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About Emmiol

Emmiol Review

Want to try new styles? Save on clothing? Do you love puppies? (Admittedly, that last point doesn’t fit the others, but stay with us here!). 

Bringing new fashions to the market for affordable prices, Emmiol offers a variety of clothing for men and women while donating a portion of the proceeds to the Animal Protection Association (there’s the puppy link).

This growing business opened in 2019 and has flourished ever since. Sporting over 311k followers on Instagram and a further 104k followers on Facebook, this company’s loyal fans keep it sailing smooth.

Our Emmiol review will look into the history, concerns, benefits, products, customer testimonials, and more to identify whether this company is worth the buy.

Overview of Emmiol  

Emmiol Review

Promoting beauty and empowerment through individuality, this brand is all about delivering confidence to every customer. No matter the look, Emmiol wants to make their customer the star in their own life. Strut the streets feeling sexy and stylish in an outfit that defines you.

Emmiol clothes are derived from connections with their designers and buyers located internationally to bring the best fashions to the business. Feel great, look great. It’s as simple as that when it comes to this business.

We’ll admit, not a lot is known about company history or location, which isn’t always a pro. This brand has many other benefits to it to keep their customers coming back:


  • Extensive line of men and women’s clothing with affordable pricing
  • Quick shipping
  • Donates to the Animal Protection Association
  • Payment plans available
  • Point system to help customers save money
  • Multiple promotions annually
  • Affiliate program to help you make money
  • International shipping
  • No fur or leather products

Pros and cons in place, we’re getting this Emmiol review in gear and heading over to the products offered. We’re examining a variety of this brand’s most popular fashions to check out the diverse styles offered. 

Mix and match pieces (all available in small to large sizes) to create that perfect look – the one that shows off who you truly are.

Emmiol Women’s Clothing Review

We’re beginning with the fabulous women’s section. Start strong, right? These items are some of the featured best-sellers that customers can’t get enough of. Diverse style, fun pieces, and all for great costs.

Emmiol Women’s Patchwork Paisley Jeans Review

Patch a look together with the Emmiol Women’s Patchwork Paisley Jeans, showing off attitude without a care.

Striking in a washed black tone, these Emmiol patchwork jeans deliver sass and style. Set in a boyfriend cut, these baggy legs fit the focus to the waist rather than the leg. 

High-waisted in design to hug those hips just right, these jeans pair perfectly with any simple top or jacket for a fun skater style.

The Patchwork Paisley Jeans are currently on sale for $34 rather than their regular $42.

Emmiol Women’s High Waisted Solid Flare Jeans Review

Subtle, soothing, and perfect to pair with any colored top, the Women’s High Waisted Solid Flare Jeans are one to keep handy in the closet.

Crafted from cotton, these soft tan jeans lighten any appearance. A slight flare in the leg provides some shape (not to mention breathing room – we’re looking at you, skinny jeans) to the design that emphasizes the wearer’s own curvy figure

Hanging slightly longer at the foot, these jeans are sure to make a statement no matter where they’re worn.

Sporting near 130 Emmiol official reviews for this product alone, it’s safe to say these pants are a hit with their customers.

At the time of our review, these jeans are on sale for $30, regular price $41.

Emmiol Women’s Long Sleeve Rib Knit Top Review

Leaving behind Emmiol pants, we’re moving to the tops that perfectly pair to complete the look. And this popular shirt makes a statement – the Women’s Long Sleeve Rib Knit Top.

Crafted from a cotton/spandex blend, this form-fitting favorite comes in four different color options. Rock this top in white, khaki, orange, or black for a fun fall look. A snap-button fastening allows the customer to decide just how low they want that top to go.

Pair it with a tank top underneath for a stylish layered look or simply throw it on over a bikini to combat those cool summer nights. Anywhere it’s worn, it’ll look great.

This top is available for $16.

Emmiol Women’s Asymmetric Long Sleeve Knit Crop Top Review

Abandon thoughts of standard style and complete the perfect look with a new take on fashion. An unparalleled look if you will. The Women’s Asymmetrical Long Sleeve Knit Crop Top keeps fashion fresh with one easy addition to any wardrobe.

For those who like order, this piece is not for you. When the title says “asymmetrical,” that’s because they truly mean it. With a jagged cut on the neckline and bottom of this shirt, there’s no symmetry involved in crafting this look.

Delivering on attitude and a new sense of style, this piece shows off its irregular neckline as a statement defying standards everywhere. Light for summer and spring looks, this piece also works with a jacket overtop for any Fall photoshoot.

This piece is currently on sale for $13 (down from the regular $18).

 Emmiol Women’s Irregular Cutout Cami Party Dress Review

Thought the last item was cool? Well go big or go home because we’re moving from an asymmetrical top to the Women’s Irregular Cutout Cami Party Dress.

This polyester design keeps things classy through its stunning brown and apricot color choices. 

Cutting away at the waist alongside the irregular neckline and straps, this sexy maxi dress grabs attention for all who wear it. Form-fitting to hit every curve, this evening dress is perfect for the club, parties, or just a night out with the girls.

At the time of this Emmiol review, this piece is available for $25 rather than the regular $44 price.

Emmiol Men’s Clothing Review

Moving on to men’s fashion, we’ve got the pants and shirts that happily build any outfit. From skater boy to leading man, these popular Emmiol men’s looks are a sure step towards crafting that individual style.

Emmiol Men’s Demon Pattern Skate Jeans Review

Are subtle statements more your thing? Check out the Emmiol Men’s Demon Pattern Skate Jeans for a look no one is soon to forget.

From S to 2XL, these skate-fit jeans deliver just enough of a baggy appearance to complete the “devil-may-care” look without going completely overboard and losing all sight of a leg shape. 

Speaking of devil-may-care, these jeans offer a fun demon design (those two words don’t typically go together, but oh well) alongside the seam. A small silhouette demon runs down the pant leg to complete the style.

Down from their regular price of $48, these pants are currently available for $32.

Emmiol Men’s Star Patched Skater Jeans Review

Patchwork of the 60s and 70s really needed a comeback and Emmiol is here to deliver on that superb style. The Men’s Star Patched Skater Jeans provide a fun flare for any fashion.

The best part of these jeans by far is their comfortable skater fit. With an ombre appearance towards lighter shades along the bottom cuff, these jeans scream retro with every step. 

And the cherry on top? Patchwork stars randomly placed along the bottom third of the jeans to really grab attention.

Standard in color, but not in design, these jeans are a perfect pair for any top, jacket, sweater, or anything else you typically throw on. Just enough individuality to stand out without screaming to the world “look at me!”

These starry favorites are available for $44 (regular $65).

Emmiol Men’s Checkered Long Sleeve Button Shirt Review

Here’s the secret to men’s fashion – button-downs. Tuck them in for a formal design, leave them untucked and open for a casual Fall vibe, roll up the sleeves to really get comfortable, they can do it all. So, why not start the collection with the Men’s Checkered Long Sleeve Button Shirt?

This long sleeve, polyester design keeps business and casual in mind. What’s better than a dual-purpose shirt to save on closet space? Navy blue with light yellow lines, this shirt can easily be paired with layered t-shirt looks, tank tops, or a nice pair of khakis for date night.

At the time of our Emmiol review, this shirt is on sale for $32 rather than its regular $45.

Emmiol Men’s Vintage Cherub Graphic Tee Review

Doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone can use a good graphic tee in their wardrobe for their days off. The Emmiol Men’s Vintage Cherub Graphic Tee is a good place to start (if you haven’t already).

Available in brown or black, this tee is all about the spooky and unnerving vibes. Its horror-movie font above the mirrored classic cherubs just screams 80’s slasher flick.

The best part? There’s nothing graphic or obscene about it. Wear it anywhere and keep those spooky feels going strong.

This shirt is available for $18.

Emmiol Men’s Dabbing Skeleton Funny Sweatshirt Review

Ready for the final product in this Emmiol review? We’re moving to a slightly different style with the Men’s Dabbing Skeleton Funny Sweatshirt.

This skater sweater keeps things comical with its cartoon skeleton image across the brown cotton/polyester blend

Even the skeleton is skateboarding, so the message is pretty clear who this one is for. Keeping things cool and comfortable, this sweater is perfect to keep anyone warm while they skateboard during those cooler months.

This sweatshirt is currently on sale for $29 rather than its regular price of $43.

Who Is Emmiol For? 

Emmiol Review

Emmiol clothing is best suited towards teens and young adults. This casual wear gears towards younger fashions for men and women. 

The styles, combined with pricing and materials, make this company an easy and cost-effective way for teens and those in their 20’s to experiment with style and really define their own fashion.

Those who are older than the target market may find pieces they enjoy, and if that’s so then give it a shot for the cheap prices alone! That said, teens and students, this one is really meant for you.

Comparison: Emmiol vs. SHEIN

Emmiol Review

Budget clothing lines are everywhere and Emmiol is only the latest in a long line of these companies making money off of online shopping.

SHEIN is one of the most popular brands in this market, with many teens and students surfing their site for the best deals. The brand began in 2008, over 10 years prior to Emmiol, and has dominated the scene ever since.

So, what makes these brands stand out? There are a few differences between them.

  • Price – Emmiol offers some great low deals alongside their numerous promotions. That said, SHEIN cuts that cost in two by offering some of the lowest prices to date on clothing products.
  • Reviews – While we’ll go into Emmiol website reviews shortly, we can say that this brand isn’t as well-known to the market as its competitor. 

This means fewer reviews are coming in regarding purchases, but it also means there are fewer negative reviews towards the company. SHEIN is notorious for reviews claiming it to be a scam and not worth the money, so take that as you will.

  • Products – While Emmiol offers a diverse range of products for men and women, their inventory is nothing compared to the extensive line that is SHEIN. 

Due to their time in the industry, SHEIN has a range of products yet to be topped. That said, Emmiol’s own inventory isn’t too shabby, especially when it comes to their skater styles.

These brands both offer similar products, but SHEIN’s experience has put them above all competitors. When it comes to products and prices, that brand is hard to beat. 

Emmiol currently has fewer negative reviews and scam concerns online, which we believe is a pretty solid plus for them.  

Emmiol Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Emmiol Review

Right off the bat, we have to state that this brand isn’t known for having many reviews. No Better Business Bureau page, nothing on SiteJabber, no Amazon products, nada. The few external sites they have been reviewed have mixed reviews.

Let’s start off strong with individual product ratings from the brand’s site itself. Emmiol lists every item they have as 5/5 stars, a rating that might be true for certain items, but is not the case for quite a few.

The Patchwork Paisley Print Boyfriend Jeans are listed as 5/5 stars from 99 reviews. In reality, that’s probably closer to 4.5/5 stars with the numerous 3 and 4-star reviews. 

What we can say for certain is that there are many comments that sound a bit like this: “First pair of cute mom jeans that worked for me. I kept trying this out trend and couldn’t find the right pair. These are cute and comfortable, I gotten many compliments.”

One 5-star Emmiol review stated that this brand has, “Good quality products and fast shipping and delivery. I will definitely buy from here again.

The appearance of the pieces available seems to be the selling point of this brand. Items are cute and, while colors don’t always match up as seen online, the items still fit the description and provide fun additions to the closet without breaking the bank.

One 4-star review from TrustPilot commented, “I received everything and even though the bikinis I ordered were not exactly like the pictures (especially the colors were brighter), I was still satisfied. Quality is okay for the price.

While there’s some skepticism from many customers due to competing companies on the market and an overwhelming number of scams in existence, this brand does come across as a legitimate operation.

Emmiol Review

The question was posed on Quora regarding whether or not this business was trustworthy. One user offered a fair answer: 

I love everything I have received from them. Knowing it comes from Asia, I was prepared to wait for at least 2 months, especially during covid times. I got everything I ordered in less than a month and they contacted me every step of the way!

The review goes on to state “The quality is better than I expected for a company based in Asia (think SHEIN, Romwe but in my opinion better/thicker quality and material) everything fits perfectly, and they have a return policy in case it doesn’t. Everything was exactly as pictured.

While there are negative comments regarding a few business aspects such as customer service and shipping, many customers are satisfied with their purchases. Even customer service complaints have been refuted in some posts left behind by verified customers.

One Emmiol review stated, “I’ve personally bought from Emmiol and received my package every time. They also have amazing customer service which helped me change my order as well since I wanted to change a top. They were understanding, and fixed my order.

Due to the lower number of reviews than other companies in this market, it’s hard to know who to trust. We acknowledge that there are some customer complaints, but there are also many reviews that praise the brand for all they offer.

Is Emmiol Worth It?

Emmiol Review

This is it – the final moment. When it comes to our recommendation, we’re saying proceed with caution.

Perfect for teenagers and young adults searching for their style, this company offers a way to try on new fashions for a more affordable price. 

Pieces are made more durable than other budget brands, but they’re not made to last decades. Give it a shot with a few pieces to test out new designs, but don’t make this brand the one to turn to for good-quality apparel.

This brand is made for fun and fashion, not for long-lasting pieces. Honestly, with the way teenagers grow like weeds, this may be the best solution to play into their style without breaking the bank every time they grow.

Emmiol Promotions & Discounts 

Emmiol Review

On top of already low prices, this brand continually offers promotions and discounts to cut costs for customers. Here are some of their top deals offered annually

  • Up to 50% off Spin to Win
  • $5 to anyone who signs up for the newsletter
  • Seasonal sales 20% off and up
  • 30% off Student Discount

Where to Buy Emmiol  

Emmiol Review

Emmiol is its own brand and doesn’t partner with retailers or Amazon. All Emmiol products can be found at


Emmiol Review

What does “Emmiol” mean?  

This Emmiol review found that the word “Emmiol” has Spanish origins. Its meaning translates to “beauty,” emphasizing this brand’s goal of beauty and confidence being key to all styles.

Are Emmiol products vegan?  

Emmiol supports Animal Protection through its donations and the brand itself doesn’t produce any products with leather or fur

With that being said, their manufacturing practices aren’t detailed anywhere online so aside from their avoidance of leather and fur products, so it’s unknown if their actual practices are vegan-friendly.

How do I use my points on Emmiol?  

Ready to save some money? Check out the Emmiol Points option. Every purchase and action with the site will add points to your collection, meaning more dollars saved.

To spend points, the customer must have at least 50 points in their account. The simple equation is that 50 points equal $1, so start spending in order to save. Point use can’t exceed 20% of the product price, so double up with other discounts to really save on those shipments.

Can I make money with Emmiol? 

Want some extra cash? Emmiol has an Affiliate program that works with you to promote the business. Posting to blogs, social media, websites, and gaining customer clicks all lead to money in your pocket.

Each order made using an affiliate link leads to real-time commissions. That means 10%-15% of the money goes straight to the affiliate. There are more bonuses and details involved, so go check out all of the info online to start making bigger bucks.

Do I have to pay tax on my order? 

A great question to ask. The answer? Maybe.

Tax and duties are dependent on the country being shipped to. It’s good to know the import taxes and fees related to your country before shipping internationally. Costs will be calculated at checkout, so keep an eye on the taxes section to note just how much your country is requiring.

What is Emmiol’s Shipping Policy?

Ready to ship out an order? We’ve got all the info needed before submitting that final order. In terms of shipping, Emmiol offers two methods:

  1. Expedited Shipping
  • Typically, 5 to 8 business days
  • Shipping prices are dependent on order costs but tend to span $5 to $25 with higher orders costing less in terms of shipping
  1. Standard Shipping
  •  Roughly 6 to 22 business days
  • Shipping prices again are dependent on order cost, but they tent to range between $5 to $9 for Standard shipping
  • Orders costing $69 and more are provided free shipping

When it comes to international shipping, only standard is offered as an option. Emmiol also notes that due to Covid-19, shipping times can be delayed 3 to 10 business days. Be patient and your time (and shipment) will come.

What is Emmiol’s Return Policy?

Order the wrong size? Have a change of heart? Within 30 days of delivery, most purchases are available for return to receive a full refund.

Unfortunately, some products aren’t accepted for return for hygienic reasons. Those items are:

  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie
  • Earrings
  • Clearance and discounted items

To start a return, all that’s needed is a quick email to customer service at [email protected]. Representatives will get back with a return address and any additional steps required in the process.

If the return is due to a defect or damage, email customer service the name, order number, SKU product number, info regarding the issue, and attach a picture so customer service can note the concern. 

Emmiol will return with an offer of exchange or refund to leave customers satisfied with the overall process.

How to Contact Emmiol

Emmiol Review

If you have any questions after reading our Emmiol review, the company is ready to hear from customers through two methods of contact:

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