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Örlö Nutrition Review

You may not believe me when I tell you that an Icelandic aquaculture plant house could hold the key to your health. I wouldn’t blame you because that sounds like I’m sensationalizing it, but ask yourself this: Are you getting the right core nutrition including enough essential omega-3 fatty acids? The case is that you likely don’t, as this study found that perhaps two-thirds of American adults are omega-3 deficient. 

Let’s return to that Icelandic lab, where Örlö BioActive Nutrition grows their microalgae. Microalgae is rich in the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA – and it’s a plant, so vegans can consume it as well. As such, Örlö uses their unique technological platform to help everyone, regardless of their dietary preferences. 

Harvesting microalgae is far more sustainable than relying on fish for omega-3s because fish get their omegas from the microalgae they consume. Plus, Örlö BioActive Nutrition uses only renewable green energy, pristine Icelandic water, visible light, and the nutrients microalgae need to thrive. There’s no pesticides needed, because they operate a completely closed and controlled system. Because their growing conditions are AI optimized, even their algae produce more vital nutrients, including a higher potency of omega-3s in their better absorbed polar lipid form, micronutrients like vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), and all 9 essential amino acids (you know, protein). 

ÖRLÖ’s unique biotech platform enables algae to grow with new metabolic pathways, resulting in SYNERGISTIC NUTRITION that is easily recognized and absorbed by the body. By extracting the entire algae, they maximize its biological impact. As pioneers in Non-GMO bio-technology with patent-protected processes, ÖRLÖ is creating a new era of nutrition and proving its impact.

Their efforts have earned them the distinction of being carbon-negative, meaning they actually sequester carbon in growing their algae, without emitting more. In fact, they use 99% less land and water resources than other nutrition sources including supplements, and food staples like soy and beef. 

ÖRLÖ believes that “Ideal Can Be Found” through the power of biotechnology. Their story revolves around the journey of discovering and creating the perfect conditions to grow the source of impact nutrition. ÖRLÖ recognized the extraordinary potential of microalgae, the incredible source of life’s energy that fuels the world. With a wealth of knowledge accumulated over two decades, the team has devoted itself to unraveling the core principles and exact conditions essential for cultivating highly concentrated and optimal nutritional values. 

Through their novel technology, they have successfully unlocked new natural metabolic pathways, a crucial element missing in other methods. ÖRLÖ’s relentless pursuit of a sustainable, Bio-Active nutrition source has led them to develop patented growth environments where microalgae flourish and grow exponentially, resulting in a truly regenerative nutrition source with unprecedented global impact.

In this Örlö Nutrition review I will look at how their sustainable practices result in worthwhile supplements that are more bioavailable than your run-of-the-mill supplements. I’ll look at the ingredients they use, their benefits, their most popular products, what customers say about them, and more. First, I’ll tell you about the company’s highlights

Örlö Nutrition Review


  • Product Range: Örlö BioActive Nutrition offers a diverse range of nutritional supplements and health products
  • Quality Emphasis: The company claims to prioritize the use of high-quality ingredients and follows strict manufacturing standards
  • Expert Formulation: Örlö Nutrition states that their products are formulated by nutrition experts, which could imply that there is professional expertise behind their product development process.
  • Educational Resources: The company’s blog section provides articles and resources related to nutrition and healthy living
  • Vegan: Örlö Nutrition produces vegan-friendly DHA and EPA supplements
  • Sustainable: All of Örlö Nutrition’s packages are made using recycled and reusable materials
  • Clean Production: ORLO produces its own algae and no pesticides, aggressive chemicals or solvents are used to cultivate the algae that make up its products

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Recent Studies

Örlö Nutrition Review

Before getting into the details of my Örlö Nutrition review, you should know what the science says about similar products. As such, here’s a list of recent studies that discuss the ingredients discussed below. 

  • This study discusses the role of omega-3 fatty acids, including their anti-inflammatory properties, in various inflammatory processes.
  • This randomized controlled trial investigates the effects of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids on muscle tissue in older adults. The study highlights the potential anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3s.
  • Here’s a study that investigates the antioxidant effects of spirulina in rabbits fed a high-cholesterol diet. It demonstrates the potential of spirulina to reduce oxidative stress and improve antioxidant status.


Örlö Nutrition’s products are by-and-large single ingredient affairs, which is promising from a supplement standpoint because it means they shouldn’t be diluted by fillers. Let’s look at the ingredients in their best-selling products. 


Omega-3s are a type of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) that are essential for the human body. Though there are three main types, Örlö Nutrition only uses two, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

EPA is primarily found in fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, and sardines. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and has been associated with cardiovascular health benefits, including reducing triglyceride levels and supporting healthy blood pressure.

DHA is also found in fatty fish, and it is a major structural component of the brain and eyes. It is important for brain development and function, and it is often recommended during pregnancy and early childhood for optimal brain development. DHA is also believed to have a positive impact on mental health and cognitive function throughout life.

Örlö Nutrition sources all their DHA and EPA from algae, which is where fish get their omega-3s to begin with.


Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae that is considered a superfood due to its dense nutrient profile. It has been consumed for centuries and is known for its potential health benefits.

It’s rich in various nutrients, including protein, vitamins (such as B vitamins and vitamin K), minerals (such as iron and magnesium), and antioxidants. It is also a source of essential fatty acids.


Methylcobalamin is a form of vitamin B12, which is an essential nutrient required for various bodily functions. It plays a crucial role in maintaining nerve health, DNA synthesis, red blood cell production, and the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. Methylcobalamin is one of the active forms of vitamin B12 that can be readily used by the body.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3, also known as cholecalciferol, is a form of vitamin D that is synthesized in the skin when it is exposed to sunlight. It is also found in certain foods and can be obtained as a dietary supplement. 

One of the primary functions of vitamin D3 is to regulate calcium and phosphorus absorption in the intestines, which is essential for maintaining strong bones and teeth. Adequate vitamin D3 levels are crucial for bone health and preventing conditions like rickets in children and osteoporosis in adults.

Health Benefits of Örlö Nutrition

Örlö Nutrition Review

These are some of the benefits of the products featured in my Örlö Nutrition review. Remember that the results may vary depending on which product you purchase.

  1. Brain Health: DHA, in particular, is crucial for brain development and function. Omega-3s have been linked to improved cognitive function, memory, and a reduced risk of age-related cognitive decline.
  2. Cardiovascular Health: Several studies have shown that spirulina may help reduce total cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, which can be beneficial for cardiovascular health.
  3. Mood and Mental Health: Some studies suggest that vitamin B12, including methylcobalamin, may play a role in mood regulation and mental health. It is involved in the synthesis of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, which are important for mood regulation.
  4. Muscle Function: Vitamin D3 is involved in muscle function and can help improve muscle strength and coordination.

4 Best Selling Örlö Nutrition Products

Currently, Örlö Nutrition’s catalog is small but considered, consisting of four key products. I’ll take a look at each of them in this section of my Örlö Nutrition review.

Örlö Nutrition Omega 3 Review

Örlö Nutrition Omega 3

This omega-3 supplement is Örlö Nutrition’s best-selling product, and for good reason. The omega-3 fatty acids are derived from algae grown using fully renewable means. No hexanes or pesticides were used during the process which is better for both the environment and its absorbability. 

In fact, high absorbability is the Örlö Nutrition Omega 3’s main selling point. Each serving contains 1,000mg of algae oil, 260mg of omega-3 fatty acids, 90mg of EPA, and 170mg of DHA. It’s all in the bioactive polar lipid form, which Örlö proposes is up to three times easier for the body to absorb than fish oil.

It’s hard to imagine proper functioning without omega-3 fatty acids as they affect our brains, eyes, cardiovascular systems, and more. You can ensure these all run as they should with a 60-day supply of Örlö Nutrition Omega 3 for $75.

Örlö Nutrition Review 1

Customers say: “This is my goto forever! My body craves these. Also sassy packaging – really stands out and is also more eco-minded than other supplements.

Örlö Nutrition DHA Review

Compared to the previous product, the Örlö Nutrition DHA features a higher DHA concentration. Each serving supplies 335mg of DHA and 15mg of EPA so it’s better for people who are explicitly searching for high DHA servings. 

That being said, the Örlö Nutrition DHA is still easier to absorb than other omega-3 fatty acids available on the market due to its polar lipid form. Seeing as how DHA is vital for so many bodily functions and considering how difficult it is for vegans to consume enough on a plant-based diet, these supplements are worth considering. 

It costs $75 for a 60-day supply. 

Örlö Nutrition Review 1

Customers say: “The DHA arrived well packaged. It easily transferred to the starter bottle. It is very easy to consume and there is no aftertaste. I like that it is produced sustainably. An excellent alternative to fish oil. Highly recommend.”

Örlö Prenatal DHA Review

The Örlö Nutrition DHA and the Örlö Prenatal DHA are virtually the same. They both cost $75 for a two-month supply and deliver 335mg of DHA per serving. The Örlö Prenatal DHA are intended to be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but to my eyes there isn’t much of a difference. In any case, they’re useful for both babies and mamas to ensure cognitive performance.

Customers say: “The prenatal DHA has been part of my morning routine in pregnancy and now postpartum during breastfeeding. The fact I don’t have to worry about toxins and chemicals is the best! I feel the difference when taking these.

Örlö Immunity Boost Review

The final product in my Örlö Nutrition review combines the following ingredients into an oral spray:

  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin B12 (also known as methylcobalamin)
  • B vitamins like B6

These ingredients are paired synergistically, meaning that together, they produce more favorable results than if they were ingested separately. 

Much of the Örlö Immunity Boost’s benefits are courtesy of the spirulina the brand harvests from Iceland, which carries greater effects for your immune system and inflammatory responses. 

The oral spray tastes great without loading it with a ton of sugar and artificial flavors. Just spritz it into your mouth twice a day to reap its full rewards. You can pick up a bottle on sale for $39. It normally retails for $45.

Customers say: “2 sprays may not sound like much, but this blue spirulina is incredible! It has a slightly sweet flavor reminiscent of nuts (probably from the B vitamins). Innocuous taste overall and I feel a boost of energy after I take it — so I can tell it’s working!”

Who is Örlö Nutrition For?

Örlö Nutrition Review

Vegans or vegetarians who don’t eat fish should definitely look into Örlö Nutrition as the products can help them fill gaps in their diet that they’d otherwise be missing out on. 

Örlö Nutrition Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Örlö Nutrition Review

Örlö Nutrition haven’t been blessed with a ton of customer reviews online, so I don’t have the largest pool of feedback to draw from. While the sheer number of reviews may be small, I was still able to gain insight into how customers felt through the available Örlö Nutrition reviews. 

First up are the scores from the brand’s website, which are up-to-date as of June 2023.

  • Örlö Nutrition DHA: 5/5 stars based on five pieces of customer feedback
  • Örlö Immunity Boost: 5/5 stars based on four pieces of customer feedback
  • Örlö Nutrition Omega 3: 4.9/5 stars based on more than 30 pieces of customer feedback

Most of the positive comments were directed toward Örlö Nutrition’s sustainable practices. Supplements usually have subpar environmental footprints with all their bottles, paper, and plastics. That wasn’t the case for Örlö Nutrition since they come in reusable jars. 

As one customer wrote on Amazon, “These pills are tiny and easy to swallow. The refillable jar looks gorgeous on my countertop and reminds me to take them every day. More and more research is coming out about the importance of DHA for so many aspects of health that I feel good about this investment in mine. I love how sustainable everything is as well.

Speaking of Amazon, the Örlö Nutrition DHA – Vegan Algae Omega 3 held an average score of 4.7/5 stars as of June 2023 based on more than 30 customer ratings. Many of the reviewers switched from traditional fish oil pills to vegan algae and said it was an easy switch. They felt the same after trying Örlö’s products and some even enjoyed them more since they were easier to swallow. 

Another Örlö Nutrition review from Amazon read, “These are easy to swallow little capsules. I have to be careful with Omega-3 as the regular ones make me sick to my stomach and give me bad fishy burps. I don’t get the burps with these, and my stomach is fine. So far, I am just taking one capsule per day. I like that you have the choice to purchase the bottle or the refill.

Finally, I looked at Örlö Nutrition reviews on ThingsTesting and found a positive reception from customers. The average score was 5/5 stars as of June 2023, though that’s only from six customers. 

People echoed what I read on other websites; that Örlö’s packaging was great, that the supplements worked just as well as fish oil pills, and that nobody experienced any stomach issues. 

Here’s one final buyer testimonial summarizing how most felt about Örlö Nutrition. “[I] Have since repurchased several times – it’s always hard to tell if a supplement is actually working, but I *feel* like it is, I can say I have never felt nauseous or anything negative from it, which is a big win. LOVE the branding and packaging – their refillable bottle is the only vitamin supplement bottle I would want front and center on my counter.”

Is Örlö Nutrition Legit?

Örlö Nutrition Review

The only complaint I can make about Örlö Nutrition is that it’d be nice to know more about their facility and how it works. They speak about it glowingly on their website, but there isn’t a ton of available information that tells customers what happens there. Besides that, Örlö seems like a legitimate company.

Is Örlö Nutrition Worth It?

Örlö Nutrition Review

Örlö Nutrition’s products are a great tool to add more omega-3s to your diet. Price-wise, you’ll be paying a bit more than a dollar a day, which isn’t that bad considering the health benefits. You could be paying much more for products that do much less. 


Looking for other supplements? Check out these brands and see if they suit you.

  • OmegaXL: OmegaXL is a dietary supplement that contains a proprietary blend of omega-3 fatty acids, primarily sourced from the green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) found in New Zealand. It is marketed as a natural solution for joint pain and inflammation.
  • Nordic Naturals: Nordic Naturals is a well-known brand that specializes in omega-3 fish oil supplements. They offer a range of omega-3 products, including fish oil capsules and liquid formulations. Nordic Naturals Omega-3 supplements are sourced from cold-water fish, primarily anchovies and sardines, and undergo a rigorous purification process to ensure high-quality and purity.
  • Opti3: Opti3 is a vegetarian omega-3 supplement produced by a company called Vegetology. It is specifically designed to provide a sustainable and vegan-friendly alternative to traditional fish oil supplements. Opti3 is derived from algae, which is a primary source of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Where To Buy Örlö Nutrition

Örlö Nutrition Review

You can either shop from Örlö’s website (www.Örlönutrition.com) or from Amazon. 


Örlö Nutrition Review

Who owns Örlö Nutrition?

VAXA TECHNOLOGIES, vaxa.life is the owner of Örlö Nutrition.

What is Örlö Nutrition’s Shipping Policy?

Örlö Nutrition ships internationally through UPS. Most of their deliveries arrive in 3 to 5 business days

What is Örlö Nutrition’s Returns Policy?

Örlö Nutrition provides different responses for refund requests depending on the situation. As such, they advise you to contact them directly so they can work out a solution. 

How To Contact Örlö Nutrition 

Örlö Nutrition Review

If you have any more questions after finishing my Örlö Nutrition review then ask the company directly through email (hello@Örlönutrition.com) or by calling 1 (833) 675-6669. 

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