FlyCurvy Clothing Review

About FlyCurvy Clothing

FlyCurvy Clothing Review

Contrary to popular belief, fashion isn’t one-size-fits-all. Bodies come in many different sizes and silhouettes. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the garment industry is geared towards those who fit US sizes 0 to 8. If your clothing size is beyond this standardized range, FlyCurvy provides options from L to 5XL. 

Considered a one-stop shop for trendy, curvacious fashion, FlyCurvy offers a broad selection of must-haves to choose from.

As of late, FlyCurvy has yet to disclose any information about its company history. Its origin story is relatively unknown, other than the fact that its headquarters are located in Guangzhou, China.

According to the brand’s website, FlyCurvy promises customers that it’ll continue to produce high-quality, plus-size clothing for years to come. 

Here’s a statement made by FlyCurvy: “If you are tired of going out looking for other people wearing exactly the same clothes, or if you are looking for a brand new look that no one else has, you have come to the right place. We provide the latest (almost daily) female plus size fashions on the street at prices you can afford.”

In this FlyCurvy clothing review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if these clothes are worth checking out.

FlyCurvy Pros and Cons

FlyCurvy Clothing Review

Before we really get into this FlyCurvy clothing review, let’s go over some pros and cons. 


  • A wide selection of plus-size clothing to choose from 
  • Options range from large to 5XL
  • Affordable
  • Provides international delivery to select countries 
  • Free shipping on orders of $89 or more 


  • The verdict on the brand’s quality seems to be mixed. Some customers have had no problems with fit, material quality, and design, while others have reported negative experiences. Complex clothing pieces may have some sewing errors​​.
  • Given the mixed reviews and feedback, it’s recommended that customers approach the brand with some caution​.


FlyCurvy Clothing Review

FlyCurvy is a plus-size clothing brand offering a wide range of products catering to different clothing needs and fashion trends. Here are some of the key features and details about their product offerings:

  • New Arrivals: FlyCurvy consistently updates its inventory with new arrivals in both tops and dresses, ensuring fresh and current fashion trends for their customers​​.
  • Trends: The brand offers a range of trending plus-size clothing, including top best sellers and dresses with built-in bras. They also have a dedicated collection for the “Stars and Stripes” theme​​.
  • Tops: Under this category, FlyCurvy provides a variety of options like blouses, shirts, tank tops, camis, T-shirts, tunics, sweatshirts, hoodies, and sweaters & cardigans​​.
  • Dresses: FlyCurvy offers a broad selection of dresses suitable for different occasions. Customers can shop by occasion, trends, or color. Occasions include mother of the bride, wedding guest, holiday, semi-formal, and casual. Trends cover long sleeve dresses and jacket dresses, while colors include black, purple, navy blue, red, and green dresses​.
  • Bottoms: This category includes a selection of pants, leggings, shorts, and skirts​​.
  • Mom: FlyCurvy provides a collection of dresses and pant suits specifically for mothers of the bride​​.
  • Linen: FlyCurvy also has a specific collection of linen tops, bottoms, and dresses​.
  • Shoes & Accessories: FlyCurvy’s website includes a section for shoes and accessories, suggesting that they may offer products in these categories as well​.

Sales: The brand also offers sales, providing customers with opportunities to shop for discounted items in the categories of tops, dresses, sets, and bottoms. Other sale initiatives include $9.9 for everything, 50% off, and 5 items for $39​.

5 FlyCurvy Bestsellers

Whether you’re prepping for an extravagant dinner party or a casual hangout, this fashion brand has an impressive collection of clothes to choose from.

In this section of my FlyCurvy clothing review, I’ll keep things simple and sweet by only featuring some of the company’s top sellers

FlyCurvy Clothing Plus Size Mother Of The Bride Mauve Lace 3/4 Sleeve Three Pieces Set Pant Suits 

Romantic in aesthetic, the Plus Size Mauve Lace 3/4 Sleeve Three Pieces Set Pant Suits outfit is slightly reminiscent of garden parties and afternoon tea.

While it is designed for formal occasions, don’t let that stop you from sporting this number out on the town casually. In fact, it can make for a great grocery store outfit if you’re feeling especially extra. 

This set comes with a light jacket, a matching top, and a pair of loose pants. Plus, this OOTD features a stunning floral sheer overlay for a touch of elegance. 

For my Flycurvey clothing review readers, I highly recommend styling this $60 Plus Size Mauve Lace 3/4 Sleeve Three Pieces Set Pant Suits set with some heels and a cute clutch. It’s worth noting that it originally sold for $67

FlyCurvy Clothing Plus Size Mother Of The Bride Floral Print Mesh Layered A Line Tunic Midi Dress Review

The Plus Size Floral Print Mesh Layered A Line Tunic Midi Dress is something you’d find in a fairytale.

This beauty features a gray chiffon overlay, which is decorated with multiple flowers. Sewn with a slip to ensure modesty, this is the kind of gown you’d wear to engagement parties or wedding venues. 

In terms of additional accessorizing, this flowy number is best styled with a pair of strappy heels, minimalist jewelry, and a cute clutch to match.

Currently, the $60 Plus Size Floral Print Mesh Layered A Line Tunic Midi Dress is on sale for just $50

FlyCurvy Clothing Plus Size Mother Of The Bride Mesh Print Formal Three Pieces Set Pant Suits Review 

Slightly bohemian in design, the Plus Size Mesh Print Formal Three Pieces Set Pant Suits outfit is casual enough for wearing around the house but fancy enough to entertain guests. 

This three-piece set consists of a mesh cardigan, a simple top, and a pair of straight-legged bottoms. Offered in an intricate floral design, it definitely exudes a romantic, welcoming attitude that most contemporary fits do not do. 

Color-wise, the Plus Size Mother Of The Bride Mesh Print Formal Three Pieces Set Pant Suits set is sold in blue, black, dark green, and purple. It’s currently on sale for only $50, as opposed to its original price of $59

FlyCurvy Clothing Plus Size Asymmetric Hem Split Sleeve Two Pieces Set Pant Suits Review 

Is it just me, or does the Plus Size Asymmetric Hem Split Sleeve Two Pieces Set Pant Suits set give off ‘rich aunt living her best life’ kind of vibes?

This gorgeous monochrome outfit comes with a two-layered top and a pair of loose pants. Avant-garde in cut, it does wonders by providing some visual interest and dimension to your waistline. 

If you’re not fond of blue, then you’ll be glad to know that the $47 (previously $67) Plus Size Asymmetric Hem Split Sleeve Two Pieces Set Pant Suits outfit also comes in other colors such as green and purple. 

Who Is FlyCurvy Clothing For? 

FlyCurvy Clothing Review

I think it’s safe to assume that FlyCurvy is meant for those whose clothing size is beyond US 6.

This fashion brand only offers sizes from 10 to 28. Known for its impressive collection of plus-size garments, customers shouldn’t run into any problems concerning measurements. 

Affordably priced and well designed, you can rest assured that most of FlyCurvy’s pieces won’t go out of style anytime soon. 


Want some plus-size fashion options? Here are some alternatives to FlyCurvy that offer plus-size clothing:

  • Torrid: Torrid is a well-known American retail chain that offers plus-size clothing and accessories for women and teenage girls. Their sizes range from 10 to 30, and their offerings include everything from casual wear to work attire and lingerie.
  • Lane Bryant: Lane Bryant is a United States retail women’s clothing store chain focusing on plus-size clothing. The company began in the early 20th century and is known for providing fashionable and trendy clothing for larger women.
  • ASOS Curve: ASOS Curve is a dedicated plus-size clothing line for women offered by ASOS, an international online fashion and cosmetic retailer. The collection offers sizes from 14 to 24 and includes a wide range of items, from everyday basics to high-fashion pieces.
  • Eloquii: Eloquii is a private company specializing in women’s plus-size fashion. They offer fashion-forward pieces, with sizes ranging from 14 to 28. Their clothing line includes a variety of items, from dresses and tops to pants and skirts.
  • Forever 21 Plus: Forever 21, a popular fast-fashion retailer, also offers a line called “Forever 21 Plus” that caters to plus-size customers. They offer a wide range of clothing items, including trendy tops, dresses, pants, and outerwear in plus sizes.
  • City Chic: City Chic is an Australian-based online fashion brand specializing in plus-size women’s clothing. They cater to sizes 14+, offering stylish dresses, tops, bottoms, denim, outerwear, and lingerie.

Each of these brands offers a unique take on plus-size fashion, providing a range of styles, price points, and sizes to cater to a diverse audience.

FlyCurvy Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

FlyCurvy Clothing Review

Sadly, I didn’t find much feedback associated with the brand and its products in this FlyCurvy clothing review.

That said, there are a few comments posted on the company’s official page. Below, I’ll share some of the ratings for its bestselling garments. 

  • The Plus Size Mother Of The Bride Mauve Lace 3/4 Sleeve Three Pieces Set Pant Suits: 4.9/5 stars based on 6 reviews  
  • The Plus Size Floral Print Mesh Layered A Line Tunic Midi Dress: 4.8/5 stars based on 16 reviews 
  • The Plus Size Mother Of The Bride Mesh Print Formal Three Pieces Set Pant Suits: 5/5 stars based on 11 reviews 
  • The Plus Size Asymmetric Hem Split Sleeve Two Pieces Set Pant Suits: 4.9/5 stars based on 11 reviews 

It appears that most customers seem to be happy with their purchases. Many of them report that FlyCurvy’s clothing felt comfortable and stylish to wear.

Given that most buyers found no difficulty in styling their pieces, I think it’s safe to say that the brand’s selection of garments is highly versatile. 

One customer left a glowing review about the Plus Size Asymmetric Hem Split Sleeve Two Pieces Set Pant Suits outfit:

“This is one of the most flattering things I have ever worn! The fabric is not sheer in royal blue and a little giving but not super stretchy! It is sewn in really great spots to be flattering top and bottom! Could wear to work or with friends out.” 

In terms of outside feedback for this Flycurvy clothing review, I could only find comments on the brand’s Trustpilot page. Unfortunately, the consensus is relatively negative, but there are a few positive testimonials posted online. 

For instance, one Trustpilot customer was happy with their purchases. Here’s their review: “I recently ordered 4 shirts. They fit great. I washed them and hung them to dry and they needed no ironing. I get compliments when i wear them. I plan on ordering more.” 

Another Trustpilot reviewer left this enthusiastic comment: “I got the sleeveless top with the webbing on the back and its beautiful. It is true to size and I’m glad to have somewhere to shop, that has modern clothes that are not frumpy!”

As previously mentioned in this FlyCurvy clothing review, I found a number of customer complaints on the internet. In order to paint a complete picture of this brand, I thought it best to discuss a few red flags in the following segment. 

Is FlyCurvy Clothing Legit?

FlyCurvy Clothing Review

The brand’s Trustpilot account showcases a 2.1/5-star rating based on 234 reviews for FlyCurvy clothing.

It appears that most of the complaints are about issues related to product quality, delivery, and overall customer service. I also found a few comments on, where the verdict is relatively the same. 

Since the amount of negative FlyCurvy reviews is relatively on par with the number of positive comments online, I highly advise that customers peruse the brand’s website with some caution. 

Is FlyCurvy Clothing Worth It?

FlyCurvy Clothing Review

Onto the verdict. On the one hand, some buyers noted zero problems in regards to fit, material quality, and design. That said, there are some negative reviews on Trustpilot that beg to differ.

It really depends on what you order, as complex clothing pieces may entail some sewing errors. 

If you intend on giving this brand a try based on reading my FlyCurvy clothing review, I recommend that you carry a bit of buyer’s skepticism as you look through the company’s website.

Who knows? You might just end up purchasing your new favorite outfit. 

FlyCurvy Clothing Promotions & Discounts 

FlyCurvy Clothing Review

While researching for this FlyCurvy clothing review, I found out that most clothing pieces come with complimentary coupons.

For instance, the Plus Size Asymmetric Hem Split Sleeve Two Pieces Set Pant Suits outfit comes with a $20, $15, and $10 discount.

It’s worth noting that you need to spend a certain amount of money to unlock these prices. 

Additionally, customers can also get 10 clothing pieces for just $50. This is part of the brand’s mystery box promotion. 

Where To Buy FlyCurvy Clothing

FlyCurvy Clothing Review

Looking to stock up on plus-size clothing? If so, customers can head over to to see what the brand has in store. 


FlyCurvy Clothing Review

Who owns FlyCurvy?

As of late, FlyCurvy has yet to disclose its parent company or founder.

Does FlyCurvy ship internationally?

I found out that the company ships to Canada, Australia, the USA, the UK, and Europe

What is FlyCurvy’s shipping policy?

Based on the research done for this FlyCurvy clothing review, I am happy to report that the company offers free shipping on orders that total $89 or more. Anything below this amount will automatically result in a $10 fee

In terms of wait times, it typically takes 10-20 business days for packages to arrive. To help keep tabs on your purchase, the brand will issue you a tracking number alongside a confirmation email. 

What is FlyCurvy’s return policy?

FlyCurvy offers a 30-day window for customers to send back their unused clothing. It’s worth noting that this policy only extends to products that have manufacturing defects.

If you’re unhappy with the quality of your order regardless, the company will give you a free 10 to 20% coupon. Additionally, lingerie and underwear are considered exempt from FlyCurvy’s warranty. 

On its website, FlyCurvy doesn’t clearly specify if it covers return shipping fees. To initiate a return, customers must contact the brand directly for further instructions. 

How To Contact FlyCurvy 

FlyCurvy Clothing Review

For inquiries unrelated to this FlyCurvy clothing review, you can contact the brand’s customer support team. Here’s how:

Huangcun North Rd#26, 

Tianhe district, Guangzhou, China

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