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About A Good Company

A Good Company Review

Are you passionate about keeping the environment clean and free of plastic waste? Do you want a brand that provides quality essentials without wasting, and even recycling, materials? 

If you’re looking to add a little more eco-friendliness into your lifestyle – and especially if you’re looking for a good phone case – then this A Good Company review might be of interest to you.

A Good Company is a Swedish eco-friendly lifestyle brand selling basic personal and household essentials, like phone cases and cutlery, made from recycled materials.

This impact company wants to help people make more conscious decisions about what they buy while showing that sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing quality.

Though they may be a younger brand, A Good Company has already garnered a lot of attention. On social media, they’ve accumulated over 18k Facebook followers and over 101k Instagram followers.

They’ve also been featured in a variety of news outlets, including The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Vice, and National Geographic.

Curious about making more environmentally friendly purchases with this upcoming brand? This A Good Company review will look at the company’s story, philosophy, policies, products, and customer feedback, to help you decide if this lifestyle basics brand is right for you. 

Overview of A Good Company

A Good Company Review

When Anders Ankarlid first started living with his wife on her family’s farm in Sweden, he didn’t pay much mind to environmental concerns even though the family farm had been keeping a very sustainable lifestyle for over a century. That all changed when he and his wife had their three kids.

Ankarlid began thinking about his children’s future and what sort of world they would be inheriting. That sparked his awareness of climate change and how people’s actions were affecting the planet – especially when it comes to wasted plastic. 

Like many parents, Ankarlid wants his kids to grow up in a world with clean air, clear water, and a healthy environment. He saw individual overconsumption as a major contributor to the global environmental crisis and felt that leaders of the world weren’t doing enough about it. 

So, in late 2018, he took it upon himself to help make a difference by founding A Good Company to turn “mindless consumption to conscious decisions.” He initially focused on phone cases, to make a point that our regularly purchased plastics can be made far more responsibly. 

From A Good Company’s headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Ankarlid expanded his sustainable e-commerce company to include more ethically produced basics, including personal care, cleaning, and stationery products.

Ankarlid personally keeps an eye on every part of production and distribution of A Good Company’s simple yet elegantly designed Swiss-made products and packaging, ensuring quality remains high and environmental impact remains low.

Whether it’s the acquiring of sturdy recycled materials, the ethical production of products, maintaining climate-equalized shipping, or ensuring that even the ink printed on packaging is sustainable, every part of the A Good Company process is scrutinized to reduce environmental impact to the fullest.

The brand even partners with WeForest to plant new trees in Zambia, Africa, and help local farmers broaden their income sources while protecting local forests

The company also founded A Good Foundation to reach out to communities worldwide and educate them on sustainability while also supporting other sustainability efforts by reinvesting 4% of their sales

If you want the highlights of this A Good Company review, check out the list below:


A Good Company Review
  • High-end lifestyle essentials made from 100% recycled materials
  • Production and distribution processes monitored to optimize sustainability
  • Delivered in Cradle to Cradle certified packaging
  • Free shipping on orders over $6
  • 30-day first-purchase satisfaction guarantee

At A Good Company, you can find eco-friendly water bottles, cutlery, personal care items, and much more. But for this A Good Company review, I’ll be focusing on their best-selling flagship products – their phone cases.

A Good Company Review

What’s better than a phone case that does its job well? One that’s made from biodegradable materials, wrapped in an eye-popping designer print!

In this A Good Company review, I’ll be looking at the iPhone 12 A Good Mobile Case Batabasta Banana Thiefs, iPhone 12 Pro A Good Mobile Case Batabasta Cactus, and iPhone 13 A Good Mobile Case Emma Lindstrom Naquaah V.

A Good Company iPhone 12 Case A Good Mobile Case Batabasta Banana Thiefs Review

Are the monochrome color palettes and seen-it-before prints of most phone cases just not doing it for you? Looking for something a little quirkier? 

Then you’ll enjoy the comical print of three monkeys stealing a giant banana on the iPhone 12 A Good Mobile Case Batabasta Banana Thiefs.

What may be equally as attention-grabbing as the bold red and yellow print is that this case, like all A Good Company phone cases, is entirely made from linseed. 

Here’s how A Good Company does it:

  1. Local farmers give their surplus of organically grown linseed to a local factory
  2. That local factory turns the linseed into pellets, before sending them to another local factory to be molded into the phone cases
  3. The newly made cases are then sent to a local paint shop and printed with the print – this one made by print designers Batabasta – using organic paint

While their phone cases are built to last, A Good Company knows our phones don’t quite have the same longevity. 

That’s why they have the A Good Loop program, where you can return your case after its life cycle ends for it to be made into a new unit. Production is 100% cyclical and A Good Company will even trade your old case for a new one.

The Batabasta Banana Thiefs case is a 1.2 mm-thick hard case with a raised screen-protecting edge. This version is made for an iPhone 12, but A Good Company makes their cases to suit a number of phone models – you can check the drop-down menu on the product page to see if it’ll fit your phone.

If you’re bananas for the iPhone 12 A Good Mobile Case Batabasta Banana Thiefs, you can pick one up for $45.

A Good Company iPhone 12 Pro Max A Good Mobile Case Batabasta Cactus Review

Do you want to give your phone a Wild West theme? Get close to a cactus without risking a painful poke? Or, perhaps you just want to bring a succulent home without worrying about whether or not you watered it recently? 

With the iPhone 12 Pro A Good Mobile Case Batabasta Cactus, you can bring a bit of the desert with you wherever you go. 

This 1.2 mm-thick hard case features a print of green cactuses on a dusty pink background, with the surprise detail of a pair of legs in a pin-up pose poking out from behind one of the branches.  

This design is all the more fitting when you consider that not only are these cases biodegradable and made of Vegan Society-certified, 100% plant material, but they have a textured surface – a bit of cactus-inspired grip that helps you hang onto your phone. 

You can (carefully!) pick up the iPhone 12 Pro A Good Mobile Case Batabasta Cactus for $45.

A Good Company iPhone 13 A Good Mobile Case Emma Lindström Naquaah V Review 

Want a phone case that feels a bit more out of this world? Whether you want every day to feel like an intergalactic adventure, or you just love getting lost in the look of a beautiful nebula, check out the iPhone 13 A Good Mobile Case Emma Lindstrom Naquaah V.

This case has a swirling, marbled green and white print designed by Swedish artist Emma Lindstrom. A Good Company likens the interstellar aesthetic of this case to a satellite photo of the Earth or another mysterious celestial object. 

This hard, 1.2 mm-thick case keeps your phone slim and easy to store. It’s also compatible with wireless charging, certainly making it feel like you’re going through life with a sci-fi communicator in your pocket.

Take your phone to the stars with the iPhone 13 A Good Mobile Case Emma Lindstrom Naquaah V for $45.

Who Is A Good Company For? 

A Good Company Review

A Good Company makes products for people who want to make environmentally conscious purchases. Whether you’re already buying eco-friendly, or if you’re curious about how eco options stack up, this brand provides competitively priced, high-quality products that make sustainable shopping easier.

Their line of lifestyle goods, consisting of everything from phone cases to paper towels, makes it simple to find ethical options for the things we rely on most.

The brand makes genuinely waste-free products, entirely recycled and recyclable or reusable – meaning things we normally dispose of, like toothbrush heads or pens, aren’t ending up in landfills.

A Good Company also puts some of what you pay back into green initiatives and is transparent about their production process. It’s ideal for shoppers who want to know where their purchases are coming from and what kind of an impact they make. 

A Good Company is also for shoppers who are fans of elegantly designed products. Those who love a clean, contemporary Swedish look will find many of these products fitting very nicely among their home decor. 

Those in the prepper community might also appreciate the biodegradable aspect of the phone cases. When they’re no longer useful, these cases won’t contribute to waste and can easily be composted.

A Good Company Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

A Good Company Review

This brand shares reviews from customers on their official site. This A Good Company review checked them out, and found that most shoppers have good things to say about the brand and their products

The best-selling phone cases in our A Good Company review have certainly received a lot of praise, with the company’s message of sustainability proving a big pull for a lot of people. 

One A Good Company review of the phone cases on the brand’s site says: “As a very strong advocate for clean products and plastic free everything. This case is great!” 

I also checked out the star ratings for the cases in our A Good Company review. Here’s what I found:

  • iPhone 12 A Good Mobile Case Batabasta Banana Thiefs – 5 out of 5 stars based on 2,376 reviews
  • iPhone 12 Pro A Good Mobile Case Batabasta Cactus- 5 out of 5 stars based on 2,376 reviews
  • iPhone 13 A Good Mobile Case Emma Lindstrom Naquaah V – 5 out of 5 stars based on 2,376 reviews

A Good Company’s phone cases have also been reviewed by the bloggers at, an organization helping inform the business world about environmental issues. 

They were impressed by the brand’s transparency and the extent of their sustainability efforts. They also like that the slim design can still hold up to everyday bumps and falls

In their A Good Company review, they write: “The Good Company case has [undoubtedly been] everything that we’ve need thus far. There’s been no damage to the case itself… no damages to the screen… Like any human, [my device is] certainly subject to the ills of phones being thrown across the room on accident [and] falling off your lap.

Buyers are also really liking the overall design of the brand’s products. One of the 183 reviewers on Facebook who gave a collective 4.3 out of 5 stars says, “I really like their minimalistic and modern design, the possibility to personalize the products, the big variety of colors. Also I think it’s [a] perfect idea for a gift.”

Is A Good Company Worth It?

A Good Company Review

This brand does an amazing job of creating well-designed and stylish products using only recycled or biodegradable materials

The phone cases, in particular, have a wide variety of print designs, hold up to everyday wear and tear, and have a clear and sustainable production and end-of-life process. Not to mention that the brand’s packaging and shipping processes are also made to be sustainable.

If you’re looking for a good eco-friendly brand, my A Good Company definitely recommends trying out their thoughtful, waste-free products. 

A Good Company Promotions & Discounts 

A Good Company Review

To help get more people involved in their sustainability mission, A Good Company will plant a tree on your behalf if you sign up for their e-newsletter.

You can also get involved by becoming an ambassador for the brand on social media. Not only will you feel good about helping the cause, but you can also get cash, vouchers to use when you shop at the online store, and access to the latest products.

Where to Buy A Good Company

A Good Company Review

You can get A Good Company’s products from their official website. You can also find a selection of products on their Facebook Store and on Amazon.


A Good Company Review

Who owns A Good Company?

Founder Anders Ankarlid owns and runs the brand himself from their HQ in Sweden – he has made a point not to take A Good Company corporate to ensure the brand doesn’t take any shortcuts in their mission.

Does A Good Company ship internationally?

This A Good Company review found that the brand does ship internationally.  It’s available to those in:

  • North America
  • Most of Europe (incl. Scandinavia, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Greece)
  • Parts of Asia (incl. Hong Kong, Japan, and India)
  • Australia and New Zealand

What is A Good Company’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping is free on US orders over $6. Otherwise, you will pay a fee of $4.51 for express or $5.63 for standard delivery. A Good Company will cover customs costs on orders under $800.

Standard delivery takes up to 4-9 days, while express takes only 1-3. Note that if you added a custom monogram or logo to your product, there would be an additional delay of 2-3 days. You can log into your A Good Company account if you wish for tracking information.

All shipments are climate neutral, and products are shipped in Cradle to Cradle-certified Stone Paper boxes.

What is A Good Company’s Return Policy?

Except for customized and personal care items, each first-time purchase of an item in a product category has a 30-day refund policy. Simply contact the customer service team to begin the process.

If you have bought multiple of the same item, this policy only applies to one of them, and the rest may be viable for a return. Returns will be climate neutral; thus the customer must pay a fee of around $2.

How to Contact A Good Company

A Good Company Review

If you have any further questions after reading this A Good Company review, you can get in touch with the customer service team. They’re available through the live chat on the brand’s site or through one of several emails:

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