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Brahmin Review

We all know that a bag is much more than just a bag, especially when Brahmin is the name being toted around. More than just female-forward, this luxury leather handbag brand promises quality in all styles for all individuals.

Decades behind the name prove that their loyal 79.4k followers know exactly what they’re getting with each purchase.

Quality, style, and price are just a few aspects highlighted in the feature articles written by The Daily Mail, USA Today, Marie Claire, Pop Sugar, and more. There’s no debating that this brand is well-known to the people.

Taking their history into account, in this Brahmin review, I’ll get back to basics and take a look at products, pricing, legitimacy, and more to determine whether this brand is worth investing in.

Overview of Brahmin

Brahmin Review

Brahmin has been making strides in the style industry since the 1980s. Founded by Bill and Joan Martin, this brand’s quality has brought them to the top after only a few decades on the market.

While they may not have the legacy behind them that other luxury names do, they’ve still managed to impress in every way that matters with their premium leather pieces.

Staying true to their roots, this Boston-based business keeps their Massachusetts manufacturing in mind at all times. 

Using the best quality leathers directly from Italy, these hand-crafted pieces are all designed state-side before taking to a global stage for the creation itself, piecing together products that require over 100 steps each. 

After careful creation, each product gets sent on its way to the high-quality boutiques Brahmin partners with to bring the customers that beauty in person.

Not getting lost in the status of their name, Brahmin keeps their customers in mind at all times. This means providing the best through their materials, designs, repairs, and their annual donations to organizations based on fighting heart disease and strokes. 

They always keep the people in mind, and I have to appreciate a company that puts the satisfaction of others first.

I have to say, customer support isn’t the only ideal quality of this company. I dug up quite a few highlights for this brand in my Brahmin review.


  • Offers a wide range of luxury leather handbags
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • Complimentary repairs on registered bags
  • Registration card for each item
Brahmin Review

While we all know that this brand is all about their luxury bags, I had to go in-depth for this Brahmin review. Just because this business is all about the bag doesn’t mean there aren’t more categories at play. 

I’m breaking it down into a few selections of my top styles, but there are endless choices to wander through on a shopping day.

Don’t let my favorites hold you back from finding a new personal statement piece.

Brahmin Handbags Review

Get ready to live on the go with one of the exclusive Brahmin handbags on the market.

Perfect for tossing in a bit of whatever for the worst-case scenario, these roomy best-selling bags are all about style, grace, and above all else, function.

Brahmin Medium Asher Review

Fans of flash will fall in love with the Brahmin Medium Asher.

This blingy bag is all about stealing the show (and the light) of every room. Available in 12 colors and patterns, the real wow factor for this one comes from its texture.

The crocodile pattern embossed into the genuine leather adds a cool touch and look to this piece, making it an easy favorite in the market.

More than just form, I need to note the endless functions of this bag. Not only are there a number of zipper and organizer pockets, but its adjustable handles also ease the discomfort of any height differences. 

Throw in everything that could be needed and secure it all with a simple yet fashionable zip top. This bag is all about delivering on looks and use, standing tall on its footed bottom to protect that quality leather from any damp spots.

This popular piece goes for $285.

Brahmin Business Tote Review

Take life a little more seriously with the Brahmin Business Tote.

While business is literally in the name, I’m going to say right out of the gate that it’s not limited to that sole use. Whether for school, work, or just a trip to visit a friend, this bag does its best to be the best. 

From its soothing pecan color (or black for those who want a different neutral tone) to the embossed, shining leather and hardware, this bag was made to impress everyone around it.

Not only does this product keep everything contained via the zip-top, but it’s dedicated to keeping life organized for the user as well. 

Featuring a laptop pocket, organizer pockets, key clips, and more, this one is all about prepping the customer for any aspect of work, any time of day.

Those tired of carrying it around by the handles will be pleased to try out the removable shoulder strap, giving the arms a bit of a break from their carrying duty.

Get busy with this business tote for $395.

Brahmin Crossbody Bag Review

We all need that simple yet stunning bag to toss over the shoulder on a day out. Why not make it a Brahmin crossbody bag? These favored pieces are all about style and security in a sleek package.

Brahmin Katie Wonderland Melbourne Review

Another one for fans of the bright, bold, and beautiful, the Brahmin Katie Wonderland Melbourne brings the ocean to any location via a helpful and comfortable piece.

We all love the ease of a crossbody bag. Designed to be smaller and used on the move throughout the day, I love relying on one of these bags for shopping trips, day trips, and even vacation bags. 

Between the back slide pocket and the interior organizers, no user will struggle to fit those essentials in before leaving the house. It even has a key clip. What else could ever be needed?

Despite a similar interior across the board, the color for this product doesn’t quite come in one style only. The Wonderland Melbourne style likely isn’t for everyone. This shimmering aquamarine crossbody bag beckons out to return to the ocean. 

Glowing in the light, the endless colors supplied by one bag will definitely catch the attention of all eyes around. Those who don’t quite want that level of attention can choose from one of the 20 other colors for something that better suits their style.

Either way, this $195 bag keeps things colorful and contained.

Brahmin Shayna Radiance Ombre Melbourne Review

Another one playing with the color spectrum, the Brahmin Shayna Radiance Ombre Melbourne plays with a whole new appearance.

Forget the standard rectangular style of the crossbody bag – instead give the sleek, peaked look of the Shayna a try. This more organically shaped bag is all about the beauty in life, both in its structure and colors. 

Not only does its more slouched appearance translate to a relaxed vibe, but the ombre of blues, greens, and pinks draws everyone in with an almost hypnotizing glow.

I have to admit, there’s more to this one than its looks. In fact, with the adjustable strap and variety of pockets, this crossbody bag is sure to keep all the important pieces contained. Plus a few extras.

All in all, I have to say that this one really does deliver on quality form and function.

Show off the Shayna in any one of its eight colors for $225.

Brahmin Shoulder Bag Review

Sometimes the best way to relax is by strutting the street with a Brahmin Shoulder Bag hanging by your side. Or is that just me?

These popular pieces don’t necessarily define the strut, but they definitely don’t hurt.

Brahmin Bekka Hibiscus Ombre Melbourne Review

Treat the people to a pink dream in the Brahmin Bekka Hibiscus Ombre Melbourne.

I would do a disservice to the product if I didn’t discuss the color first. This curvy and colorful piece is all about the pinks.

Not just sticking to one shade, its ombre appearance moves across magenta to paler hues that really just make the whole thing look larger than life. 

Any fan of this color will be living in a dream with a statement piece always ready to go.

As for the bag itself (these things are more than just a color after all), the interior keeps all necessities lined, organized, and accessible. Comfortable to wear, this hands-free bag is all about pockets. 

From organizers to zip to pen pockets to clips, there’s room for anything and everything to make the move wherever you go. Even better – matching Envelope Cases and Cories can be added for an additional price.

The bag alone goes for $295, but there’s always more to add for those looking to feel the power of the pink.

Brahmin Lorelei Woodland Melbourne Review

We’re going from bold and bright to the cooler night tones of the Brahmin Lorelei Woodland Melbourne.

Following the same embossed texture as other bags, the real focus of this one comes down to color. Working with an abstract expressionism style, the splatter-work of cool tones on this bag really makes it a wonder. 

Crying out for the nights of autumn and winter, this bag’s blues, blacks, and browns provide an element of magic to the air, perfectly pairing with the shining gold of the hardware.

In addition to its stunning appearance, this bag is all about beauty inside and out. I’m talking about a secure zip closure, removable shoulder strap, and inner zip pockets to keep life organized.

Carry it as a clutch or throw it over the shoulder, no matter how it’s used, this bag will keep all essentials in their place.

Carry the magic of the night for $145.

Who Is Brahmin For? 

Brahmin Review

We all need something to keep the essentials in check. In this Brahmin review, I really want to hit home the notion that bags aren’t just for women.

This brand offers up more masculine styles in addition to their more classically feminine designs.

Bottom line – this luxury brand really exists for anyone in need of a bag by their side. Prices do sit a bit higher, so this company may not be one for those on a budget, but those who can afford it with ease shouldn’t let gender hold them back.

Brahmin Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Brahmin Review

I wanted to take a step forward with this Brahmin review, so I needed to consider the past.

That means looking into the ratings left behind by verified buyers to check into how this brand has served others in the past. Right away, I found some great comments, so it’s looking good.

Influenster may not have the biggest numbers customer-wise, but their standing of 4.6/5 stars based on over 200 ratings sits well with me. Customer reviews left on this site seem to be in love with the brand and their products. 

Great quality comes up in almost every review, so customers clearly have a favorite aspect of this business.

“I LOVE my Brahmin bags. They are my most used purses by far because they are so durable and go with just about anything. I will be a lifelong customer because the quality can’t be beat and they feel so luxurious.

Not only does high-quality material mean great looks, but it doubles up in durability. Tough and well-built pieces also offer up the strength that cheaper materials can’t match.

It may raise prices, but customers don’t seem to care as long as that price means top-notch building.

These bags are AH-mazing! I can’t believe they aren’t more well known. One of my very favorite high end purse designers. These last forever and still look incredible.”

When looking for high numbers, I turned to Bizrate Surveys with their 9.7/10 based on over 23k ratings. Thousands of satisfied customers have left a Brahmin review or two based on their experiences.

The interesting thing with this source however comes down to content in reviews. Many focus less on the products themselves and more so on the site and business.

Seemingly popular with their thousands of customers, this site is all business and good times. 

Making the whole thing easily navigable, one Brahmin review even claimed “My purchase on the website was streamlined perfectly. Everything was easy to find. I would definitely recommend this website, it is very user friendly.

Making things nice and easy, this company keeps it all straightforward. Good products, prices, and a user-friendly space to order from, all headaches are avoided through simple planning and steps.

“Love this site the quality of the handbags and wallets is to perfection and long lasting. Site is easy to find what you are looking for with reasonable prices.

As for the individual pieces themselves, there’s no beating their quality. Amazon lists several products, all with incredibly high ratings based on user information.

The top product right now? The Brahmin Credit Card Wallet with 4.7/5 stars based on over 445 ratings.

This sleek and simple piece is all about lightweight luxury and efficiency. Perfect for slipping into a purse or pocket, many claim that “it is my go-to wallet. I do not treat it gently, but it still looks as new as the day I received it.

To really round out this Brahmin review, I had to include this “well-crafted and beautiful cardholder” for its ease of use alone.

Secured by zippers and straps, cards and cash have nowhere to go other than their personal slots with this one. It’s all simple, light, and above all else, stylish.

I will say this product isn’t alone in its high ratings. Check out some of the other top Brahmin pieces listed on Amazon:

  • Brahmin Duxbury Satchel Convertible Top-Handle Bag: 4.6/5 stars based on over 240 ratings
  • Brahmin Women’s Katie: 4.8/5 stars based on over 210 ratings
  • Brahmin Debra Wallet: 4.7/5 stars based on 260 ratings
  • Brahmin Margo: 4.6/5 stars based on over 80 ratings
  • Brahmin Melbourne Marley Crossbody: 4.5/5 stars based on over 70 ratings

While not all pieces go into the hundreds with their reviews, the ratings speak for themselves. Customers are in love with this brand and their beautiful products.

Is Brahmin Legit?

Brahmin Review

As with any big-name luxury brand, copycats are bound to be circulating in the market. The official brand is entirely legitimate with their decades of experience in the industry, so the only real threat posed comes from counterfeit copies. 

But no worries here – I have a few easy steps to assure customers of the validity of the bag they’re looking to buy:

  1. Buy from an authorized location (Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc)
  2. Check the registration card included with every bag
  3. Check out the leather – the real deal will have some inconsistencies as real leather isn’t perfectly manufactured
  4. Examine the hardware – look for strong and secure pieces rather than cheap plating
  5. Stare down the stitching – we’re looking for tight and even lines
  6. Prices – anything too low probably isn’t worth the material it’s made of as Brahmin’s tends to start around $75 minimum

Any legitimate orders made will have to be signed for orders over $350 and all shipments are tracked, so it’s safe to say the real thing will be secured from its packaging to the front door. 

Take the time to really look over the product before buying. Don’t fall for a nice price – hold out for the real thing to experience that true satisfaction.

Is Brahmin Worth It?

Brahmin Review

The verdict of this Brahmin review is an honest one – I don’t see a real downside here. This brand promises quality, looks, function, and durability with each piece.

The only slight issue comes in terms of the higher prices, but that’s expected with luxury brands (especially those crafted from premium Italian leather).

Add in the fact that this business offers repairs for their registered products, and I have to state that these bags aren’t a buy. They’re an investment. It’s well worth putting some cash into classics like these.

Brahmin Promotions & Discounts 

Brahmin Review

Unfortunately, the brand isn’t known for their discounts. Currently, they don’t offer any running promotions but keep an eye out for the off chance that something pops up.

Where to Buy Brahmin

Brahmin Review

This brand is all about the buyers, so they make it easy to find them. Not only are pieces available on the brand site at, but they also appear in select stores:

  • Nordstrom
  • Macy’s
  • Zappos
  • Dillards
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Amazon


Brahmin Review

Who owns Brahmin?

Brahmin is currently owned by co-founders Bill and Joan Martin. The couple brought the business to market in 1982.

Does Brahmin ship internationally?

Yes, they do! Brahmin is all about international shipping and they’re happy to do so.

What is Brahmin’s Shipping Policy?

Ready to ship after sailing through this Brahmin review? I’ve got all of the best info, starting with the fact that they offer four shipping speeds to customers:

  • Ground shipping
    • FREE
    • 1 to 6 business days
  • 3 Day shipping
    • $15
    • 3 business days
  • 2 Day shipping
    • $20
    • 2 business days
  • Next Day Air shipping
    • $30
    • Next business day

This brand also offers delivery to PO boxes for a $5 fee and ships to both Hawaii and Alaska for a $25 flat rate. Not too bad overall when considering all international deliveries have a $75 flat rate for shipping. That’s a bit steeper than the average cost.

Any deliveries on products priced over $350 will require a signature. This is just for security’s sake to make both the company and customer feel better about it all. 

All deliveries will be tracked, so no matter how much was spent, customers can rest assured that their packages are being carefully monitored for safe arrival.

What is Brahmin’s Return Policy?

I’ll be honest, there’s not much to say about this segment of my Brahmin review. This company keeps things clear-cut with simple return facts:

  • Products have 30 days from purchase to be returned
  • All returns are done through the guided Return Portal
  • Customers need to use the order number and email to start a return
  • Returns are free

That’s pretty much it. They request customers to contact customer service if at any point the process doesn’t run smoothly, but for the most part, they keep things nice and simple.

How to Contact Brahmin

Need to reach out with a question or concern? This brand operates from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm EST, and on Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm EST. They’ve got a few methods to get in touch:

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