Peel Phone Case Review

About Peel

Peel Phone Case Review

Peel is an American company that specializes in low profile cellphone designs that provide protection and security to your device at an entirely affordable price.

Since their beginnings, they’ve taken on a less is more approach, and want to give their customers simple designs and easy-to-use accessories, and that’s what they continue to do.

Among a massive market of phone cases, this company has broken the mold and become a well-known brand, getting attention from magazines and have landed features in BuzzFeed, Gear Patrol, NY Mag, GQ, Digital Trends, and Forbes. That, and they’ve gotten themselves a whopping 56k followers on Instagram. Not too bad!

Ah, but you’ve probably seen phone cases where they say they’ll protect your mobile but in actuality, once you drop it, it doesn’t provide any protection at all.

Well, in this Peel phone case review we will see if their products really are as protective and sleek as they appear to be, and whether their company policies align with your principles. 

Overview of Peel

Peel Phone Case Review

Our phones are fragile pieces we carry in our pockets but there are times when we accidentally drop them, and doing so can leave our stomachs in a lurch. That’s no way to live. Thankfully, Peel co-founders Marshall Haas and John Wheatly launched the brand in 2012 to ensure no one would have to worry about dropping their phones again. 

Though there were several other types of phone cases on the market, most were too bulky to really fit in your pocket comfortably. And after enough mediocre phone case experiences, the Peel founders decided the one thing missing from the market was a minimally designed case that did its job, did it well, and looked great too. 

And so, the company was born. Now a popular device protector company that retails globally, this successful startup has made its mark on the niche market that it entered 10 years ago.

As a true contender in its field, we wanted to see what this brand was made of—which is why we’re starting with a list of the company’s highlights in this Peel phone case review:


Peel Phone Case Review
  • Wide range of accessories and protective cases for all smart phones
  • International shipping
  • 30 day return policy
  • 2 year warranty on all products
  • No logos on cases
  • Plenty of great Peel phone case reviews
  • Beautiful colors
  • Compatible charging outlets

You know the horrifying feeling when your phone slips from your hand, landing on the pavement. Yikes. But when you’ve got a proper phone case protecting your precious device, you won’t have to worry so much about dropping it the next time.

In this Peel phone case review we will show you what your cell has been missing all this time. 

Peel Phone Case Review

We figured the best way to kick off this Peel phone case review is by showcasing a selection of their best-selling protective gear, so you can see what they are most proud of, and what customers are drooling over. If you love your phone (who doesn’t?) and you’re searching for a top quality case, you need to look no further.

With a variety of sizes, styles, and designs, we collected information on a few great products that had us nodding in approval.

Peel Super Thin iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Review

Peel Super Thin iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Review
Peel Super Thin iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

The Super Thin iPhone 13 Pro Max Case is a delicate yet protective case that hugs your phone with ultimate security. Showcasing a mildly matte and transparent finish, you’ll still be able to see the iconic Apple emblem through the case, without any issue. Made with an unmagnetized design for safety, this case can be compatible with all styles and shapes.

Made without a logo for a minimalist look, the case is only 0.35 mm thick yet still offers complete protection. Available in 12 colors including navy, sierra blue, or bone, this phone case can be purchased for both iPhones and Androids, and retails for $35.

Peel PSuper Thin Samsung S21 Ultra Case Review

Peel PSuper Thin Samsung S21 Ultra Case Review
Peel PSuper Thin Samsung S21 Ultra Case

The PSuper Thin Samsung S21 Ultra Case is a glossy and transparent cover for your phone, offering up a sleek appearance while still giving the same persistent protection that all their cases provide. Without any branding or logos, this stylish case will enhance the simple design of your phone.

Available in a clear coating, this PSuper Thin case won’t interfere with charging capabilities, and retails for $29.

Peel The Super Thin MagSafe iPhone 13 Pro Case Review 

Peel The Super Thin MagSafe iPhone 13 Pro Case Review 
Peel The Super Thin MagSafe iPhone 13 Pro Case

The Super Thin MagSafe iPhone 13 Pro Case is your best bet for a super simple case. With magnets embedded inside the thin coating, this case will help chargers connect easily, while the curved lip of the edges provides additional safety protection and allows phones to pair with glass screen covers.

Offered in black or sierra blue, and available for a mass selection of popular phone styles, this ultra thin case retails for $45

Peel The Super Thin Bumper Case for iPhone 12 Pro Review

Peel The Super Thin Bumper Case for iPhone 12 Pro Review
Peel The Super Thin Bumper Case for iPhone 12 Pro

The Super Thin Bumper Case for iPhone 12 Pro is one of the more durable and protective cases you can get from the brand. Once again offering an ultra sleek and logoless design, the Bumper case features a translucent matte finish, allowing your phone’s logo to peek through while giving off a soft and pleasing feel.

The Bumper is magnetized and safe to use with any charger or connector, and provides a curved edge for extra protection. It’s available in navy or black, and retails for $39.

Peel Strong Grip iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Review

Peel Strong Grip iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Review
Peel Strong Grip iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

The Strong Grip iPhone 11 Pro Max Case is your phone’s best friend. With the touch and feel of a wetsuit, this simple black cover will give your phone ultimate protection, while offering up a clean matte look. Designed to be extra grippable, you’ll never drop this baby, and even if you do, you won’t ever have to worry.

Available for numerous iPhone styles, this Strong Grip case retails for $29.

Who Is Peel For? 

Peel Phone Case Review

Peel is for folks who love minimalist designs while offering ultimate protection for their precious devices. Our phones are one of our most used and loved objects in our lives, which means we care about keeping them safe while making sure they look nice and feel good in our hands.

For people who want a sleek and logo free protector, then this brand has been created for them. Carrying around a clunky and awkward phone is no fun, and Peel phone case reviews and designs reveal that you don’t have to. They have something for everyone, and make sure they cover all their bases without leaving anyone out.

Peel Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Peel Phone Case Review

Sure, at this point it might be pretty easy to form an opinion on this phone case company, since what we’ve seen so far is enough to persuade us. But for this Peel phone case review, we want to ensure that we’ve done all the research possible, and that means scouring the internet for customer feedback and ratings.

We want to know if the beauty and function of these protective cases stand up to the hype once they arrive in the consumers’ hands, so we gathered some top feedback, starting with this list of ratings on some of their best-selling products:

  • Super Thin iPhone 13 Pro Max Case: 5/5 star average, from 7,807 customer reviews
  • Super Thin MagSafe iPhone 13 Pro Case: 5/5 star average, from 56 customer reviews
  • Super Thin Bumper Case for iPhone 12 Pro: 5/5 star average, from 67 customer reviews
  • PSuper Thin Samsung S21 Ultra Case: 5/5 star average, from 7,658 customer reviews
  • Strong Grip iPhone 11 Pro Max Case: 5/5 star average, from 5 customer reviews

On Amazon, Peel phone case reviews are plentiful, with lots of fantastic ratings and numerous bits of feedback. On one of their more popular iPhone cases, they’ve collected 26 reviews for an average of 4/5 stars, including this feedback from a super happy customer:

“I received the Hard shell, in gloss white. The white case has a very polished, clearly designed for the iPhone 13 Mini. All the corners and cutouts around the buttons and speakers are very well done. This case is definitely a step up from the ones from China costing a fraction of what this case costs.”

On Reddit, a popular opinion forum, Peel has 14 different comments, including this great review from a recent customer:

“I have used the product both on an iPhone 7 Plus and an iPhone X. They are very nice, and prevent scratches. They are snug, and really show off the phones shape and design. They are not for drop prevention, but I have used their products for extended periods and can vouch for them being a quality product.”

Meanwhile, in NY Mag, The Strategist did a feature on the company, and gave an in depth Peel phone case review that spoke to their slim and sleek design and their variety in offerings:

“Strategist columnist Chris Black found his Peel cover via Instagram. He says it’s the definition of barely there, so innocuous you barely notice it on your phone. Although it doesn’t provide any protection for the camera lenses, ‘the price is right, and it fits in the pocket comfortably,’ he says, before adding that Peel also makes a great glass protector.”

Lastly, iMore conducted a full scale Peel phone case review for consumers, to do its due diligence as a well-known rating platform that serves to inform customers about what they’re buying before they buy it. They gave the company 4/5 stars, and had this to say:

“I appreciate that Peel does not put any branding or logo on this case. You really do retain the beautiful lines of your iPhone with this case. Peel’s Super Thin iPhone Case is exactly what it says in the name. At just 0.35mm thick, it adds almost no bulk to your phone at all.”

They went on to talk about the sleek design:

“Every button, switch, port, and speaker hole has its own precise cut-out. Nothing is obstructed in any way. The camera’s cutout is just as precise, though there is a raised lip around it so when you set your phone down, the camera is not touching the surface.”

By getting into all of the Peel Phone Case reviews, we’ve managed to foster an opinion about what we think, and what they offer. It seems their low-profile and high-quality designs have managed to please the masses, as does their approachable cost. With lots of great ratings and top notch word of mouth, this case company is doing everything right.

The brand has made their goods widely available, and their selection thorough and unique—and we can all guess how hard that would be, what with all the phone types out there and how quickly new ones arrive on the market. But they don’t seem to have any issue of making sure their merchandise keeps up with the times!

Is Peel Worth It?

Peel Phone Case Review

The phone case market is swamped with possibilities—you can snag a cheap $5 case at a corner store, or invest $150 in what you believe to be top notch protection for your phone. But most of us are looking for something in-between: an easy cover that looks good, is effective in protecting your device, and doesn’t break the bank.

That’s where Peel phone cases come in. Their value and their quality make them a heavy hitter in the phone case arena. They ensure their designs and promises stand up to consumer expectations, and for that reason alone, they’re worth it.

Is Peel Legit?

Peel Phone Case Review

Peel launched in 2012 against a massive market of similar products. The phone case consumer niche is vast, since most everyone owns a phone that’s in need of a cover. But, their unique designs helped them rise in popularity and become a trusted retailer of high-quality phone cases, while gathering a loyal following of consumers.

With plenty of Peel phone case reviews and a ton of positive feedback in the press, this phone case company has created a name for itself that is trustworthy, respectable, and most certainly legitimate.

Even with all the positive feedback we uncovered during our research, we didn’t find any red flags that came up regarding shipping or their customer service team. 

Peel Promotions & Discounts 

Peel Phone Case Review

Currently, there aren’t any promotions going on with the company, nor any major sale opportunities. However, they offer customers a chance to submit their email and sign up for their newsletter so they can stay updated with company news and future promotions.

Where to Buy Peel

Peel Phone Case Review

With so much selection on their website, it’s by far the best place to locate a cover for your phone. They’ve created a case for pretty much every relevant model on the market, and in multiple colors and styles.

With Peel, there’s simply not that many third-party platforms that carry their goods, which is both good and bad. If you want to get their covers elsewhere, you can check out Poshmark or Amazon for a limited selection of their products.


Peel Phone Case Review

Who owns Peel?

Marshall Haas and John Wheatly are the co-founders and owners of Peel, which was launched in 2012. 

Does Peel ship internationally?

Peel does ship internationally! There are a select few countries that they do not ship to, but overall, their list of countries within their shipping abilities is wide.

Depending on your location, you will be expected to pay any additional taxes or duties that apply to your country.

For the full list of countries the company ships to, check out their website. 

What is Peel’s Shipping Policy?

Peel will ship your items within 1-2 days of your purchase. Within the US, they use USPS to ship domestically, with a standard shipping option. For any international orders, it usually takes about 7-18 business days

In the US, they also offer the following shipping options for quicker speed and higher cost, which is calculated at checkout:

  1. First Class shipping: 3-8 business days
  2. Priority Expedited shipping: 2-5 business days
  3. Two Day shipping: 2 business days
  4. Overnight: 1 business day

What is Peel’s Return Policy?

Peel gives you 30 days from your order date to start a return or exchange. If you’re not happy with your product, you can use their returns portal to initiate either a return or exchange. Note, shipping fees will not be reimbursed. 

How to Contact Peel

Peel Phone Case Review

Peel phone case has made it super easy to get in touch with them. Regardless of your questions, all you have to do is fill out the contact form on their website, and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can!

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