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Mustela Review

Our babies deserve the best, which is why no sacrifices get made surrounding hygiene, skin, and health. Mustela understands the dedication we feel towards our families and in turn has based their whole business around creating natural solutions to common problems that plague parents and kids. From skin care to hair care, this brand has got things covered.

Having been in the business for some time, they’ve been covered by the likes of Forbes, The New York Times, and Vox, and has even amassed over 113k followers on their US Instagram page. That’s not even including their other social media pages.

More than their history, this Mustela review aims to check out products, prices, and customer ratings to determine whether this brand is still worth buying years after their launch.

Overview of Mustela

Mustela Review

The best part of this brand by far comes from their story. First launched in France in 1950, this business is on a mission to make the lives of parents easier through natural methods and products. Common skin issues are prevalent in the newborn world, so why panic when Mustela has natural items to counter each dilemma that appears?

Clean and natural are the two key elements of this family-run business. Since their founding over 70 years ago, the company can be summed up by its first product on market: cleansing milk. 

Founder Paul Berthomé partnered with chemist Claude Guillon to create a natural and simple solution that would aid parents in time management while keeping babies’ skin as soft as could be.

Despite the exponential growth since their founding, Mustela has managed to continue making up to 95% of their products in Epernon, in Eur-et-Loire, France. This has allowed a close check on quality control, research, distribution, and more. The brand still runs independently through the original family, meaning reputation quality and reputation are everything.

Through their independent ownership, Mustela has been able to remain on top of quality, safety, and green initiatives. Their motto “try to do better each day” speaks to all aspects of the job and keeps things running smoothly and safely. 

This message really comes through in their work with the Mustela Foundation that aims to improve life quality for children and parents everywhere.

Our Mustela review team adores the responsibility that the company takes for their own actions, putting family and independent values before any economic concerns. And that’s only one highlight of the brand. Here are a few other great points to keep in mind surrounding Mustela:


  • Offers a wide range of natural baby and maternity products
  • Family-owned company
  • Natural products
  • Champions green initiatives to reduce plastic and waste
  • Creation and support of the Mustela Foundation for children and parents
  • Constant quality checks
Mustela Review

We love what this brand brings to the table, but considering more than values, this Mustela review needs to take a look at products. This business centers itself around infants and maternity care, but we will say (and highlight again with the customer reviews) that many of these products double up as natural skincare that can work for any age.

We’re only choosing best-sellers to show off in this article – there are too many products to just start listing away. We will say that these showcased items tend to be the most popular in the pack, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look around at the rest of their range to discover items that fit every parent’s needs.

Mustela Cradle Cap Cream Review

We hate to be the ones to say it, but babies’ skin can be just as difficult to manage as our own. From head to toes, dry skin hits every age with a vengeance, so it shouldn’t be any surprise to hear that rough cradle cap pops up often on newborns. Instead of freaking out about it, take a breath and face the problem head-on with Mustela Cradle Cap Cream.

Dry skin’s worst nightmare is moisturizer, so his hydrating and nourishing solution is the perfect foe for any tough and scaly skin. Putting an end to flakes and scales, this cream gently counters the dryness with avocado and sunflower oil to soften and soothe the skin from any irritation.

Fragrance-free, this lotion works through an easy nozzle to offer up that perfect amount. Light on the skin, non-greasy to the touch, this lotion is all about dealing with the problem and working to lessen the chance of it happening again.

Get your baby’s skin back to silky smooth for $15.

Mustela Cleansing Water Review

Kids get dirty. It’s a simple fact. Why struggle to find a space or source to clean them when one can simply pull out Mustela Cleansing Water?

This natural formula boasts 98% natural ingredients, leaving things soothing on the skin. No one wants harsh chemicals on their own body let alone their child’s, right? So why not use a formula dedicated to natural ingredients dedicated to softening and soothing the skin?

Washing away dirt and toxins from the skin, this product boosts hydration. The added element of aloe vera steps in with extra nutrients for the body to drink in with a minimized risk of allergens and reactions. Cleansing and hydrating, there’s not much more we can ask for when cleaning up our kids.

Each bottle goes for $16.

Mustela Stelatopia Review

This one isn’t just for the tiny humans. The Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Cream is all about hydration wherever it’s needed.

Offering a light application with minimal grease, this solution soothes dry and itchy skin in an instant. Packing in moisture with every drop, this cream glides along the body with ease to work away at extremely dry skin.

Great for eczema, this product works through natural nutrients, using ingredients to not only soothe aches and itches but also reinforce the barriers of the skin for stronger future protection. Perfect for babies, toddlers, children, or adults, this solution will work wonders on the deadliest of dry skin.

Grab a bottle on the go for $27.

Mustela Lotion Review

Rashes, eczema, and dry skin might just have met their match when it comes to the Mustela Bebe Body Lotion.

This Mustela lotion steps up the game by introducing a world of natural ingredients for a soothing and fragrance-free formula. 

Light and airy, this product proudly lists off their ingredients which include jojoba oil (great for hydration), as well as Vitamin E (perfect for removing dark spots from UV damage), and Vitamin F (take down that inflamed skin in an instant). 

We won’t pretend that those are the only ingredients included, but the endless listing provides pieces that not only soothe aching dryness, but combat sun damage, redness, swelling, and more.

Avoiding the typical greasy texture of many lotions, this product offers up only silky-smooth skin at every turn. Great to take for days out or just keep ready at home, no parent will mind rubbing that extra bit of lotion into their own skin after helping out the kids.

Start pumping out the lotion for $17.

Mustela Shampoo Review

One of the trickiest parts about washing hair is learning to work with natural oils rather than strip them completely. Mustela shampoo understands this balance and proves that knowledge through their Gentle Shampoo.

Using natural ingredients, not only does this product mask the hair in a nourishing and hydrating product, but it also softens the scalp and knots for an easier brushing time post-bath. No one likes to hear the sobs that always accompany the comb.

This tear-free formula keeps things hypoallergenic and light with each scrub. Kids won’t be crying over this one. The added bonus? Babies will come out smelling fresh and ready for the constant hugs and kisses that await them.

Take away the tears with this gentle solution for $12.

Mustela Stretch Mark Prevention Cream Review

Babies aren’t the only ones who need caring for. While it may be a superficial thing, the fact is that many people get a bit insecure surrounding the notion of stretch marks. 

Understand that birthing a human is a superpower and no insecurity should come from that, but those who don’t want that constant reminder of their body’s changes can definitely check out the Mustela Stretch Mark Prevention Cream I.

Stretch marks appear whenever the skin is suddenly stretched or shrunken, making them pretty common in life. Unfortunately, skin expansion goes hand in hand with pregnancy, so it’s important to get on top of treatment for those who want to reduce sightings. 

While there’s no instant cure, prevention creams and gels introduce hydration and nutrients to the skin to soften the blow of that quick change. While they may not help as much once the marks are well established, early treatment can make a big difference.

Mustela’s 96% natural solution removes stress from the situation, providing only the best in moisture, hydration, and nutrients to the skin. Add it to the daily routine to keep those marks light and invisible from public (or private) eyes.

Grab a tube of this cream for $22.

Who Is Mustela For? 

Mustela Review

Those products ranged quite a selection surrounding skin and hair care, but the central theme this Mustela review picked up was parenthood. Many of these products are focused on providing healthy solutions to parents of newborns, infants, and toddlers, as well as women in need of a maternity selection.

We will say that those with kids are the clear target demographic here, but their skin care products tend to work for the masses. Babies struggle with the same skin types as those in their older years, so formulas dedicated to eczema and other ailments will be equally soothed by these solutions.

Are Mustela Products All-Natural? 

Mustela Review

One of the first things this Mustela review learned about the brand was their dedication to natural ingredients. While products are not all-natural, this brand does offer percentages for each product list, typically working with 92% natural ingredients but extending all the way up to 99%.

So, why include those additional elements that don’t meet the natural brief? Sometimes these pieces are needed for the preservation of the product. 

Mustela doesn’t want to risk the validity or safety of products just for the title of all-natural, so they keep any synthetic ingredients as minimally incorporated as possible and make sure all items sold are medically tested and approved to be hypoallergenic.

Mustela Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mustela Review

We couldn’t complete our Mustela review without checking in with the customer base first. We’ll be honest, we struggled to find many company-wide reviews. Individual products show up in the thousands, but the business itself doesn’t get rated as a whole too often, but that’s a-ok.

Due to their lasting name in the baby business, this brand appears on a number of blogs for product ratings, all of which come out positive. 

Some customers argue that the price sits a little high for comfort, but as How to This and That states, “Mustela makes high-end skin care products that I would absolutely use on myself and am happy to use on my little one.” Who wouldn’t pay extra for a product that works wonders on all skin types?

The overarching theme of online reviews for this brand tends to come down to product quality. Customers adore the top-quality care that these solutions offer the plaguing problems of dry skin relief to a smooth and soft texture that leaves the skin feeling refreshed.

Today’s Parent not only reviewed the brand and their products but went so far as to employ testers for items covered to get first-hand experience. 

The site ultimately concluded that “Mustela Maternity Stretch Marks Cream was highly rated by our mom testers, receiving top marks for how easy it is to use, its non-greasy texture and its high quality.” Even tested in larger numbers, this brand stands up to the challenge and provides the highest level lotions.

We’ll admit, the words “non-greasy” pop up in a lot of online posts surrounding the brand. Why is that such a big deal? We’ve all struggled with lotions that leave the skin’s surface greased and slippery. 

No one wants to slip like an eel just for an attempt at soothed skin. We want locked-in hydration, nutrients, and a light, cooling sensation that heals the dry skin. So non-greasy really is key to these products and the loyalty they’ve built.

While the brand has been covered by Inflenster (4.6/5 stars based on over 1,000 ratings) and has popped up a fair bit on Reddit, the biggest population of customer ratings appears on Amazon.

Products listed on Amazon have garnered thousands of ratings per item. It’s clear that the platform is a go-to for parents to stock up on supplies. T

he Mustela Hydra Bebe Body Lotion alone has 4.8/5 stars based on over 5,370 ratings. And that’s not even the highest-rated of the brand’s products listed on the site.

Customers are in love with this lotion. We can’t state that clearly enough. In fact, there were so many postings dedicated to the lotion that this Mustela review couldn’t pick just one to show off. Here are just a few of the most recent ravings:

  • Favorite lotion ever! The smell is our comfort smell and we get compliments on it whenever anyone is holding my little ones. Worth every penny and love the fact you can get it in a big bottle, it’s the size of my arm!”
  • Love this moisturizer so much it leaves my skin feeling so soft after first use and it absorbs really well. The scent isn’t my favorite, but it’s effectiveness is worth it.”
  • The 60-year-old company ensures all of its products are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, dermatologically tested, and never contain parabens, phthalates, or phenoxyethanol. They are also fragrance free.”

Natural ingredients, fragrance-free, soft, and soothing, what more could be asked for from a lotion? Forget baby use – this lotion handles perfectly for everyone. And it’s not alone in its high rating. Check out these other Mustela products on Amazon:

  • Mustela Cradle Cap Foam Shampoo for Newborn: 4.7/5 stars based on over 8,000 ratings
  • Mustela Baby Soothing Cleansing Water: 4.6/5 stars based on over 3,200 ratings
  • Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Baby Face Cream: 4.5/5 stars based on over 1,700 ratings
  • Mustela Baby Soothing Moisturizing Cream: 4.5/5 stars based on over 1,900 ratings
  • Mustela Baby Oil: 4.7/5 stars based on over 2,000 ratings
  • Mustela Hydra Bebe Face Cream: 4.7/5 stars based on over 1,470 ratings
  • Mustela Stelatopia Cleansing Oil: 4.6/5 stars based on over 800 ratings

It’s easy to see that the brand has learned a lot from over 70 years in business. Sticking with the values regarding quality and ingredients, this company hasn’t sacrificed anything to keep their products flying off of the shelves. 

Smooth and light textures, fragrance-free, and hydrating enough to lock moisture into the problem areas, Mustela knows how to get the job done without causing any stress.

Is Mustela Worth It?

Mustela Review

This Mustela review is more than happy to recommend this one to the people. Whether new parents, old parents, grandparents, expecting parents, or just someone looking for hypoallergenic options for their own skin, this brand has options to spare.

Their family-run business hasn’t suffered poor quality after growth, leading us to believe even more firmly in their values and operations. The message of this brand is clear for every product and sale. Parents and children come first to Mustela – nothing will change that.

Mustela Promotions & Discounts 

Mustela Review

The best promotion that this Mustela review could find was their sign-up discount. Customers who register their emails receive 10% off the next purchase made. Other than that, no big deals were spotted.

Where to Buy Mustela

Mustela Review

This brand pops up everywhere. In fact, most of the reviews this Mustela review found were from third-party sites. Clearly, we believe that the brand site at offers the best range, but customers in need of another option have plenty.

We’re listing just a few of the top spots we’ve found while searching:

  • Buy Buy Baby
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Walmart
  • Rexall
  • Amazon


Mustela Review

Who owns Mustela?

Mustela is a family-owned business run by founder Paul Berthomé’s son Jean-Paul. The business has remained family-owned since first launching in 1950.

Where are Mustela products made?

This brand proudly produces 95% of their products in Epernon, in Eur-et-Loire, France. While the manufacturing location of the remaining 5% isn’t really known, it’s safe to say that the majority of the business comes from France.

Does Mustela ship internationally?

Currently, Mustela doesn’t offer international shipping. Their products are available in the US and Canada.

What is Mustela’s Shipping Policy?

We couldn’t finish off our Mustela review without taking in all that shipping info. Here’s a quick summary of all you’ll need to know:

  • FedEx Flat Rate shipping is available for $6
  • UPS services will be used for Hawaii and Alaska
  • Shipping takes 5 to 10 business days
  • Orders over $40 will be shipped for free

That’s all there really is to it. Items will ship within two days of the order being placed and tracking info is sent right after. Once that’s done, all that’s left to do is wait patiently.

What is Mustela’s Return Policy?

No one buys something with the intent to return, but we’re putting the info in anyway just in case it’s needed. Better to be prepared.

All customers have within 30 days of purchase to return an item bought from Mustela. The process is incredibly straightforward. All customers have to do is:

  1. Fill out the return form included in all packages delivered (i.e. don’t throw out papers once you’ve received the package)
  2. Put the form back in the box and repackage the item
  3. Ship the package to Mustela – Customer Service, 60 E. 56th St, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10022

Customers will get an email once the return has been accepted and processed. While you will have to pay the shipping fees, sometimes it’s worth it for that refund. 

For those with any issues of damage, defect, or concern with returns, send a quick email to customer service and they’ll get back with the answers needed to finish things off.

How to Contact Mustela

Whether plagued with questions of shipping and returns or something surrounding products themselves, customer service is here and happy to help. There are two easy ways to reach out to the brand, so this Mustela review has thrown them both in to help create that connection:

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