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Salt Life Clothing Review

Fishing for a new clothing store? Look no further than Salt Life, a brand made by and for fishermen that crafts clothing, apparel, and the miscellaneous that always accompany beach, fun, and fishing in the sun.

This ever-popular logo made its way into a wide industry, now with more than 321k followers on Instagram. Selling more than just their favored decal design, this company has hit it big, especially with their comfortable clothing.

This Salt Life clothing review will take a deep dive into their products, prices, customer testimonials, and more to determine if this brand should be joining your closet.

Overview of Salt Life

Salt Life Clothing Review

Since 2003, Salt Life has been making their way across the Midwest through their popular car decal with a logo not soon forgotten. 

Despite over 2 million decals sold, this company does more than simple stickers. Expanding to clothing, accessories, and a whole lot in between, this lifestyle brand has made their way to the limelight in the industry.

Launched by four men in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, this company has retained their roots with their headquarters still located at home base. 

Since opening, they’ve expanded store locations across South Carolina, California, Florida, and Georgia to flood the market with better deals.

All clothing is designed with the elements in mind, knowing even the worst weather doesn’t always keep fishermen at bay. Combining form and function, each piece sold has been tested thoroughly to ensure saltwater sports won’t win the battle over the carefully chosen materials.

The best part of this brand? Their mission. Salt Life runs a Giving Back program that works with four charities to protect wildlife, ocean life, and one medical charity that fights cancer (an outlier from the others, we’ll admit, but a great cause nonetheless). 

Donating constantly, a portion of net sales of select products go entirely to these charities, making Salt Life one to watch.

In 2013, the original owners sold the company to Delta Apparel, who have brought a bigger focus to the merchandise than solely the famous logo. While new owners don’t always do the right thing with businesses bought, these guys seem to have a good idea of how to carry on with a good cause.

Let’s take a look at some of Salt Life’s highlights. We’ll lay them out quickly here before taking a look at all their amazing products:


  • Extensive inventory including clothing, accessories, gear, and more (they even have a restaurant!)
  • Salt Life Give Back program helps support charities and wildlife
  • Inclusion of men’s, women’s, and children’s attire on their site
  • Online Lookbook available to help expand your sense of style

Moving this Salt Life review into the products and prices, we’re taking a look into a few of the most popular pieces in the line. We aren’t featuring any of their Salt Life Gives Back net profit products, but be sure to check those out to give more back to a good cause. 

We should also note that this brand offers a variety of sizes from Small to 3XL for select items.

Salt Life Shirts Review

We’re starting the products section of our Salt Life review with a closet standard. Showing off a few of our favorite classic tees, these shirts keep it cool and casual any time of the year.

Salt Life High Seas Short Sleeve Pocket Tee Review

For the sailor (or pirate) in us all, the Salt Life High Seas Short Sleeve Pocket Tee calls forth those mighty waves.

Available in Blue and Golden Haze options, the real winning piece of this shirt is found on its back décor. Featuring a skull and crossed hooks (get it – for the fishing), the bones of the standard design have been moved below the logo to carve out the shape of a fish. 

Rustic in style, this $22 graphic shows off a bit of fun and attitude on the back while leaving only a small, subtle logo pressed to the front.

Salt Life The Motto Pocket Tee Review

Classic in color and cut, the Salt Life The Motto Pocket Tee keeps things simple for any beach day.

In plain white, the focus on this shirt comes on the back. Following the mullet rules of “business in the front, party in the back,” a small logo adorns the front of the shirt located just above the chest pocket

Bringing in the party, the back features a large palm tree logo calling out for people to “Live Salty.”

Available from Medium to 2XL, this shirt is an easy one to pair with shorts, pants, or even a jacket for those cooler nights. White goes with everything, right?

This shirt is available for $22.

Salt Life Sticker Review

We’ve all seen them around – especially in the Midwest. These ever-popular stickers launched this business and gave way to all other products and off-shoots of this company. How could we write a Salt Life review without taking a look into the best-selling decal that built the brand?

Salt Life Signature Large Decal Review

This is the one that started it all – what else can be said about the ever-iconic Salt Life Signature Large Decal?

Available in 7 color profiles, this logo has become popularly spotted on the backs of cars across the Midwest. This logo alone has garnered enough attention to build the brand’s recognition across the country. 

We promise you, Google this brand’s reviews and some of the top results that pop up are discussions about the logo decals.

Large and in charge, show off a beloved brand on cars, notebooks, binders, laptops, and wherever else you’re willing to slap a sticker onto. 

Made from vinyl, this decal is made to reportedly withstand any weather and any placement. Durable doesn’t even begin to describe their lasting quality.

These 24”x7” decals are available for $20.

Salt Life Palm Love Decal Review

Keep living that salty life and show off the love with the Salt Life Love Decal.

This pink or white decal brings love to the coast with a heart shape formed by palm trees. What else could possibly say coastal living better than palm trees? At 12”x10.4”, this sticker will happily last on any surface for…well, for quite some time.

Strong adhesive combined with weatherproof vinyl materials means this $10 decal will outlast wind, rain, and those wild summer storms.

Salt Life Fishing Shorts Review

Comfort is key when it comes to all-day fishing trips. Or even short fishing trips. Or just lounging in a boat and never actually catching anything. No matter the option you choose, one thing is essential to that ultimate relaxation – a good, solid pair of best-selling fishing shorts.

Salt Life Topwater 6.5 Inch Hybrid Fishing Short Review

Hit the docks for the day or get that motor pointed out to sea. The Topwater 6.5 Inch Hybrid Fishing Shorts are ready to last any fishing day whether on land or sea.

Options in Chambray and Sea Grass make up this stock, so choose wisely or simply buy both for more comfortable clothing choices. Crafted from a stretch fabric to keep the waistline comfy, these shorts are designed to resist water while retaining their lightweight build

Soft, light, and durable enough to hold up any utility belt, these $56 quick-dry shorts are a no-brainer for fishing trips.

Salt Life Astro Fish Fishing Boardshorts Review

Looking to make more of an impression with style? Leave behind the world of plain and welcome the pattern of the Astro Fish Fishing Boardshorts.

Lightweight, soft, and quick to dry – what more could be asked for when it comes to the ultimate boardshorts? These moisture-resistant shorts keep things comfortable at all times through their stretch fabric – we’re talking both polyester and spandex in this one. 

The black and white line and fish pattern brings this one home, with a fun, but not too funky, design that’s sure to please.

These boardshorts are available for $56.

Salt Life Sweatshirts Review

Those beach nights get chilly fast and the best way to combat those shivers is a cozy Salt Life sweatshirt. We’ve chosen the softest and most stylish options to end the products segment of this Salt Life review, so get ready to see some stunning sweatshirts.

Salt Life Skull and Hooks Hoodie Review

Show off the style with Salt Life’s Skull and Hooks Hoodie.

Combining pirates, sailing, and fishing into one incredible design, this hoodie grabs attention with its twist on the original. Available in Green, Red, and Blue options, this lightweight hoodie is sure to be a fan favorite amongst young adults looking for a casual style. 

This sweater tends to run a bit smaller, so try to size up (and who doesn’t love a baggy hoodie anyway?)

Get nice and cozy for $40.

Salt Life United Tri-Blend Hoodie Review

Downplaying design to focus on the fit, the Salt Life United Tri-Blend Hoodie offers a simple graphic that tells the whole story without getting too wild.

Available in Blue, Red, and Green options, this sweatshirt utilizes one small logo on the front and a larger one on the back to speak for the brand and the lifestyle. Keeping things simple, all this shirt does is emphasize a “Fish, Surf, Dive” life that any beachgoer can enjoy.

This stretch fabric is the perfect blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon to ensure a soft material that’s made to last. Holding its shape through every wash, this narrow-fitting $40 sweater is one to check out.

Who Is Salt Life For? 

Salt Life Clothing Review

Salt Life is a lifestyle brand dedicated to casual clothing for men, women, and children. Their work surrounds passion and dedication to ocean life and active living, with fishing in mind when it comes to their gear and attire.

You don’t have to be a fisherman to appreciate the comfortable clothing and casual styles of this brand, but for those who are, this is a great brand that caters to that water love.

Comparison: Salt Life vs. Huk

Salt Life Clothing Review

Salt Life is far from the only fishing-based apparel company on the market. One major competitor comes in the form of Huk, a brand based around fishing gear, accessories, and styles. We’ll admit, there isn’t a lot of information about the origins of Huk, but their products, prices, and discounts are available to search through, so let’s compare:

  • Products – When it comes to the products available, Salt Life has the upper hand. This brand offers clothing, gear, men’s, women’s, kid’s, sunglasses, and more in their stock. Huk has a decent line of men’s, women’s, and youth clothing, but they don’t offer much in terms of miscellaneous items like Salt Life does
  • Prices – While prices are pretty on par, Salt Life does come up slightly cheaper than Huk. With that being said, the difference is well within the $10 price range, so it doesn’t make a huge change to the overall cost.
  • Practices – Huk doesn’t list much information about their business practices, so this one goes to Salt Life. With their focus on supporting charities and sustainability, they win our hearts
  • Promotions – This category is all Huk. While Salt Life runs some promotions and sales, they don’t offer much in terms of discounts. Huk does offer deals to military, first responders, medical professionals, teachers, and students. All more than deserving of a few dollars off their purchase

This is a Salt Life review, so we went in slightly partial to the brand. However, they do hold up against their competitors with more inventory and better prices to choose from. Plus, who doesn’t like to help conservation efforts? 

Salt Life Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Salt Life Clothing Review

We have to be honest, we searched high and low for a solid Salt Life review or two to pull the real experience, but it’s extremely hard to find ratings for this brand. 

TrustPilot, SiteJabber, and even Reddit don’t speak to the products offered by this company in the slightest, leaving it pretty open as to whether or not the quality, service, and cost hold up to their online promises.

The brand itself has a few product ratings listed for hoodies, shirts, stickers, and more. However, these ratings are often less than 20 per item and few write much more than “Good” as their review. 

It’s nice to know that many deem these purchases worth 4/5 stars, but more information would be better to nail down just what’s satisfying about the brand.

One review blog, Review This Reviews, dedicated an article to this brand’s products and services. This Salt Life review covers their clothing and gear, but it doesn’t go into details about a personal experience with the company.

The writer does state, “Everyone enjoys the Salt Life, whether it’s participating in water sports or simply having a ‘beach day’. The Salt Life clothing and gear is perfect for anyone, seaman or land lover, wanting a trip to the beach.

Salt Life Clothing Review

The article goes on to discuss the Salt Life Food Shack, an off-shoot of the original company that serves up favorite classic dishes. Safe to say that this review isn’t too in-depth.

Aside from this written review, the only other company rating comes from the Better Business Bureau with their A- rating based on the few complaints and quick company response to every issue. 

That alone doesn’t say much for the brand either – all we can draw from that is fast customer service and products that are worthwhile as to avoid listing complaints.

Yelp holds a page for their Food Shack, rating the company at 4.4/5-stars based on over 1,015 ratings. This bodes well for the company, but all reviews only surround the food industry aspect of the business so none of their merchandise is spoken to.

It’s hard to judge a company with so few reviews, but based on the quick response on the BBB and the lack of complaints, it seems as though the products hold up very well. Better to find silence than to read endless rants, right? 

Is Salt Life Worth It?

Salt Life Clothing Review

The lack of Salt Life reviews online leaves us a little wary, but the brand doesn’t have any complaints listed and the products seem to be well-made. With that being said, we think this brand is Worth it.

Our only request with this one is to please start leaving reviews once a purchase is made. It not only helps us but a boatload of other potential customers too. It’s a great way to spread the word and help others out in knowing how a brand holds up against their online image.

Salt Life Promotions & Discounts 

Salt Life Clothing Review

Save money, fish better. Or something along those lines anyway. This brand is determined to deliver on customer rewards and the best way to save cash with them is to sign up for their rewards program.

The loyalty program is completely free to register for and offers $2 for every 100 points earned. Don’t want to wait that long? Check out the sales section of this website for the best daily deals.

Where to Buy Salt Life

Salt Life Clothing Review

Searching for a good source for this brand? All products are available at as well as in-store. For those searching for external retailers, there’s a crazy long list of shops that sell these products, so we’ve listed a few of the top names to look for:

  • Bass Pro
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Ron Jon Surf Shop
  • Belk
  • Surf Style


Salt Life Clothing Review

How Long has Salt Life Been Around?   

Salt Life first opened up in 2003. The original owners sold the brand to a new company, Delta Apparel, in 2013.

Where is Salt Life Based?  

Salt Life’s headquarters are located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Store locations have expanded to parts of Florida, California, Georgia, and South Carolina.

Does Salt Life Carry Products for Women and Children?  

Yes, they do. While the brand was originally founded by four men, the company now offers products for women and children in addition to their men’s clothing.

Does Salt Life Offer Sizing Information?  

Salt Life offers a sizing chart for each of their products. It’s available on each product page to ensure that the correct size is chosen for ultimate satisfaction.

Does Salt Life have a Rewards Program?  

Yes, Salt Life does have a rewards program. Membership is free to everyone and it’s an easy way for loyal customers to save. Every 100 points earned equals $2 off – so get saving for a better discount!

How does Salt Life Give Back?  

Who doesn’t love a good cause that supports each purchase? Salt Life Gives Back is a program that partners with the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Roatan Marine Park, Oyster Recovery Partnership, and the Jake Owen Foundation. 

The underlying mission of Salt Life is to protect the ocean and its endangered population, believing in the importance of conservation, creation, and sustainability in the future of our world.

Select partnership products send net profit directly to the charity organizations. No cuts with Salt Life, just straight to helping conservation efforts.

What is Salt Life’s Shipping Policy?

Has this Salt Life review led to an order? We’ll show off that shipping info just in case something catches your eye.

Salt Life only ships with the United States, but they do offer a number of shipping services for those within the area:

  • Standard Ground
    • 2-6 business days
    • $6
    • Free for orders over $50
  • 3 Day Select
    • 3 business days
    • $10
  • 2 Day Air
    • 2 business days
    • $20
  • Next Day Air
    • 1 business day
    • $30

Once the order has shipped, a tracking number will be sent out to the attached email. Keep an eye on the order to know when to expect delivery.

What is Salt Life’s Return Policy?

Something didn’t work out as planned? Salt Life offers a return policy with a full refund up to 30 days from the purchase date. All return items must be unworn and in new condition.

Unfortunately, any return shipping money comes from the customer’s pocket. There are no free shipments with this one, but depending on the carrier service chosen it may be worth it to get that refund.

To kickstart the return process:

  1. Submit a request on their online portal
  2. Find the follow-up email with the included Return Authorization Number
  3. Package the item(s) with the Return Authorization Number displayed on the outside of the package and the Return Slip and copy of the original packaging slip inside
  4. Send the package to:

719 Dunn Road
Fayetteville, NC 28312

Once the package has been received, a refund will be sent to the original account and you’ll be good to go. Unfortunately, Salt Life doesn’t offer exchanges right now so the most that can be done is a return followed by a new purchase.

How to Contact Salt Life

Has this Salt Life review left any questions in mind? Check in with customer service to get those answers. This company offers two easy ways to get in touch.:

Columbus, GA 31901

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