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Jovani Dresses Review

It’s a runway, but make it relatable. Known for its red carpet looks, Jovani offers a wide assortment of prom dresses and bridal gowns for customers to choose from. Their designs are anything but ordinary—most silhouettes come dripping in sequins, tassels, and beaded embellishments. Jovani is not for the faint of heart. 

Made for graduates, brides-to-be, and boss babes, it should come as no surprise that Jovani boasts a 680k following on Instagram. Plus, celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Taylor Swift, and Kim Kardashian have all been spotted wearing their designs.

Also, reputable magazines, including fashion-centric ones like Vogue and Marie Clarie, frequently highlight Jovani in their articles. 

Does the J in Jovani stand for jaw-dropping? There’s only one way to find out. This Jovani dresses review will take an in-depth look at the brand, its collection, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if it’s worth checking out. 

Overview of Jovani Dresses

Jovani Dresses Review

With dreams of making it big, Jovani started off as a 10-person passion project in the heart of New York City. At the front of the helm was founder Jacob Maslavi, who later passed down the company to his sons Abraham and Saul. In 1980, the company was known for manufacturing dresses for upscale boutiques. But, it wasn’t until ten years later when Jovani began to ‘spread its wings.’

What started off as a humble clothing boutique quickly grew into an acclaimed designer brand. Jovani expanded its collection to include a variety of dress styles for its upscale clientele. Today, they have over 2,000 stores located worldwide. 

Jovani states that they’ll continue to produce the trendiest designs for all occasions, whether that be galas, proms, or bar mitzvahs. “The company’s main focus is to provide an amazing product that is not only affordable when compared to the quality but to also bring out the inner beauty of all women who wear these fabulous dresses.”

Before we get into this Jovani dresses review, let’s go over some initial highlights.


  • Considered a reputable brand within the industry 
  • A wide selection of formal wear to choose from 
  • Available in over 2,000 stores worldwide
  • Offered in various sizes and colors 
  • Has a mobile app that customers can download 
  • Positive customer reviews 
Jovani Dresses Review

Prince Charming aside, most of us dream of our Cinderella moment at some point. You know, where the entire crowd stops and stares as you descend gracefully down the steps in your fairytale ballgown? 

Whether it’s for prom, quinceaneras, or weddings, we all deserve to feel like a Disney princess at least once in our lives. Jovani is no fairy godmother, but they do a damn good job in cooking up the latest designs. 

This clothing boutique has racks on racks of dreamlike dresses. Everything is organized by event, style, body type, and color. It’s worth noting that you can’t directly buy from, as the brand will redirect you to one of their partnered stores. This allows customers to see and try on their gowns in real-time. As a result, we cannot list individual prices for the dresses. 

Care to see what they’ve got? This Jovani dresses review will highlight some notable contenders for your next upscale event. 

Jovani Dresses Review

It’s time to channel your inner Cinderella, Aurora, and Belle. Jovani has an arsenal of fairytale-like designs to choose from, ranging from prom to cocktail gowns. Below, this Jovani dresses review will spotlight a few of our favs that are definitely worth considering. 

Jovani Dresses 07652 Red Off the Shoulder Gorgeous Prom Gown Review

The 07652 Red Off the Shoulder Gorgeous Prom Gown is giving me renaissance realness. Super dramatic in design, this full-length dress features billowing sleeves, beaded shoulder cuffs, and a high leg slit for some added sauciness. 

It’s cut in a jaw-dropping body-con silhouette, and it also does wonders in highlighting your decolletage. For those still looking for a prom date, I’m 100% sure that this dress will guarantee a select choice of dance partners. 

This stunning number is also available in yellow, white, blue, and turquoise. But, if you’re on the hunt for something more romantic, we suggest sticking to red. Best paired with statement earrings and soft curls, make waves with the 07652 Red Off the Shoulder Gorgeous Prom Gown from Jovani. 

Jovani Dresses 05971 Gorgeous Off White Chiffon Strapless Prom Dress Review

If you don’t wear the 05971 Gorgeous Off White Chiffon Strapless Prom Dress to your senior dance, I’m considering it a Greek tragedy. It’s a solid look if you’re trying to mirror Aphrodite or Persephone, as this stunning gown provides a hint of Hellenistic elegance as indicated by its folds and ruffles. 

As an added embellishment, a series of intercrossing beadwork helps to accentuate the waist. It also comes with a plunging neckline and a leg slit to help keep things less conservative.

Considered part of the Jovani prom dresses collection, we highly suggest pairing them with arm cuffs and gold-toned jewelry to really give off those deep-seated goddess vibes. If you’re not a fan of the color, the 05971 Gorgeous Off White Chiffon Strapless Prom Dress is also available in blue, black, orange, and purple. 

Jovani Dresses 00446 Off the Shoulder Ruched Dress Review

Sylvie from Emily in Paris called, and she wants her 00446 Off the Shoulder Ruched Dress back. Conservative and elegant in design, this body-con number is the perfect match to Sylvie’s mature but sophisticated allure presented in the show. 

For added drama, it comes with ruched detailing on the side with matching ruffles. Ultimately, it’s the kind of gown to wear to high-profile networking parties and art gallery exhibitions. 

The 00446 Off the Shoulder Ruched Dress is available in 10 different colors. If you want something more ‘of age,’ this Jovani dresses review suggests opting for navy and black as a neutral option. 

Ideally paired with open-toed stilettos and a clutch bag, you can snag this beauty exclusively from the Jovani evening dresses collection. 

Jovani Dresses JB05846 Ivory Spaghetti Strap Plunging Neck Bridal Dress Review

The JB05846 Ivory Spaghetti Strap Plunging Neck Bridal Dress is the perfect combination of fairytale romance combined with sultry flirtatiousness. Honestly, this Jovani wedding look is just, *chef’s kiss* as it features a gorgeous drip of floral embellishments from front to bottom. Ideal for spring and summer ceremonies, we highly suggest pairing this beaut with flower crowns and, of course, a stunning bouquet. 

Featuring an open back, the JB05846 Ivory Spaghetti Strap Plunging Bridal Dress can easily be covered with a faux fur shawl if you’re not keen on showing too much skin. In terms of other accessories, I’m sure that a pair of nude stilettos and a set of dainty diamond studs will do wonders in highlighting the simplicity of this look. 

Jovani Dresses JB04192 White Embellished V Neck Wedding Dress Review

Considered the perfect look for garden-based weddings, the JB04192 White Embellished V Neck Wedding Dress keeps things cool and refreshing in the midst of the July heat. Since it’s relatively sheer in design, we don’t recommend wearing this beauty if your event is scheduled for fall or winter. 

Mermaid-like in silhouette, this full-length gown showcases a flurry of flowers from bodice to train. It’s definitely a head-turner when it’s time to walk down the aisle. 

Cut with a plunge-style neckline and back, the JB04192 White Embellished V Neck Wedding Dress would work well with body jewelry for some added glitz. If you really want to make a statement, this Jovani dresses review suggests fastening a diamond-studded hair clip as the final cherry on top. 

Jovani Dresses 07071 Nude Spaghetti Strap high Slit Short Dress Review

The traditional full-length quinceanera dress has been done to death. If you’re looking for something more breezy for dancing, the 07071 Nude Spaghetti Strap high Slit Short Dress can act as a suitable replacement. Unapologetically glittery, this show-stopper comes with a corseted bodice, plunge neckline, mesh detailing, and a sultry side slit to allow for more movement. 

If you’re not celebrating your birthday, the 07071 Nude Spaghetti Strap high Slit Short Dress can make for a perfect outfit for someone’s wedding. It’s also offered in pink for those not a fan of cream. Part of the Jovani cocktail dresses collection, this glitzy and glamorous number can help ensure all eyes stay on you. 

Jovani Dresses 03264 Taupe Off the Shoulder Mother of the Bride Dress Review

Not ready to let go of those glory days? If so, then I’m sure that the 03264 Taupe Off the Shoulder Mother of the Bride Dress will stir up some drama during your daughter’s wedding. Sultry, jaw-dropping, and dripping with sequins, this attention-grabber is definitely intimidating in design.

It’s certainly the number to wear if you’re looking to induce jealousy amongst your ex-husband(s). Plural is optional. 

Part of the Jovani mother of the bride dresses collection, our styling tips include a pair of stiletto heels and statement earrings to help bring the look together. For those not a fan of the color, the 03264 Taupe Off the Shoulder Mother of the Bride Dress is also offered in black. 

Who Is Jovani Dresses For? 

Jovani Dresses Review

Jovani dresses are worn by the likes of red carpet celebrities. With that in mind, I think it’s fair to 

say that their designs are for those who love the spotlight. As referenced in the brand’s style categories, their clientele is typically composed of high school graduates, birthday celebrants, fiancés, and those attending a high-profile event. 

Regarding price, Jovani is not affordable. Retailers that carry their dresses usually sell them for as high as $1,000. But, some designs cost a reasonable $300

Jovani Dresses Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Jovani Dresses Review

Despite Jovani’s time in the limelight, the amount of customer reviews isn’t very reflective of the brand’s esteemed reputation. There are a limited number of comments found on the company’s official page and those posted on external sites such as Trustpilot,, and Facebook. 

But, something is better than nothing, right? For now, this Jovani dresses review will feature the ratings we did find down below:

  • 10 reviews with no star rating 
  • Trustpilot: 25 reviews with 4.1/5 stars
  • 114 reviews with 4.4/5 stars
  • Facebook: 19 reviews with 5/5 stars 

The number of reviews is quite small, but it’s encouraging to know that a majority of them are positive nonetheless. Buyers are loving the quality and style of their dresses. Others commended the brand’s level of customer service as well as its semi-affordable prices. Take it from one happy client, who left a glowing review on Jovani’s website:

“(My wedding) dress is absolutely unique and it is designed so wisely! It accentuates the waist, gives an appearance of elongated legs, has a perfect neck and has gorgeous lacing. I am so happy and so thankful,” one customer wrote on 

A good amount of customers stated that wearing Jovani dresses earned them lots of compliments. My daughter tried so many dresses for prom, but could never find the right one. She ended up ordering a Jovani gown online and it was gorgeous and fit her so well. She loved the dress and received many compliments on it.” 

Others gave Jovani two thumbs up regarding its helpful customer service team. “Jovani has beautiful dresses. I reached out to customer service as I did not keep or remember the style number of the dress. I sent a picture to Samantha who in minutes was able to provide me with the style number of the dress. Wow! That is what I call great customer service,” one user left on 

According to websites such as Wedding Wire, Jovani appears to be a trusted bridal vendor. “My dress is amazing,’ one customer shared. “I’ve tried on many different designers and Jovani dresses have a quality to them that makes it hard to walk away from. The price was reasonable and the workmanship was beautiful.” 

Of course, this wouldn’t be a complete Jovani dresses review without including some unsatisfactory experiences. In most cases, some buyers weren’t happy with the quality of the dresses, while others noted issues with their customer service team. Fortunately, the number of negative reviews is relatively small, so you really shouldn’t have to worry. 

Is Jovani Dresses Worth It?

Jovani Dresses Review

That special day, whether that be a sweet sixteen or a wedding, is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event. While it’s relatively easy to order a mass-produced dress from your local department store, we invite you to treat yourself once in a while. 

Jovani, while expensive, is an investment worth making. Their designs are one-of-a-kind, and you can relax knowing that each garment is constructed with the best materials. 

Jovani’s dress selection is quite large, so it might take some time to find the perfect dress. But we wouldn’t say that the shopping experience is overwhelming. There’s something intrinsically exciting in being surrounded by 100+ glittery options. 

Jovani Dresses Promotions & Discounts 

Jovani Dresses Review

Given that customers cannot order Jovani dresses off their website, the brand does not provide any promotions or discounts on their official page. We suggest visiting one of the company’s partnered retailers for any coupon codes or sales. 

Where to Buy Jovani Dresses

Jovani Dresses Review

Shopping for prom season? Jovani dresses are exclusive to upscale boutiques only—so you should be wary about dupes online. Some reputable stores include:

  • Alexandra’s
  • Henri’s Cloud Nine 
  • The Prom Shop
  • Peaches 
  • Formals XO 


Jovani Dresses Review

Who owns Jovani Dresses?

Jovani dresses is owned by Abraham and Saul Maslavi. 

Is Jovani Dresses a designer brand?

According to the brand’s ‘About Us’ page, Jovani is a high-acclaimed designer brand. They’re commonly worn by celebrities such as Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. 

Does Jovani Dresses run big or small?

Jovani states that their dresses run true to size. But, it doesn’t hurt to take a peek at their measurements chart for added reference. 

Does Jovani Dresses ship internationally?

Customers cannot buy Jovani dresses off their official website. This applies to domestic and international orders. 

What is Jovani Dresses’ Shipping Policy?

As this Jovani dresses review has mentioned before, the company does not take orders on their main website. You’ll need to visit one of the brand’s partnered retailers for any details on shipping. 

What is Jovani Dresses’ Return Policy?

Jovani provides a 7-day window for customers to return their dresses. It’s worth noting that this applies to damaged orders only. In the event of an exchange, the brand will deduct a $75 restocking fee to help cover additional expenses. 

To initiate this process, buyers must fill out the form provided on the website. Once completed, you can mail back your package using Jovani’s return address:

1177 D Flushing Avenue,

Brooklyn, New York, 11237, 

ATTN: Receiving Dept. 

How to Contact Jovani Dresses

For inquiries unrelated to this Jovani dresses review, you can contact the brand through:

42 West 39th Street 

6th Floor,

New York, 10018

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