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About Caviar Phone

Caviar Phone Review

Do you want the latest iPhone but want its design to be an expression of yourself, or to make a real statement? If so, then you might find this Caviar phone review interesting.

Caviar sells their brand of smart luxury to elite clientele worldwide. Known for their designer phones, Caviar modifies smart tech and other personal items, like game consoles and sneakers, with designs that fuse rare and exotic materials with elegant and artistic visuals, sometimes incorporating additional high-end, high-tech features.

The brand has gained a following of 7.9k Facebook followers, 30.9k Instagram followers, and 13k YouTube subscribers. It’s also been featured in international news outlets, including GQ, Mashable, Esquire, Finders, and Hypebeast.

But is this upscale brand really worth the upscale price tag? This Caviar phone review intends to find out by looking at the company’s history, products, policies, and customer feedback.

Overview of Caviar Phone

Caviar Phone Review

Caviar started to take shape when Italian jeweler and business owner, Ilia Giacometti, brought a custom luxury smartphone he’d designed himself to the Millionaire Fair in Moscow, Russia in 2010.

Attendees quickly took an interest in his unique phone and wanted distinguished devices and phone cases of their own.

It wasn’t long before Giacometti partnered with a Russian team to create Caviar, bringing Italian Renaissance-inspired designs to Asian and European customers with a discerning eye and a desire to express their individuality through their personal tech

Setting up headquarters in Novgorod, Russia, Caviar dropped their first official collection in 2011. Caviar’s use of rare and luxury materials, including gold, precious stones, and genuine leather, immediately set them apart from other plastics-dominated mod artists, as did their limited-edition release model.

Their carefully crafted, high-end pieces – each with its own certificate of authenticity – deliver an individuality, originality, and exclusivity that quickly attracted discerning, upscale shoppers. It also made the brand a hit with pro athletes and celebrities like Steven Seagal and boxer Roy Jones.  

Today, Caviar is pushing the envelope even further, incorporating even more rare materials (think particles of Mars and the Moon), collaborating with artists, and growing their product line.

While the brand is best known for modifying iPhones, Caviar has expanded their line of pieces to include Samsung and Sony electronics, Nike shoes, and Philip Morris products. 

Now that this Caviar Phone review is more familiar with their origins, let’s take a look at the highlights of shopping with this truly original brand:


Caviar Phone Review
  • Unique and limited edition products
  • Modified phones, phone cases, and other tech
  • Cases made from materials such as rare leathers and precious metals and stones
  • 1-year warranty on phone cases
  • Atelier service for customized products
  • Ships internationally
  • Dedicated service centers manned by specialists

Since modified iPhones and Caviar phone case designs are the brand’s claim to fame, this Caviar review will take a closer look at their best-sellers to learn more about what they offer.

Caviar Phone Case Review

Every Caviar phone collection varies in the number of units made available, but they are all limited edition – if you see something you like, best grab it quickly. 

I’ll be looking at the Jobs 4 Gold, Purple Butterfly Gold 18k, and Love Light models, all available at the time of writing our Caviar Phone review. 

Caviar Phone Jobs 4 Gold Review

Caviar Phone Review
Caviar Phone Jobs 4 Gold

If you ever wanted to pay tribute to Apple founder Steve Jobs, this Caviar phone is perfect for you. The Jobs 4 Gold might be an iPhone 13 model, but its design is bursting with iPhone 4 nostalgia.

A tribute to the last phone Jobs showed the word, the body is crafted from blackened hardened titanium, with a gold finish and engravings that mimic the older model’s aesthetic. You’ll also find engravings of a unique unit number for the phone, as well as Jobs’ signature

If that isn’t iconic enough for you, the pure gold Apple logo on the case has a piece of Steve’s turtleneck embedded within.

If this is a piece you’re interested in, don’t hesitate – this collection only has 10 units available. 

The prices for the models and storage options for the phones are as follows:

  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • 128GB $8,190
  • 256GB $8,460
  • 512GB $8,840
  • 1TB $9,200
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • 128GB $8,620
  • 256GB $8,910
  • 512GB $9,270
  • 1TB $9,630
  • iPhone Pro Max
  • 128GB $9,130
  • 256GB $9,420
  • 512GB $9,750
  • 1TB $10,140

Caviar Purple Butterfly Gold 18k Review

Caviar Phone Review
Caviar Purple Butterfly Gold 18k

If you’re looking for a softer, more elegant design for your iPhone 13’s casing, then check out the Purple Butterfly Gold 18k.

The case itself is made from fuchsia-colored premium calfskin leather. The case is adorned with an 18-karat gold 3D overlay of floral vines and butterflies, along with an engraved Caviar logo and side engravings communicating phone model specifications. 

Each phone also comes engraved with a unique number showing which of the 38 units of this collection you own.

The pricing for the different models and storage capacity are as follows:

  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • 128GB $28,080
  • 256GB $28,360
  • 512GB $28,720
  • 1TB $29,080
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • 128GB $28,510
  • 256GB $28,800
  • 512GB $29,160
  • 1TB $29,520
  • iPhone Pro Max
  • 128GB $35,710
  • 256GB $36,000
  • 512GB $36,360
  • 1TB $36,720

Caviar Phone Love Light Review 

Caviar Phone Review
Caviar Phone Love Light

Whether you just want to double down on floral patterns or you want to get a romantic gift for someone special, the Love Light is one to consider.

The case is made from a rare red kirinite stone imprinted with a pattern of roses, with a 24-karat electroplated gold insert of a rose in place of the Apple logo. 

This phone also has a gold edge, engraved with details of the phone model and a unique ID number corresponding to one of the 99 units in the collection.

The pricing for Caviar’s Love Light phones is as follows:

  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • 128GB $5,600
  • 256GB $5,890
  • 512GB $6,250
  • 1TB $6,610
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • 128GB $6,030
  • 256GB $6,320
  • 512GB $6,680
  • 1TB $7,040
  • iPhone Pro Max
  • 128GB $6,540
  • 256GB $6,820
  • 512GB $7,180
  • 1TB $7,540

Who Is Caviar Phone For? 

Caviar Phone Review

With many of the items sold by the brand focused on fashion rather than function, a Caviar Phone is meant to act as a status symbol.

Caviar’s phones are for people who want their device to stand out, be it as an expression of originality, taste, power, or a dedication to innovation and perseverance. 

Whether you’re a businessman wanting to make a favorable impression on potential partners, looking to honor someone important in your life, or want to treat yourself for your hard work, a Caviar piece is a unique and useful way to make a statement.

Of course, those who can appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship put into these phones will also find enjoyment in them as collector’s pieces. They can also serve as functional jewelry, especially if you find yourself going to high-end events often.

Caviar Phone Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Caviar Phone Review

This Caviar Phones review wanted to see what real customers were saying about this brand’s pieces – not an easy task for an ultra-exclusive product with high-end clientele. 

Caviar does not share customer feedback on their website – hardly unusual for a luxury brand – and other online Caviar phone case reviews proved to be few and far between. 

However, this Caviar Phones review did manage to find a few sources on YouTube that agree these phones are great to have as novelty items. Reviewers certainly see the value in the artistry and engineering that goes into these phones. 

YouTuber Marques Brownlee was sent his own custom phone by the brand to review, which had a mechanical clock built-in. Impressed by the intricacy of the design, he says, “there’s a small group of people who will appreciate the customized mastery of the mechanical engineering that goes into a watch face like this.

Another YouTube reviewer, Mrwhosetheboss, attested to how the brand does a great job on detailing nostalgia pieces like the iPhone 12 Pro – Apple 1 he reviewed. 

In his Caviar Phone review, he says, “the Apple 1 is like the holy grail for Apple collectors. […] the detailing is spot-on.”

The brand’s use of rare materials and high quality is also highly praised by reviewers. YouTube channel Unbox Therapy reviewed a similar product to the Jobs 4 Gold, the iPhone 11 Pro Superior Steve Jobs, which also contains a piece of the iconic black turtleneck. 

What did Unbox Therapy have to say about their Caviar Phone? They called it “one of the most special, interesting items I’ve ever featured on the show…

Is Caviar Phone Legit?

Caviar Phone Review

While the lack of reviews on websites other than YouTube might seem suspect, this Caviar phone review can say that this is a legit company. 

Aside from the several YouTubers who have reviewed the products, celebrities who’ve bought the products, and numerous news outlets that continue to follow the brand, there are also many Reddit threads of people discussing the pros and cons of these phones. 

While I did note that some models impede some of your phone’s functions (particularly buttons), this info is clearly stated on their site.

Overall, this Caviar Phone review found that customers are buying these products, are generally satisfied with their purchases, and are getting them delivered reliably. 

Is Caviar Phone Worth It?

Caviar Phone Review

The phones displayed in this Caviar phone review, and other products offered by the brand, are all exclusive, limited edition pieces that marry artistic design with mechanical engineering, and are composed of some of the most exotic and rare materials out there. 

If you’re looking for a statement-making piece of personal tech and their style is in your wheelhouse (and your budget), it’s hard to go wrong with Caviar. 

Not only do they deliver a one-of-a-kind product – sometimes literally – but they’ll also give you the paperwork to prove that your new Caviar Phone purchase is an aesthetic masterpiece.

Caviar Phone Promotions & Discounts 

Caviar Phone Review 1

You can get access to special deals from Caviar if you sign up for its newsletter.

Where to Buy Caviar Phone

Caviar Phone Review

As far as we know, after researching for this Caviar phone review, every Caviar product is bought and sold on the brand’s website.


Caviar Phone Review 2

Who owns Caviar Phone?

This Caviar Phone review could not find information to confirm who currently owns the brand, though I do know their company is still based in Russia.

Does Caviar Phone ship internationally?

Indeed they do. Caviar ships to 150 countries worldwide.

What is Caviar Phone’s Shipping Policy?

The process for placing an order is simple:

  1. You will be asked to fill out your address and contact info
  2. You can make a payment prior to the order details being settled
  3. Once order details are settled, you will be billed for the outstanding amount 
  4. Once your item is paid for, you’ll be emailed a tracking ID which you can use to follow your order via an EMS website

Shipping fees will vary based on product and destination. Orders take between 1-5 days to process. Once shipped, delivery times will vary depending on parcel destination–US orders can take 1-4 months.

Customers are responsible for any customs fees.

What is Caviar Phone’s Return Policy?

Refunds for Caviar products are possible, but only if the return is made within 7 days of receiving your order and fits within the brand’s return criteria. You can find full details on the brand’s website.

Repairs and replacements for particular parts of a phone are also possible via the warranty that each product comes with, so long as you have your completed warranty card. 

Electronic parts of products have a 1-year warranty, batteries have 6 months, body coverings and decorations have 30 days, and cables/chargers have 14-day warranties.

How to Contact Caviar Phone

Caviar Phone Review

If you have any questions after reading this Caviar Phone review, you can contact the brand’s international online store office via phone or email. You can also contact their local US office via phone or snail mail.

International Headquarters Contact:

US Contact:

  • Phone: 1 516 972 1230
  • Address: Caviar USA LLC, 61 Graham Ave, Brooklyn NY 11206

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