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Superfeet Review

Whether working, walking, or just getting out to do chores, we have to face the fact that a lot of life is spent on our feet and typical shoes don’t always get the job done.

Rather than suffer in silence (or complain endlessly to those who will listen), why not try to solve the problem of flat feet, high arches, or other ailments on our own – or with the help of Superfeet

Superfeet insoles provide instant relief once fitted into the shoe of your choice. With selections for sports to casual sneakers, this brand is all about a healthy heel wherever you head.

Known widely in the hockey world for their specialized soles, this brand has garnered attention from Pro Hockey Life, The New York Times, AP News, and more regarding their selection and helpful wellness styles. Despite only having 27.5k followers on Instagram, this brand seems to have inserted itself into the mainstream to help everyone take that satisfying step.

Rather than focus solely on the product, in this Superfeet review we will consider pricing, shipping, reviews, and more to determine whether this brand is worth buying.

Overview of Superfeet

Superfeet Review

Superfeet came to the market in 1977 and has acquired over 40 years of experience. Their main goal from day one? Offering comfortable support for individuals in need.

The business actually began with founder Dennis Brown’s mission to create insoles for skiing boots made to fit amputees. Go big or go home, right? 

While the field of orthotics was relatively new at the time, Brown took on an issue that required creativity, intelligence, and constant research. Since that first conception, the business has expanded their selection beyond skiing to other winter sports and general everyday wear.

Featuring wellness tips, blogs, and health advice in addition to their helpful products, this brand is all about changing the lives of individuals one step at a time. Sometimes all it takes is a simple lift to really make a difference.

Superfeet Review

In addition to serving up safer steps through their insoles, this brand also has a give-back program. Donating a portion of annual income to charitable causes, they also offer local grants for social programs that benefit the community. A positive change is all Superfeet wants in the end and they’re happy to help out in any way they can.

While we’re always a fan of a company that chooses to give back, there are a number of other elements we need to consider regarding this brand as we proceed with our Superfeet review:


  • Wide range of insoles for men and women
  • Annually donates a percentage of earnings to charitable causes
  • Offers local grants
  • Free shipping
  • Great customer reviews

Superfeet Insoles Review

Superfeet Review

We all know that the right shoes can make a world of difference for back, shoulder, and neck pain. Instead of trying to find that perfect sneaker or boot to battle the aches, these best-selling Superfeet insoles offer up an opportunity to shop freely for pure style rather than focusing on the feel every time. 

With a wide selection of insoles for a variety of concerns, everyone can be satisfied walking away with these pieces trimmed to fit the perfect place.

Superfeet RedHot Review

Superfeet RedHot Review
Superfeet RedHot

Hit the slopes with ease, even on the coldest day, with the comfort and control that the Superfeet RedHot Insoles offer.

This brand really dresses to impress when it comes to their RedHot selection. Specifically designed for the colder weather, these insoles include dual thermal layers to work alongside natural body heat and keep the warmth going for longer-lasting periods.

A deep heel and high-intensity foam topping provide a solid foundation to absorb any shock of running, slipping, skiing, or more. Whether walking in the snow or demolishing the slopes, these lightweight and layered insoles are a solid step in the right direction.

Add a pair of these to the collection for $63.

Superfeet Orange Review

Superfeet Orange Review
Superfeet Orange

The Superfeet Orange collection really matches the high energy that these users get going.

Specially made for high-intensity sports and motions, these high-impact insoles keep the feet protected during the worst. Whether racing down the court or walking five hundred miles (and five hundred more), these insoles gently cup the heel to provide support for lengthy distances.

Active athletes need look no further than this sunrise style built for a medium to high arch. Layers of foam not only provide support to the right pressure points but also reduce odor in a space too often overwhelmed by scents.

Get the ball rolling (and run right after it) with a pair of these for $63.

Superfeet Run Pain Relief Review 

Superfeet Run Pain Relief Review 
Superfeet Run Pain Relief

Make the marathon your next mission with the Superfeet Run Pain Relief.

Aside from the exhaustion of running itself, we’ll easily admit that a big pain when it comes to running comes from poor support. 

Foot, arch, and ankle pain can actually alter the back, neck, and shoulders, leading to a larger issue for those who enjoy routine runs but lack proper equipment. These insoles were built to provide that level of support through foam layering and a removable heel stabilizer (allowing a more personalized and custom fit).

What’s the best part of this design? Due to the antimicrobial properties of this foam, insoles are odor-resistant meaning runners are able to replace the sock liner with this thin new lining for a better and bolder fit.

Durable, stable, and therapeutic in their friction-reducing design, these insoles can be purchased for $69.

Superfeet Carbon Review

Superfeet Carbon Review
Superfeet Carbon

Of all the items in this Superfeet review, the Carbon Insoles are probably one of the most interesting on the list.

This product was designed with lightweight technology in mind, focusing on innovation and performance. So slim they feel as though they aren’t actually there, these insoles support low arch individuals with a gentle heel cupping attached to high-density foam.

The best part of these? Their versatility. Due to their beveled edge, these insoles fit a variety of shoes, able to be trimmed down to any size from wide toed to more narrow bridging. Durable in design and stable in its layering, this product feels at home in any shoe.

Each pair of Carbon insoles is available for $63.

Superfeet Green Review

Superfeet Green Review
Superfeet Green

One of this brand’s best-sellers, the Superfeet Green selection is a hallmark of high-tier quality.

Perfect for high arches, these insoles keep things simple and solid in their designs. Stabilizing structure sits as the foundation of each piece, aiding the deep heel to really settle those wide arches into place. 

Strong in its shape, this solid piece won’t shift or fade over time, but provide a constant stream of support.

Reducing odors with its all-natural coating, these original orthotics reduce foot, knee, and back pain through consistent use.

One of the cheaper options on this list, these green insoles go for $57.

Superfeet Blue Review

Superfeet Blue Review
Superfeet Blue

We’re ending this Superfeet review section with the best all-purpose option by this brand – the Blue Insoles.

Designed to last the constant use of daily walks, chores, and work, these insoles sit in a thin and lightweight selection

Easy to trim to size, the high-density foam of these pads is made for prime shock absorption. Whether bouncing, running, cycling, or anything else, these medium arch insoles keep things comfortable and in perfect placement at all times.

With reduced odor due to a natural coating and side rail strength to stabilize each step, what more could be asked for when it comes to an all-purpose design for daily wear?

Each pair of blue insoles is available on the market for $57.

Who Is Superfeet For? 

Superfeet Review

Anyone can walk this way with ease once Superfeet insoles are in place. Orthotics aren’t actually just for the older population, but children and teens can benefit from them too. 

We will say those in the younger age range should probably speak with a doctor or chiropractor before attempting to use any insoles, but the placements can be incredibly helpful in preventing worsening issues with health and pain.

Those who are already suffering should find some ease once selecting the right insoles for the job. Variety really means the world here as Superfeet is all about options for different needs

It doesn’t matter who you are, anyone can find the right fit given time and research – Superfeet is happy to help on the journey to better health.

Superfeet Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Superfeet Review

We couldn’t complete a Superfeet review without first examining the real-life experience that comes with each purchase. Turning to a few online sources, we must note how few ratings there actually are on the typical review platforms. In seeing this, we had to get a bit creative and look more to retailer reviews rather than company-specific ones.

We’re starting big here by looking at Google Reviews. This source draws from a myriad of others, using over 2,335 reviews across the internet to average out a rating of 4.5/5 stars. Customers on this platform rave on everything from sizing and selection to pain management.

The beauty of Superfeet comes from the variety the store offers. Providing health and wellness to customers, individuals find “by wearing them, it straightens out everything and the inflammation is no longer a factor at all. Total game changer.” 

Leave behind the pains of improper footwear and strut into a straighter and lasting posture with a simple set of insoles.

Influenster, garnering nearly 50 opinions, seems to agree with the averaging rating as they place the brand at 4.4/5 stars themselves. 

Superfeet Review

Though limited in numbers, reviewers on this site speak to their utter satisfaction with their overall posture and health after implementing these insoles.

One Superfeet review stated, “You can feel the immediate difference, I recommend wearing these all the time especially for people that have no arch in flat feet.” 

One of the great things about this brand comes from their selections both for those with flat feet as well as high arches

Either possibility can end in severe pain if not properly supported, leaving chronic issues arising throughout the body. Comfortable insoles can ease that aching through supporting areas in need.

Recreational Equipment Inc (REI) understands the importance of this support not only in everyday actions but in sporting activities as well. This brand sells a number of Superfeet products, encouraging customers to take action in preventing further pain. 

Their best-seller from Superfeet comes in the form of the Superfeet Green Support and Comfort Insoles, which sit at 4.5/5 stars based on over 765 ratings.

Hundreds of customers agree that “its arch support and design to prevent pronation have worked out very well [and] Foot support has been excellent.” While many orthotics on the market insist on a softer approach to insoles, Superfeet understands the importance of a strong support system being put in place.

Superfeet Review

One Superfeet review even noted, “I always thought I’d want something soft and squishy, but the stiff support of these is so much better for my feet. Now I have a set for every type of shoe!

Easy to swap between pairs, simple to trim into place, and solidly providing the support needed, these insoles have everything in a single package. The Superfeet Green Support isn’t the only product REI customers love. Other well-ranked Superfeet products sold there include the following:

  • Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort Hiking Insoles: 4.3/5 stars based on over 220 ratings
  • Superfeet Orange All-Purpose Cushion and Support Insoles: 4.2/5 stars based on over 250 ratings
  • Superfeet Berry All-Purpose Cushion and Support Insoles – Women’s: 4.4/5 stars based on over 210 ratings
  • Superfeet Blue All-Purpose Comfort Insoles; 4.5/5 stars based on over 240 ratings
  • Superfeet Copper Personalized Comfort and Support Insoles: 4.6/5 stars based on over 140 ratings

While it’s easy to overlook something as simple as foot support, Superfeet brings the importance into the forefront of customers’ minds to offer a solid foundation for every step. With hundreds of satisfied reviews, anyone can see just how much this brand does for their users.

Is Superfeet Worth It?

Superfeet Review

This is a pretty straightforward answer. We’re giving this brand a firm yes in this Superfeet review. Through their variety of options for daily wear and sports, this brand covers every possibility needed for proper support. While prices may sit mid to high range on the market, we haven’t seen many customers complaining once the purchase was made.

Concerned with customer health and wellness while supporting their community with local grants, we have to appreciate that this brand seems to put the people first in every way.

Superfeet Promotions & Discounts 

Superfeet Review

At the time of writing this article, the brand’s currently only running one discount. They’re offering customers up to 50% off Superfeet footwear with free shipping. Free sitewide shipping is also available for all products.

The best place to stay informed on the latest deals is actually the brand’s site itself. They have a promotions and discounts page that gets updated with the latest information every time a new deal is active. Keep an eye on that page for the best and most accurate information.

Where to Buy Superfeet 

Superfeet Review

Ready to start shopping? The best place by far is, but for those who want to search for third-party options, this brand has a number of distributors at hand. We’ve selected just a few of their top retail partners to show off just how many stores offer Superfeet products:

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Marathon Sports
  • Zappos
  • REI
  • Walmart
  • Amazon


Superfeet Review

Who owns Superfeet?

At the time of writing this Superfeet review, the brand is owned and operated by John Rauvola.

Does Superfeet ship internationally?

Absolutely! Superfeet has locations worldwide and they’re happy to serve customers internationally.

What is Superfeet’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping is always a top priority for any customer or business; that’s why it sucks to say that we weren’t able to get much information on the process. 

The brand makes a point to note that they ship using US Priority Mail and FedEx Ground Shipping, but they don’t really go into details beyond that.

Currently, all free sitewide shipping is offered to customers, meaning costs don’t have to factor into the purchase. Not shipping costs anyway. The date of delivery seems to depend on the final destination, so be sure to add the location info at checkout for accurate timing on expectancy.

What is Superfeet’s Return Policy?

The brand doesn’t offer a lot of information surrounding returns, but we did manage to find those key details necessary to the process to include in this Superfeet review.

All customers have within 60 days of the purchase date to make a return for a full refund. Only orders made online can be returned via Customer Service. All other orders must be taken with receipt to their original purchase location.

As for how to start the process, Superfeet keeps things simple by requiring all individuals in need of a return to call 1-800-634-6618 directly. Whether starting a return or exchange, all customers must call Customer Service to begin the process for a final refund. 

Further instructions will be explained by the representatives on the line who will guide you through the next steps through to completion.

How to Contact Superfeet

We wanted to end this Superfeet review on a high note and that means constant communication. This brand is all about openness and connection with customers, leaving them with a total of four methods for customers to reach out with questions or concerns.

  1. Physical Store – Superfeet Worldwide, 1820 Scout Place, Ferndale, WA 98248
  2. Phone – 800.634.6618 (Monday to Friday, 6:30 am to 5 pm PST)
  3. Email – [email protected]
  4. Online Contact Form

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