Kopari Beauty Review

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About Kopari 

Kopari Beauty Review

Kopari sells clean coconut beauty products for your head down to your toes. The base of all of their products is organic, sustainably sourced coconut oil, which is packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants that nourish the skin.

Kopari has been featured in People, InStyle, Shape, Today, Teen Vogue, and New York Magazine, just to name a few. They have a following of 242k clean beauty lovers on Instagram. 

This Kopari review will take a good look at the brand, their best-selling products, customer reviews, and more, to help you decide if their products are right for you. 

Overview of Kopari 

Kopari Beauty Review

Kopari was founded in 2015 by Gigi Goldman and Kiana Cabell who set out to fill a gap in the market with high-quality coconut beauty products. Both have always been crazy for coconut oil and use diverse products daily in multiple different ways.

Kopari believes in “creating natural beauty from the inside out, with products that are as pure as possible.”100% percent pure, organic, sustainably sourced coconut oil serves as their key ingredient in all of their products.

Sourced from small family farms in the Philippines, the coconut oil is produced in stainless steel facilities to ensure it never comes in contact with metals that comprise its chemical makeup. Their oil is also cold-pressed to retain essential fatty acids and nutrients. 

Kopari Beauty Review

Next in this Kopari beauty review, we’ll take a look at some initial pros and cons of the brand. 


  • All products contain 100% organic pure coconut oil
  • Products are cold-pressed to retain essential fats and nutrients 
  • Different type of coconut oil found in grocery or health stores 
  • Sustainably sourced and supports small farms in the Philippines
  • Sulfate, paraben, and phthalate-free
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Customers can save 10% through subscription
  • Savings offered when purchasing in bulk
  • Afterpay payment options available
  • Customers speak highly of the effectiveness of their products


  • A few customers have said the deodorant caused a rash
  • Some customers do not think the products work
  • The brand does not ship internationally

Kopari Bestsellers

Kopari Beauty Review

All Kopari products start with the same ingredient: 100% organic, pure coconut oil. Adding in skin-nurturing, natural ingredients, their bestselling products featured below will feed your body with the essential compounds it desires and needs to look its best.

From powerhouse single-ingredient products like the 100% Organic Coconut Melt to the Kopari CBD line of products and Kopari Toothpaste, the brand prioritizes your health and the health of the planet first by using sustainably sourced and cruelty-free ingredients.

Kopari beauty products are also available for purchase with Afterpay and customers can save 10% when they choose to subscribe or buy in bulk

Kopari Aluminum-Free Coconut Deodorant Review

It’s old news that antiperspirants are harmful to our health. But some of us can’t seem to give them up because, at the end of the day, no one wants to be the smelly person in the room. Plus, it’s truly hard to find a natural deodorant that works.

This Kopari Aluminum-Free Coconut Deodorant is rated 5/5-stars among 7000 customers which this Kopari beauty review takes as a pretty good sign. The deodorant works by using a combination of plant-based enzymes to offer odor protection by combating odor-causing bacteria.

This dermatologist-tested deodorant contains coconut water, coconut oil, and sage oil, to soothe irritated skin. This wonder stick is available in seven different dreamy scents like Coastal and Driftwood for $14. 

Kopari CBD Extra-Strength Deodorant Review 

Some days, we all need a little extra somethin’. What this Kopari beauty review loves is that this CBD Extra-Strength Deodorant is invisible resulting in no cakey underarms or stained shirts. CBD works to fight odor-causing bacteria while conditioning your underarms. 

In a Herbaceous Creamy Lavender Scent, this deodorant contains 15 mg of CBD but don’t worry, it won’t get you high. Instead, it works together with coconut oil to heal, soothe, and nourish the skin. This Aluminum and baking soda-free CBD Extra-Strength Deodorant retails for $18

Kopari 100% Organic Coconut Melt Review

The product that everyone is talking about has just one ingredient. How can this be? Kopari states that where you source and how you process the oil makes all of the difference. The 100% Coconut Melt is completely different from the coconut oil you find at the grocery store. 

Many people mistake that the two are interchangeable but the Kopari Coconut Melt contains additional skin-loving nutrients. When you use this magical cream, you’ll notice its unique, creamy consistency.

Sourced from only the freshest and most rich organic coconuts, 100% Organic Coconut Melt works wonders on your entire body. This product can be used for dry shaving, baby skin soothing, and as a Kopari makeup remover, for just $28.

Kopari Hydrating Sudsy Shower Oil Review

There’s nothing quite like a good lather in the shower. It’s common among natural products to have an underwhelming foamy effect but for some reason, it’s just not as much as a satisfying experience. Now, you can have both! Enjoy the satisfying clean feeling and the suds with the Hydrating Sudsy Shower Oil. 

This two-in-one shower oil works into a foam that cleans and moisturizes the skin. Deliciously scented, the cleansing oil is packed with skin-loving, antioxidant-rich ingredients like passion fruit seed oil.

Using the Kopari Coconut Body Glow Cream after your shower will provide a more illuminated glow. Feel refreshed, soft, and nourished with Hydrating Sudsy Shower Oil for $28

Kopari Coconut Body Milk Lotion Review 

Ultra-hydrating and never greasy, the Coconut Body Milk Lotion quickly absorbs into the skin and keeps it hydrated all day long. Made from 100% organic coconut oil, shea butter, and chamomile, this body milk soothes irritated skin without being too heavy. 

Light and sweet, this lotion works on all skin types and is gentle for sensitive skin. The lotion is allergen-free and non-irritating, giving your skin suppleness and a glow that you envy on those who live in the tropics. Drench your skin with hydration with this body milk for $30.

Kopari Coconut Detox Mask Review 

This Kopari beauty review loves a good clay mask and the unbelievably soft skin that’s revealed after washing. The Coconut Detox Mask goes a few steps further by adding green tea to cleanse pores with pre and probiotics.

Probiotics don’t just work wonders for your gut! They also protect your skin by locking in that much-needed moisture. This Kopari mask feeds the skin with antioxidants to protect against free-radical damage and works to calm and balance skin that’s been put through the wringer by pollution and stress.

If you’re looking for a new mask treatment for your next self-care night, pick up this holy grail product for $38 

Kopari Hydrating Coconut Lip Gloss Review

Loved by celebs like Billie Eilish, the Hydrating Coconut Lip Gloss delivers superior hydration and nutrition while providing a subtle, natural glossy finish. Sticky lip glosses are a thing of the past as they coat your lips with ingredients that have no business being there.

This Kopari lip glossy is the true hero for cracked and neglected lips. Infusing lips with antioxidants, this lip gloss comes in two subtle color options: Clear or Birthday Suit (which is a slightly tinted nude hint). Get the pout you’ve always wanted with the Hydrating Coconut Lip Gloss for only $13. 

Kopari Coconut Calming Rose Toner Review

Toner is often an overlooked step in the skincare game but it’s an important piece of the puzzle that works to minimize pores and even skin tone.

Traditional toners can have a drying out effect due to their astringent ingredients, but the Coconut Calming Rose Toner leaves skin looking hydrated and refreshed.

Packed with antioxidants and skin-balancing ingredients like Rose extract that work to fight acne-causing bacteria, this toner contains alcohol-free witch hazel to avoid that dreaded drying effect.

Bring life back into your skin with this rejuvenating Coconut Calming Rose Toner for $25. 

Kopari Bodycare Minis Pack Review

The Bodycare Minis Pack or any of the Kopari kits are a great choice if you want to test out any of the Kopari products. This kit also makes for a thoughtful gift, even if that gift is to yourself.

This is a great three-step routine to achieve soft, supple, and nourished skin. This Kopari beauty review suggests finishing your routine with the Kopari Body Glow for a shimmering look. 

Cleanse, scrub, and hydrate, with this body care pack. Made with natural, effective ingredients to transform your skin, the kit includes a 2oz Coconut Shower Oil, a 1.7oz Kopari Coconut Crush Scrub, and a 1.7oz Coconut Body Milk for $24

Kopari Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Kopari Review

This Kopari beauty review found customer reviews on their website, Amazon, and Sephora, to help offer a better understanding of the brand’s products. Below, you’ll find customer reviews and ratings for their 100% Organic Coconut Melt, Deodorant, and Coconut Face Cream. 

This Kopari beauty review wanted to give examples of reviews for their 100% Organic Coconut Melt because it’s a product that seems so simple but provides great benefits, as it’s rated 4.7/5 stars from 1343 customers.

A customer who rated the product as 5/5-stars said, “I had those little bumps on my upper arm and nothing made a difference. This product has gotten rid of them. My entire body feels so soft and I am a dry mess especially in winter!” Many of the 1-star reviews complain of therock hard” or “completely liquified” state that the product arrived in. 

Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant has a 4.1/5-star average on Amazon from 4,643 customers. One 5/5-star review reads, “I have tried many natural deodorants…There was no wait time to get used to it…After all day at work I smelt great…

This is literally the best natural option you could ask for. Even using Secret all day I would smell a bit at the end of a long day and with this it smelt like coconut.” On the other hand, a few Kopari Amazon reviews speak of having a reaction to the deodorant, like this one: “The first few days were fine but then my armpits turned splotchy and red.”

Kopari Review

Kopari Coconut Face Cream is rated 4.3/5 stars from 106 customers on Sephora. One happy customer wrote of the Kopari face products, “One of the best, if not THE best, face cream I have ever used. It melts in to your skin leaving you fresh faced and moisturized. Not sticky. Not tacky. Not goopy. It hydrates all day and gives your skin a beautiful glow.

A customer who rated the face cream as 2/5 stars said, “I have extremely dry skin, but this cream doesn’t seem to absorb into the skin. This tends to be a problem with coconut oil…I believe this cream made me breakout in tiny bumps.”

Is Kopari Worth It?

Kopari Review

This Kopari beauty review will begin by addressing some customer complaints. Coconut oil is temperature-sensitive so it can become hard and melt. When reading the FAQs, you’ll see that there are ways to remedy this issue without returning the product.

As for reactions to the deodorant, this can happen when swapping to a natural option, and this Kopari beauty review has had first-hand experience. Other than these few issues, the brand’s products have great ratings overall.

What this Kopari beauty review appreciates about the brand is that their coconut oil is truly different than any other coconut oil on the market. It’s sustainably sourced and the brand supports small family farms, which is a major positive for the brand as well.

Although the brand does not strictly use all-natural ingredients, they do include natural ingredients for where it matters most. With affordable prices, free shipping options, and a great return policy, we think their products are worth the buy

Kopari Promotions & Discounts 

Kopari Review

This Kopari beauty review found that you receive a free gift with any $60 purchase. There is currently no other Kopari discount code or Kopari halfsies code available on the website. But keep in mind that the brand does offer discounted items in the Kopari sale section.

You can also become a member of the Kopari Clique to collect points and earn rewards like free products, as well as to use the Kopari Refer-a-Friend feature to gain points. To find your referral link, head to the Kopari login page and visit your account. 

Where to Buy Kopari

Kopari Review

The brand’s products are available directly from but you can also find them in the Kopari Sephora section, Amazon, Revolve, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Ulta Beauty, and more. 


Where is Kopari based?

Although launched by Hawaiian native Kiana Cabell, Kopari operates from its headquarters in California. 

What does Kopari mean? 

Kopari is a version of the Indian word for coconut, as coconuts are the base of all products offered by the brand.

Are Kopari products safe? 

Kopari develops only clean coconut products. They are sulfate, paraben, and phthalate-free. The brand aims to be as natural as possible by using the safest ingredients. 

Is Kopari just coconut oil? 

The base of all Kopari products is 100% organic, pure coconut oil. It’s sourced from the freshest trees in the Philippines and is cold-pressed to retain essential fatty acids and nutrients.

Their 100% Organic Coconut Melt is simply made from coconut oil other products have additional natural ingredients that vary. 

How long do Kopari deodorants last?

Kopari deodorants provide all-day protection. One of the Kopari deodorant reviews noted that one stick lasted 8 months of daily use. All of their products have a shelf life of 12 months

What does Kopari smell like?

Kopari’s original scent is coco-nutty but in a fresh, light, summer breeze, way. It is not a heavy, nauseating scent. The brand offers different scents for certain products. 

Does Kopari have baking soda? 

Kopari does not use baking soda in its deodorant. Baking soda is 350 times more alkaline than our skin’s natural pH which can throw our skin out of balance and kill off the good bacteria it has. 

What is Kopari’s Shipping Policy?

Kopari only offers to ship within the US. Currently, they have a Standard Shipping option which takes 3-8 days to deliver. Standard Shipping is $5. If your order is above $30, shipping is free.  

What is Kopari’s Return Policy?

You can return your order within 60 days of purchase. Return shipping costs are free, however, any initial shipping costs you already paid are non-refundable.

To be eligible for a Kopari beauty refund, your product must be in new or gently used condition and you must have your proof of purchase. To start a return, head to their Return Page and follow the instructions. 

How to Contact Kopari

If you need any other information that this Kopari beauty review did not include, you can get in contact with Kopari customer service by the following methods:

  1. Email: [email protected]​ 
  2. Call: (858) 252-0099

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