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34 Heritage Review

Everyone knows the difference the right pair of jeans can make. The look and feel of that perfect fit can make or break any day. 34 Heritage understands this fact and has made it their goal through an extensive line of men’s jeans to bring each customer that perfect pair.

While not overly popular on social media, their 6.3k followers on Instagram make up for the lower numbers through veritable loyalty. Featured in Forbes as a luxury brand, this name had made themselves into a number of stores and retail partners, marking themselves as one to watch.

We’re diving deep in this 34 Heritage review to check out what this business has to offer. From products and pricing to shipping and returns, not to mention customer testimonials, we’ve got it all to help readers determine whether this brand is worth buying.

Overview of 34 Heritage

34 Heritage Review

On the market since 2011, this company has been inspiring fashion and comfort from day one. Selling themselves as a “premium denim brand inspired by the Modern Gentleman,” this brand is all about jeans that suit every occasion. 

Covering modern and classic styles, these pants are sure to match any business casual engagement just as easily as a night out at the bar with friends.

Situated in Toronto, this company searches to give every man the perfect feel. Snug in the right places without getting too tight, these jeans are meant to make customers feel confident in their everyday life.

Using premium level fabrics for their designs, 34 Heritage aims to never have customers question just how well these jeans work.

Classing up casual, these jeans are all about a life of luxury. Bringing gentlemen back into common culture, this brand ensures a fit for every size and shape, promising diverse fits to stunning style.

We all love a good pair of jeans, but what else about this brand is there to adore? Our 34 Heritage jeans review can think of a few more things to add to the list:


  • Offers an extensive inventory of form-fitting jeans for men
  • Moderate pricing compared to other luxury jeans on the market
  • Financing options available through Affirm
  • Products are made from durable material that lasts
  • Holds color after multiple washes
34 Heritage Review

Moving our 34 Heritage review towards products, we’re focusing on some of the top styles available from this brand. Sizing with this brand is unique as customers select both waist size and length for the order to ensure that perfect fit.

34 Heritage Jeans Review

When looking at what products to feature, there was no question in mind. The 34 Heritage Jeans are best-sellers for a reason. When it comes to finding the right fit, this brand has all customers, no matter shape or size, covered.

34 Heritage Cool Tapered Leg Jeans in Mid Urban Review

Find your true form with the 34 Heritage Cool Tapered Leg Jeans in Mid Urban.

These sleek, tapered leg jeans know what fit looks like. From the mid-waist rise to the straight leg that tapers down, these jeans are meant to showcase the flattering figure of every man. 

Comfortable around the thighs, these pants give just the right amount of pull to allow a subtle stretch in all the typical tight spots.

Find the perfect fit for $195.

34 Heritage Champ Athletic Fit Jeans in Jet Black Review

Slip into the night with the 34 Heritage Champ Athletic Fit Jeans in Jet Black.

We’ll give you three great reasons why these jeans are the right choice: fit, wash, and material

We’ve already raved about how these jeans separate waist and length, but these specific ones are made to accommodate those leg day muscles that sometimes get strangled by standard jeans. With comfortable room in the upper leg and a slimming tapering below the knee, these jeans know how to work that athletic build.

Wash and material kind of go hand in hand but stay with us. Typical black washes fade easily with time and wear, but 34 Heritage has countered that by dying the materials twice to ensure longevity in the color

And speaking of material, this stretch fabric not only holds the color, but it also contains an elastic waistband (for holiday meals of course) and a double belt loop for those days when the standard belt isn’t quite cutting it.

Match the mystery of every night with jet black fashion for $190.

34 Heritage Courage Straight Leg Jeans in Deep Urban Review

Nothing quite says dapper like a dark wash to the jeans. Especially if they’re the 34 Heritage Courage Straight Leg Jeans in Deep Urban.

Cotton, viscose, and lyocell all come together in this dreamy denim that provides the perfect stretch and slimming to those who wear it. 

We’ll happily admit to being fans of the straight leg for its roomy but sleek appearance that so many can pull off. Dark enough to dress up for work, but comfortable enough to make it feel like a night out, these medium-weight jeans are the comfort that classy needs.

Grab a pair for $195.

34 Heritage Charisma Review

While all of their pants are exceptional, the 34 Heritage Charisma line has a special place in our hearts. This highlighted collection exudes cool, classic, and comfortable with every step.

34 Heritage Charisma Relaxed Straight Jeans In Dark Comfort Review

Looking for comfort? It’s literally in the name of the 34 Heritage Charisma Relaxed Straight Jeans in Dark Comfort. Can’t be a lie then, can it?

These high-rise jeans, part of the popular Charisma line, are instant classics for their look and feel. Relaxed in the thigh, but with a straight leg for every guy, these jeans are all about a roomy feeling that looks great. 

Featuring five pockets to hold everything that could be needed, these jeans perfect the dark and mysterious vibe that we all love.

Add these to the closet for $165.

34 Heritage Charisma Relaxed Straight in Mid Urban Review

Closer to the stereotypical medium wash we’ve all come to love, the 34 Heritage Charisma Relaxed Straight in Mid Urban know exactly how to make this style their own.

A re-telling of the high-rise version, these mid-rise jeans leave a bit of belly space, while slimming the waist and legs for a clean look. Their medium-dark wash allows these pants to blend into almost any environment, easily paired with a t-shirt or button-down and jacket. 

Their comforting weight (not invisible, but not enough to drag the pants down) rests easily in the relaxed fit of this stretch-based denim.

These classics are available for $195.

34 Heritage Charisma Relaxed Straight Chino In Navy Twill Review

If there’s one style that’s well-loved, it’s the chino. So, why not give the 34 Heritage Charisma Relaxed Straight Chino in Navy Twill a try?

Fashioned in a similar style to their jeans, these chinos maintain the fit and form, but with a twist. Soft, buttery material makes these pants stand out from the rest, especially when paired with the dark and sultry navy tone of the fabric. Comfortable and classy, these pants are perfect for work or date night, looking great and feeling better than before.

These pants are available for $175.

34 Heritage Charisma Relaxed Straight Pants In Cognac Diagonal Review

Who said cognac is only a drink to enjoy in the evening? The 34 Heritage Charisma Relaxed Straight Pants in Cognac Diagonal see that love of the brandy and bring it home in a new way.

We need to start with the color for this one. The smooth style of this brandy-brown is the perfect medium tone that pairs well with light, dark, or patterned tops. Any work attire or date night will happily match the vibe that these pants set.

A subtle diagonal pattern rests in the fabric, adding dimension to the style without overtaking the whole look. We promise, for those unsure about adding too much pattern, the diagonal element is so gentle it’ll have to be searched for. Stretchy, soft, and smooth in style, these pants are a great addition to any night.

Add these to the cart for $185.

Who Is 34 Heritage For? 

34 Heritage Review

34 Heritage notes themselves as being the brand for the Modern Gentleman. Their products, all pants and shorts, are centered around men’s fashion. Made for men of any age and size, these jeans (and others) showcase men’s fine forms in the best way possible.

Whether looking for a pair to wear to work, school, dates, or just a night with friends, there’s a pair for every occasion.

34 Heritage Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

34 Heritage Review

Before signing off on this 34 Heritage review, we need to present a full picture of what this brand brings to bat. That means a thorough online search for the top ratings and reviews from verified buyers. At first glance, this company doesn’t have many ratings to call upon.

The easiest place to find ratings comes from the business site itself. This brand has 4.8/5 stars based on over 1,325 ratings on their own 34 Heritage review page. These opinions range from commenting on products to the site itself.

A general consensus absolutely adores the look and feel of these pants. These jeans are claimed to be the perfect weight, while the fit rests gently against all of the right places without being too tight.

One returning customer claims, “These jeans are terrific. The fit is perfect even for the older gentleman. My husband loves the color and he can dress them up for dinner out or casual. He is 6’2” and the 34 length is perfect. Absolutely worth the price.

Price is a point of contention as the $150 to $300 range of these products can be a bit much for some, but the quality and longevity of the material speak for themselves and customers agree that the cost is more than worth it. 

Soft to the touch, comforting in weight, and great to look at, these pants have a lot to offer.

Great quality, great longevity, great material, great fit, great look. I have tried many brands, sizes and styles and these guys have everyone beat. Highly recommend it to everyone.

Looking at products themselves, even on Amazon these pages aren’t rated in the hundreds, but customers who have left a response have been more than satisfied. 

The 34 Heritage Men’s Charisma Comfort Rise Relaxed Leg Classic Pants currently sit at 4.5/5 stars based on over 65 ratings. These relaxed pants garner top ratings from customers for their business casual appearance and longevity.

One buyer stated, “These pants are truly the best ever. I work in a profession where I am expected to dress up but at the same time need to be able to move and be comfortable doing so. I bought my first pair of these almost 5 years ago and only because they started to pill after hundreds of washes, my wife replaced them with four different colors. They are my go to without a question.

The fabric and denim of these pants are a big draw. Stretch fabric, elastic waists, and a relaxed to tapered fit mean comfort at all times while retaining a stylish form.

Other well-rated items from 34 Heritage on Amazon are as follows:

  • 34 Heritage Men’s Courage Mid Rise Straight Leg Jeans, 4.2/5 stars based on over 45 ratings
  • 34 Heritage Mens Charisma Relaxed Fit in Dark Cashmere Regular/Tall, 3.8/5 stars based on over 15 ratings

As we said, it’s difficult to find top ratings online, but even those on Reddit agree that this brand is stylish, sleek, and comfortable with each wear. One 34 Heritage review stated, “I own several pairs in the ‘cool’ style which is a slim tapered look.

Appearance is everything when it comes to clothes, but function is right up there in requirements when shopping.

Is 34 Heritage Worth It?

34 Heritage Review

Final thoughts? These jeans are worth investing in. Customers are very open about the longevity of these pants fashioned with durable and soft materials. Slimming, stylish, and comfortable for several years, these pants are well worth their money.

We will say this brand is more expensive than some. For those on a budget, this may not be the brand to buy, but if you can afford it, then this company’s products will last years to come.

34 Heritage Promotions & Discounts 

34 Heritage Review

At the time of writing this 34 Heritage review you can get a discount when for a 15% off deal on the next purchase.

Where to Buy 34 Heritage 

34 Heritage Review

Can’t find the stock needed on Check out some of these retail partners and third-party sites:

  • Nordstrom
  • Nordstrom Rack
  • Browns Men’s Wear
  • ESCO
  • Forman’s
  • Amazon


34 Heritage Review

Does 34 Heritage Ship Internationally?

Currently, this brand does not ship internationally. Sorry to anyone outside of North America, this brand only ships within the US and Canada.

Where is 34 Heritage made?

This 34 Heritage review has discovered that all products are made in Canada. Working from the Ontario capital of Toronto, this company is all about making great products in a great environment.

What is 34 Heritage’s Shipping Policy?

Fall in love with the Charisma jeans from earlier in this 34 Heritage review? Or maybe the chinos? It’s no big deal to order a pair as all shipping is free.

Let’s be clear – ground shipping is free. If you’re looking for expedited service, it’ll be an extra cost. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Ground shipping
    • Free
    • 5 to 8 business days
  •  2 Day shipping
    • $20
    • 2 to 3 business days
  • Next Day shipping
    • $35
    • 1 to 2 business days

The time of arrival depends on what time of day the order gets placed. Those placed in the afternoon and evening will require an additional business day, making next-day shipping into a possible 2-day thing.

Currently, this company only ships within the US with some retailers in Canada. Other countries should check out retail partners for shipping options.

What is 34 Heritage’s Return Policy?

The dream is to buy a product that needs no return, but those dreams don’t always pan out. For potential regrets, start the return process within 60 days of the order date.

For orders to be returned:

  • Items must be unwashed and unused
  • Items must have tags still attached
  • Email and order number must be at hand for the ordering process

The best part about returns with this company? All return shipping is free. And even better – the process is so simple. This 34 Heritage Review gathered all the relevant information just for you:

  1. Use the Return Center (with order number and email) to state an intent to return
  2. Download and print the prepaid label
  3. Package the items and attach the label
  4. Drop the package off at UPS

The whole process is made to be as easy as possible with this brand wanting every interaction to run smoothly. Currently, this brand doesn’t do exchanges. The best way to deal with the wrong size is to contact the company regarding it or simply return and order a new product in its place.

How to Contact 34 Heritage

If there’s one thing to know about this company, it’s that they take customer service seriously! Even doing research for this 34 Heritage review showed off just how quickly they responded to comments and concerns. To get in touch with your own questions, reach out by:

  • Phone: 844-200-3434

Mon – Fri 10AM – 5:30PM EST
Email: [email protected]

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