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About Hair Club

Hair Club Review

Hair Club markets healthy hair solutions for those who experience hair loss, via three avenues: regrowth, replacement, and restoration

Studies have shown that about 42% of men[1] and  6-38% of women[2] experience hair loss. Perhaps more significant than hair loss is its effect on our quality of life: one study[3] has shown that hair loss leads to lower confidence, self-esteem, and higher self-consciousness. For people whose lives have been changed by hair loss, products like those offered by Hair Club may be able to help.

The company employs over 1,100 licensed cosmetologists and hair loss experts to create unique hair products and services. To prove just how effective these products are for customers, the brand has over 18k followers on Instagram. 

This Hair Club review will offer a comprehensive look at the services that the company offers, as well as customer reviews to help you decide whether Hair Club is for you.

Overview of Hair Club

Hair Club Review

Hair Club was founded by Sy Sperling in 1976 after he started losing his hair at the age of 26. When he discovered that the hair-loss solutions currently on the market were overly generic and of poor quality, he set out on a mission to “help people get the hair they love.” 

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Hair Club has now been on the cutting edge of hair loss solutions for over 40 years. Originally targeted at men, the company expanded its services in 1995 to include customized solutions for women experiencing hair loss as well. 

According to the company website, Hair Club has helped more than 600,000 men and women restore their hair

On the Hair Club blog, you’ll find information and tips to practice healthy hair maintenance at home, including posts like “Hair Club Hard Water Hair,” which explains how the water you get from your shower can be damaging to your hair and what you can do about it.

This Hair Club review will now look at the basic features of the company and its products to give you a sense of what to expect.


  • Hair loss solutions targeted both men and women 
  • Free consultation with a hair loss expert 
  • Hair Club centers located all over North America
  • Online store for at-home treatment products
  • Free shipping in the US on orders $49+
Hair Club Review

Hair Club offers several immediate and long-term solutions for hair loss that range from aesthetic and non-invasive to surgical and restorative. Hair Club packages vary in price and commitment, so you can find the one that works best for you. 

Each treatment is intended for a certain degree of hair loss and accommodates people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities with varying hair volumes and textures. 

On the company’s website, HairClub.com, you can consult either Hair Club for women or Hair Club for men to start finding the solution that is best for you. 

Hair Club also offers a free consultation service: simply click “learn more” under any treatment, enter your name, zip code, and email, you will be redirected to a page where you can schedule a free, personalized hair health consultation at a Hair Club center near you. You can also call (888)-768-8810 to learn more. 

To gain access to at-home treatment products or long-term services, you can sign up with your email for a Hair Club Gold Membership. Membership contracts typically stipulate a 12-month commitment, and cancellations are possible with 90 days notice. 

Hair Club Hair Systems Review

Hair Club Review

There are several Hair Club products and services which will be outlined in this Hair Club review, organized into the three categories of Hair Regrowth, Hair Restoration, and Hair Replacement

Hair Regrowth treatments offer non-surgical, non-invasive methods to regrow your hair, prevent further loss or thinning, and promote hair health. Hair Club offers the following regrowth services: 

  • EXT Extreme Hair Therapy®
  • Laser Hair Treatment

Hair Restoration is a minimally invasive surgical option for helping you grow back the hair that you’ve lost. Hair Club offers three methods of hair restoration:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  • BioGraft®

Hair Replacement solutions are fast, convenient, non-invasive ways to combat hair loss by covering thinning areas with newly created hair that blends with your own. Hair Club offers four hair replacement options:

  • Xtrands®
  • Xtrands+®
  • RestorInk™
  • Extensions

The prices of these options vary depending on your personal needs, which a Hair Club stylist can assess during a free consultation. We will go into more detail on pricing at the end of this review.

To determine which method—regrowth, restoration, or replacement—best suits your needs, you can schedule a free hair health check-up at your local Hair Club center. 

There, you’ll receive a detailed hair and scalp analysis using TrichoView® micro-magnification and a private meeting with a hair health expert to help you customize your solution plan.

Hair Club EXT Extreme Hair Therapy Review 

EXT Extreme Hair Therapy is a comprehensive, non-surgical program that combines in-center consultations with at-home products to maximize hair regrowth. 

The in-person consultations occur once a month so that you can digitally track your progress with a hair-loss expert. You’ll also meet with a Hair Club stylist on each visit for a deep conditioning treatment, followed by a cut and style. 

The at-home regimen is a five-step system consisting of shampoo, conditioner, scalp cleanser, supplements, and Hair Club’s hair regrowth rejuvenator, which contains Minoxidil—the only FDA-approved topical ingredient clinically proven to regrow hair and slow further loss. 

In one study[4], women with female-pattern hair loss who used topical minoxidil for 12 months were shown to have improved hair growth and improved quality of life. Additionally, Hair Club’s supplement blend, Hair Revitalizing Complex, contains ingredients like vitamin B12. Vitamin B12[5] deficiency has been associated with hair loss, so if you’re low on that, Hair Club’s Hair Revitalizing Complex can help.

To boost your treatment, Hair Club also provides you with a waterproof scalp massager designed to increase blood flow to your hair follicles and promote scalp health. One study[6] showed that scalp massage can successfully increase hair thickness. Also included is an at-home laser light therapy system that is 90% effective when used as directed. One review[7] showed that laser therapy can increase hair growth in both men and women.

Hair Club Laser Hair Treatment Review

With work, family, and social obligations, your schedule may be too packed to allow for in-person consultations. If you’re looking for a DIY hair regrowth option, then Hair Club’s Laser Hair Treatment may be the solution for you.

Designed for at-home use, this laser therapy system uses medical-grade, FDA-cleared lasers to deliver safe, low-level laser light to your scalp. This speedy and convenient system has proven effective in stimulating hair growth, preventing further thinning, and promoting overall hair health.

Studies[8] have shown that low-level lasers are safe to use and deliver real results. Hair Club offers a variety of laser formats, including caps, bands, and combs. The products range in price from $199 to $299,9.

Hair Club FUE Hair Transplant Review

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), and is a one-day, outpatient hair restoration procedure ideal for people who are experiencing minimal hair loss. This is a great option from Hair Club to regain receding hairlines by using your healthy hair to replace thinning areas.

The procedure is performed by a physician who specializes in surgical hair restoration. Before you qualify, you’ll have to meet with the physician so that they can examine your scalp, determine the degree of hair loss, and decide on the healthy donor areas. 

On the day of the surgery, the physician will apply a local anesthetic to numb the scalp and remove the individual follicular units (which contain 1 to 4 hairs each) from the designated donor areas. 

The healthy units will then be gently grafted[9] onto the thinning areas, with the units containing 1-2 hairs applied to the front hairline while those with 3-4 strands are used on the top and back of the head. The transplanted hair follicles will begin to heal quickly, as will the donor area. 

The advantage of FUE over other hair restoration options is that scarring from the follicular removals and reapplication is nearly undetectable[10], even when your hair is cut quite short. You’ll likely start seeing growth within 3-4 months, and you can expect significant growth within 6-12 months[11].

Hair Club FUT Hair Transplant Review 

Like the hair restoration option described above, FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is another one-day outpatient procedure. It is a more involved process recommended for people experiencing genetic hair loss and is ideal for achieving maximum hair density

After being approved for the procedure[12], the physician will numb the scalp and extract a strip of tissue containing multiple follicular units from healthy donor areas. Individual units of 1 to 4 hairs are then removed from the strip and placed in your thinning areas in the same direction and growth pattern of your healthy hair to ensure seamless blending.

As with FUE, follicular units containing 1-2 hairs are applied along your hairline, while those with 3-4 hairs are placed on the top of your head to create greater density and thickness.

FUT can often be completed in less time than other surgical hair restoration techniques, and you will likely see your transplanted hair beginning to grow in 3-4 months. As with FUE, you can expect complete results in 9-12 months[13].

Hair Club BioGraft Review

BioGraft combines a surgical hair restoration procedure with Hair Club’s non-surgical hair replacement solution Xtrands+ (see below) to give you the best of both worlds — natural growth and invisible enhancement.  

The process begins with either the FUE or FUT procedures described above, in which the physician transplants healthy hair from donor areas to the thinning areas. Then, you’ll meet with a stylist who will create new hair that matches the exact qualities of your existing hair and then blend the two seamlessly together with a precise, strand-by-strand process.   

This is a great option for people who don’t only want to restore their hair, but also transform it. Even as you watch your hair grow back in, Xtrands+ gives you the ability to experiment with any number of styles, and change your look on a dime.  

Hair Club Xtrands Review 

Available exclusively at Hair Club centers, Xtrands is a hair replacement solution designed to add fullness and density to thinning hair. Hair Club recommends this solution for people who are in the early stages of hair loss; male customers can refer to the Hair Club Norwood Scale to help classify the stage they’re at.

Your stylist will start by examining your hair to select the right color shade for you, and then use an application wand to knot strands of new hair onto your designated host hairs. Just like a regular follicular unit, each of these new strands contains 2-4 hairs, which will provide you with an immediate increase in volume after your first hair wash. 

The best part about Xtrands is that you can treat them just like your real hair— you can color, wash, brush, blow-dry, and style as usual. 

After you receive the initial application, you’ll need to visit your local Hair Club center once every two weeks for the first month. After that, schedule an appointment every four weeks to receive new applications, which will maintain your volume and thickness.

To start taking advantage of Xtrands, schedule a free, personalized hair health consultation at a Hair Club center near you.

Hair Club Xtrands+ Advanced Hair System Review

For customers who are experiencing moderate to advanced hair loss, Hair Club has developed their advanced Xtrands+ treatment. This is a transformative hair replacement solution that uses a unique strand-by-strand process to create new hair that will blend seamlessly with the unique qualities of your existing hair.

First, you’ll meet with a stylist who will examine your hair and then design your new hair to match its color, style, texture, curl pattern, and density. Your stylist will then apply your new hair using a medical-grade, skin-compatible adhesive. Finally, the styling team will give you a cut and style that will combine your new and old hair into an undetectable blend. 

To get started, book a free consultation with a Hair Club expert through hairclub.com. 

Hair Club RestorInk Review 

RestorInk is a quick, affordable hair replacement technique that is a great alternative for people looking for a non-surgical solution to hair loss. It can be used on any area where hair is thinning, or give you a cleaner and more defined hairline. 

The process uses a technique called scalp micropigmentation[14], in which a pigment that is specially mixed to match your hair color is applied to the scalp with needles by trained practitioners. The thousands of tiny impressions across the scalp, combined with the richness and depth of the pigment coloring, creating the appearance of real hair in thinning areas.

This is a convenient and semi-permanent procedure that can offer full results in as little as two sessions. Hair Club recommends scheduling a touch-up procedure every three to six years after the initial application depending on your desired look.

Hair Club Hair Extensions Review 

Hair Club’s Hair Extensions offer the brand’s female clients a simple, effective, and durable hair replacement solution. They come in either halo or tape-in style, are made from 100% cuticle-intact human hair, and are customizable in color and length up to 16 extra inches.

These extensions are super-secure, so don’t worry about washing, blow-drying, curling, or straightening—just treat them like they’re your hair. You can get them applied at your local Hair Club salon, and head back every 4-6 weeks so that your stylist can clean and reapply them. Make sure you get them replaced every 3 months to keep your hair looking its best. 

Extensions are your easiest option for increasing your hair’s volume, length, and texture, and the application is non-damaging to your hair. Choose whatever color works for you, and try out a whole range of styling choices. 

Hair Club Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hair Club Review

On hairclub.com, the company has a page dedicated to customer success stories. Clients of all genders, ages, and ethnicities are depicted with before and after photos of their hair loss journey, with brief Hair Club reviews describing their satisfaction. You’ll find more examples like this on Hair Club’s social media under the hashtag, #regrowmyhair.

On external sites, however, customer reviews demonstrate more skepticism. For example, while Hair Club is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the company receives only 1.1/5 stars based on 9 customer reviews on the site, many of which are harshly critical of Hair Club’s products and customer service practices. 

However, you should take under consideration both the small number of reviews that contributed to this rating and the fact that BBB’s specific purpose is to act as a forum for dissatisfied customers. 

On Trustpilot, Hair Club has been rated with 3.4/5 stars from 844 reviews. Five-star ratings made up the majority of the reviews (40%) and came from both new and long-term clients. Customers praised not only the company’s products but also its personnel. One customer commented of his stylist: 

professional, personable and takes great care to make sure each customer leaves feeling taken care of and happy.” 

Among the negative reviews, complaints include claims that Hair Club treatments didn’t produce the promised results, or that customers’ orders were delayed or never fulfilled. These reviews are all responded to by Hair Club, which says that they will reach out to help the customer address their concerns. 

Is Hair Club Worth It?

Hair Club Review

All things considered, this Hair Club review has determined that the services and products provided by this company work for some, but not for everyone. If you’re experiencing hair loss and looking for solutions, it is worth considering Hair Club as an option. You can take advantage of the free consultation and see what services are available. 

Keep in mind though that some customers feel the company is asking too much for services that are not 100% guaranteed to work. If you’re looking for a transformative solution, it may be best to consult multiple professionals before putting down thousands of dollars.

To skeptics who ask, “Is HairClub real?” this Hair Club review can answer yes. The company is BBB-accredited, has a notable track record of success, and has received rave reviews from both new and long-time customers. 

However, It is not guaranteed for all users, and the effectiveness of the treatment (and customers’ treatment by Hair Club staff) may vary from person to person. 

Hair Club Promotions & Discounts 

Hair Club Review

While some external sites appear to offer discount codes for Hair Club services and products, these codes are not verified by Hair Club. As outlined in this Hair Club review, your best bet is to take advantage of the company’s free, in-person consultation before purchasing anything.

Hair Club also offers a 10% discount on your first purchase when you sign up for their email newsletter.

Where to Buy Hair Club

Hair Club Review

You can shop for the services outlined in this Hair Club review as well as additional at-home products at shop.HairClub.com, or any Hair Club center. 

Hair Club has centers across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada; enter your zip or postal code here to find the one nearest you.


Hair Club Review

What does Hair Club actually do? 

As outlined in this Hair Club review, the company offers a variety of hair loss solutions to help people regrow, replace, or restore lost hair. 

Rather than just offering products, they place great emphasis on in-person consultations so that their hair health experts can assess each customer’s needs and recommend a customized treatment.

How much does Hair Club treatment cost? 

Hair Club treatments range anywhere from $39 to $1,200 as an initial cost. As outlined on HairClub.com, professional salon services start at $39, while certain solutions require both an initial application and ongoing maintenance, like the Xtrands+ hair replacement system. 

Those options start at $299 per month, whereas a treatment like surgical hair restoration has a one-time cost between $400 and $1,200, depending on the extent of the treatment, and may require multiple visits. 

What is Hair Club’s Shipping Policy?

Hair Club offers free standard shipping on any US order over $49. Shipping to Canada and Puerto Rico is subject to standard shipping rates. 

Products are delivered within 1-12 business days from the date of purchase. As soon as your order ships, you should receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information. 

What is Hair Club’s Return Policy?

Hair Club offers full refunds for products returned within 30 days from the date of purchase, provided that you pay to ship the items back. To start the return process, you can contact [email protected] and inform customer service of the reason for your return. Use the subject link “Return Request.” 

Once your receipt has been acknowledged and your return is approved, Hair Club will send a “Return Authorization” to your email. The return will be processed within 72 hours of the order being received. 

How to Contact Hair Club

On hairclub.com, you can use the live support chat box to talk to a Hair Club customer support representative. For more in-depth inquiries about the services outlined in this Hair Club review, you can email [email protected] or call (888)-768-8810.

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Is it worth it?
Asked by Mark Martin (3 years ago) Reply

Hair Club is very expensive! I’ve been a member for 3 years goi g on 4 and I can honestly say that it has been a struggle.
They make promises that they can’t keep. Consistency has been a major issue and all I hear is excuses. When I complain about a issue there’s always new promises and it falls apart, I feel that it goes in one ear and it goes out the other and that goes all levels at the company. I strong recommend looking twice before you join.

It's a Rip Off
Asked by John Gooch (3 years ago) Reply

I did it for 18 months $6000 plus Never did get the right color, promises. next time, we have a new company making are wigs. I lost my hair from
Cemo and cancer, all they wanted was my money. I even changed centers
and went 160 miles, Same BS. Contact me I’ll tell you more

Answered by Prinka Rani (3 years ago) Reply

Hi John, Just reading your feedback on Hair club. I am only 23 years old and loosing hair. I was thinking to get services from Hair club. Please share your experience.

Unprofessional !
Asked by irene (2 years ago) Reply

if i can give negative star i wlll…im a new customer barely a year and like other people we look for a service based on their reputation.good customer service and conduct of their staff.I was impressed by positive comments that i read in their review and decided to be a member despite their high end price and my need to have my hair fix… first few months are  smooth but i notice that some of my products are not being given ..either out of stock k or not available and promised to be replaced ..(which did not happen) my appointments are being moved and just notifying me a day before their intended appointment date for me ..i dont thik its fair that you make an appointment a month ahead and just be given away to other customer..informing ypu a day before ypur day…the worst part is their receptionist SABRINA ..who do doesnt know rthe meaning of being professional and how to handle customers frustration and just saving herself amd passing the blame to her manager about the appointment issue..and worst she can say to the. customer is” it not my fault
.i will talk to you some other day!! and hang up…..I dont know how they trained their staff but this is unacceptable bahvior on her end.I feel as a customer afyer paying full membership they can just do anything they want in terms of your appointments. service or ypur products…its like a tag line saying “:take it or leave  it” we paid anyway..
Im very frustrarated and mad to be treated this way  since ibeen in sales industry too and i know customer satisfaction should be one  of the priority when cinducting business.And handling complicated situation should be one of the staff forte so as not to lose a customer moreover damage the reputation of the company

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