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Naked Nutrition Review

About Naked Nutrition

Naked Nutrition Review

Naked Nutrition strips performance supplements down to their core. Never using anything artificial in its line of protein powders, snacks, and performance boosters, this brand focuses on pure and simple formulas—some contain just one powerhouse ingredient packaged into modern, clear bottles that mean business.

Not everyone is able to maintain a balanced diet, and the support of supplements and performance boosters are needed to maintain the necessary levels of nutrients within the body.

This company has totally reinvented the world of athletic nutrition[1]. Its transparent, straightforward method is something that’s caught the attention of noteworthy publications like GQ, Men’s Journal, and Healthline.

Naked Nutrition’s 150k following across its social media profiles is a powerful sign that not only do its products look good from the outside, but they also deliver results.

Are these the kind of performance supplements you’ve been desperately searching for? We invite you to find out by reading this Naked Nutrition review.

Ahead, we’ve put in the work to get you critical details about the brand, its most popular products, and how they work to help you decide if it’s worth your time and money.

Overview of Naked Nutrition

Naked Nutrition Review

The thing about nutrition is that a lot of us go by word of mouth. We catch one headline discrediting a food group and immediately cut it out, not taking the time to research its validity.

The same rings true in the fitness world. We guzzle down shakes and munch protein bars that technically should do us some good, but really, they’re not producing the effects that good, clean nutrition can truly give.

And that’s where Naked Nutrition comes in. Founded in 2014 by a former track and cross-country athlete named Stephen Zieminski, the brand was created out of the need to give people more—more nutritional value, more quality, and more versatility.

Starting with just five single-ingredient supplements, Naked Nutrition carved out its place in the market. Providing the quality and letting you do the mixing, they were all unflavored but packed with clean energy[2] and muscle-building power that customers could see and feel.

Today, the Florida-based brand has over 40 products, but has maintained its small ingredient list—the majority are made up of just three or fewer. This Naked Nutrition review is about to charge headfirst into its performance-driven lineup, but before we get there, take a look at the highlights:


  • Offers over 40 supplements and snacks
  • Made in FDA-approved facilities
  • Transparent about ingredients
  • 3rd party tested for safety
  • Uses BPA-free containers
    • Bisphenol A is an organic hormone-disrupting compound that comes from producing plastic which is linked to cancer. 
  • Uses whey from small California farms
  • Hormone, antibiotic-free, and non-GMO
  • Some vegan selections
Naked Nutrition Review

Like its supplement’s tubs, which look pretty awesome, the brand is transparent about what’s inside each one. You can read up on the heavy metal toxicity[3] and allergen results of each supplement—conducted by a 3rd party lab.

And that’s not a given with the majority of athletic supplement brands, so it shows how much this one cares about its ingredients.

Naked Nutrition’s products can also be purchased through a subscription. You’ll get to choose between deliveries every 1, 2, or 3 months and save 8% on each order.

Hungry for more? Details on the brand’s best-selling protein powders are coming up next in this Naked Nutrition review. Need inspiration on how to use them? Check out the website’s recipe section.

Naked Nutrition Protein Powder Grass Fed Whey Review

There’s a reason other protein powders are making you feel like crap, but you’d never guess it’s because of the type of whey that’s in them. That’s right, not all whey is made the same.

Whey protein contains an incredible range of essential amino acids, which are absorbed quickly by the body. Studies have shown that it can help increase strength, muscle, and aid in losing significant amounts of body fat. 

According to this study[4], live subjects were tested using whey protein supplementation. The supplementation paired with greater whole body anabolism was found to be associated with enhanced recovery exercise performance. 

The Naked Nutrition Protein Powder Grass Fed Whey comes from small California dairy farms. Grass-fed and hormone-free, this clean protein makes a big difference in how it’s digested. And of course, with better digestion comes increased absorption, meaning you’ll get more bang for your buck. Pick up a 5lb tub for $90.


When we first looked at the Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder, we searched high and low to find out its ingredients. Lo and behold, it only has one ingredient: grass-fed whey. That’s kind of mind-blowing for a protein powder, but when you take a look at its amino acid profile, you come to understand that one is all you need.


Along with building muscle, the Grass Fed Whey can boost your immunity and cardiovascular health thanks to natural compounds and omega-3s found within milk from grass-fed cows. Those same compounds may help you lose fat too, maintaining lean muscle as your body learns to rev up its fat burn.

Cold-pressed and non-denatured, this powder is more easily absorbed by the body and may not produce the same digestive upset as some other brands of whey.

How Does It Work

Though the Grass Fed Whey is very different from other protein powders on the market, you use it the same as you would any other one. By fueling your muscles with clean, powerful protein, muscle has an easier time building, maintaining, and repairing.

How to Take & Dosage

Because Naked Whey provides a full spectrum of amino acids, this one powder is all you need to fuel your muscles. You can mix 2 scoops into 6-10 oz of milk, or sprinkle it into oatmeal for a hearty, satisfying breakfast.

Since this powder is unflavored, feel free to add your own favorite flavors as you please, like cocoa, frozen strawberries, or a scoop of Peanut Butter Powder.

Naked Nutrition Protein Powder Pea Review

Even though Naked Nutrition uses high-quality whey protein isolate for better digestion, you may prefer to stay away from dairy altogether. If so, Protein Powder Pea has got you covered.

Pea protein powder is an easily digested protein source and is rich in iron and branched-chain amino acids. It offers benefits such as improved muscle growth and feelings of fullness and heart health that are equivalent to protein sources made with animal products. Supported by research[5], this product has proven benefits supported by data that suggests whey and pea protein promote similar strength, performance, body composition, and muscular adaptations.

It’s a 5lb tub of just one ingredient—you guessed it, peas. And while small, the humble pea is mighty. Exceed your goals with the nutritious powder for $55.


The one ingredient in this Naked Nutrition Protein Powder is yellow pea protein, but it’s not like protein you’d find in other vegan powders. This one only uses peas from eco-friendly USA and Canadian farms that ensure they are non-GMO.

Once harvested, the pea goes through a water extraction process to help them retain their quality and ensure all of their amino acids stay intact. Serving up 120 calories, just 0.5 grams of fat, and 27 grams of protein, this high-performing powder puts in the work to make your job easier.

Unlike other vegan proteins, Naked Pea doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners or additives. It’s just simple, proving that all you need is a quality ingredient to get amazing results.


With Protein Powder Pea, you’re getting a full amino acid profile to help build strong muscles and help with workout recovery.

Naturally satiating, this powder can also aid in weight loss, keeping you fuller for longer so you won’t run the risk of a 3:00 pm snack attack. And since the peas come from local non-GMO farms, you’re doing the earth and your body some good.

How Does It Work

Pretty naturally, really. This powder’s full spectrum of amino acids helps you build muscle and keep it on, assist with muscle recovery, and promote weight loss.

How to Take & Dosage

You can take Protein Powder Pea the way you do any other protein powder. The serving size is 2 scoops which you can shake in with 6-10 oz of non-dairy milk or toss in with a smoothie. Since it’s unflavored, it goes well with pretty much anything.

Naked Nutrition Protein Powder Weight Gainer Protein Supplement Review

Normal weight gainers are filled with junk—the purpose is simply that you gain weight. But what’s inside matters as it’s a difference in how it makes you feel. The Naked Nutrition Weight Gainer Protein Supplement uses a simple blend of effective, clean ingredients to help you put on a few lbs.

A mixture of slow and fast-absorbing proteins, this powder will keep you full while fueling your immediate energy needs. You can get an 8lb tub for $65.


This Weight Gainer has just three ingredients:

  1. Tapioca Maltodextrin: a non-GMO thickening binder
  2. Whey Protein Concentrate: the muscle-building protein you need
  3. Micellar Casein: absorbs slow, keeps you nourished

There’s nothing artificial about this formula, it’s been cleverly and thoughtfully designed to help you put on weight, but more specifically, muscle. Each serving packs in 1,250 calories and 50 grams of protein, but keeps fat low at 2.5 grams.


You don’t just burn calories, your body’s like a fire that constantly needs to be stoked. If you’re someone who eats and eats but can’t seem to gain weight but needs or wants to, this Weight Gainer Protein Supplement may help.

It helps you meet your daily calorie needs in order to gain weight, with 252 grams of complex carbs in every serving. If you’re an avid exerciser and looking to build muscle, this powder gives you an extra boost to help you crush your workouts, put on muscle, and keep it.

How Does It Work

The Weight Gainer Protein Supplement works by giving your body the calories, carbs, and protein it needs to gain weight. If you’re also exercising while taking this formula, that weight can be transformed into lean muscle.

How to Take & Dosage

The serving size of the Weight Gainer is 4 scoops, and it’s recommended that you consume 1-2 per day in addition to your regular diet. Mix it in with your morning smoothie or oatmeal, or simply shake it into 24 oz of milk. It’s unflavored so it blends in well with other flavors—no clashing here.

The brand suggests taking the gainer between meals, after a workout, or right before bed.

Naked Nutrition Protein Powdered Peanut Butter Review

Peanuts are naturally packed with protein, but also with calories and fat. Eating a tablespoon of Peanut Butter means 90 calories and 8 grams of fat, which while satiating, isn’t exactly diet-friendly.

Naked Nutrition Protein Powdered Peanut Butter is made from slow-roasted peanuts only—that’s really it. It’s been defatted meaning that you can enjoy delicious, sweet, and salty peanut flavor without limiting your intake to just a tablespoon.

Peanuts are an excellent source of protein and are high in various vitamins and minerals. They can be useful as a tool for a weight loss diet and may reduce your risk of both heart disease.  

With just 50 calories per serving, it makes a tasty addition to chocolate smoothies or can be mixed with a splash of water to make a peanut paste for celery. The Powdered Peanut Butter comes in a 2lb tub for $20.


There’s literally just one ingredient in Protein Powdered Peanut Butter: slow-roasted peanuts. Slow roasting ensures that all of the flavor and goodness of the peanut stay intact. A dairy-free, vegan product, one serving is packed with 6 grams of tasty protein that makes a welcome addition to drinks, healthy desserts, and snacks.


The science of weight loss is seemingly simple: lower calories, lose weight. Though it’s not always as straightforward as that, weight loss is one of the claimed benefits that this powder can have on your life.

Since it contains 75% fewer calories and 85% less fat than regular peanut butter, you can enjoy a sensible snack without worrying if it will throw off your macros for the day. And since the Powdered Peanut Butter also contains 40% more protein than a single serving of the full-fat stuff, you’re adding on muscle-loving amino acids with every bite.

Since it’s a powder, it dissolves really easily, making it a quick, convenient snack that combines well with all of your favorite meals. PB drizzled oatmeal, anyone?

How Does It Work

Powdered Peanut Butter works by helping you cut down on fat and calories while still feeling satiated and happy with the foods you eat. Since the powder blends in smoothly with foods, it’s a great flavor enhancer for protein shakes, energy bites, or a base for healthy peanut butter cookies.

How to Take & Dosage

You can eat Protein Powdered Peanut Butter whenever the craving strikes. To use, measure one scoop of the tasty stuff into a shake. Mix well and enjoy.

Who Is Naked Nutrition For?

Naked Nutrition Review

Naked Nutrition is for those serious about their bodies and what they put in them. Ideal for adding lean muscle or helping weight loss, the brand says its formulas are safe for teenagers, adults, and seniors.

It offers both whey and vegan protein isolates[6], so regardless of your lifestyle, you can find something to help you bulk up or slim down naturally.

Naked Nutrition Side Effects

Naked Nutrition Review

Naked Nutrition products have very few ingredients. They’re incredibly pure, high quality, and simple, which means there isn’t a lot of mumbo jumbo going on to cause side effects.

With that said, too much whey protein has been linked to causing digestive issues like bloating, gas, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. Other than that, this review[7] shows the risk of a high intake of protein can be reduced by a simple talk with your doctor.

Naked Nutrition Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Naked Nutrition Review

If you’re reading this Naked Nutrition review, there’s a good chance you’ve tried a few varieties of powdery muscle-gainer in your day. This section exists to shed some light on what the brand’s products are really like and clarify whether or not they’re really worth your attention.

Ahead, you’ll find customer comments and ratings scooped up from around the web. To kick things off, let’s start off with a few stats for some of the brand’s best-sellers isolated from

  • Grass Fed Whey: 4.9/5 stars from 1,006 reviews
  • Pea Protein Powder: 4.9/5 stars from 644 reviews
  • Weight Gainer Protein Supplement: 4.9/5 stars from 293 reviews
  • Powdered Peanut Butter: 4.9/5 stars from 1,304 reviews

Leaning into the comments section for the Grass Fed Whey, we discovered that buyers are crazy about this protein. Mostly, they love that it’s unflavored, mixes well, and tastes good. One Naked Nutrition review read:

Being serious about what goes into my body, I decided to order this organic whey unflavored protein powder and I was so happy I did!!…I was surprised at how good this protein powder tasted, high-quality. Very light with no aftertaste.”

That’s a reason a lot of people are drawn to this brand: because they care about what they’re eating. Naked Nutrition uses what’s necessary only, then refines that into a high-quality, potent powder to give you the best results possible.

For our next stop, we turned into a Naked Nutrition review on Muscle and Brawn that talked about the Grass Fed Whey. The powder looks to be one of the brand’s most popular, so there were a lot of these reviews hanging around online.

We chose this comment because it went into depth about the mixing and drinking experience. It read:

The powder was not as thick as most brands and although it was somewhat difficult to mix at first it ended up being easier to drink with water or when combined with other ingredients. Finally, this product was much easier to digest when compared to other brands of whey protein.

Your body doesn’t lie when it comes to what it likes. So many people report digestive upset when drinking whey protein but since this brand’s whey is in isolate form and higher quality, you may not experience the same negative effects as you do with other brands.

In the end, the Naked Nutrition review on Muscle and Brawn said that because of its pure ingredients and the way it made them feel, it was worth the money.

For our last dose of feedback, we checked out Naked Mass on Amazon. The gainer received a 4.5/5 star score from 2,009 buyers that broke down like this:

  • 5 stars: 76%
  • 4 stars: 12%
  • 3 stars: 6%
  • 2 stars: 2%
  • 1 star: 3%

The next review starts just like how others do when a customer is really impressed with a product, with a preface that says they “don’t usually leave reviews.” It continued:

I’m taking the time right now to review this product because I absolutely love it! I’ve been using it daily, once or twice, for about 2 weeks now and I have managed to gain 3 pounds…My muscles also feel and look fuller and people are noticing.”

The other user comments are similar, many reporting weight or muscle gain and expressing gratitude for this high-quality formula. What we also found buyers to say, was that it doesn’t make them sleepy like other brands’ weight gainers can.

Overall, what we found out for this part of our Naked Nutrition review helped us to understand what makes the brand stand out amongst others. Quality formulas, real results, great taste—all important factors when choosing the right performance supplement that’s meant to build you up, not waste your time and money.

My Review of Naked Nutrition

Hi, I’m Paige, a product tester at Honest Brand Reviews.

Naked Nutrition Review 1
Paige, Product Tester

Some seriously delicious protein powders. I drink the Naked Shake (strawberry banana flavor) every day just with water. I was stoked that I didn’t have to mix up crazy concoctions just to get it down!

Naked Nutrition Review

It’s super easy to drink, and I love how simple it is to get extra protein in without having that gross protein taste. Highly recommend.

Is Naked Nutrition Worth It?

Naked Nutrition Review

The world of fitness tends to go overboard. Naked Nutrition pushes it to its very base, using only what’s necessary to give you real, visible results. Turns out, what’s necessary is very little, in some cases, just one ingredient. With a focus on quality over fluff, the brand delivers fast and hard on its claims of pure and effective products.

Offering a good variety for all lifestyles, though Naked Nutrition products are on the pricier side, the brand also packs a lot into one tub and in the end, in some cases, its supplements are less expensive than others on the market. With all that in mind, we definitely think the results are worth the time and money.

Naked Nutrition Promotions & Discounts

Naked Nutrition Review

From what we’ve heard from customers, the benefits of clean protein speak for themselves. But during this Naked Nutrition review, we also found that the brand offers a few other deals for you to sink your teeth into, like:

  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Loyalty Rewards program—shop & earn points to redeem for discounts
  • Subscribe to save 8%

Where to Buy Naked Nutrition

Naked Nutrition Review

Just like the brand’s products, to get the most out of your purchase, we recommend going straight to the source. When you buy right from, not only do you have access to its full line of products but to discounts and its auto-ship program as well.

If big-store temptation is just too much to resist, don’t worry, you can also find select products at Amazon and Walmart.


Naked Nutrition Review

Who owns Naked Nutrition?

Stephen Zieminski owns Naked Nutrition. He’s no stranger to the world of health and fitness as a former college athlete with experience working with protein.

Does Naked Nutrition ship internationally?

Yes, but not everything. Only certain items ship to the UK and Canada. To find out what’s permitted for your country, swap the version of the website by clicking on the little flag in the top right-hand corner of the webpage.

Is Naked Nutrition vegan?

The brand does have some vegan products, but not all of its selection is. The majority uses whey as its protein source, but we did come across a handful of plant-based products that use pea protein instead.

Is Naked Nutrition gluten-free?

It’s a tricky question, but from what we found out during this Naked Nutrition review, it looks like the brand does not use ingredients that contain gluten.

It also tests for the presence of gluten within all of its products, displaying the results on each product’s page. If you have a gluten intolerance, carefully read up on the one you’re interested in.

What is Naked Nutrition’s Shipping Policy?

Naked Nutrition ships within the US, and sends select products to the UK and Canada. Orders sent to the US qualify for free shipping if they’re over $50 and you’ll have two shipping options:

  1. Standard 5-7 business days
  2. Expedited 2-3 business days

What is Naked Nutrition’s Return Policy?

If when your order arrives and you change your mind, you can request a full refund from the brand as long as you do it within 14 days from when it’s delivered. To guarantee a refund, your order must meet a few qualifications:

  1. It must not have been opened
  2. You cannot have used any of it

If you need to make a return, be sure to get in contact with the brand first to get the right address. The PO Box address that’s on the outside of your package isn’t the return address. Once you talk to a customer service rep, they’ll give you the proper one.

How to Contact Naked Nutrition

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Naked Nutrition review, the brand has a few different ways to get in touch. Typically, its customer service team is available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST via:

Looking to make some gains? Check out these other top protein brands:



Power Life



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