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Grovia Review

Calling all new parents – we’ve got the best solution to save money, time, and ultimately some sanity. Grovia is all about natural products for infants and parents, working with reusable diapers and waste products to cut costs and help the environment keep kicking.

This brand isn’t the most popular yet, but they definitely have the potential to be. With 36.1k followers on Instagram, this brand has made the New York Times list for the Top 50 Cloth Diapers.

While saving money (and the world) is always a great idea, we’re not going to promote a product that doesn’t measure up. That’s why this Grovia review will go piece by piece to ultimately determine whether this brand is worth buying.

Overview of Grovia

Grovia Review

Born in 2009 from The Natural Baby Company, Grovia took their parent company’s ideas of healthy, quality baby products and turned it solely towards the biggest mess of parenting – diapers.

Founder Kim Ormsby originally began from her laundry room, determined to sell environmentally friendly baby products that aided new parents in their struggle to find a semblance of routine. 

Focusing on the biggest monetary concern, diapers, Ormsby created Grovia as an answer to all diaper-related issues. Eco-friendly at their core, this company is all about saving cash and environmental concerns with comfortable and casual cloth diapers and shells to minimize waste while maximizing holding capacity.

While we always love an environmental focus, that doesn’t necessarily mean this brand is one to buy. It’s just one highlight, but let’s check out some of the other key points to note:


  • Offers collections of reusables and environmentally friendly diapers and baby products
  • Mid-range prices
  • Multiple retail locations
  • Sezzle payment plans available
  • Ships internationally
Grovia Review

Ready for the meat of this Grovia review? We’re heading into products for the next portion. Giving an easy overview of some of their featured favorites, there’s always more to be discovered, so be sure to check out the rest of the site’s stock if anything piques any interest.

Grovia Hybrid Review

Save on money and style with the Grovia Hybrid line. Working alongside insertable cloth diapers and soaking pads, these shells are all about a single style that works for months of growth. 

Selecting some of their most popular products to highlight, these pieces are all about cutting costs and looking great at the same time.

Grovia Hybrid Diaper Shell Basil Review

Keeping things basic, the Grovia Hybrid Diaper Shell Basil brings things back to natural tones.

Who doesn’t love a calming natural tone paired with all other clothes? This soothing basil green shade keeps colors and patterns nice and simple. 

An easy look with simple snaps to secure this shell to babies from 8 to 30lbs, this product is all about making life a breeze for parents as their children turn into wild wanderers.

Add some green to your gaze for $18.

Grovia Hybrid Diaper Shell Waverly Review

The Grovia Hybrid Diaper Shell Waverly is truly one that’s all about the fashion choice.

Perfectly patterned with waves of white, purple, and pink, this fun and flattering design will make any baby stand out from the crowd. Fitting 8 to 30lb infants, this shell is made to sit snug and learn to move with the crazy crawler that’s desperate to explore.

Simply snap in a cloth diaper or pad and leave the baby be until a change is needed. Simple to swap out the lining, easy to clean, this purchase is one that won’t go overlooked.

Select from Hook & Loop or Snap closures for $18.

Grovia Hybrid Diaper Shell Have Baby Will Travel Review

Focus on style with the Grovia Hybrid Diaper Shell Have Baby Will Travel.

Paired with a variety of other Grovia liner and pad products, these shells contain multitudes. Whether working with cloth diapers, liners, or soaker pads, this comfortable shell snaps pieces into place and keeps the baby comfortably swaddled up.

The use of diaper shells not only reduces environmental waste, but they’re better in practice for babies as well. Find a favorite style and start saving on money and waste.

Add this to the diaper bag for $18.

Grovia All In One Review

Remove any complication and disposable product from the newborn parent path with Grovia All In One products. Perfect sizing for newborns, these best-sellers offer a cost-effective option that keeps things clean and comfortable for everyone involved in the changing process.

Grovia Newborn All In One Marsala Review

Parents of newborns can sleep easily and forget those disposable diaper costs with the Grovia Newborn All In One Marsala. This product cuts costs and encourages a system of reducing, reusing, and recycling. 

This product is lined with 2 layers of cotton that can be washed with ease for a quick clean-up. Elastics hold legs in place and allow movement all the while holding the piece in place.

Snap the perfect size into place and let those babies roam for $17.

Grovia Buttah Newborn AIO Celie Review

Let’s be serious here, diapers aren’t just for the babies. Parents need to find something that works for them too. An easy answer? The Grovia Buttah Newborn AIO Celie.

Put your baby in this and they’ll never stop getting passed around the room. The feeling alone makes the Grovia AIO Celie worthwhile. So, what makes it so satisfying? It’s all about that polyester velour outer layer.

Soft as ever, no parent will mind cradling their newborn for hours on end when they’ve got this incredibly smooth material in hand. 

With the same inner lining and design as other models to keep things in place and comfortable for every newborn, the only real change with this one is the added level of soothing material for parents to love.

Add this to the cart for $19


Grovia Hybrid Newborn All In One Maverick Review

Swaddle up and keep those newborns contained with the Grovia Hybrid Newborn All In One Maverick.

Fans of flying will love passing on that passion with this fun aviation-aligned pattern. But that’s only superficial. The details of this piece are the true selling point.

With three layers of cotton to bump up the comfort, this Grovia Hybrid Newborn product is all about adding ease to the new parent’s life. 

Accessible snaps secure the piece, with comfortable elastics locking in moisture around the legs. Suitable for babies that straddle that 5 to 12lb line, this piece is all making things comfortable, cozy, and contained.

This all-in-one is available for $17.

Grovia Mighty Bubbles Review

The key to cloth diapers is always keeping them clean. There’s no better way to wash away the waste than with the Grovia Mighty Bubbles.

This 10-pack bag solves all issues when it comes to washing away the woes of waste. Simplifying laundry with an easy formula designed to break down urine particles, this powder gets tossed in with a load of cloth diapers and dissolves completely while breaking down the dirt.

No detergent needed, just one pack of powder to get the job done. Ingredients are soothing with all alcohol and harsh ammonia removed from the formula.

Keep things simple with one-step cleaning for $13.

Who Is Grovia For? 

Grovia Review

Whether parenting a newborn, a 12-month-old or simply knowing someone expecting, Grovia is a solid option to buy. This brand is all about saving money for customers and trust us when we say those disposable diaper costs add up quickly. (And we’re not just saying that because this is a Grovia review – we’re promising an unbiased opinion for all readers.)

We know that many go disposable as they don’t want to deal with the cleaning process. Fair enough. But we will say that Grovia has easy solutions to the issue with linings, mesh, and even cleaning powder formulas to make maintenance as easy as possible.

Raising a baby is exhausting work. It shouldn’t necessarily be expensive and complicated too. Simplify life a little with a reusable routine that any parent can settle into.

Grovia Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Grovia Review

Before fully recommending the brand, we need some evidence to back up that choice. This Grovia review would be nothing without a quick search to verify that customers actually enjoy the product.

While Grovia doesn’t have a feedback page on their site, each product listed offers an available space for customers to rant or rave about their experiences. We’ll be honest, there’s typically more raving.

One 5-star Grovia review for their Hybrid Diaper Shells (4.9/5 stars based on 45 ratings, but we digress) commented “We love the hook and loop shells! They are so easy and fit so well.

The designs and patterns of their products are major winners when it comes to customers. Products are made with wiggly wandering children in mind. Adjustable for a range of sizing, these diapers cover many months of constant growth, reducing costs for parents in a one-size-fits-almost-all kind of deal.

I love this hybrid shell!! The Velcro works well but does make that area of the diaper stiffer than the traditional snap closure. It has held up well through washing and stains remove easily with a little oxy clean. Using a disposable liner with the shell is easy and does not leave residue. The snap in liner also works well for our needs but did have more leakage onto the shell. I have never had a blowout go out of the diaper! I will be buying more.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

While Grovia’s own site doesn’t delve into the thousands when it comes to ratings, it does offer consistent positive commentary on products from satisfied parents. Want some bigger numbers? Check out Amazon’s listed Grovia products for testimonials that are sure to impress.

The GroVia BioLiners Unscented alone sit at 4.3/5 stars based on over 2,650 ratings. That’s thousands of customers who adore the eco-friendly products for their easy use and accessibility. 

Customers love that these specific liners “are biodegradable and flushable,” admiring the simple routine that they establish for new and experienced parents.

One other Grovia review for this product posted “I bought these to use in our cloth diapers for when our son began cereal — they work great! They catch at least 90% of even the biggest messes. I can just lift out the liner and toss it.”

Between the quick removable liners and reusable shells, these cloth diapers are a savior for spending and the headaches that accompany traditional disposable diaper woes. These customers aren’t alone in their love for the brand. 

Check out these other loved Grovia products on Amazon:

  • GroVia Mighty Bubbles Laundry Treatment for Baby Cloth Diapers: 4.7/5 stars based on over 2,380 ratings
  • GroVia Reusable Cloth Diapering Wipes: 4.8/5 stars based on over 1,740 ratings
  • GroVia All Natural Magic Stick Baby Diaper Balm for Baby Diapering: 4.8/5 stars based on over 1,700 ratings
  • GroVia Disposable BioSoaker Pad for Baby Cloth Diapering: 4.5/5 stars based on over 410 ratings

The best part of this brand is they really know how much of each item you’ll need. While shells and cloth diapers are reusable, this brand knows how to price their packs of laundry powder, wipes, liners, and more to make a profit without bankrupting parents. Prices comfortably match the amount in each purchase, making it a comfortable mid-range option for parents looking to reduce waste.

Listing several Grovia products on their site, Lagoon Baby also shows off just how much parents love the ease of these products. With the GroVia BioLiners rated at 4.9/5 stars based on 25 customer ratings, their other products list just as high with customers adoring the easy designs.

I like the fit of these nappies. Great quality materials for shells and inserts. Not many leaks at all. Cute designs.”

It’s easy to see why people love this brand. Products are a comfortable fit, have decent pricing, quality material, and they save on waste and spending. 

Is Grovia Worth It?

Grovia Review

It may be clear by reading this Grovia review, but we’re happily recommending this brand to parents with infants at home. The use of these products saves on space, money, waste, and more, with straightforward instructions and secure holds on the baby.

Pieces are hygienic and fast to clean, ultimately offering fewer rashes and discomfort for the tiny humans wearing them. With fun fashions to choose from and endless possibilities in place, parents won’t lose any sleep over adding these to their routine. It’ll take some time to adjust from disposable, but in the end, the switch is more than worth it in money alone.

Grovia Promotions & Discounts 

Grovia Review

At the time of writing this Grovia review, there are no ongoing promotions. Customers can always check out their sales section for up to 35% off, register their email for an additional 10% off, or join the rewards program to save points on each purchase.

Where to Buy Grovia 

Grovia Review

Looking to buy, but don’t want to do it directly from This brand has numerous retail partners throughout North America, so options are wide open when it comes to shopping. Here are some of the top retail partners for this company:

  • Amazon
  • Lagoon Baby
  • Sweet Bottoms
  • Hazel & Fawn
  • Green Mountain Diapers
  • Snuggle Bugz
  • Diaper Lab
  • Cloth Diaper Kids


Grovia Review

Who owns Grovia?

Grovia is an offshoot of The Natural Baby Company. This business was founded by Kim Ormsby in 2008.

How do I wash Grovia?

New to the reusable diaper game? No worries as they’re easy to figure out. For new diapers, wash the products 5 to 6 times with hot water, drying after each wash. 

Once diapers have been used, powder formula is available to break down the waste on them – just toss them in their own load with no other detergent and they’ll come out looking brand new.

What is Grovia’s Shipping Policy?

Find something worth trying out in this Grovia review? We’ve found all the best ordering info to make the whole process as easy as anything.

Starting off, we always have to highlight that key range. For US orders, anything over $99 receives free shipping. This deal is only available in Ground Shipping, so orders will take around 3 to 7 business days before arriving. Faster options are available with costs depending on location and order size.

Orders under that $99 limit cost a flat rate of $7 and have a standard arrival time of 5 to 8 business days. Again, this really only covers US shipping. International orders have their own standard times and costs depending on location. 

A full list of countries is available online and each country may require their own duties or taxes in addition to shipping costs at checkout.

We will say that Canadian orders typically take between 7 to 21 days as they share a border with the US. Other countries may be waiting a bit longer for products to arrive.

What is Grovia’s Return Policy?

Alright, so returning reusable cloth diapers doesn’t sound the most pleasant. That said, this brand does have a return and warranty policy, so they do keep customers covered. 

All products returned do have to be unused, unwashed, and in original packaging for hygienic reasons (we’re sure everyone understands why these rules are in place when it comes to diapers).

Defective products are given one year for returns under the warranty (90 days for return shipping costs to be included in the refund), but products have to be unused and clean upon return. 

Regular products being returned simply for a refund have 45 days from the purchase date to be eligible for a full refund. Shipping charges won’t be returned, but other funds will be sent back into the original account.

The process itself is straightforward:

  1. Head to the Return Center online
  2. Add in the required information (zip code, order number, etc) and follow the steps the site lays out including an explanation of why a return is being made
  3. Once the application has been submitted, an email will be sent upon the request’s acceptance with a prepaid label
  4. Repackage the item in original boxing with the new label, and send it off for a refund

Just four simple steps in a guided process and that money will be reimbursed upon receiving the package. Ideally, no one will need this information, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

How to Contact Grovia

Wrapping up this Grovia review, we’d be remiss not to include some quick contact information for those direct questions and answers. This brand is all about communication, so they have a few ways to reach out:


109 E Oak St., Suite 1A

Bozeman MT 59715Live Chat: Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM (MST)

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