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Grenson Boots Review

Summer hikers, storm walkers, or even those who are sick of dealing with wet shoes from the rain and snow, we’ve found the answer to all problems. Grenson knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to footwear.

Having been in business longer than any of us were born (we’re talking the 1800s here), this brand is a well-known name in the industry, so it makes sense that they’ve got over 141k followers on Instagram to date.

It’s also no wonder that they’ve been brought up numerous times in Forbes, Business Insider, The New York Times, and a number of other big-name media sources as one of the best on the market.

But this Grenson Boots review doesn’t want to succumb to reputation alone. We’re checking out products, prices, ratings, and services to determine whether this company maintains value after all of these years. It is time to invest in a new pair of solid boots? We’re here to find out.

Overview of Grenson Boots

Grenson Boots Review

This brand all comes down to the actions of William Green in 1866, who began making shoes out of a small loft in the UK. Founding what would become a family-run business, Green brought his sons into the framework, making William Green and Sons a staple of shoemaking in Northamptonshire.

Wanting to modernize the name and business, the company decided to shorten their name to Grenson in 1913, just one year before the business would be swamped by orders of boots to support the soldiers fighting in World War I

Their comfortable and solid builds perfectly fit the soldiers, working well against the muddy terrains they found themselves occupying. Having done such a good job, the business was requested to join the fight again during World War II.

The family-run business stayed in the Green line until 2010 when they were bought out by Tim Little who quickly saw the value of the brand. 

Creating a second location and an online store, Little brought the brand into the new market, even starting up an apprenticeship program to continue finding and training the best talent.

Inspired by the movements of the current demographic, this brand has worked to keep themselves up to date while retaining those original values

With a detailed process to hand-make every pair, Grenson Boots also takes modern twists into account, most recently launching their Vegan Collection in 2019.

Through weeks of effort put into each step, this shoe company places inspiration and dedication at the forefront of their work every day. But that’s not the only pro about this company. Check out just a few other highlights this Grenson Boots review stumbled upon during our research:


  • Offers an Incredibly wide range of men’s and women’s footwear
  • Heritage brand dating back to the 1800s
  • Vegan Collection available
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Handmade products
Grenson Boots Review

While this brand has quite a collection of footwear in general, this Grenson Boots review wants to focus on one specific category. You may have guessed it already. 

This brand’s boots bring a whole new level to the playing field with each pair carefully planned and produced for a comfortable, but sturdy fit. Those looking for shoes and sandals can definitely give this brand a glance, but right now we’re looking at the boots that served the soldiers before us.

Grenson Women’s Boots Review

We’ll put it out there – one of the pains of being a woman in society comes from finding that perfect match-up of style and substance

While there are a number of fashions that look great, they’re not always built to last. Luckily, the Grenson women’s boots don’t play that game. These bestsellers made their name known for a reason.

Grenson Boots Nanette Review

We’re calling out to hikers to take a look at the Nanette boots from Grenson. From color to fit, this boot will perfectly suit the trail and all the ups and downs that accompany it.

First off, we need a moment to appreciate the color. Described as “military,” these army green boots bring a new life to green leather. Rubberized to fight off the wet world of muddy treks, this leather, sole, and slight heel all combat the weather to be ready year-round. 

Smooth green leather with a bold, black sole – this is one statement shoe that’s ready to make an entrance.

Crossed laces ensure a tight fit to prevent loose boots from slipping and blisters from forming. This boot is all about staying solid, so it’ll be a relief to hear that despite their incredible lightweight feel, these treads grip the Earth to steady every step on rough terrain.

Go green with the Nanette’s for $505.

Grenson Boots Bridget Review

This Grenson Boots review loves a standout piece, which is why Bridget had to make an appearance.

A stark contrast of white rubberized leather against a black sole draws all attention to this footwear. Crossed laces complete the look, leaving this ankle boot great for walks in the woods or just down the streets. It doesn’t matter where these ones are worn, their appearance and build add to any outfit and location.

Minimal in sizing and appearance, Grenson left this one pretty simple in design. The ankle cut-off and grip-loop for ease of slipping on makes this a great boot for on-the-go activities. 

Padding around the ankle provides comfort for lengthy walks meaning function doesn’t suffer due to form on this one.

Keep things simple and straightforward with this pair for $505.

Grenson Boots Lisbeth Review

Soft tones and senses mean there’s a need for the soft suede of the Lisbeth boots.

As mentioned, this suede pair is all about a soothing sensation. Soft to the touch, these light boots are easy in weight and color, leaving them quick to get dirty but well worth that additional effort to clean them for that natural tone.

A bit chunky in appearance, the thicker sole of these boots leaves a stronger grip on the tread – perfect for any difficult terrain. Sitting taller above the ankle, these boots are padded throughout for a comfortable climb along any path.

Add these to the closet for $545.

Grenson Men’s Boots Review

Women aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a solid pair of boots. The Grenson men’s boots provide strength, grip, and gorgeous appearances. Though we focused more on hiking for the women’s side, we’re going for a bit more style with the popular designs we’re highlighting in this category.

Grenson Boots Fred Review

Bringing Gaelic fashion to the international stage, the Fred boots offer sleek style in a perfect pair.

These brogue boots are all about walking the walk. Made from smooth and shining black Colorado leather, these boots are all about the details. Minute perforations in the leather create stunning, yet subtle designs across the footwear adding just a touch of flair to the style.

Shimmering against the light, these low-heeled boots are a great fit for any business casual event that needs a step up from casualwear without sacrificing comfort. 

Black leather with a punch of contrast from the cream shearling, we have to appreciate these boots giving men’s footwear the chance to shine.

Grab a pair for $505.

Grenson Boots Brady Review

Fall and winter fans, we’ve found the boot for you – the Brady.

This boot is all about comfort, warmth, and grip. Chunky soles provide depth for gripping treads to take hold of the surface, helping on uneven terrain and icy patches that appear out of nowhere. Battling the terrors of ice, these boots also cut the cold through their inner lining for warmth in every step.

The brown sole perfectly blends against the cigar suede of these boots, completing their casual and comforting appearance. Tighten up the brown crossed laces for a tighter fit and get ready to hit the road on whatever trip comes your way.

Fight off the chills with the Brady boots for $505.

Grenson Boots Andy Review

We wanted to end this portion of the Grenson Boots review with a classic, so we’re bringing out Andy.

This boot is all about history and heritage. Crafted in the Monkey Boot style, this fashion became a popular design featured in military uniforms. Considering their background in the war effort, there’s no question as to why Grenson added this one to the lineup.

Soft Colorado leather makes up the base of this brown boot with laces and detailed lining matching the color palette. Adding a touch of elegance through simple stitching, these boots rest steadily on their chunky soles for a dependable grip

Despite the larger appearance, these boots lift like the wind through their lightweight making it easy to travel as many miles as the heart takes you.

Grab a pair of classics for $505.

Who Is Grenson Boots For? 

Grenson Boots Review

Since their creation, Grenson has been out to provide customers with comfortable styles that are effective against the world we walk on. Facing weather, wear, and the test of time, these leather shoes, boots, and sandals have been all about quality before anything else.

We do understand that prices are a bit higher for this brand, but anyone looking to invest in a pair of boots or shoes that will last longer than a season should be turning to this name. Men, women, it doesn’t matter the person or size they wear – this business is all about lasting products and heritage.

Grenson Boots Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Grenson Boots Review

We can hardly complete a Grenson Boots review without falling to the customers who have firsthand experience. 

Right off the bat, we will say that we found many statements that implied a change in quality since ownership changed hands, but individuals still believe that this brand does sit above others on the market. But more on that later.

Despite being in business for over 100 years, it was actually a bit of a struggle to find reviews for this name. Even Trustpilot only had 40 ratings averaging out to 3/5 stars

Some on this platform claimed that (as stated before) quality has declined, but most were quite supportive of the business and their products. One Grenson Boots review stated:

Good craftsmanship, excellent quality of materials, perfect fit and they always look awesome.” Keeping it nice and concise, they got down to the details they truly appreciated about the brand.

More impressive than the leather footwear was the recognition of service. Trustpilot especially had numerous accounts highlighting the excellent customer service received through the transaction. 

Whether dealing with ordering, shipping, or returns, customers made note of what a great experience the process was:

I received great service from Grenson. Not only did they give me great advice with choosing new shoes, and offer free global return service, but the order arrived at my doorstep within 48 hours!! The handmade shoes are of the best quality.

TrustPilot isn’t alone in finding these satisfied customers. currently shows 4/5 stars based on 20 ratings. While numbers aren’t particularly high here, customers are still incredibly pleased by their purchases.

One individual commented, “Their shoes are comfortable, the leather is good quality, they’re generous with the sizes especially if you’re wide footed” while another went on to draw attention to their “Absolutely outstanding customer aftercare and attentive service.” Both products and services seem to impress crowds in the online comments we’ve found.

Redditors also commonly draw upon this name as a recommendation for others when searching for solid boots built to last. Offering in-depth reviews of their own, these users are quite proud of their products and the lifespan the purchases have brought to the table.

In my opinion, these shoes have held up really well. There’s a bit of creasing, but not too much. The leather is in very good shape, and they are incredibly comfortable. They’ve been my go-to shoes for the past three years — they look great with most pants and work in the summer as well as fall and winter.

Lightweight, lasting lives, and comfortable fits that take little time to break in, it’s no wonder customers have kept the brand running since 1866. 

Taking pride in the original values of William Green, this business has maintained the handcrafted creativity of the original styles and managed to modernize their name without sacrificing tradition.

Is Grenson Boots Worth It?

Grenson Boots Review

In the opinion of this Grenson Boots review, this brand is well worth the investment. The quality materials used coupled with handcrafting from trained apprentices make for solid pieces that withstand weather, time, and typical wear and tear.

We will note that due to the premium materials, these shoes and boots run higher in cost. It’s best to wait for a deal or save up for a pair rather than frivolously start spending. 

We know that the cost and value definitely match up with the amount of effort put into production, but that doesn’t mean we won’t appreciate a discount when it pops up.

Grenson Boots Promotions & Discounts 

Grenson Boots Review

At the time of writing this Grenson Boots review, there are no running promos or discounts. Sales definitely show up around holidays and mid-season, but those who don’t want to wait can take a look at the sales section. 

Both men and women’s categories offer their own sales on great products, so check there first for the best store discounts.

Where to Buy Grenson Boots

Grenson Boots Review

As always, we’re saying right off the bat that the best place to find the widest selection from this store comes from their own website at

Since the company was bought out by Tim Little, they have expanded to a few other stores and locations. These listings don’t necessarily offer a wide selection, but they do have some Grenson products for purchase:

  • Mr Porter
  • Country Attire
  • Harrods
  • Amazon


Grenson Boots Review

Who owns Grenson Boots?

Grenson Boots is currently owned by Tim Little. Little purchased the brand in 2010.

Do Grenson Boots soften?

As with most leather boots, they do soften over time and with wear. We will say that many customers have claimed little break-in time is needed for boots from this brand.

Does Grenson Boots ship internationally?

Grenson Boots is all about international shipping. Check their website for a full listing of locations.

What is Grenson Boots’ Shipping Policy?

We’d love for this Grenson Boots review to have an in-depth section with all the shipping info ever needed, but the simple fact is this brand keeps things slim. Shipping information really comes down to a few quick points:

  • A flat rate of $25
  • Times typically sit between 1 to 3 days
  • Delays in remote locations can be expected
  • Duties and taxes in the EU are covered by Grenson

That’s it. That’s all this brand offers up on shipping. They do cover the main points, so we can’t really complain, but individuals can reach out to customer service with more specific questions on delivery practices and services available.

What is Grenson Boots’ Return Policy?

Does the shoe not fit? That’s no cause for concern as customers from Grenson can return products within 28 days of purchase. These returns are all free of charge through DHL so long as items being returned are unworn.

If the product fits the bill, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Grab the original invoice and mark down return or exchange
  2. Locate the commercial invoice copies (there should be three) and mark the returned items before signing
  3. Log in online and head over to Orders to request a DHL collection time and address
  4. Follow guidelines to receive the return shipping label
  5. Package item with the invoice inside and the new label clearly visible on the outside
  6. Note “BRITISH RETURNED GOODS” on the outside of the box to avoid duty charges
  7. Send it off with DHL

It seems a bit more complicated than some returns, but the free charge and guided details make it much easier than it originally appears. Returned items have tracking numbers issued, so customers can follow the progress to note when to expect the refund in their account.

How to Contact Grenson Boots

Grenson keeps things straightforward with only one way to get in touch: online contact forms. Someone from customer service will get back via email as soon as possible to answer any questions or concerns.

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