Cold Plunge Review

About Cold Plunge

Cold Plunge Review

Take the plunge towards better health with the easy assistance of Cold Plunge. This business works with cold water immersion, letting short bursts of exposure to colder temperatures improve the natural recovery process of the body. 

Bringing a form of this process into residential and commercial spaces with the Cold Plunge tubs, this brand came to the market to encourage health training for better living.

Known as the Wim Hof method, this process gained popularity in recent years which led Cold Plunge founders to take the extra step when their progress was halted by Covid. 

Now with over 40.3k followers to their name on Instagram, this business continues to grow as they introduce new features to their tubs and supplies.

Not afraid of a bit of ice, this Cold Plunge review will consider the products, practices, reputation, and more to consider if this is one bath worth buying.

Overview of Cold Plunge

Cold Plunge Review

Cold Plunge is relatively new to the scene, born in Sacramento, California in 2020. Due to shutdowns in March of 2020, co-founder Michael Garrett set out in search of a way to experience the joy of the Wim Hof method and float spas from the comfort of his own home. 

Working alongside his father to craft an affordable solution, the duo crafted The Plunge, the first edition that would launch the business.

Building the first supplies in Garrett’s garage, the man was joined by Ryan Duey as the business took off, now working from a factory and shipping international sales. 

Aiming to popularize cold plunging for the health of others, the duo even took their idea to Shark Tank, gaining a lot of attention and following from their appearance.

Hoping that the notion of health will override the chilling experiences, this business has introduced numerous benefits of their brand to the world. Before getting too buried in the details of these baths, this Cold Plunge review wanted to take a look at some brief highlights.


  • Offers a line of cold water immersion tubs and supplies
  • Numerous health benefits
  • Payment plans available
  • International shipping
  • Free shipping

Cold Plunge Tub Review

This wouldn’t be a Cold Plunge review without actually looking at the tubs themselves. 

While the classic is always available, we’re diving into a few different options to show customers what all is available when it comes to the stunning cold setting we’ll be plunging into every day.

Cold Plunge The Plunge Review

Nothing quite sells this brand like the original Cold Plunge tub – The Plunge.

We’re starting off strong with the original product that made its way onto Shark Tank and swept the nation. Using power cooling and filtration to provide plungers with crystal clear and cold water, there’s nothing amateur about this hour. 

Cold and clean, The Plunge allows the user to set the ideal temperature for the water before plunging to work down to the limit of 39F.

Perfect for indoor or outdoor spaces, this one sets up with ease for $4,990.

Cold Plunge The Plunge Pro XL Review 

Go pro with pleasure when The Plunge Pro XL enters the scene.

Offering all of the benefits of the original, The Plunge Pro XL comes to play with a few more toys added along the way. 

The first major benefit comes in terms of size, with this tub extended to be 6” longer, 3” taller, and 1.5” wider to fit the taller souls who just want to chill. 

In addition to the widened tub, this piece also comes with a Hot & Cold Plunge option which can turn chilling waves into a bubbling hot tub in no time.

Relax with more space and more options for $6,990.

Cold Plunge Commercial Plunge Pro Review 

Those wanting to bring the beauty of refreshing cold waters to a more commercial level will appreciate the Commercial Plunge Pro.

Set with the same features as The Plunge Pro, this tub comes prepared for more commercial use. The main difference between them? The pump and the warranty. 

Connected to a more powerful pump to keep water coming at the right temperature, this piece also comes with a 1-year commercial warranty which offers more coverage than the standard and privatized option.

Get a steady source of water going for $6,490.

Cold Plunge Supplies Review

The tubs themselves are the real winner of this brand, but nothing can properly function without a bit of maintenance and care. 

Enter the ever-important Cold Plunge Supplies. Ideal for maintaining good quality plunges every day, these products keep things clean and cooling throughout the year.

Cold Plunge Residential Maintenance Package (6 Months) Review

We have to understand that proper maintenance should be scheduled to reduce the chance of breakdowns and build-up. The Residential Maintenance Package covers 6 months of cleaning in a single purchase.

We’d recommend throwing this one in the subscription cart, but for those who want to know more about one-time kits, be aware that these 6-month supplies cover all bases. 

Each kit comes with 6 filters, sanitizer, Sirona Oxidizer, Alkalinity Up, pH down, and 25 testing strips. These products ensure clean and sanitized water with a perfect pH balance to rest in.

Solo kits are available for $190 or customers can subscribe to receive scheduled shipments for $160 per kit.

Cold Plunge Carbon Hose Filter Review

Possibly one of the most important parts of the process, the Carbon Hose Filter can never be overlooked.

We all want clean and cold water – what’s the point of doing a cold plunge without it? The carbon hose filter assures clean water enters the tub at a cooling temperature. This means any plunge or dip in hot or cold temperatures will be fresh and balanced for the body.

Single filters are available for $28.

Cold Plunge Phone / Tablet Mount Review

Most who do a cold plunge start simply with two-minute sessions. Those two minutes can drag on without the distraction of the Phone/Tablet Mount.

Set yourself up for success before diving into the deep cold for multiple minutes. This simple mount attaches to the end of each tub with easy installation to tilt and provide the perfect angle to keep busy. 

Adjusting to the size of any phone or tablet, this piece allows individuals to stream music or videos to take their minds off of the overwhelming desire to escape the bitter cold. Play some soothing music and get lost in the notes before leaving the bathes with energy to spare.

Mounts are available for $40.

Who Is Cold Plunge For? 

Cold Plunge Review

Perfect for those who want to make a change in their health routine, Cold Plunge works wonders for adults of any age

Two-minute sessions do the job, immersing all genders in cooling temperatures to train the body while reducing stress, increasing energy, and allowing for more sound sleep at night

We understand that the cost of this one isn’t for everyone, but those dedicated to routine plunges will benefit greatly from this residential installation.

Cold Plunge Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cold Plunge Review

We had to take a minute in this Cold Plunge review to really consider public opinion. Of course, not everyone is on board with cold water immersion, so we’ll openly admit that the ratings we pulled come from smaller sources due to the business size and niche market.

The business themselves seem popular online with their personal Cold Plunge review section highlighting 5/5 stars based on over 110 ratings. 

While not huge in their customer rating numbers, we do have to take note of the overwhelming love individuals have for this brand. In addition to the health benefits that individuals adore, the maintenance and setup seem to work wonders for this one.

Super easy to set up and get started. It has quickly become a part of my daily wellness schedule. It will soon be an essential recovery tool for anyone who wants to feel better in life or training. Grateful!

Once adjusted to the experience, customers seem to be thrilled with their daily plunges. 

The process of buying only makes things better as people report it being a “Great experience start to finish. From quick responses when deciding which unit was best for me (in Texas, it’s outdoors, went with Pro) to ease of delivery (they out it exactly where I wanted it), to set up and maintenance.

This brand encourages those new to the world of cold water immersion to take the plunge. Reviewer Michael Kummer gave the experience 4.8/5 stars, coming into the world with no previous knowledge of the method. 

However, Kummer noted that “it turned out that the better I got at managing the stress of cold exposure (primarily through deep breathing exercises while in the tub), the more relaxed I’d feel after getting out of the tub. That feeling of relaxation actually helped me to fall asleep quicker and sleep better overall.

Noting endless health benefits, Kummer identified that this process and the easy accessibility of The Cold Plunge made him “significantly less sensitive to cold temperatures. I feel mentally stronger and I sleep better.

Previous cold water immersion fans took to open waters, the practice commonly seen in lakes and rivers for a quick plunge into icy temperatures. The dangers of this method came from exposing the body to shocking temperatures and requiring the movement to swim. 

The alternative came from ice water in trash cans, which doesn’t serve as a pleasant experience in any way you look at it.

As Bar Bend states, Cold Plunge offers a “luxurious option for cold plungers that are looking to step up their trash can ice bath game.” 

Featuring a stunning tub selection of sizes, a sanitized and filtered water pump, lighting, and even phone holders, these baths have upped the game of cold plunging to a new and exclusive level.

Cold Plunge Benefits

Cold Plunge Review

We can’t really explore this brand without discussing the Cold Plunge benefits to the body[1]. Rather than offer up some blocks of text, we’re going to keep things short and sweet with some quick points gained from the use of cold water immersion:

  • Increases blood flow
  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Better sleep
  • Boost in energy
  • Lower inflammation rates
  • Reduce muscle soreness

Pushing the limits of mental and physical strength, Cold Plunges are all about training the body while healing it through extremes. 

Yes, the first sessions will feel like torture, however, the more exposure the body faces, the better the benefits. Each day will be easier to face and that resilience translates to other aspects of life.

As for the science behind the physical benefits, cold temperatures constrict blood vessels to bring the blood closer to vital organs. This means the body flushes out the immune system and triggers the nervous system

Triggering fight or flight, the routine of plunging will help train the body’s response to stress, resulting in better sleep and relaxation of the body.

Basically, there’s a lot to gain from this one.

Is Cold Plunge Legit?

Cold Plunge Review

As far as this Cold Plunge review can tell, this one is good to go. We haven’t spotted any red flags in the reviews and research we’ve done, so we’d argue this brand is safe and secure for customers.

Is Cold Plunge Worth It?

Cold Plunge Review

Our Cold Plunge review team stands by this brand. We realize that cold water immersion isn’t for everyone, but there are a lot of benefits to gain from the practice that will strengthen physical and mental health.

Realistically, we understand that these products aren’t cheap. We’d definitely recommend this one for those who have already taken the plunge and are looking to introduce it into their daily routine. 

For those who already have a love and experience in this world, these tubs and supplies are a fantastic choice. We’d suggest those looking to try out the world of cold water immersion start smaller before diving into a larger purchase like this one.

Cold Plunge Promotions & Discounts 

Cold Plunge Review

At the time of writing this Cold Plunge review, there are no discounts or promotions in place.

Where to Buy Cold Plunge

Cold Plunge Review

Interested in taking the plunge? These products are available on with free shipping.


Who owns Cold Plunge?

Cold Plunge is owned by the two original co-founders, Michael Garrett and Ryan Duey.

Does Cold Plunge ship internationally?

Yes, they do. Cold Plunge happily ships internationally and asks customers to reach out for more information on the process.

What is Cold Plunge’s Shipping Policy?

In terms of shipping, this brand keeps things nice and simple. All orders ship with white glove delivery service to contiguous US states for free. Two delivery workers with move The Plunge anywhere and get rid of the trash so customers can settle in with ease.

International customers can reach out for a quote on delivery costs and arrangements.

What is Cold Plunge’s Return Policy?

Should it be decided that the lifestyle isn’t working, this Cold Plunge review has learned that customers have 30 days for a full refund. All that has to be done is:

  1. Repackage the items in the box
  2. Put it on the pallet it arrived on
  3. Freight ship it to PLUNGE, 7500 14th Ave. #26, Sacramento, CA 95820

We do have to note that all customers must pay return shipping themselves, which isn’t always cheap for a freight shipment, but it can definitely be worth it to get that refund.

How to Contact Cold Plunge

Any lingering questions should never go unanswered, so this Cold Plunge review did a bit of digging to find the contact information we all deserve. Anyone can reach out to this brand through the following methods of contact:

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Article Sources

  1. Mooventhan, A. and Nivethitha, L. Scientific evidence-based effects of hydrotherapy on various systems of the body PubMed Central North American Journal of Medical Sciences, [online] 6(5), p.199

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