GHD Flat Iron Review

About GHD Hair

GHD Flat Iron Review

GHD (Good Hair Day) is a company that sells high-end hair styling tools such as straighteners, curlers, and hot brushes. They also offer sprays, foams, and serums for men and women looking to spruce up their appearance. 

With a steady following of 155k on Instagram, GHD has also gained recognition from press outlets such as Elle Magazine, InStyle, The Independent, and Vanity Fair.

Plus, celebrities including Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Aniston also use and endorse the brand’s products.

The brand has also won many awards, including the Editor’s Choice: Best Splurge Item in 2019 by Harper’s Bazaar.

Curious about this brand? Consider this GHD flat iron review your leading guide for all things related to this company. We will take a closer look at their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they are worth checking out. 

Overview of GHD Hair

GHD Flat Iron Review

GHD was the result of founder Robert Powell’s years of experience working as a stylist.

While working in this field, Powell sought interest in a South Korean hair straightener that was gaining popularity in 2011.

Using the device as a building block, he formed his own hair care company, and Good Hair Day was born with its headquarters based in the United Kingdom.

With the help of co-founders, Gary Douglas and Martin Penny GHD quickly hit the ground running and are now widely known for their high-tech hair styling tools that have been endorsed by many celebrities around the world. 

The brand has also amassed a staggering number of 300 awards over the years, winning Allure’s Best of Beauty for best flat iron competition 3 times

Before we get to the good stuff, a statement made on the company website details their GHD mission: 

“Today, women around the world are more ambitious than ever before. And beauty is more important than it ever has been. We champion beauty, in all that we do, with one very clear purpose in mind: to empower all women so they can fulfil their every ambition.

We are daring. We are ambitious. We are GHD,” 

Before we get into this GHD flat iron review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons: 


  • A variety of award-winning hair styling tools to choose from, endorsed by celebrities and top stylists 
  • Customers can personalize their devices by adding custom text such as their names 
  • GHD has a comparison page for all of the products to help buyers decide what model works best for them 
  • Many positive customer reviews from reputable online sources
  • 15% off your first order when you sign up for the newsletter 
  • 15% off student discount  
  • International shipping offered 
  • Limited warranties offered on select products


  • Some GHD accessories are only compatible with the brand’s tools 
  • Pricier compared to other retailers
  • No GHD promotional codes available at this time  
  • Little information on their shipping and return policy 
GHD Flat Iron Review

Curly, straight, or wavy: pick your poison. Whatever look you choose to rock for the day, GHD has a large collection of hair styling tools that can help achieve that salon-ready ‘do from the comfort of home. 

Aside from their straighteners, curlers, and blow dryers, they also sell formulas such as hair sprays and serums. For those who aren’t sure of where to start, no worries.

This GHD flat iron review will now provide readers with a selection of the brand’s bestsellers to get the ball rolling. 

GHD Hair Straightener Review

There are so many gorgeous hairstyles that require the assistance of a flat iron. Think of the iconic Ariana Grande high ponytail, or those Tik Tok famous curtain bangs. 

With that in mind, the brand offers a few options of this beloved styling tool within their collection. This GHD flat iron review will go over some of their cult classic straighteners down below. 

GHD Platinum+ Black Styler Hair Straightener Review

There’s no need to book another appointment at the hairdresser. The Platinum+ Black Styler by GHD promises to get that runway-ready look in under an hour. 

Featuring ultra-zone technology, this model instantly recognizes the thickness of the user’s hair and styling speed. By doing this, the GHD platinum plus straightener adjusts heat across the floating plates for those flawless results.

Working best at the temperature 365ºF, the Platinum+ Black Styler protects the integrity of your locks without compromising the style and allows for 70% stronger hair, 20% more shine, and double protection for colored hairdos. 

Other components include a heat-resistant protective plate guard, a wishbone hinge for perfect plate alignment, and an automatic Sleep Mode feature to ensure that nothing burns away if you happen to forget to unplug it. 

Serving as your good ol’ reliable tool for the years ahead, the Platinum+ Black Styler straightener costs $249

GHD Gold Styler Hair Straightener Review 

It’s no secret that styling tools can contribute to long-term hair damage when used consistently.

For those that just can’t step outside without straightening or curling their cut, the Gold Styler by GHD promises that professional-grade look without the unwanted crunch. 

Using dual-zone technology, this GHD iron controls the optimal heat temperature (365ºF) to help ensure smoother, sleeker, and healthier-looking hair.

Other features include a:

  • Heat-resistant protective plate
  • Versatile round barrel
  • Universal voltage
  • Contoured plates

With the Gold Styler, you can tame those flyaways worry-free for the cost of $199

GHD Classic Styler Hair Straightener Review

If you’re the type of person who enjoys simple things, no bells and whistles attached, this GHD flat iron review gets it. The Classic Styler is the brand’s most traditional model when it comes to straightening rods. 

This GHD machine features original ceramic heat technology with the optimum styling temperature of 365ºF.

Built with standard floating plates, it gives you extra control when it comes to achieving that Audrey Hepburn hairdo or those classic beachy waves.

Suitable for all hair types, the Classic Styler also comes with an automatic sleep mode, a universal sleep mode function, and a 30 second heat time for when you really need to get out the door quickly.

Designed as an everyday hairstyling staple, this GHD model costs $149 in total.

GHD Platinum+ White Styler Hair Straightener Review

Novice hair stylists often wonder in frustration: how can one section of hair turn into a Shirley Temple-esque ringlet, while the next attempt falls flat on your face?

Instead of shoving the conventional straightener to the depths of your vanity dresser, perhaps it’s time to make a slight upgrade with GHD’s Platinum White Styler.

Built with ultra-zone predictive technology, this iron responds to each section with the optimal temperature of 365ºF to ensure consistency.

The heat is monitored over 250 times per second by infinity sensors on the plates. This model is also precision milled to help your hair pass smoothly for every section. 

The $249 Platinum White Styler is sold out, so sign up for the email newsletter for updates on when it’ll be available for purchase again.

GHD Mini Styler Hair Straightener Review

Jet setting off to your next business meeting or vacation spot? Make sure you arrive in fashion with the Mini Styler straightener.

This precision ½” tool comes with the same ceramic heat technology and smooth, contoured floating plates of GHD’s full-size irons. 

This handy device is built with a heat-resistant protective plate guard and an automatic Sleep Mode feature to resist unnecessary burning on your skin, countertop, or beauty station at 365ºF.

Not only is this mini GHD straightener great when you need to save space in your luggage, but it’s also perfect for short hair or bangs

With this $199 Mini Styler, this GHD flat iron review recommends creating wavy curtain bangs or that iconic Jackie Kennedy hairdo that’s making a comeback lately. 

GHD Curling Iron Review

For those that aren’t a fan of tightly locked curls, it’s time for a contemporary makeover with the Soft Curl Tong by GHD.

It comes with a safety stand for the iron to sit upon, an advanced ceramic coating to ensure a seamless experience, and a Sleep Mode for stylists with their heads in the clouds. 

Devised to give you those romantic, bouncy waves, this model comes with a 1.25” large barrel with a spring-activated ergonomic lever to help your partitioned hair to hold onto the shaft as you style. 

The Soft Curl Tong can help you achieve those subtle waves for only $199. Unfortunately, this GHD curling iron is currently sold out on their website. 

GHD Air Hair Dryer Review

From damp ‘dos to updos, the Helios Hair Dryer in Power Pink has got you covered.

Powered with Aeroprecis technology, this device channels a focused airflow that travels 75 mph, made to dry your locks at a faster rate. It also comes with a built-in contoured nozzle at the tip for more control.

Sometimes, it takes a village to dry a head of hair, this model was developed by GHD’s entire leading team of physicists, engineers, and professional hairdressers.

Ergonomic and lightweight in function, this GHD blow dryer isn’t too loud either (which means you can jam out to your favorite playlist or podcast while you style!).

The best part about this device is that its powerhouse pink color represents the brand’s 16th year of supporting Breast Cancer Charities. 

This limited edition Helios Hair Dryer in Power Pink costs $259 at checkout. 

GHD Professional Hair Dryer Diffuser Review

The Professional Hair Dryer Diffuser makes it a lot easier to create a manageable hairstyle with its unique design.

Optimized for curly locks, this GHD nozzle attachment features contoured hard protrusions that lift and separate your strands as it dries for perfectly formed, softly lifted hair without any unwanted frizz. 

This GHD flat iron review will note that it is great to use on fine, straight hair when you want to create loose waves. But, since it was developed in collaboration with top stylists, this diffuser is only compatible with your GHD hair dryer. 

For those who would rather leave the straighteners and curlers untouched, this GHD hair diffuser serves as a great option for $30. Unfortunately, this product is currently marked as out of stock on their website. 

GHD Hair Brush Review 

GHD Flat Iron Review
GHD Paddle Brush

It’s time to ditch those flimsy plastic combs or those hard bristle prototypes that end up tangling your hair even more.

The Paddle Brush by GHD is made to untie those stubborn knots, smoothen those unkempt strands, and can aid in styling blowouts when using a hairdryer.

The brush is fast and effective for mid to long cuts. To achieve that sleek hairstyle, GHD recommends blasting your locks until they’re 80% dry. At the same time, brush from the roots to the tip using swift strokes to create movement and volume. 

Make this an essential step in your styling routine with the Paddle Brush, sold for $35

GHD Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

GHD Flat Iron Review

This GHD flat iron review searched the internet to see what customers were saying about this brand.

Based on the reviews garnered from multiple online sources, many buyers were pleased with the high-performing tools, while some believe the price is too steep and had issues with the irons reaching optimal temperature.  

But before we rush into a verdict, here are some of the good reviews the brand has received. On their website, most of their bestselling models garner hundreds of reviews and 87% of customers stated that they would recommend the Platinum+ Styler to a friend. 

1,705 users gave the product an average grade of 4.5/5 stars, writing that the device heated up fast and brought them closer to their hair goals. As one happy reviewer wrote: 

It curls nicely and I find it much easier to do than with others, I have no snagging happening with the plates, I never feel like my hair is burning and it looks silky after use. I have pink hair as well so it works amazing with dyed hair. Definitely worth the price.” 

We also found more positive reviews on websites such as Trustpilot and Influenster. On Trustpilot, there’s a whopping total of 61.6k comments posted for their products with a general ranking of 3.7/5 stars.

On Influenster, a sum of 15.3k testimonials have been written for GHD so far. On both Trustpilot and Influenster, customers have noted that their delivery times are relatively quick and the products work extremely well for them.

On top of that, most people stated that their hair styling tools have lasted for a long time. One Influenster reviewer wrote for the brand’s Glide Professional Performance Hot Brush:  

“I keep this in my kit for thick-haired clients. It quickly goes through and straightens the thickest of hair in minutes and saves me time when I am exhausted or in a hurry. Gives such a nice straight (but not overly pin straight) look without any effort and the result is shiny and lasts.”

But, this GHD flat iron review found a few negative user experiences while doing its research.

A popular opinion of GHD reviewers on Trustpilot and Influenster stated that some of their tools broke within the first year of use:

“This iron worked great for a few months then stopped working. GHD did send me a new one but then the same thing happened again just a few months after.”

Other complaints range from some devices not working, their prices being too expensive, and a few issues dealing with delayed deliveries. 

As one Influenster reviewer stated, “I have a short hair cut and I have to go over my hair several times in order to straighten it. For the price I paid for this item I would expect it to work much better than it does.”

Is GHD Worth It?

GHD Flat Iron Review

This GHD flat iron review would say that their products are worth the buy, and the waves of positive customers testimonials back that claim.

There are several varieties of hair curlers, straighteners, and blow dryers sold on their website, along with hair products for pre-care and aftercare. 

Most of their models showcase features that are quite useful within the styling process, including the sleeping mode function, and a regulated temperature setting for even heat distribution.

There are even models that promise sleek and shiny hair with no worry of damage, which is quite a game-changer when compared to other competing devices.

Are GHDs worth the money? Most of their hair styling tools cost upwards of about $199+, and not all customers find these price points reasonable. Sometimes, it comes down to quality over quantity and styling products almost always come at a high price. 

About the reviews regarding the products breaking, this is not too uncommon when it comes to styling products. Many hairstylists and experts advise replacing styling products every 1-2 years to ensure your hair is receiving the best treatment and is being styled correctly.

Overall, for those who aren’t especially happy with the way their current curlers or straighteners perform, GHD may be the upgrade that they’re looking for. 

GHD Promotions & Discounts 

GHD Flat Iron Review

This GHD flat iron review found out that customers can receive 15% off their first order if they sign up for their newsletter. 

The brand also offers a Student Discount of 15% for those deemed eligible. As of lately, this GHD flat iron review hasn’t come across any GHD promo codes on their website. 

Where to Buy GHD

GHD Flat Iron Review

Customers can purchase the complete range of products, from GHD hair brushes to styling rods, by visiting You can also find them at select stores such as:

  • Sephora
  • Amazon
  • Best Buy 
  • Walmart
  • Nordstrom
  • Costco
  • Ulta Beauty 


GHD Flat Iron Review

Does GHD ruin your hair? 

This GHD flat iron review found out that some of their models are made to be less damaging on hair. To protect your hair against frequent heat exposure, try their Heat Protect Spray before styling with hot irons.   

Can I get my GHD repaired?

According to the GHD warranty, as long as the product is within the period listed on their policy, it is eligible for repairs. 

Does GHD have a lifetime warranty?

This GHD flat iron review found out that they do not have a lifetime warranty. This policy only covers up to 3 years of use for certain tools such as GHD air hair dryers and stylers. 

How long is GHD delivery?

GHD has two different shipping options: expedited and overnight delivery. They do offer free shipping on some orders, however, it is not made clear on their website if shoppers need to surpass a total amount at checkout. 

All orders will be shipped the same day if placed between Monday–Friday within business hours. Overnight orders placed on Friday night will be sent out the next business day. 

The brand provides international delivery to some countries. Customers can find the complete list on their company page. 

How do I track my GHD order?

Customers will receive a tracking number via a confirmation email in order to help locate their package. It might take 24 hours for your information to show up on the relevant carrier’s page. 

Can you return used GHDs?

If you’re unsatisfied with your order, send it back within 21 days for a refund. GHD will cover the return shipping costs, but items must be in its original packaging in order to be accepted.

Buyers can initiate this process by using their online Return Portal found on their website. 

How to Contact GHD Customer Service 

For inquiries unrelated to this GHD flat iron review, you can contact the company through:

Filling out their Message Form online

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