Jambys Review

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About Jambys

Jambys Review

Loungewear should never be lazy when it comes to design and quality. With that in mind, Jambys offers its own collection of high-performance apparel designed for those ‘cheat days’. 

With a following of over 12.8K on Instagram, this clothing brand has been the talk of the town surrounding casual wear. Jambys has also been featured on numerous online publications, including CNN, the Today Show, and Women’s Health. 

Are you ready to ditch those itchy sweatpants? Perhaps this brand can offer you a cozier alternative. Keep reading, as this Jambys review takes a closer look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they’re worth checking out.  

Overview of Jambys

Jambys Review

Loungewear is no catwalk. It requires no dressing up, accessories, or effort—which ultimately sorts itself into the comfortable range of fashion. Still, there are some brands out there that prioritize style over substance. 

Joggers have become the new leather pants, as tees have transformed into blouses. Can’t a company relax just for once? 

Thankfully, founders Andrew Goble and Jack Ambrose sought to bring back laid back loungewear by establishing their own brand. Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Jambys quickly hit the ground running with its cozy inactive apparel. 

Despite itchy cotton or unbreathable polyesters being the industry norm, this company uses a unique blend of MicroModal fabric with French Terry cloth as its primary material. 

In an inspiring quote shared on Medium, Jambys states that they look to the future of loungewear: Time at home is important, and Jambys main goal is to make it as enjoyable, comfortable, and fulfilling as it can be. The clothes make up the first part of that goal, and the enriching activities and experiences done while wearing those clothes round out the second.”

Before we get into this Jambys review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons: 


  • Comfortable loungewear made out of breathable materials 
  • Offers a wide range of sizes 
  • All Jambys clothing is machine washable 
  • Has a separate side blog dedicated to trends and lifestyle tips 
  • Provides a 77-day guarantee on all of its products 


  • Limited inventory 
  • Pricier than other retailers 
  • Little to no customer reviews 
Jambys Review

“Hey, what if this had pockets?” Whether it’s a dress, a pair of shorts, or a hoodie, most clothing pieces can be improved with some ‘extra storage space.’ Founders Andrew Golde and Jack Ambrose thought the same, but for underwear. 

What resulted next was years of product development for their latest set of boxers. Created to be comfortable and versatile to wear, they decided to design other garments cut from the same cloth. 

From undies to hoodies, this apparel shop focuses on comfort rather than style. Made for Netflix-marathoning, junk food binging, and lazy days, this Jambys review will briefly look at some of the brand’s best-selling pieces for couch potatoes to wear. 

Jambys Review

It’s Saturday morning. The bright, sunny skies call for a perfect day of indoor laziness. Instead of opting for skinny jeans and a constricting top, Jambys offers a more comfortable alternative that’s hard to pass up. 

Come on, you worked a 9 to 5 job from Monday to Friday. You can at least treat yourself to an unproductive afternoon with sweatpants and a bowl of popcorn.

Moving forward, this Jambys review will take a short look at some of their top-selling pieces down below.

Gray/Lavender Jambys Review

No couch potato day is complete without a set of comfy boxers. The Gray/Lavender Jambys act as the perfect no-nonsense undies for unproductive afternoons. 

Constructed with French Terry MicroModal cloth and no-crotch-flash technology, these unisex briefs can be worn like shorts around the house. As an added bonus, they also come with side pockets fit for sneaky Cheeto storage. We won’t judge. 

These Jambys pocket boxers are reinforced with a stretchy elastic band—which can help prevent any cheeky peeks. Soft and breathable for all seasons, opt for the Gray/ Lavender Jambys for $35. You should also know that it also comes in other colors such as hibiscus pink and lemon yellow. 

Gray/Lavender Long Jambys Review

A relaxing night-in calls for a 5-star dinner and an irritating polyester dress: said no one ever. Unless you’ve already made plans, the Gray/Lavender Long Jambys offers a roomier alternative for low-key evenings. 

Made from super-soft French terry MicroModal fabric, these sweats will last through countless Breaking Bad Episodes. All you need is the Jambys mint hoodie to match. 

Complete with a drawstring waistband, these joggers can definitely accommodate those ‘food babies’ in the future. In case of hot afternoons, we suggest switching to the Jambys hibiscus basketball shorts as a cooler replacement. 

Ideally paired with soda and a bag of chips, the Gray/Lavender Long Jambys cost $73

Jambys Hunter Green/Hunter Green House Hoodie Review

Nothing is more comfortable than burying yourself in a sweater. Case in point, the Hunter Green/Hunter Green House Hoodie is a must-have for Saturday sloths or Sunday slugs. 

This special pullover is designed to be seasonless, meaning that it can be worn in slightly cooler temperatures. According to the brand, users can wear the Jambys hunter green house top for up to 93 hours in a row. 

Honestly, we can offer styling tips, but who wants to look fashionable after waking up at 2 pm? If anything, we recommend the Jambys lavender pants to help tie in your comfy ensemble. In terms of price, the Hunter Green/ Hunter Green House Hoodie costs $79

Jambys Cerulean/Cerulean JamTee Review

Considered a closet must-have, the Cerulean/Cerulean Jam Tee comes with no bells or whistles attached. Designed with a basic neckline, a comfortable back seam, and a 2-inch side slit for bottom tucking, this all-time classic will definitely go well with any jeans or trousers. 

For those who’d rather stay in and watch Disney+ all day, we recommend pairing them with the Jambys black boxers instead. This top is made to be breathable, flexible, and soft for everyday use. 

If you’re not a fan of blue, this design is also available in Jambys tigerlily white, gray lavender, and hibiscus pink. For a comfy basic that will last years in your wardrobe, the Cerulean/Cerulean Jam Tee costs $47 at checkout. 

Jambys Tigerlily Face Mask Review 

I’ll be honest. Some face masks can be quite uncomfortable to wear. From super tight elastics to unbreathable fabrics, that outdoor excursion can result in gasps for air rather than a pleasant shopping experience. 

For those not keen on sporting the ‘anti-vaxxer’ look, the Tigerlily Face Mask offers an optimal fit that’s roomy, soft, and adjustable to wear.

Sewn with a blend of MicroModal fabric and spandex, this cover-up can withstand sweltering afternoons or chilly mornings. It’s worth noting that this product is not intended for medical purposes, as it’s only used for regular activities. 

Offered in alternative colors such as gray/black or light blue, the Tigerlily Face Mask costs $10 in total. 

Are Jambys Just For Men? 

Jambys Review

Nope! Don’t let the Jambys boxer jams fool you. All of its apparel, including underwear, is entirely unisex. In addition, the company offers a wide range of sizes, including XS to 3XL. We highly suggest visiting the website for more information on measurements. 

What Are Jambys Made Of?

Jambys Review

From the Jambys House of Hoodies to its collection of sweatpants, French terry MicroModal fabric is commonly used as the brand’s primary material. In some cases, they also use Spandex to help give more stretch to their clothing. Altogether, these textiles offer an airy, flexible fit that’s both comfortable and soft. 

Are Jambys Sustainable?

Jambys Review

According to the brand, the french terry MicroModal cloth used in their garments is made out of beechwood trees, which is reportedly sustainable. Unfortunately, Jambys doesn’t provide much transparency regarding its manufacturing processes. Here’s to hoping that they’ll share more information in the future. 

Who Is Jambys For? 

Jambys Review

Everyone wants to be comfortable at home. So, Jambys is intended for anybody who likes the idea of a lazy afternoon. It’s worth mentioning that their pieces are mainly designed for adults, as they don’t provide kid sizes. 

Regarding gender, all undergarments, tees, joggers, and hoodies are designed to be unisex. Come on, you’re inside all day—nobody is going to judge what you’re wearing. 

Jambys Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Jambys Review

This Jambys review found a limited amount of third-party customer feedback related to the brand. As a result, we might not be able to paint an accurate depiction of the company as a whole. 

Jamby’s official website holds the most comments, with over 2,294 testimonials in counting. While we usually include the ratings for some of the brand’s best-selling products, it seems that they have a bit of catching up to do in terms of website updates. 

As of lately, they only provide reviews for the Gray/Lavender Boxers with Pockets. There are over 1,751 testimonials posted for this snazzy set of undies in total—earning them an impressive score of 4.8/5 stars

According to numerous buyers, their joggers proved comfortable and cozy to wear. Others commended its excellent fit and use of quality materials. 

“Oh baby! The texture, the waistband, the thickness, Jambys just don’t quit. There’s nothing quite like coming home from another 16 hour day on the line and slipping into my Jambys. Immediately, I’m transported to another world, to paradise, riding atop a unicorn,” one customer humorously wrote for the Gray/Lavender Boxers with Pockets

“I have over 10 sets of Jambys,” one reviewer detailed for the Gray/Black JamTee. “This cotton is softer than anything I’ve ever worn. I wear my Jambys to work, school, and on my daily outings.”

In terms of outside reviews, we uncovered articles from a few online publications that took to critiquing Jambys loungewear. For instance, Travel + Leisure left a commendable rating for the brand’s collection of joggers and sweats:

“Whether I’m working at my desk or running errands on the weekend, these pants are so soft and comfortable they’re the only ones I want to wear now.” 

In an article posted by CNN, Jambys seemed to live up to the hype in terms of peak inactive wear, “While their price point is steeper than most “lounge-ish” clothes you can buy out there, given that Jambys are unisex, super soft, undies optional and don’t overheat — well, those selling points totally justify their cost.” 

So far, this Jambys review hasn’t found any concerning feedback regarding product quality or customer service.

Is Jambys Worth It?

Jambys Review

Honestly, it’s hard to pass up a comfy set of joggers. Based on the brand’s use of French Terry MicroModal fabric, it seems that Jambys is a notable contender in the loungewear market. 

What I especially liked from their collection is the simplistic fit and unisex design. In most cases, a casual set of sweats has no intended gender, so it’s nice to see a company that doesn’t separate its selection into male and female categories. 

With that being said, this brand is far from affordable, as its joggers can cost up to $70. But if you’re unafraid of the price tag, this Jambys review encourages you to give this brand a shot. 

Jambys Promotions & Discounts 

Jambys Review

This Jambys review found out that they offer special promotions for their boxers, sweatpants, JamTees, and House Hoodies. To keep things easy to read, we’ll provide the deets in a point-form list down below:

  • Boxers: Use the code 3PACK at checkout to receive 3 sets of underwear for $90
  • Long Jambys: Use the code WFHBUNDLE at checkout to receive 18% off the House Hoodie + Long Jambys bundle
  • JamTees: Use the code JAMTHREE to receive 3 JamTees for $109 (this saves you $32 in total)

Lastly, customers can sign up for the brand’s rewards program, in which members can accumulate points to gain access to exclusive deals and perks. 

Where to Buy Jambys

Jambys Review

Looking to buy the Jambys black long sweatpants for yourself? Customers can head over to jambys.com to see what they have in store. You can also find them at huckberry.com.


Jambys Review

Where is Jambys made? 

This Jambys review found out that their apparel is designed in Brooklyn, New York. It is then manufactured in China. 

Does Jambys fit true to size? 

According to some online reviewers, it seems that Jambys fit true to size. For in-depth specifics, we recommend taking a look at the company’s measurements chart. 

What is Jambys’s Shipping Policy?

Unfortunately, Jambys doesn’t offer much information on its shipping policy. We do know that they’re only available within the United States, as they don’t offer international delivery. The brand states that they’re looking to expand their operations in the future. 

What is Jambys’s Return Policy?

Jambys offers a 77-day guarantee on all of its products, which gives customers ample time to try on their sweats. If you aren’t happy with your pants or JamTee, simply return them risk-free. 

It’s worth noting that items must be in new condition in order to be considered eligible. To initiate this process, users must navigate to the online return portal

How to Contact Jambys

For inquiries unrelated to this Jambys review, you can contact the company through:

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