the fabric choice.

This robe is far from the only loved product by the brand. In fact, I’ve included a list of just a few of their featured top items:

  • Long T-Shirt Lounger: 4.6/5 stars based on over 2,175 ratings
  • 2-Pack Short-Sleeve Sleepshirt: 4.5/5 stars based on over 1,735 ratings
  • Ultrasmooth® Fabric Boatneck Swing Dress: 4.5/5 stars based on over 380 ratings
  • Open Front Waffle Cardigan: 4.5/5 stars based on 325 ratings
  • Ultrasmooth® Fabric V-Neck Swing Dress: 4.5/5 stars based on over 290 ratings
  • Tank Knit Maxi Dress: 4.5/5 stars based on 230 ratings

Outside of their product reviews, things get a bit more confusing. The Better Business Bureau grades this business an A+ rating for their work, but other platforms don’t seem to agree as quickly. In fact, TrustPilot rates the brand 1.3/5 stars based on over 100 ratings.

I’m not here to hide the bad, but I definitely want to look out for what Roaman’s Clothing does well in. And the answer seems to be their products. All of the best ratings for this brand on TrustPilot revolve around their inventory.

One individual reported that they “love the new dresses. They are stylish and very flattering. I am a full figured lady with defined curves. These dresses are what I look for.” 

Roamans Clothing Review

This brand seems quite popular for their fits and materials, it’s just the services that don’t seem to measure up on rating platforms.

While shipping and customer service have several lower ratings, that grading has also been refuted by other customers online. One Roaman’s Clothing review stated, “everything came as promised, quick, and the quality was second to none. Yes, they are a little pricey, but have a nice return policy, it was packaged well, and my experience was good.

While shipping speed seems to be the element most critical reviewers comment on, others have found another perspective to the concern. 

One post on US Reviews, which sits this brand at 4.6/10 based on 30 ratings, commented that “[Roaman’s does] not ship fast, that I will grant you, but I’ve learned to adjust my expectations because I like the products. I bought basic knit shorts recently for sleeping and I was very impressed by the quality.”

It’s a bit of a mixed bag for shipping and customer service, but overall, the quality of these pieces seems to make up for any struggle. Customers appear fully satisfied with their purchases once they arrive, so it’s really a matter of patience.

Is Roaman’s Clothing Worth It?

Roamans Clothing Review

To conclude this Roaman’s Clothing review, I’m going to give this brand my recommendation.When it comes to plus-size attire, it’s important to have the right fit, good quality, and a decent selection, and the brand provides all of these things. 

Don’t panic about a slower delivery time. Just appreciate the goods when they do arrive and take advantage of finding a brand that really fits.

Roaman’s Clothing Promotions & Discounts 

Roamans Clothing Review

Roaman’s coupons are everywhere. This brand seems to constantly be offering up sales prices for their customers (which I won’t argue – hello savings). 

In addition to their promotions, customers can also register for a Roaman’s credit card to earn points and gain privileges like free shipping at certain points of the year.

As for the current sales at the time of writing this Roaman’s Clothing review, right now there are four big discounts worth mentioning:

  • 50% off all sweaters
  • Free sleep tee with any sleep purchase
  • 50% off all bottoms
  • Free 2-Piece Tote set with any purchase of $75 or more

Where to Buy Roaman’s Clothing

Roamans Clothing Review

While doing my research for this Roaman’s Clothing review, I found that the best place to buy from this brand is definitely their own site at Providing the full scale of products, there’s no beating this location for those who want unlimited access to the full inventory. 

Individuals shopping for different prices and shipping services can check out:

  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Amazon


Roamans Clothing Review

Who owns Roaman’s Clothing?

Roaman’s Clothing is owned by FullBeauty Brands. This business acquired Roaman’s in 1982.

What type of store is Roaman’s Clothing?

This store is for all the ladies who usually struggle with sizing. Roaman’s plus-size clothing goes beyond the limits to find a fit for everyone, offering up an easy sizing guide to ensure the right measurements get made.

Does Roaman’s Clothing ship internationally?

Roaman’s Clothing proudly ships internationally. Currently, they service over 145 countries worldwide.

What is Roaman’s Clothing’s Shipping Policy?

Start the shipping process from just about anywhere in the world. This brand serves over 145 countries worldwide, so it’s easy to get delivery going to pretty much any location. Shipping times and costs differ depending on the country, so I’m going to be focusing on the US delivery service in this section.

This brand offers three shipping speeds: standard, express, and superfast. All speeds are tracked online from the moment of shipment, but the only real difference between them comes from ETA and cost:

  • Standard – 7 to 10 business days
  • Express – 4 business days, additional $10
  • Superfast – 2 business days, additional $17

As for regular costs, they’re entirely dependent on the order size. In fact, there are several flat rates that align to the different price ranges at checkout.

$0.00 – $19.00$6.99
$19.01 – $29.00$9.99
$29.01 – $39.00$10.99
$39.01 – $59.00$12.99
$59.01 – $79.00$15.99
$79.01 – $99.00$19.99
$99.01 – $149.00$22.99
$149.01 – $199.00$24.99
$199.01 – & above12%

Follow the chart to find expected costs and add those additional fees for faster shipping times. Any questions about shipping services can be sent to customer service and they’ll happily provide answers to all inquiries.

What is Roaman’s Clothing’s Return Policy?

Is your Roaman’s Clothing not a perfect fit? That’s fine too – no worries as this brand offers returns and exchanges within 60 days of shipping

Any items returned after the 60 days or that was originally purchased as a Final Sales item will be donated to charity to reduce waste and ensure that someone in need has access to items they otherwise may not have had available. 

Not a bad way to put an unwanted item to good use, right?

As for the return itself, there are actually two ways to go about it: paper or online. The invoice route is simple enough. All the steps the follow are outlined below:

  1. Locate the invoice shipped with all deliveries (try not to throw things out upon arrival)
  2. Fill out the information on the back, making sure to tick all the boxes required
  3. Package the item (preferably in original packaging)
  4. Attach shipping label (either pre-purchased label for $11 or shipped via your own carrier
  5. Await that final return

As for online, that’s a quick process too. For returns made via the web, customers simply:

  1. Log into their Roaman’s account
  2. Head over to Order History
  3. Select Return Item and follow the guide
  4. Package the item with the shipping label provided and send it off

Not a member with an official account? No worries. There’s a Return Portal for those who purchased as a guest. All that’s required there is an order number and the zip code used for shipping. From there, it’s the exact same process.

All customers completing a return have two options for their refund. Customers can receive their money back via an e-gift card to be used at any FullBeauty Brand store, or they can see their money back in the original account.

Both options are available through the invoice card and online methods – just make sure to tick the preferred box and the money will find its way back in the selected form.

Any exchanges are done through the same method as returns – just be sure to select “exchange” during the process instead of “return” and the rest is good to go.

How to Contact Roaman’s Clothing

I hope you enjoyed this Roaman’s Clothing review! If you have any more questions on hand, turn to the brand’s customer service via their online contact form

Just shoot a quick message and someone will get back as soon as possible. For more direct communication, give customer service a call at 1 (800) 677-0229.

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