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Form Health Review

Unlike diet programs that shove educational materials at you and leave you on your own, Form Health is all about support. This virtual, evidence-based medical weight loss program helps you through your journey every step of the way, pinpointing personal roadblocks and giving you a real, actionable path specific to your health and weight loss goals.

You’re matched with a clinical care team of a doctor and Registered Dietitian who will develop a personalized weight loss path that considers your unique biology and preference. Your path will involve nutrition, physical activity, mindset shifts and medication, if appropriate.

If medication is deemed appropriate by your Form Health doctor, your doctor will prescribe what they determine to be the best FDA-approved medication for you to assist in the process. Covered by most health insurance plans and Medicare, the monthly membership program is science-backed and completely personalized to your unique health and weight loss goals.

Is this telehealth weight loss service the one you’ve been looking for? This Form Health review will help answer that question by telling you everything you need to know about the company and how its platform works.

We’ll look at customer feedback and FAQs too so that you feel totally informed on what it has to offer.

Overview of Form Health

Form Health Review

Form Health was founded in 2019, and their virtual medical weight loss program was created to help those living with obesity

The connection between obesity and chronic disease is one that has been studied rigorously—in fact, obesity itself is considered a chronic disease. Form Health assists patients with a BMI of 30+ to effectively lose weight and keep it off by giving them the expert medical support and knowledge they need to make sustainable changes.

Founded by Evan Richardson, Form Health has a medical board packed with a hefty list of clinical experts, including its Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Florencia Halperin, a Harvard Medical School-trained endocrinologist. Based in Boston, MA, the platform operates solely as a telehealth platform that connects each patient with a doctor and Registered Dietitian by way of the Form Health mobile app.

Coming up in this Form Health review, we’ll get into the fine details about how the service’s personalized weight loss program works. Before we get there, take a look at its highlights to see what’s in store.


  • Completely personalized plans
  • Monthly 1-on-1 video appointments with a doctor
  • Twice a month video visits with a Registered Dietitian
  • Covered by most health insurance providers and Medicare
  • Self-pay plan available
Form Health Review

Considering that obesity is a chronic disease, the process of losing weight isn’t always as simple as eating right and exercising (as if those things were easy to begin with).

Form Health works by targeting your biological factorsthat may be inhibiting your weight loss, like hormones, metabolism, and genetics.

The next section of this Form Health review will reveal what to expect when you sign up for the service and how its clinical care team can help.

Form Health Review

Form Health Review

The first step to join Form Health’s weight loss program is to enroll by starting with a short quiz to see if you’re eligible.

Your eligibility will be determined by your current age, BMI, and health status. After you decide you’re interested, Form Health will ask you a few more questions to ensure its clinical care team can help.

Once that’s all squared away, it’s time to meet the people who will be helping you on your weight loss journey. Your clinical care team is composed of a Form Health doctor and a Registered Dietitian.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive access to the Form Health app, and work with your dedicated Care Coordinator to schedule your first video appointments with your doctor and Registered Dietitian. During these visits, they’ll get to know your goals and lifestyle and design a personalized plan that fits into your life. Your plan will always be unique to you—it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of program.

After your first appointments, you’ll follow the steps laid out by your team. As you continue in the program, you’ll virtually meet with your doctor once a month and with your Registered Dietitian twice a month to track your progress and experience. They’ll be there to give you guidance every step of the way.

One of the best parts of the program is that your clinical care team provides ongoing, one-on-one support. They take the time to get to know you so they really understand your personal challenges and can provide personalized guidance and encouragement. They’ll be there to answer any questions you have, even outside of your regular appointment via messaging in the Form Health app, which you’ll have unlimited access to.

Form Health helps its patients lose and average of 10-15% of their body weight in 6 months using its personalized weight loss program. Results can vary, but the important thing is that you’re seeing changes, whether in your confidence level, energy, or physical improvement.

Who Is Form Health For?

Form Health Review

Here’s the thing: Form Health isn’t for everyone, and that’s actually the point. You must be 18 years or older to join the program and have a BMI of 30+ or a BMI of 27+ with possible health risks like high blood pressure.

You will also need to have had a check-up with your primary health care physician in the last 12 months so your Form Health doctor has a current report on your health. To find out if you qualify for enrolment, take the quiz on Form Health’s homepage.

During your participation with Form Health, you may be prescribed FDA-approved medications. Your Form Health doctor will decide if medication is an appropriate part of your treatment plan and, if so, will select the medication that is the best fit for you. ​For your safety and well-being, receiving prescriptions from Form Health doctors requires active participation in their medical weight loss program.

How Does Form Health Work?

Form Health Review

Form Health supports weight loss from a number of angles. When you begin, you’ll create a personalized weight loss path with your assigned doctor and dietitian. This may include FDA-approved prescription medication.

During the program, you’ll have monthly video visits with your Form Health doctor and dietitian, along with unrestricted access to the messaging feature, tracking tools, and educational materials on the app. You can share updates including photos of your meals with your team and receive feedback or recommendations.

How Does Form Health Cost?

Form Health Review

Form Health is an auto-renewing membership program with a monthly fee of $99. The cost covers two monthly visits with your Registered Dietitian, unlimited care team messaging in the Form Health app, access to their educational library, and private online community. All other medical services, such as in-person doctor visits, lab tests, and prescribed medications will be billed to your insurance. You’d be responsible for any copay and deductible, just as you would for any medical services. The monthly fee is HSA/FSA eligible

If you don’t have insurance, Form Health offers a self-pay plan for $199/month. This covers all doctors visits, appointments with a registered dietitian, and unlimited messaging on its platform as well as access to their educational library and private online community. Prescribed medication and lab work is not covered under this price, and will be billed separately. The self-pay plan is also HSA/FSA eligible.

Form Health Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Form Health Review

Losing weight can be a tough process and having the right support matters. Before joining a new program, you want to make sure that it’s the right fit and it’s going to help. 

Though results are never guaranteed, losing 10-15% of your body weight is certainly a draw. Still, it’s always smart to check in on what others have experienced with the service prior to hopping on board. For that, this Form Health review will turn to customer feedback.

Below, you’ll find comments and ratings taken from around the web that mention personal experience and results. We’ll start with Trustpilot.

The Form Health review page on Trustpilot has a 4.7/5 star score and 35 reviews. Upon closer inspection, we learned that all 30 users gave the service a 5/5 star score, but Trustpilot has docked it a few stars due to the small number of reviews.

In other words, it’s received flawless feedback, just not a ton of it. Here’s the snapshot if you’d like to see it for yourself:

  • Excellent: 100%
  • Good: 0%
  • Average: 0%
  • Poor: 0%
  • Bad: 0%

All of the Form Health reviews are from patients that were very pleased about their experience with the service. Noting a close connection with doctors and fantastic results, there’s nothing that reports it’s anything other than effective. Here’s one comment that mentions all of the above. It reads:

I’m in my first month and couldn’t be more appreciative. The regular interaction with my nutritionist as well as my doctor is like a one-two punch and a win. The app is well developed and my team is always responsive.

When you need support, it’s critical that it’s at your fingertips. That’s one of the advantages of Form Health being a telehealth service. With a few clicks on your phone, you can get expert-support when you need it most.

Other members have said that those interactions are “nothing but positive” too. People feel as if the clinicians care about their success, and that makes a huge difference in weight loss when you know someone is rooting for you.

To check up if the app is really as easy to use as the company says it is, we headed over to the Google Play Store. One Form Health review read:

This is a great program and very effective in helping you meet your goals. The app is easy to use. It allows for an easy way to communicate with the program and provides a quick method for you to look up all the information they provide.”

From this comment, it looks like the app really is easy to use, regardless of whether you’re signing on, connecting with your health care team, or searching for information. The same user wrote that they were able to meet their 3-month goal. A great sign that the program is effective as well.

Now, our last bit of feedback comes from Reddit. Form Health’s Dr. Florencia Halperin has an “Ask Me Anything” thread on the platform where she answers questions that users have about weight loss.

This openness alone makes the service appealing, knowing that it takes time to respond to questions. And time isn’t something doctors usually have.

In response to the many questions people have, her answers are thoughtful and honest. They’re also long and easy to understand. This is just a small peek into what using the Form Health service would be like.

Having an expert medical team who is open and willing to guide you through questions you have about losing weight and how to go about it is an incredible asset.

Is Form Health Legit?

Form Health Review

Honestly, we didn’t come across a single negative Form Health review out there in regards to experience with the service. This is curious in itself, but overall, there isn’t a ton of feedback for it online, so the lack of negative reviews isn’t too surprising.

What we did find was highly positive, flawless in fact, with the only downside being that not everyone will be a candidate for the program or can have their monthly fee covered by insurance. The program is targeted at those with a BMI over 30 (or 27 or higher with certain medical conditions) who have struggled losing weight with diet and exercise alone.

If you do not fall into this category, you cannot join. It’s not really a downside, it’s just who the service is for. If you do qualify to enroll and you don’t have insurance, Form Health offers a self-pay plan that covers the bulk of its services in addition to doctor’s visits.

In the end, there’s no reason we wouldn’t believe this service is 100% legit. It’s targeted at a certain demographic and that’s probably why it’s been so successful.

Is Form Health Worth It?

Form Health Review

There are a lot of good things going for Form Health. Different from other weight loss programs, it focuses on making personal connections between you and an expert clinical care team to produce real change. The service gives members the freedom to reach out when needed and schedules frequent check-ins to ensure accountability.

Plus, Form Health’s personalized approach to weight loss considers each patient’s unique biology and preferences, including (but not limited to) nutrition, physical activity, mindset shifts, and FDA-approved medication. This company knows there’s no “right way” to eat, exercise or lose weight.

Essentially, it’s an entirely new way to lose weight that trendy diet programs simply can’t compete with. And with a money-back guarantee for your first month of membership, there’s really very little risk associated with the service.

Form Health Promotions & Discounts

Form Health Review

Form Health is insurance reimbursable that’s covered by the majority of health insurance providers and Medicare. Though that’s not technically a discount, it does come in handy for anyone who already pays health insurance premiums or receives benefits through their work.

Where to Buy Form Health

Form Health Review

Form Health is a digital direct-to-consumer health platform. It operates by way of an app that you can download from the App Store or Google Play. To get started with the service, head over to FormHealth.co and take the short quiz.


Form Health Review

Who owns Form Health?

Form Health Inc. was founded by Evan Richardson who is also its CEO. Before he started the service, Richardson was already a founding member of Grand Rounds, another virtual care health platform that directly connects its patients with doctors for a more personal experience.

Can I cancel Form Health membership anytime?

You can cancel your Form Health membership whenever you like. Canceling simply means that you no longer wish to receive its services and your participation in the program will cease at the end of your billing period.

If you wish to cancel for the following month, be sure to cancel it before your next payment goes through. To cancel your Form Health membership, follow these steps:

  1. Head to FormHealth.co
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click on ‘Cancel Membership’
  3. Fill out the form and rate your experience
  4. Submit the form

If you decide you want to join again, you can come back any time.

What is Form Health’s Privacy Policy?

The information that Form Health needs to collect from you is personal. Since it’s a health service, it’s kind of pertinent that they do. Its doctors will look into your health records and possibly prescribe medications, and they get that both of those things may be sensitive.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to Form Health, and here, we’ll outline its privacy policy so you know exactly what they collect and what they do with it.

In general, Form Health collects personal data such as your name, address, e-mail, date of birth, and credit card numbers. Photos, videos, and your medical history may also be required.

When you visit its website, information like the date and time you visit the website will be collected, along with clickstream and communication data.

This information is collected as you provide it, but also as you make your way through the website. Form Health uses your personal data to improve the way you use its website, to provide you with services, to notify you of changes, and to contact you.

Form Health does not share, sell, or disclose your personal information in any way not described in its privacy policy. Children under the age of 18 years old are not permitted to use the service. If information is discovered about users of this age, it will be deleted.

What is Form Health’s Refund Policy?

Form Health extends a 30-day refund policy to all new members. If within that time you find you’re not totally happy with the service, you can get your monthly membership fee refunded by sending an email to [email protected].

How to Contact Form Health

If you need more information than we included in this Form Health review, the service offers free 15-minute calls with one of their enrolment specialists. Get in touch via:

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