Lume vs Native Review

It doesn’t matter the time or place – no one likes feeling and smelling sweaty. Despite the promises made by many deodorant brands, how many actually prove themselves to last while reducing that stale smell we’re all eventually plagued by? 

Removing aluminum and other factors from the recipe, natural deodorants work with the body to neutralize odors before they even have the chance to form.

Natural deodorants have been hitting the market with flying speed over the past few years, but I plan to focus on two of the top names seen across the industry in this Lume vs Native review. 

Looking into what makes each brand stand out, from products to quality, I’m here to help find that sweaty solution to leave pits smelling better than ever.

About Lume 

Lume vs Native Review

Since 2017, Lume has been offering men and women easy and natural solutions to reducing odor.

Recognizing that a lot of the most trying odors come not from the pits but from the privates, founder Shannon Klingman spent over ten years studying and researching natural solutions to prevent misdiagnosis of bacterial infections. 

Through learning the sources of the most constant odors, Klingman created a “pre-odorant” meant to prevent and control odor for 72 hours once applied.

Expanding beyond their original stick deodorant to lotions, body wash, and laundry products, this brand has found a solution to sweats and continues to work towards a cleaner and sweeter smelling future.

About Native  

Lume vs Native Review

Native came to the scene a few years earlier with a launch in 2015. Founder Moiz Ali got sick of the constant aluminum found in deodorants and began a search for a cleaner and healthier solution. 

Sticking with simple ingredients as the core of all products, this brand became not only about a clean product, but clean production as well, working to reduce plastics and chemical use in all manufacturing.  

While they began with deodorants in their sights, the company has since expanded to body wash, hair care, sun care, and oral care all under a single name. 

What to Consider

Lume vs Native Review

I don’t just want to throw you right into all the details. The goal of this Lume vs Native review is to showcase the best of both brands for a well-rounded image to help customers decide the best for them and their lifestyle. 

So, rather than head straight to products, I wanted to give a little overview of a few things to keep in mind about both businesses before shopping.

Product range 

Both companies are known for their natural deodorants, but there’s more to just a single product for both of these brands. Lume offers a line of stick and tube deodorants in addition to body wash and laundry spray for tackling those tough sweat stains. 

Native sticks mainly with the stick deodorant method, but also offers up their own body washes, sunscreen, hair care, and toothpaste.

Target audience 

It doesn’t matter what age, gender, or race you are – no one wants to stink throughout the day. These companies proudly provide products for everyone with an incredibly wide demographic of buyers.

Subscription options 

What’s better than making a single purchase? An easy and affordable subscription. Lume offers delivery every one, two, or three months with a “Build Your Bundle” option for deodorants. 

Native keeps things customizable by allowing customers with subscriptions to switch products delivered, shipping frequency, product scents, as well as toss in an additional product or two for a one-time purchase for the same delivery date.  


While both brands boast of having natural deodorants, there’s more to sustainability than just the ingredients. Lume provides 100% recyclable packaging on all products to limit their footprint on the world. 

Native aims to keep everything transparent through their ingredients and packaging. While they admit they aren’t completely sustainable yet, their end goal is to reduce plastic use and offer the best natural and sustainable products out there.


When searching to buy these popular products, it’ll quickly be revealed that Lume exists solely online. Purchased on their brand site, Walmart or Amazon, the company sticks to a store-free method of business. 

Native, however, can be found from both their brand site and Amazon as well but has made agreements to be stocked in Walmart, Target, and multiple pharmacies across the country. 

Prices sit higher than other deodorant brands on the market, but they’re close to one another with Lume at $15 and Native sitting at $13 per stick.  

Lume Warm Vanilla Deodorant Stick vs Native Coconut and Vanilla Deodorant Stick Review: 

Lume vs Native Review
Lume Warm Vanilla Deodorant Stick

It’s impossible to review deodorant brands without first checking out the products that started each business. That’s why I had to start from ground zero before branching out to their other products in this Lume vs Native review.

Lume offers a range of deodorants both in stick and tube form, but I’d say my top choice here comes in the form of the Warm Vanilla Deodorant Stick. Vanilla truly is a scent of happiness that draws us all in. Add in a kick of spice for a bit of heat? I’m sold.

The best part about Lume’s deodorant comes in their use. Rather than sticking to one section of the body, these products can be used anywhere on the body to control odor. 

From pits to privates, these natural solutions promise up to 72 hours of coverage to keep things handled in every situation. Rubbing in easily for quick prevention of any odors, each stick is available for $15.

Lume vs Native Review
Native Coconut and Vanilla Deodorant Stick

Instead of hitting up a combo and sweet and spicy, Native takes a different approach with their Coconut and Vanilla Deodorant Stick. Bringing back memories of drinking Mai Tais by the beach, the soothing mixture of coconut and vanilla is a treat for the senses.

Not only does coconut come through in the aroma profile, but its oil works as a base for this product. Soothing the skin with shea butter, this smooth stick glides across the skin leaving no traces behind. 

The only proof of its existence will come from the lack of sweat smell and the subtly sweet fragrance selected at checkout. Each bar from this brand goes for $13.

On price alone, I’d go for Native’s product, but this one really comes down to scent preference. I love spiced vanilla and the promise of being 72 hours scent-free, so I’d lean towards Lume on this one. Those extra $2 are worth it.

Lume Cucumber Melon Body Wash vs Native Body Wash Review: 

Lume vs Native Review
Lume Cucumber Melon Body Wash

Deodorant is useless without a proper clean canvas to work from. The best way to get the sparkling surface is through a thorough cleaning prior to application. Enter the body wash.

Lume wants to keep things fresh with their Cucumber Melon Body Wash. Alongside three other scents, this body wash works to give the body a true scrub down. 

Its soothing sensations surround the user not only in a refreshing fragrance but also by leaving smooth and supple skin with each wash.

Approved by medical professionals, this formula uses less pH than others on the market to reduce the chance of odor reactions to the skin. We all want healthy skin, so why not let that natural glow shine through the use of a cooling cucumber option? 

At the time of writing this Lume vs Native review, this product is on sale for $20 rather than its regular price of $25.

Lume vs Native Review
Native Body Wash  

Who would introduce new fragrances when the classics work so well? Native’s Coconut and Vanilla Body Wash sticks to their standard of subtle, stunning scents that work wonders on the skin.

Frothing with ease, this body wash is all about a light, soft, and soothing experience to really bring the spa into your own home.

Not only will the scent calm the mind, but bubbles galore will work to hydrate moisture-depraved skin to get things looking soft and healthy in no time. Natural and nourishing, this product is available for $9.

Both products tend to measure up quite evenly, but I’m a big fan of luxurious lathering so Native wins my heart this round. Light, hydrating, and a soothing scent to bring us back to summer days – it’s no question here.

Lume Lavender Sage Soap vs Native Bar Soap Review:

Lume vs Native Review
Lume Lavender Sage Soap

Whether used in the shower or at the sink, bar soap takes center stage for its intense cleaning power. The notion of bar soap as drying out the skin is long outdated, and these brands are here to prove how far the selection has come.

Lume joins this party with a calming Lavender Sage Soap. Using natural essential oils to source the fragrances, the properties of each oil carry through with every lather to soothe aching muscles. 

Despite the inclusion of oils and other natural elements, each bar of soap is hypoallergenic to make them safe for everyone to use.

This soap is all about releasing the best essential elements from oils into the body while keeping skin clean, soft, and healthy. I also have to add that while this one is lavender-based, it’s not an overwhelming sensation like soaps can be. Try it yourself for $7.

Lume vs Native Review
Native Bar Soap

Native takes their bar soaps seriously, which is why their Cucumber and Mint Bar Soap (amongst other selections) only comes in a two-pack option.

Forget buying a single bar – stay stocked up for a while to keep clean and comfortable without the stress of needing to constantly replenish the supply.

Traveling without any trace of residue, these bars are all about moisture. Made to nourish the skin with every sweep, this natural soap leaves the body clean, soft, and smooth.

On top of all that, this bar soap comes with sustainable packaging to complete that eco-friendly pack. Get two-for-one for the price of $8.

While I love the soothing oil properties of essential oils, I’m a bigger sucker for a deal. Getting two bars for a lower price than the single bar offered by Lume is one of the best discounts out there.

Plus, the five scents available allow customers to mix it up when they get sick of one scent. It’s the best of both worlds.

Lume vs Native: Quality

Lume vs Native Review

For this Lume vs Native review, I searched far and wide for quality complaints but came up empty on that front. Both brands are known for being effective and matching the promises made regarding odor and lasting time.

Neither brand really lists their production process, making it unknown how quality assurance and control are managed on a daily basis.

I will say that despite this mysterious aspect surrounding the businesses, customers seem to have little to no issues with the products.

I can’t really compare this element of the companies as there’s no information on the market, so it’ll have to be a tie for both parties in terms of quality. Customers haven’t complained, so at least there’s that to consider!

Lume vs Native: Price & Value

Lume vs Native Review

Despite my best attempts at shopping for quality products without focusing on money, we all know that the price point matters.

As a result, I had to take a second to break down costs before getting too far ahead in this Lume vs Native review:


  • Solid Deodorant Stick – $15 (subscription price of $14)
  • 3 Stick Bundle – $37 (regularly $45)
  • Cream Deodorant Tube – $19 (subscription price of $17)
  • Body Wash – $20 (regularly $25)
  • Bar Soap – $7 (subscription price of $6)


  • Regular Deodorant – $13 (subscription price of $11)
  • 3 Stick Bundle – $32 (regularly $39)
  • Shampoo – $9
  • Body Wash – $9 (subscription price of $7)
  • 2 Pack Bar Soap – $8

It’s pretty easy to see which brand offers the lower costs here. Native tends to sit a few dollars cheaper per product.

While it’s not an incredibly wide gap in the pricing, it’s enough to take note of. As I’ve covered that quality seems to be on par, the price vs value really just ends up in Native’s favor for this one.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who would win based on price alone. I’d have to go with Native on this one for delivery quality alongside some decent savings and bundle deals.

Lume vs Native: What Do Customers Think?  

Lume vs Native Review

Sometimes it can be difficult to find evidence to back whether a brand’s reputation follows up in reality, but I have to say that I practically drowned in online posts about both brands in this Lume vs Native review.

Clearly, both businesses have found their loyal bases and neither one seems to be struggling to find an audience.

Lume’s own site hosts 4.7/5 stars based on over 20k ratings. Think that’s good?

On Amazon, their products each sit in the thousands: the Natural Deodorant Stick has 4.2/5 stars based on over 25k ratings and the Natural Deodorant Tube hosts 4.1/5 stars based on over 33k ratings.

It’s easy to see that the numbers are there, but the reasoning behind the ratings matters most. Lume customers seem to be absolutely in love with all that this brand offers.

Canceling out odors everywhere it’s applied, this product keeps skin soft and cared for at all times. No stains, marks, or stink, just naturally smooth skin.

I can’t even pretend that a paragraph from me could stand for the thousands of reviews online, so I’ve selected just a few posts to show off the love for this brand:

  • “I decided to give Lume a try and put it under my boobs, armpits and my thigh crevices. It was amazing! No smell, nothing! It lasted longer than a full day, too! I am seriously impressed.”
  • “I can’t tell you how much I love your soaps. I bought 5 bars of different kinds. It leaves my skin so soft and no itching!”
  • “By far the best, it absolutely keeps me stink-free and does not leave stains on my shirt. It also seems to keep me dry even though it’s not technically an antiperspirant. The skin in my pits is smooth, there is no body odor to be found, and I’ve stopped ruining my shirts.”
  • “I can have a busy day full of running around in the heat and a workout and I still don’t smell at the end of the day. My underarms sweat but they don’t smell. Really happy I found this.”

Lume has a lot of love coming their way, but I have to give props to Native too as their Regular Deodorant on Amazon has 4.4/5 stars based on over 59k ratings. And that’s just for one product. 

Google reviews have them at 4.3/5 stars based on over 24k ratings with their own site page for Regular Deodorant sitting the product at 4.3/5 stars based on over 24k ratings.

The beauty of this brand comes from their sensitive solution that works with the skin to prevent odors and breakouts.

Beyond their deodorant, the body wash, hair care, and oral care items each have their own charm (and following) to provide a complete clean with smooth and silky skin.

I’ve selected just a few of the most recent comments to show off just what customers think of surrounding this brand and their products:

  • “Love the scent and it doesn’t irritate my very sensitive skin. Keeps me smelling fresh all day. Not overpowering at all. This one keeps me smelling lite and fresh while I sweat (so it works as it should).”
  • “All of their scents smell really nice, especially the ones that are tea related. They are gentle on the skin and they easily last me the whole day (excluding hot/really sweaty days).”
  • “I use the deodorant and body wash and these are some of the best products I have used! The body wash doesn’t dry out my skin and the deodorant holds up throughout the day. I highly recommend this brand!”
  • “It is light, like a lotion, yet it detangles my baby-fine, shoulder-length hair on contact. Paired with the matching shampoo it leaves my hair touchably soft, bouncy, and full of body.”

It’s a tough call to decide between these two based solely on reviews. While Native has the higher numbers on their Amazon products, the simple fact is that both brands far exceed others on the market. I’m calling even on this one. 

Everyone’s a winner when both brands have such supportive followings.

Lume vs Native: Promotions & Discounts

Lume vs Native Review

As I mentioned earlier, the price really does make a difference. That’s why for this Lume vs Native review, I wanted to highlight more than original prices, but also the discounts available through each brand. Off the bat, I have to say that neither brand offers huge promotions, but deals do pop up.

Rather than using promo codes and coupons, Lume prefers to just discount products directly. It’s actually pretty common to see reduced pricing on their products, so customers just need to check back every now and then to spot a deal. 

With that being said, they do offer a few promos for customers to save:

  • Register for their newsletter for a chance to win weekly draws for products
  • Save 10% with every subscription
  • Refer a friend for $5 off

While it may not seem like a lot, their consistent deals in addition to subscription costs cutting 11% off regular price make for a bit of a better purchasing pattern. I’m sorry to say there are no military discounts or anything else along those lines offered directly through Lume.

Native has a different policy in place from the start. No additional discounts may be applied to subscription orders, meaning that a 15% cut on subscription costs will be all customers can get.

The only promotion I managed to find through Native was a referral program that rewards customers with a free mini deodorant upon a friend using the referral link provided.  

I will say that Native does offer a rewards program to receive promotions upon joining and spending.

Discounts are available depending on the membership tier customers belong to. The tier is determined by the amount spent annually, so big spenders will benefit from this one.

I’m quite obviously going with Lume on this one. While they may not have an insane number of promotions present, their constant deals more than make up for the few discounts posted online.

Lume vs Native: Shipping & Returns 

Lume vs Native Review

I want to complete the full picture in this Lume vs Native review, which means taking a glimpse into the world of shipping and returns for both. I’m happy to say that both businesses were quite open regarding prices, policies, and practices, making this a simple search.

Lume ships all packages using USPS, UPS, DHL, or OnTrac. Shipping within the US and Canada (go Amazon for international orders), this brand offers a rough timeline of 7 business days for delivery. Orders over $25 get free shipping, but those under the limit are subject to fees depending on their location.

As for returns, customers have within 60 days of purchase to ship items back for a refund.

The company does acknowledge that it can take time to switch over from standard deodorants to all-natural solutions, so they recommend giving it a few days and, if the odor is still prevalent, they invite customers to check out their Get Started page for tips on the best use.

Those who still want that full refund can complete the process in a few simple steps:

  1. Email customer service with the order number and email used to place the order
  2. Once orders are approved by the company, a shipping label will be provided
  3. Package the item with the new label and send it off

I do have to note that return shipping fees will be issued, so customers should be aware of that extra cost. Other than that, refunds will be returned within two weeks of the package being received.

Native offers a few more shipping locations, selling to customers in the US, Canada, Australia, and Brazil. Within the US, orders over $10 receive free shipping while any orders below that limit require a flat rate of $5.

Expedited two-day shipping is available at checkout for a rate of $15, but regular orders tend to arrive within 3 to 7 business days (or 7 to 12 for Canadian and Australian customers).

Native comes out on top in terms of exchanges, offering a swap for 30 days after delivery. Customers hoping to make an exchange follow the same process as those looking for a return, and the method is simple:

  1. Email customer service about the return or exchange within 30 days of delivery
  2. Include the order number, email, and address shipped to
  3. Once approved, Native will provide a return shipping label
  4. Package items, slap on the new label and send it away with the wind

Native’s confidence around the quality of their products extends to their return policy. All returns are free with the company covering all costs. I do have to mention that international orders aren’t able to return products for a refund; the policy only applies to US residents.

This is a close category in my Lume vs Native review. I love the longer return policy of Lume, but ultimately free returns and lower limits to reach free shipping with Native sway me over to their side.

I don’t think you can go wrong either way, but Native definitely had more to draw me to their side.

Who Will You Shop With?

Lume vs Native Review

It’s always tough to determine exactly who comes out on top in these situations. Deodorants and body products especially make it tricky as individual genetics can make products work differently for each person

Oftentimes, it’s worth it to give multiple brands a shot before settling on the one that works the best for you.

I will say that based on prices and policies, I’d say that Native has a bit more to offer when it comes to savings. Lower costs, (basically) free shipping and returns, easy subscription management, and flexibility – there’s a lot to pull me into their circle of fans.

I have nothing against Lume and their incredible products, but I’d go with Native on this one. 

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