PRO Compression Socks Review

About PRO Compression  

PRO Compression Socks Review

PRO Compression is an innovative US-based brand that designs and manufactures premium compression socks. Pro Compression designs stylish compression socks for both men and women, who need a little extra support when it comes to performing both day to day and high-level activities.

Our PRO Compression socks review will take a look at whether or not you need PRO Compression socks in your life – we’re talking who needs them, what they’re used for, what products they offer and the price point they’re offered at, so you can make an informed purchase decision.

Overview of PRO Compression  

PRO Compression Socks Review

PRO Compression is all about providing support where and when you need it most. While some of us could use extra support when it comes to activities like hiking, jogging and strenuous workouts, others could benefit from compression socks on an everyday basis. PRO Compression’s mission is to provide support and increased circulation to your lower limbs, in order to help you feel comfortable and confident while performing activities. 

By providing a range of socks in various lengths, styles and colours, they stress that everyone can use a little extra support. PRO Compression’s products are designed and manufactured in the United States, which is certainly a rarity these days.

It is both the versatility of PRO Compression’s products and their signature technology that truly sets them apart from their competitors. PRO Compression’s signature Graduated Compression Technology was created with one simple goal in mind – to fight both muscle soreness and fatigue. 

In order to achieve this, pressure must be put on all the right places, which helps increase blood flow to the areas that need it most. PRO Compression’s Graduated Compression Technology begins with the tightest degree of compression at the ankle, which loosens gradually up the socks. This allows blood flow to move upwards, accelerating your body’s natural healing process, and working to rebuild broken down soft tissue.

The rest of our PRO Compression socks review will break down some of PRO Compression’s individual products, and why you may (or may not) need them as a staple in your sock drawer. 


  • Great for those who are constantly on the go and engage in high impact activities and strenuous workouts
  • Can also be worn as an everyday sock; for those who suffer from poor circulation, swelling, varicose veins and/or muscle soreness
  • Compression socks come in a variety of lengths, including knee high, mid calf, low ankle and calf sleeves
  • Brand also offers compression arm sleeves
  • Designed and manufactured locally in the USA
  • All socks are a comfortable blend of nylon and poly materials
  • Durable and long lasting


  • One pair can run you up to $50, making purchasing compression socks as any everyday solution is unrealistic for the average consumer
  • While sock colours and patterns do vary, they are not particularly modern looking
  • Socks come in 3 unisex sizes: Extra Small, Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large, so they are not tailored specifically for men or women
  • Only the Trainer Low Ankle Compression socks come in multiples (a pack of 2)

PRO Compression Marathon Socks Review 

The PRO Compression Knee High Socks come in a variety of colors and patterns and are technically marketed towards women. While writing this PRO Compression socks review, I did notice that the exact same socks are listed under the men’s category, marketed as “over the calf” socks. These socks range from $40 to $55 per pair, and are available in three categories:

1.   The Marathon Sock is your standard Graduated Compression sock, helping to increase blood flow throughout your lower limbs while providing support. It is also available in wool, which is perfect for outdoor activities such as snowboarding, skiing, and long hikes in colder weather. One pair of the Marathon Socks at regular price is $50.

2.   The Marathon Elite Sock is essentially the same as the Marathon Sock, but with additional calf support and increased padding on the heel and toe. In my opinion, if you’re already going to splurge on the $50 price tag of the Marathon Socks, you might as well spend the extra money for the Marathon Elite, which costs $55

PRO Compression Mid Calf Socks Review

When it comes to PRO Compression’s Mid Calf Socks, it remains a mystery as to why PRO Compression has sorted their socks into men and women’s categories – they are both the same size and offer the same colours. Regardless, PRO Compression’s Mid Calf Socks are a great option for those who don’t want to commit to a full, knee high compression sock.

They offer the same graduated pressure technology as their Knee High socks, but give you the extra room for air to flow up the lower legs. PRO Compression’s Mid Calf Socks are all $25, and come in a variety of colours, including powder blue, neon yellow, multicolour stripe and your basic black. For those chillier days, the Mid Calf Socks are also offered in wool.

PRO Compression Low Ankle Socks Review 

PRO Compression’s Low Ankle Socks are for those who just want to focus on the heel and toe support – you’re finding no calf support here, ladies and gentlemen. What’s great about the Low Ankle Socks, is that they come in two categories: Trainer Low and PC Runner. Both options come in an array of neon, patterned and plain colors, made from a soft poly, nylon, spandex blend.

The Trainer Low is more for your everyday wear. You’re still getting the same benefit of graduated compression socks; however, they’re targeted towards leisurely activities (and are the only socks that PRO Compression offers as a 2-pair). The Trainer Low also comes with the No Show Low style option, which has a less visible line when wearing shoes. A two pack of the Trainer Low or the No Show Low will cost you $25

The PC Runner Low Ankle offers targeted cushioning in the heel and toe, making them ideal for activities that are strenuous on your joints (biking, hiking, jogging). The PC Runner Low Ankle does not come in a 2-pack option and costs $17 for one pair. 

PRO Compression Calf Sleeves Review 

Last but certainly not least, PRO Compression also offers a line of calf sleeves, if you want to skip out on the foot support altogether. Calf sleeves are a great option for those who wish to only focus on increased blood circulation to their calves and are ideal for those who retain fluid and experience swelling in this area specifically. 

In researching for this PRO Compression socks review, we found that the calf sleeves provide all the same benefits as the Knee High Marathon socks (minus the support in the heel and toe, of course). They also include anti-microbial technical fabric, providing both moisture and odor control. This is especially ideal for athletes, and any sort of activity where you’ll be wearing your calf sleeves outdoors. 

All PRO Compression Calf Sleeves have a price tag of $45 and have a slightly louder appearance than most of the the brand’s compression socks. PRO Compression’s calf sleeves come in mostly bright, neon colors with the option of stripes and dots; though there are plain options for those who wish to be a little more subtle. 

PRO Compression Socks Review: What Do Customers Think?

PRO Compression Socks Review

All in all, PRO Compression reviews are very positive. Customers seem to really enjoy and benefit from PRO Compression’s products. Despite the steep price, some customers consider these socks to be an absolute staple for everyday wear.

A PRO Compression socks review indicated that the Marathon Elite Knee High socks are a fan favourite, with customers raving about their support in positions where it’s necessary for them to be on their feet all day. PRO Compression socks have noticeably helped customers with leg cramping. Plus the extra padding in the heel and toe of the Marathon Elite Knee High socks seem to be a huge bonus. 

The only notable downside to these compression socks: that customers occasionally find it difficult to get their size right the first time, despite measurements provided on the company’s website. 

Pro Compression Sizing 

The size guide on each product is split into men’s and women’s, though the socks are only available in three unisex sizes. Having said this, there’s very little difference between the men and women’s chart when it comes to size.

The Knee High Socks and the Calf Sleeves include an additional measurement for the calves, whereas there is no need for this measurement when it comes to the Mid Calf and Low Ankle socks.


PRO Compression Promotions & Discounts 

If you’re looking for a PRO Compression coupon, they have a handful of great deals to offer. In writing this PRO Compression socks review, I scoured the website for savings:

• Use code: 3PLUS to shop the PRO Compression buy 2 get 3 free sale. You can get any 5 pairs of compression socks for the price of 2

• Use code: FB95 to get 5 pairs of Marathon compression socks for only $95, saving you a whopping $155

• Use code: 3PAIRS to purchase 3 pairs of Marathon socks for $60 or use code: 50VIP for 50% off any pair of Marathon socks

• Use PRO Compression promo code: RER at checkout for 40% off your entire order

• Use code: CANDY45 for 45% off your entire order with the purchase of Marathon Candy Hearts socks

For a PRO Compression socks sale, be sure to check back on their site regularly.


Where to Buy PRO Compression Socks

A PRO Compression socks review yielded no retail locations for the brand. They do have an address that acts as their head office:

3226 Grey Hawk Court 

Carlsbad, California 92010

United States

PRO Compression states that they only sell their merchandise on their own website and through Amazon. I was also able to find them for sale on, which is known as America’s Medical Superstore.

Shipping Policy

PRO Compression offers free shipping on orders of $99 or more in the United States and also ships worldwide.

Here’s a quick breakdown of PRO Compression’s shipping policy for your convenience. (Each delivery range depends on location and/or country):

• Standard Shipping: 3-7 days 

• USPS Priority Mail: 2-3 days

• FedEx Standard Overnight: 1 business day

• PRO Compression conveniently offers international shipping worldwide through DHL, so    no one has to miss out. 

• Standard International: 1-3 weeks 

• Express International: 1-3 days 

Return Policy

Here’s another quick breakdown:

• Your PRO Compression socks can be returned.

• They cannot be worn, must be in their original packaging and include any labels that may have been on them. 

• They must be returned within 60 days of purchase. However, you will be losing out on a $5 restock fee and also the cost of shipping.

• If exchanging for a different size, you will not be responsible for the $5 restock fee but will still be responsible for the cost of return shipping. 

Contact PRO Compression 

Looking to contact the brand after this PRO Compression socks review? I’ve got to say, they are seriously on top of things when it comes to answering both their online chat and their Facebook messenger, so you can likely get an answer from them online in minutes.

You can also contact them on their online contact form found on their website, as well as using the following methods:

• Facebook:

• Email: [email protected]

• Website:

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Asked by Robin (2 years ago) Reply

My Pro Compression socks just arrived. I watched the how to video…putting them on looked so easy! Holy Crap. I thought I would never get them on. I have arthritis in my hands, my thumbs are the most painful. This was no easy task. I wear them to work so I am going to have to sleep in them because there is no way I can deal with putting them on at 6:30am before the meds kick in. I hope they are worth it. The syles and colors are awesome and they feel nice once i got them on.

Answered by Nathan (2 years ago) Reply

Doctors don’t recommend sleeping with compression socks on, it’s bad. Consult your physician for why, or google it if necessary.

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